Figma Plugin For User Flow

The Figma Plugin for User Flow builds directly on top of the Figma design app, providing a fast and easy way to create and manage user flows.

The Figma Plugin for User Flow provides a tool to design and prototype user flows easily. It contains a set of predefined states, actions, interactions, variables and actions. The plugin helps designers quickly create basic interactions by dragging and dropping elements on the canvas. The plugin also supports filtering by attribute type (text, number).

Create user flows with Figma in seconds. Plug and play drag-and-drop interface to build the user flow of your dreams. Instantly prototype and share with others to get feedback without coding.

Figma Plugin For User Flow

We all know what is the importance of creating user flow in our design process. User flow always give us better understanding how the user is going to use the products and what are those critical areas where we can find opportunity for the users’ experience.

Since these days Figma is getting more popularity among other UX tools, I though it would be helpful to share some of the Figma plugins to speed up the process.

1. ProToFlow


Generate Flow Arrows supported Prototype Interactions.

If you want to use FigJam connectors rather than arrows, just copy a connector from FigJam to your file and provides it to the plugin and see the magic.

Currently, FigJam connectors can’t hook up with the instance’s sublayers and also the plugin will use arrows as a fallback.

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2. Draw Connector


Draw Connector helps to draw perfect orthogonal connectors between layers.

  • Draw connectors that take the shortest possible path and therefore the fewest possible 90° turns
  • Customize the perimeters to attach
  • Customize the connector terminals (to one in every of None, Circle, Arrow, or Orthogonal)
  • Offset the connector terminals
  • Set the stroke color, stroke width, stroke style (solid/dashed), corner radius, and margin
  • Auto-updates when the position or dimension of any connected layers change

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3. Autoflow

20b8a969-66ef-4915-9c7d-0a4c280e5474-cover (1).gif

Autoflow makes it easy to draw flows. Simply select 2 objects and a line will be magically drawn between them.

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4. ItemFlow


Autoflow allows users visually connect 2 figma elements. it helps to speed up workflow and performance in design process.

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5. Simpleflow


SimpleFlow makes it easy to create flowchart by clicking on two frames in Figma. it allows to create flow with direction along with automatically update.

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