Pet Business Software

Pet Business Software helps to manage a pet boarding business and keep clients updated on their pets’ progress at home. From pet sitters to dog walkers and school bus drivers, everyone can benefit from accounting apps for small business.

In this guide, we review the aspects of Pet Business Software, pet boarding software free, What is pro pet, and What is doggie dashboard?

Pet Business Software

Pet businesses of all kinds have a lot of things to keep track of. From inventory and customers to customer data and payments, pet businesses have a lot going on. And if your business involves caring for animals in any way, there are even more details that need to be taken care of. Fortunately, there are plenty of great software options that can help you out with everything from managing customer information to tracking inventory and payments. Here’s our list:

Software for dog grooming businesses

As a dog groomer, you might want to track customer appointments and payments. You may need to invoice clients for their appointments and keep track of your expenses. As your business grows, it can be useful to automate processes like scheduling employees or generating reports on sales.

With our software, you can manage the entire life cycle of each customer relationship—from front desk to billing—in one place.

Software for dog training businesses

If you run a dog training business, you’ll want to consider software that can help with customer management and scheduling. If you’re in the pet grooming business, tools for inventory control and invoicing are essential. If you offer pet sitting or walking services, software that tracks client records is important. And if you have a home kennel or shelter, software that assists with animal health care is ideal because regular checkups will ensure your animals stay healthy!

While there are plenty of solutions available for these types of business owners—pet supply stores, veterinarians and animal health care professionals can all benefit from using digital solutions in their practices—we’ve found three options which offer most everything an owner could need:

Software for pet sitters and dog walkers

  • If you’re running a business, there are plenty of software packages out there that can help you manage your clients, schedule appointments and keep track of payments. But if your business is unique to the pet industry, finding the right software package might be trickier than expected.
  • It’s important to note that different kinds of businesses require different features in their software packages. For example, if you run an upscale dog daycare center with 15 employees, it may make sense for each employee to have access to a client database where they can keep track of all the dogs who visit on any given day (and how much they paid). On the other hand, if you’re working as a freelance dog walker or in-home pet sitter without many employees at all—or even one at all—you might not need anything more than basic appointment scheduling functionality.
  • Start by figuring out what kind of information needs to be tracked with each client or customer: Will it be payments made? Pet owners’ contact information? Vaccination records? Vet visits? Then research different solutions based on this information and whether or not they fit within your budget range.

Software for home kennels and dog shelters

If you run an animal shelter, a pet adoption agency, or an animal rescue organization and are looking for the best dog business software to help you manage all the details of your organization and keep track of pets that have been adopted or returned to their owners, then we have good news for you. The Pet Business Software platform is built specifically for this purpose and can be used by anyone who works with pets as part of their business.

The Pet Business Software platform is also great for kennels, dog shelters and other small businesses that want to automate many tasks associated with taking care of animals in order to maximize efficiency and productivity.

Software for pet supply stores and veterinarians

  • Software for pet supply stores and veterinarians.
  • Examples of software for pet supply stores and veterinarians: Petbarn, Pet Supplies Plus, PetsMart, Petco.
  • Benefits of using this software include: ease of use; centralized data storage; integration with other business applications such as payroll solutions; better customer service through real-time inventory management systems; faster checkout process due to RFID technology (radio frequency identification tags).
  • Features include: customizable reports that can be sent via email or in printed form; access to data from any device with an internet connection including mobile devices such as smartphones or tablets; ability to integrate accounting software like QuickBooks into the system so you can track all financial information in one place on any device without having a separate program installed on each computer at your office location(s). Cost varies depending on which features you choose but usually falls between $5-$7 per month per employee ($35-$45 annually).

Software for animal health care professionals

What do animal health care professionals need to run their business?

  • A way to keep track of appointments, client information and more.
  • A platform that allows them to communicate with clients via electronic means.
  • Software that is easy-to-use and intuitive.

Unfortunately, most of the software on the market today doesn’t meet these needs—especially when it comes to being user-friendly for vets and other animal health care professionals. But there are some products out there that do work well as pet business software options for veterinarians:

pet boarding software free

Pawfinity dog daycare software, built exclusively for today’s high-traffic dog daycare.

Get the party started, faster. Cloud-based Software For Today’s Dog Daycare

Mass drop offs and pickups can create a hectic environment for pets, clients, and employees alike. Pawfinity dog daycare software will provide the tools necessary to quickly check pets in and out, organize and track guests, and relocate them with ease. With a uniform experience across all devices, Pawfinity has been optimized for exceptional performance on Windows PC, Mac (including Macbook), iOS devices such as iPhone and iPad, and android tablets and phones. Take your experience even further with the Pawfinity App.

Dog Daycare Software Highlights

Flexible Reservation Booking

Our configurable, visual calendars allow you to navigate quickly and book guests, without restrictions.

SMS & Email Notifications

Virtually eliminate cancellations with 2-way SMS & Email automated notifications. Send reminders, invoices, and more!

Online Reservations

Fill your dog daycare 24/7 with our smart booking system and new client application. Wake up to full runs every day.

Point Of Sale (POS)

Our full-featured POS capabilities include integrated inventory controls, full hardware support, payment processing, credit card storage, and more. Streamline your operations.

Services & Inventory

Organize your service packages and product inventory all from one easy to use dashboard. Quickly lookup items, update pricing, and create promotions.

Time clock & Payroll

Enjoy a fully-integrated time clock, intended to streamline tracking employee hours. Combine with our commission feature for complete payroll control.

Explore More Features

Ditch the tattered and outdated paper records for true efficiency and organization. You deserve a solution that evolves as fast as your unique business.

Prepay Credits

Prepay credits are a must have feature for dog daycare facilities. Clients can purchase any number of visits in advance and redeem them on each future visit. Pawfinity also makes it easy to offer volume purchase discounts on prepay such as “Buy 10 get 10% OFF”

Rich Client & Pet Profiles

Detailed client and pet profiles provide quick access to your important client data. Daycare facilities require a dog daycare software which allows them unlimited storage of feeding schedules, medications, and stay history to ensure guests are well cared for on each visit.

Pet Owner Dashboard

The Pawfinity client dashboard provides a direct channel of communication between your pet pros and the clients you service. Clients are met with a clean, enjoyable interface where they can view service history and update information.

Integrated Payment Processing

Integrated payment processing creates a seamless transaction experience with our point of sale system. Competitive rates and painless application process make this a must-have extension to your dog daycare software.

You Grow, We Scale.

Experience virtually limitless flexibility with endless configurations of unlimited run calendars, employee profiles, clients, pets, food, medications, and much more with Pawfinity dog daycare software!

Features You Need Now, And In The Future

Pawfinity has the features you need to operate your low, medium, or high-volume dog daycare business. Our flat-rate pricing makes it easy to take advantage of more features as your business grows.

Online Booking

Leverage the power of the most advanced online booking system on the planet. Book Anything™ any way you want. Gain the Pawfinity Advantage™ using our industry leading tools.


Leverage subscriptions & memberships to normalize cash flow and create automated, recurring revenue for your business. A well-developed subscription strategy can keep your business revenue stable even through volatile times.

Pawfinity App

The official Pawfinity app is now available for iOS, Android, Windows, & Mac platforms. Installation takes only seconds and provides the next-level, seamless experience you should expect of a modern app.

Booking Genius™

Booking Genius™, the premier active booking solution for mobile groomers, dog trainers, and pet sitters, is a combination of 2 complimentary technologies coming together to offer a mobile appointment booking solution with true intelligence.

Service Reports

We’ve worked through all the particulars of creating service reports (report cards, training evaluations, etc), allowing you to get back to managing your growing business.

Secure Document Storage

Secure, encrypted document storage on the Pawfinity cloud servers makes storing sensitive documents simple and safe.

Mobile Point Of Sale (POS)

Enjoy true operations freedom with our mobile-optimized POS, allowing you full control over client transactions from any device. Activate payment processing, store cards, and charge clients on the fly. This is a truly all in one solution for mobile pet groomers, allowing you to dump Square, PayPal, and other stand-alone payment services.

What is pro pet


Pro Pet Sitting Services is a full service pet care, dog training and dog grooming provider. We provide a variety of pet related services to suit your needs.


Pet Sitting Services: This is our most popular in demand service for business professionals, Individuals or families who travel for work and or vacation.

We will provide your dogs, cats, and other domestic household pets with food and fresh water and try to keep them on their routine schedules while you are away. 

We also scoop kitty litter boxes daily and can alternate lights and open or close blinds to make your house look lived-in and bring in mail or water household plants by request.

$25.00 per 30 minute visit.


Dog walking Se​rvices: Great for those busy times of day when you can’t get away from work in time to exercise your dog or when you just want a little extra help so you can rest yourself.

$25.00 per 30 minute walk.


Dogs can socialize in a small group setting in a home environment.

Dogs must be social and non aggressive towards people including young children and other dogs. Personality assessments and trial visits are required prior to scheduling on-going doggy daycare.

All dogs must be vaccinated with proof of vaccination required.

Maximum limit: 5 dogs per day.

Spaces are limited, if there is no room available you can be put on our wait list and will be notified when a spot becomes available.

Doggy Day Care: $45.00 per day.

Drop off: 8:00 AM – Pick up: 6:00 PM

Overnight Boarding: $65.00 per day.

Dogs must be picked up by 11:00 AM on day of pick up or an additional $45.00 late fee will be applied to the total amount due.

Daily dog walks can also be provided for an additional $10.00 per walk.

Pick up and drop off services, and Pet food and Supply errands are available for $20.00 per trip.

Limitations due to location may apply


We specialize in positive reinforcement home-based basic obedience training. We can assist you with teaching your puppy/dog good manners so that your beloved pup can learn to be a good canine citizen both inside and outside your home environment. 

We offer half day in home dog training, and can help train your dog during the work day or weekend. Simply arrange a drop off and pick up time and we will take care of the rest, including debriefing you on our training progress and providing you with instructions so that you can continue practicing with your dog at home.

$50.00 per individual training lessen

6 week training course $250.00

No make up days for missed training lessons canceled less then 48 hours in advance.


Basic Dog Grooming: Pamper your furry friend with a relaxing sud-soaked bath or upgrade to a rinseless shampoo bath utilizing the Bissell Barkbath bathing system.

 Bath includes a delightfully

refreshing shampoo, blow dry, brush out, and scented finishing spray.

Prices vary and are determined by numerous factors including size, breed, coat type, temperament, and other variables. Please contact us to discus your dogs individual grooming needs.

All dogs must be vaccinated with proof of vaccination required.

XS dog / Small dog up to 25 lbs: $30.00

Medium dog up to 50 lbs: $40.00

Large dog / XL dog 75 -100 + lbs: $50.00

Add $5.00 per bath for a Spa like Bissel Barkbath experience.

Nail trims and dematting are offered for an additional fee of $15.00 each​

Sales tax on all grooming services are not included.

Services by appointment only


If you are considering adding a new canine companion to your home, I highly recommend you talk with Veronica from Hillside doodles about her amazing Aussiedoodle pups!

What is doggie dashboard

Admit it. We’re all looking for that perfect meal, that to-die-for cappuccino, that little slice of something that says, “Hey, I was here, and I fully experienced all things Missoula.”

The Doggie Dash is back again for a 3rd year! This event, held in Missoulas’ McCormick Park, includes a 5K fun run, a 1 mile fun walk, and a free pet expo. This event is put on by Missoula Parks and Recreation, as well as Missoula Animal Control, and it is one of the only fun runs in town that you can bring your 4-legged best friend to. Bring the family, and spend the day in Missoula’s parks.

The pet expo usually includes vendors, and canine services, as well as local shops that cater to everything your best buddy could need or want. If your looking for a pup sitter, or a dog walker they will be around too. There will even be dog adoptions taking place with the Human Society and agility shows put on bySit Happens!. This will be a fun family-friendly event, with a lot of things to see.

Sunday May 18th at McCormick Park

Doggie Dash – Have you taken your human for a walk lately?

Dogs will need to be on a leash for this event, and up to date on their vaccines. For more information, or to register yourself for this great event head to the city’s Doggie Dash page.

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