Mobile Responsive Plugin for WordPress

Are you running a WordPress website or blog? If your answer is yes, you are definitely aware that it the most used platform in the world. There’s an easy way to make your WordPress blog or site mobile-friendly with a free plugin. I’m talking about none other than WPtouch Mobile Responsive Plugin.

If you’re a blogger, or someone who uses WordPress on a site with content, you’ve no doubt heard of responsive design. If not, or if you have but have no idea what it means, let’s clear that up right now.

If you are a blogger or work for a company who provides multimedia and content to the public, you most likely created an official website using the ever-popular WordPress platform. And, if your goal for your WordPress site is to drive traffic to it, then you definitely want to consider mobile responsiveness. It’s not just about user experience on mobile devices anymore; now it’s about how mobile search engines see your site. If you don’t adjust your WordPress theme to display properly on mobile devices, you risk being penalized by Google Search.

Mobile Responsive Plugin for WordPress

What is WordPress Mobile Plugin and Why Use It?
Before we indulge with our list, let’s gain a brief insight into what a WordPress mobile responsive plugin is and why should we use one.

Mobile plugins are basically the tools created to present your website in a mobile-optimized manner. They deliver a range of functionalities like creating mobile-friendly menus, improving your site’s load time on mobile, converting your WordPress site into a native app, and so on.

However, the ultimate goal is to give mobile users equal attention to desktop users and provide an amazing online experience. This has become a new essential for websites. It’s because, with the rapid advancement of technology, mobile users have also increased remarkably.

Hence, WordPress mobile plugins enable you to offer a better user experience for your mobile users to achieve the following benefits:

Higher ranking of your website in search engines
Boost traffic and reduce bounce rate
Improve conversion and sales
With that said, now let’s get right into our list of the best WordPress mobile plugins.

7 Best WordPress Mobile Responsive Plugins

  1. Jetpack
    Jetpack WordPress Plugin
    Jetpack is an all-in-one plugin for design, marketing as well as security purposes. This plugin not only boasts top-notch features for optimizing the website for mobiles, but also for site analytics, automated social media posting, and more. The best part is that it’s completely free to install and use.

Jetpack is partnered with Google AMP, thus you can leverage the power of AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) to speed up your WordPress site on mobile devices. Further, it features lazy loading of images for a super-fast experience on desktop as well as mobile devices.

Key Features:

SEO tools for all social networking sites
Integration with all the major WordPress mobile apps
Variations for mobile-optimized themes to choose from
Secure login with options for authentication
Fast and dedicated plugin support
Site statistics and analytics to keep track
Price: Free or $9.95/month

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  1. AMP for WP
    AMP for WP
    AMP for WP is an excellent WordPress mobile plugin that makes it easier to maintain the responsive integrity of your website. It’s exclusively created to add Accelerate Mobile Pages functionality to your site. Hence, you can rest assured that visitors from mobile devices will be able to access a site that is blazing fast.

You’ll also be able to keep your readers engaged using the AMP Infinite Scroll feature. The plugin comes with support for Google Analytics, AdSense, Disqus, Divi, Elementor, and much more. And as it’s GDPR compliant, the plugin will respect the privacy of your visitors as well.

Key Features:

4 designs for AMP
Page builder ready
Lightning fast mobile pages
Social media support
Easy advertisement using Google AdSense
In-depth documentation
Price: Free or Premium Extensions Available

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  1. WP Mobile Menu
    WP Mobile Menu WordPress Mobile Responsive Plugin
    Just as the name suggests, WP Mobile Menu is an outstanding plugin that adds three layered responsive menus to your WordPress sites. Thus, your visitors can easily access your whole site using any device like smartphones, tablets, etc.

You don’t need any coding skills to use this WordPress mobile plugin on your site. Simply, install and activate the plugin and you can customize your mobile menus as per your need. Above all, the plugin works efficiently with all WordPress responsive themes.

Key Features:

Background image for menus
Hide specific elements in case of visibility of mobile menus
Multiple display types (Slideout push content, Slideout over content)
Logo or text branding
Awesome Google Fonts
More exciting features with the premium version
Price: Free or $6.49/month for 1 Site

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  1. WPtouch
    WPtouch WordPress Mobile Plugin
    Another awesome free WordPress mobile plugin we highly recommend is WPtouch. This plugin basically adds a mobile responsive, elegant, and simplistic touch to your website with ease. With over 100K active installations, this plugin is by far one of the best plugins among users.

It enables the users to modify the mobile optimized theme according to their preference. Besides, you can add logos, fonts, social media sharing buttons, and more in no time. What’s more? You can also switch to their premium version for additional features.

Key Features:

Instantly enables a mobile-friendly version that passes the Google Mobile test
WPtouch admin panel and WordPress Customizer for easy customization
User-friendly interface
Seamless integration with popular WordPress plugins
Pro-version offers a variety of themes made for modern mobile websites
Fast and dedicated customer support
Price: Free or $79/year for 1 Site

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  1. Touchy
    Touchy Premium WordPress Mobile Plugin
    A complete mobile navigation solution for WordPress, Touchy is an exclusive premium WordPress mobile plugin. Offering your mobile users a flawless browsing experience, this package includes everything that you might require. With extensive navigation options alongside the clean and marked coding, it’s user-friendly and easy to work with.

Further, the theme it provides is highly customizable and provides a range of variations. It even includes a Live Customizer integration for a real-time preview. Thus, you can optimize your website within a matter of minutes.

Key Features:

Color customization for every single element
Integrated with the call, email, and search option
2 widget locations
Extensive navigation option
Align logo left, right, or center
WordPress multisite compatible
Price: $26 for a Regular License

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  1. Max Mega Menu
    Max Mega Menu
    Are you searching for the WordPress mobile plugin that transforms your existing WordPress menu into a mega menu? Then, Max Mega Menu is what you need. It gives you full control over your existing menu to turn it into a user-friendly, responsive, and touch-ready menu with a few clicks.

Moreover, Max Mega Menu is extensively tested with all the modern desktop as well as mobile browsers. So, it’s also ideal for a mega menu on the mobile interface. Further, the plugin also comes with options to hide sub-menus on mobile.

Key Features:

Multiple menu locations
Option to display WordPress widgets in your menu
Multiple sub-menu transitions (Fade, Fade Up, Slide, Slide Up)
Off-canvas or standard dropdown mobile menu
Built-in theme editor to style your menus
Add icons to menu items
Price: Free or $29/year for 1 Site

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  1. AppPresser
    If you want to build a highly functional mobile app out of your previously built WordPress site then AppPresser is the plugin for you. It allows you to build an app from any WordPress website. For instance, you can build an app for your WordPress-based school, small business, church, events, etc.

AppPresser boasts that you don’t need any experience to build an app. It believes anyone who can set up a WordPress site can also build an AppPresser app. Using the AppPresser components, you’ll be able to add pages, create menus, and customize the design at your convenience.

Key Features:

Option to preview live app while designing it
Allows creating apps for both the iPhone and Android
Integration with WooCommerce, LearnDash, BuddyPress, etc.
Best customization options
Google Analytics integration to see your app’s analytics
Translation and RTL (Right-to-Left) ready
Price: $79/month

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Wrapping It Up!
With the rapid increase in mobile internet users, making the WordPress site mobile-optimized has been a major concern today. And that’s exactly why we’ve listed our collection of the best WordPress mobile responsive plugin.

We hope our article has helped you find the best WordPress mobile responsive plugin that meets your requirement. Still not sure which one is ideal for you? Then, here’s a little suggestion from us.

For a neat and clean mobile feed of your blog posts, go with an all-in-one plugin, Jetpack. Need to add a mobile responsive and elegant touch to your site, then WPtouch is the right choice.

Likewise, you can use WordPress Mobile Menu to add responsive menus, and Max Mega Menu to add mega menus to your website. And if you want to build a mobile app out of your WordPress site, use AppPresser.

With the arrival of the mobile first approach to web design, responsive design is becoming more and more important. Luckily, special mobile plugins for WordPress make it possible for you to optimize your site for mobile devices is just a few steps. We take a look at some of the best WordPress mobile plugins.

Responsive on demand – with a WordPress mobile plugin
WordPress mobile plugins: Overview
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Responsive on demand – with a WordPress mobile plugin
Over 43% of all websites are built with WordPress, and many of them have seen better days — at least when it comes to technological advances. You probably know sites like this: The font is way too small, the menu can only be navigated with two-finger zoom, and images spill out of the viewport of your smartphone. The problem is that completely redesigning a website with a responsive theme requires a lot of time and money.

To keep up with the demand created by mobile first, there are a number of mobile-friendly WordPress plugins for making your website responsive without changing the theme. And even better: This kind of website optimization makes WordPress faster and improves your mobile SEO. Otherwise, if you’re creating a brand new WordPress site, you can choose a theme with responsive design from the start.

To see what’s at stake, take a look at the following example of a test site in WordPress version 5.9 with the theme Twenty Eleven made by

Screenshots of WordPress theme Twenty Eleven on desktop and mobile
The WordPress theme Twenty Eleven adapts images for mobile but not menus or text.
This theme can hardly be called responsive. The images are scaled for mobile, but the text isn’t and, most importantly, neither is the menu. These problems are easily solved with a mobile plugin for WordPress. We tested some plugins to see what kind of results they produced when viewing a WordPress website on a smartphone. Below we show you the results and discuss the various settings each plugin offers.

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WordPress mobile plugins: Overview
Plugin Pros Cons Free version Pro version*
WP Mobile Menu Very easy to use Some features only on pro version ✔ $$$
Max Mega Menu Extensive design options for mobile Some HTML and CSS knowledge required ✔ $
WPtouch Extensive settings via WYSIWYG with customizer Expensive pro version ✔ $$$$
AMP for WP Best results out of all four plugins Wide range of features can be confusing ✔ $$**
*Price rating based on the premium version for one website. **As a package with numerous extras.

WP Mobile Menu – Quick and easy
WP Mobile Menu is an easy-to-use plugin that was updated with the release of WordPress 5.9.

Screenshot of the admin interface in WP Mobile Menu
WP Mobile Menu provides extensive options for customization. Some features are reserved for premium users.
This plugin adds a menu to the header of your WordPress site, which contains the title of your website and the hamburger menu button. The existing menu from the theme Twenty Eleven is also still displayed. WP Mobile Menu supports two further sub-menus. The new menu is sticky, meaning that it stays visible at the top of the page even when you scroll. When clicked on, the menu expands over the content of the site.

Screenshots of test website with WP Mobile Menu
The WordPress mobile plugin WP Mobile Menu adds a hamburger menu button, which looks good when clicked on and supports sub-menus.
The seven menu items in the admin interface of WP Mobile Menu each contain possibilities for customization, including:

Inserting individualized header text and/or logos instead of the automatically inserted website title
Customizable overlay
Inserting a background image for the menu
Turning off the display of certain elements when the mobile menu is active
Use of Google Fonts
Individualized menu design, e.g. choosing from five different designs for the hamburger button
Two display modes for the menu: over the content or pushing out the content
In the paid version of the plugin, you can deactivate the menu for certain pages or choose different menu looks for different pages. It also comes with footer menus, additional display modes for the menu, and access to 2,000 icons from various libraries.

Max Mega Menu – Maximum design
This WordPress mobile plugins comes with a responsive, user-friendly admin interface.

Screenshot of the admin interface in Max Mega Menu
The Max Mega Menu admin interface has four submenus for customizing your mobile design.
The Max Mega Menu admin panel comes with the following features in the free version:

Create horizontal mega menu elements with up to three levels
Individual settings for each menu level, including the navigation arrow
Arrange elements with drag and drop (partially)
Save menu designs as individual themes
Customized styling with CSS/SCSS
Export and import of your own menu themes in JSON or PHP
Easy access to documentation
Some features require HTML or CSS knowledge, e.g. if you want to properly use the “z-index”.

Screenshots of test website with Max Mega Menu
With Max Mega Menu, the menu overwrites the “old” menu with a hamburger button.
The pro version comes with sticky, tabbed, accordion, and vertical menus, 600 menu icons, 200 Google Fonts, menu badges for increased visibility, and support for WooCommerce and Easy Digital Downloads.

WPtouch – Settings galore
The WordPress mobile plugins WPtouch adds a lightweight mobile theme to your existing site. It’s user friendly, and the elements that are only available in the pro version are specially marked.

Screenshot of the admin interface in WPtouch
WPtouch adds a mobile theme to your existing WordPress site, giving it an appealing mobile look.
Of all the WordPress mobile plugins tested here, this one makes the most noticeable visual changes to the site. The biggest difference from the other plugins we’ve described is the use of the customizer to adapt the mobile design. When you click “Change to mobile theme”, you’ll be able to see and adjust the mobile version of the site. The developers based their work on Google’s recommendations for efficient user experience and created a very lightweight plugin. The new mobile site has a clear structure and the text blocks are much more readable.

Screenshots of test website with WPtouch
The WordPress mobile plugin WPtouch adds a mobile theme to your WordPress site, resulting in an appealing mobile design.
The free version of the plugin comes with the following features:

Choose from up to six devices/browsers for the mobile site to be optimized for
Adapt the mobile version in the customizer
Menu can be activated as a drop down or as pushing the content out of the frame
Customize the position of the hamburger button
Choose your own colors for the background, header, menu, links, and headings
Admin panel available in 23 languages
Does not affect the original theme when shown on desktop or other WordPress settings
The pro version is rather expensive and can be purchased as a one-year subscription. It comes with premium support, additional mobile themes, ad integration, the “related posts” feature, and the use of jQuery.

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AMP for WP – Greetings from Google
AMP for WP is a project led by Google. This WordPress mobile plugin implements Google’s guidelines for better search engine visibility and higher speeds for WordPress sites. This supposedly helps boost the website’s ranking in Google search results.

Screenshot of admin interface in AMP for WP
AMP for WP offers users a wide range of possible settings.
The existing website is improved with a hamburger button in the header and more readable text blocks. When the default settings are on, the site runs noticeable faster, the menu takes up the whole screen when activated, and sub-menus open and close perfectly. The search bar is also integrated into the menu overlay.

Screenshots of test website with AMP for WP
AMP for WP creates a sleek mobile site without too many frills, including an integrated hamburger button and readable text blocks.
Configuration is divided into sections for beginners and experts and leads you through self-explanatory menu items in the admin panel. The result is equally impressive. There’s also extensive online documentation.

This responsive plugin for WordPress comes with an immense range of features for making your site mobile friendly. The free version comes with four themes and over 300 possible configurations, according to the developers. Under “Extensions” in the admin panel, you can purchase additional features. Free features include:

Support for page builders
Automatic removal of unused CSS
Support for Google Fonts, even for local use
Compatibility with various SEO tools
Support for Google Tag Manager, Adsense (AMP-AD), Analytics Support, and additional tools for analysis
Possible to have different content for mobile and desktop
“Related posts” feature
Improved adaptation of images
Embed YouTube videos, Vimeo, Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook videos
Integrate twelve new social media channels
Set up the AMP version as a homepage and/or priority page
Conforms with GDPR
Paid features include:

Certain forms of ad admin
Support for special contact forms
Email opt in for newsletters
Supports multiple languages with WPML, Polylang, and WeGlot
Connect with e-commerce
Templates for call-to-action elements
Over 45 additional features from the AMP world
By the way: AMP for WP is different from the open-source project AMP. The latter has taken up the task of building websites with significantly less code in order to improve their speed. You can read more about it in our guide on AMP plugins for WordPress. The WordPress mobile plugin AMP for WP partially takes up these tasks. Additionally, it takes into account WordPress SEO tips, coming from Google itself.

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