Multivendor Marketplace For Opencart

This article intends to provide an overview of Multivendor Marketplace For Opencart. The goal is to give you an idea of what it is and how it compares with other marketplaces currently available on the OpenCart ecosystem.

If you are using Opencart as a platform and want to set-up a multi-vendor marketplace with ease then this multivendor marketplace for Opencart module will help you achieve this goal.

A multivendor marketplace plugin for Opencart, which is a fast, flexible and powerful open source e-commerce solution. It requires minimum instalation and configuration time. This plugin is perfect for creating an Alibaba/Amazon type of website. It takes advantage of an Opencart’s features but also adds a lot of new cool features

Multivendor Marketplace For Opencart

Build a multi vendor marketplace with OpenCart and MultiMerch

Purchase MultiMerch for OpenCart today and get:

  • the MultiMerch extension for OpenCart
  • lifetime updates and the best in class technical support
  • instant download, full source code, white-label
  • official support for Journal 3 and Basel themes

Start a marketplace with vendors using MultiMerch for OpenCart

Turn your OpenCart store into a two-sided marketplace platform with vendor stores and profiles and let customers buy directly from your vendors.

Vendor management

  • Unlimited seller accounts
  • Seller stores, profiles & dashboards
  • Multiple seller tier system
  • Seller analytics & reports
  • Multichannel notifications
  • Badges, properties and socials
  • Follow and favorite sellers

Payment processing & monetization

  • Parallel, aggregated & direct payments
  • Automated and manual seller payouts
  • Signup, listing and selling fees
  • Fees based on product, category, seller plan
  • Seller subscriptions via Stripe

Product catalog

  • Product publishing for vendors
  • Category-based fields and attributes
  • Product variation matrix
  • Digital and physical products
  • Mass product imports
  • Multilanguage and multicurrency
  • Automatic faceted filters


  • Multi vendor shipping system
  • Rates based on product, weight, cart total
  • Shipping locations, destinations and methods
  • Automatic shipping calculation at checkout
  • Create your own custom shipping methods

Order management

  • Optimized one-page checkout
  • Single checkout from multiple sellers
  • Order status change notifications
  • Invoicing for customers and vendors
  • Order tracking numbers
  • Status management for vendors
  • Order inquiries

Communication features

  • Private messaging system
  • Product questions & answers
  • Product and seller reviews
  • Complaint management
  • Return and refund system

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