.net accounting software source code

The need for best and most advanced accounting software is always there, be it to perform the basic or advance tasks. The new .net accounting software lets you deal with the advanced features of accounting soft wares.

Accounting software is a system that helps businesses manage their finances. It includes a wide range of functions, including invoicing, accounting and reporting, bank reconciliation, inventory management and order processing. Accounting software is often integrated with other business software systems such as CRM or ERP.

.net accounting software is an accounting software that is built using .net framework. The software is developed to facilitate the accounting tasks for small and large scale businesses. The software has four modules: financial management, inventory management, billing and payroll management, general ledger.

NET Accounting Software is a web-based accounting software system. It is a comprehensive, user-friendly and affordable solution for small and medium-sized businesses.

NET Accounting Software has been developed in accordance with the latest standards of international accounting and can be used to create financial reports, perform sales, purchases and cash management processes, manage inventory and assets, calculate taxes, analyze financial data, monitor cash flows and provide detailed statistical information on them.

.net accounting software source code

Are you ready to become a software company owner with USD 2000 above income per month?

If you ok, we will help you without spent huge amount of money.

There are a lot of companies and wholesale and retail shops in our area. They all want accounting software to calculate their Sale and Inventories. They also want billing software and GST or Vat enabled software.

We have developed a software with understanding the needs of our customers. For last 5 years, we are selling the same from 15000 BDT to 30,000 BDT.

This application is very simple, easy to use and have following genuine features.

1. Business management

2. Inventory Management

3. Payroll Management

4. GST, VAT and Cess enabled Invoices

5. Barcode Scanning Enabled

6. Multy user facilities

7. Various type of Reports including profit and loss account and Balance Sheet.

8.Mail sending facilities from the application

This December, 2019 updated this product.

Updated details are given below as shortly..

1. Attendance Register

2. Salary Process

3. Staff Registration

4. POS

5. Print Design

6. OTP system

The given details above are main changes and also we have maid a huge development in the code. View the video demo here https://youtu.be/gueHqTzluh8

Let’s see the user manual : https://drive.google.com/file/d/1QATMWG4uhzddK2yrqMnBNMa5DkaMvwAa/view?usp=sharing User manual for how to Customize : https://drive.google.com/file/d/1isbsvgAprwbAw5hrGbjd5DejPIb5NMtt/view?usp=sharing


Application Used For the development

1. Visual Studio 2010 or upper

2. SQL Server 2008

You can also use Visual Studio 2017 community edition.

Technologies behind the Project.

1. C# Programming language

2. SQL Language.

3. Ado.net 4. PDF Sharp

5. Windows Form Application Development Platform

Before Purchase some questions, follow the answers :

How can earn Money? This is the question. The answer is :-

Step-1 Purchase the project You can purchase the project for this season only .

is the cost of the project very high! No, because you can sell the application for $500 and the project includes everything as source code, databases, libraries and Exe Files and This is a very huge project as this includes two databases of fifty more tables, hundred above forms and ten more libraries.

Step – 2. Finding Customers.

After purchasing the project, if you need some changes, you can do with our help. Then finding customers by visiting companies, wholesale shops, supermarket, textiles and small retail shops like hardware and marble shops and presenting the features of our application.

Step – 3. Selling the product.

Then you can sell the software. You can fix the rate asper your area’s financial background and customer’s behaviour.

Are you want Office For this Business. No, you can operate from your Home. And also you don’t want any staff. Because you don’t want spent money and time for the application development. We have developed the same for you.

And if you want to upgrade your business to earn huge income, you can start office.

I am a Student. Still I want this..???

Are you thinking to become an employee in a company of 10 to 50 employees with lotus of competition and pressure from Boss or to become a Boss with over $40,000 monthly income. You can decide.

As a student you can learn about C# programming language, Windows Form Application, SQL Server and Ado.net with a live project. And also learn about basic accounting ideas. Such as Sale Entry, Purchase Entry, Ledgers and Balance Sheet etc.

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