Micro Niches For Blogging

Looking to start a blog in a micro niche? If you want to make money blogging, then this Micro Niches For Blogging course will help you do just that. In it, we review the aspects of Micro Niches For Blogging, technology micro niches and profitable blog niches with low competition 2022. We also have some great examples for micro niche blogs that make good money. Paste this link into your browser now!

In this guide, we review the aspects of Micro Niches For Blogging, technology micro niches, profitable blog niches with low competition 2022, and micro niche blog examples.

Micro Niches For Blogging

If you’re looking for a way to cut through the noise of online content and get noticed, niche down! Niche down your content and find success.

A micro niche is a small and specific subsection of a topic online.

A micro niche is a small and specific subsection of a topic online. For example, if you want to write about dog training, you could choose the niche “training German Shepherds” or “training Labrador Retrievers.” The number of subcategories in any field can be huge, so there are millions of potential micro niches out there. It’s up to you to find them!

Micro niches are typically filled with content that is considered “long tail” – meaning it is more specific than the complete topic.

Micro niches are typically filled with content that is considered “long tail” – meaning it is more specific than the complete topic. An article about ice cream in New York City would be a long tail keyword, as opposed to just “ice cream.”

Long tail keywords are 3-5 phrases that are related to the main topic. The search terms or phrases may seem random and unrelated at first glance but they make sense when you break them down into their parts (i.e., “best” + “ice cream” + “in NYC).

Google algorithmically prefers long tail content, as it is more likely to fulfill user intent or provide a solution to the user’s question.

The long tail keyword is a phrase that’s more specific than a single word. It is often used to describe something that’s not very common, or at least uncommon enough to be difficult to rank for with a single-word query.

Long tail keywords are easier to rank for because they’re more specific than generic terms like “cheap laptops” or “easy recipes.” Google algorithmically prefers long tail content, as it is more likely to fulfill user intent or provide a solution to the user’s question. For example:

  • If you have a website about running and you want people who search for “running shoes” (a short head keyword) you can try getting your site listed on sites that publish articles about running shoes (like this one). However, if you want people who search for “buy best running shoes under $100” (a long tail keyword), then publishing an article simply titled “Buy Best Running Shoes Under $100” will work better—this title will be more likely to satisfy users’ intent and provide them with what they need when they visit your site!

Long tail keywords are 3-5 phrases that are related to the main topic, but go deeper into a specific aspect.

Long tail keywords are 3-5 phrases that are related to the main topic, but go deeper into a specific aspect. For example, “how to make a paper airplane” is a long tail keyword because it targets those people who want more detailed information on how to create a paper airplane. This can be helpful for bloggers that write about multiple topics like me!

You can find long tail keywords using Google Keyword Planner and search suggestions on Google itself.

You can find long tail keywords using Google Keyword Planner and search suggestions on Google itself.

  • The first way is to use the Google Keyword Planner tool. You can enter a keyword, and it will show you its monthly search volume and how much advertisers are bidding on it. You can also see how many websites are currently ranking for that keyword so you know if there’s room to rank well yourself!
  • The second way is to look at what search suggestions appear when someone types in a phrase or word into the search bar (e.g., “how” appears as one of my top three suggestions when I type “how”). Sometimes these words are related to each other but don’t necessarily make sense together because not enough people have searched for them before—so they weren’t included in traditional lists like Wordstream’s list above!

Long tail keywords have much less competition and lower keyword difficulty scores, meaning you can rank for them more easily.

Long tail keywords are the more specific search terms that people use to find content on Google.

For example, someone searching for “fishing” might be looking for a general overview of fishing, or they may want to learn about particular species of fish or how to go fishing in their local area.

As you can see from the image above, there are many different types of long tail searches related to the main keyword “fishing.” The same is true for other topics too: if there are more niche interests within your niche topic then it makes sense that there will also be more niche-specific searches on Google.

Micro niches also make it easier to take advantage of passive income opportunities as there is less competition for product recommendations/affiliate marketing.

Passive income is money you make without doing much work. It’s not an easy thing to achieve, but it can be a great way to build a long-term passive income that will support you after your blogging career is over.

You can make passive income from micro niches in two ways: product recommendations/affiliate marketing and selling ebooks or courses.

In the first case, your blog will serve as a place where people who are interested in the topic find products they need and want—and it’s possible that some of these products will be affiliate links leading back to Amazon. Each time someone buys something using one of these links, you’ll earn money based on how much they spent, so if there are lots of visitors coming through your site each day then this strategy could bring in some serious revenue over time (assuming their interests align with those topics).

The second way involves creating content like ebooks or courses about the subject matter so readers know what steps they should take next when learning about their niche (i.e., which books would be most helpful). When people purchase these items online through platforms like Gumroad or Paypal Digital Downloads(PDD), again we’re talking about passive income because no additional effort is required on behalf of either party involved!

Niche down your content and find success!

If you want to be successful, then you need to find a micro niche and create the most comprehensive content in that area.

In the past, people would only write about “topical” topics such as how to lose weight or how to get rich quick. These topics cover many different subsections of our lives, so they’re great for writing about.

Nowadays, however, people are much more interested in writing about their own experiences with these topics or addressing them from a certain point of view (for example: why losing weight doesn’t work for everyone). As a result of this trend towards specificity and individualization within niches like health & fitness or finance & investment advice – it’s now possible for anyone with an internet connection and an opinion on something (i.e., anyone who reads Wikipedia) – to have their own niche blog!

technology micro niches

These days blogging is one of the hottest career option and many of the engineers or net savvy people are creating blog and earning handsome income out of it. I’m also an engineer by education, and when I starter blogging; I started with a tech blog here. Later on, my interest shifted to online marketing, and that’s how ShoutMeLoud got the niche. This post will clear some of your most FAQ related to technology niche, and should you have a blog on tech or not.

Engineers are supposed to be closely connected to Internet and most of engineers starts with a blog & most of them select niche as technology. Couple of days back, one of ShoutMeLoud readers asked me is Tech niche a good niche to start a blog or not? He was afraid that Technology blogs are overcrowding internet and he might not get success.

I believe this is the same question most of the beginners bloggers are facing. Here I’m sharing my view points which might help you to decide if getting into this overcrowded niche is a good idea or not.

Type of Tech blogs:

There are different types of Tech blogs like one which is publishing news posts, another one publish tutorials and so on.  First thing which you need to decide is what kind of tech blog you are trying to build. Is it going to be tutorials, news, or review blogs. Below I’m sharing example of some of the common types of technology niche blog:

If you are building news tech blog, you are suppose to be one of the early news breaker. If you are publishing 2 days old news, getting success with such strategy is limited. If you become an authoritative source to publish latest updates, people will like to follow your updates and follow your blog closely for instant updates.  Such niche is good if you are working online most of the time. One of the most common question asked is, how to get latest tech topics. Start subscribing to popular news breaking tech blogs email newsletter, Facebook fan page updates.

Suggestions: Mashable, Slashdot, RRW, TNW

Such blogs are more popular than any other blog. For example HowtoGeek. As tutorials posts are time taking posts and requires complete knowledge of the topic, so it’s  not for everyone. But if you are comfortable with writing tutorials on any particular topic, like Windows 8,  iPhone, you can start a tutorial blogs. Such blogs take more time than News tech blog to build traffic, but in long run, conversion and more money is in this niche blog. More over, my suggestion would be pick a sub-topic which are going to last for long. For example, computer care is one of those topic that will last for long ( Securing your online profile, securing your computer, anti-viruses).

Reviews tech blog requires you to have sound tech knowledge. You need to pick one micro niche like mobile phone reviews, laptop reviews, software reviews and you can start such blog. Specially mobile and laptop reviews blogs are popular. Though money is in micro niche blogs like antivirus reviews blog, where you can use affiliate links to increase your income tremendously. Specially, amazon affiliate program is going to be very useful for your Tech blog.

This is the most common attributes of any successful blog. It doesn’t matter what kind of blog you are running, but you need to come up with quality content which will connect you to your readers. If you are using too many technical jargon, probably basic users, won’t be able to follow your posts. You should create a balance in your article to make sure, any average person  can understand the tech aspect.

If you want to create a successful tech blog, I would suggest start a tech blog on a particular topic. Like iPhone news and hacks, Gadgets reviews, nokia news, Windows news and tutorials and so on.

The idea here is apart from micro niche sites, all generic niche sites are crowded. To stand ahead of other blogs, you need to pick one good niche, write quality content, optimize your blog for search engine and social media.

My strategy with Technology Niche blog:

So far I have tried 4 technology niche blog, and they are still making money for me via AdSense and affiliate marketing . Initially I started with a blog targeting news related posts, but with time it’s more painful to manage such news tech blog, because the amount of news we have to share is huge. At times you will find it tough to cope up with all the latest tech-stuff happening around. After running this blog for 2 years, I decided to stop working on it, and work on another portal which will focus more on ever-green content. So, I started ShoutMeTech.com, which is still up and running.

In between, I also experimented with small-micro niche blog related to niche topics like Cydia, iPhone and they are working out pretty good. For example, one of my small niche blog is making over $200/month and with little work. If you want to read the complete strategy of that blog, here is the blue-print for you.

Technology blog is a hot niche and what you need to focus is on providing quality and add value. If you are publishing on a regular basis, you will soon get good traction on your blog. Don’t be scared of millions of others tech-blog out there, as there is no competition for quality.

If you have any additional questions, feel free to ask me via comments. What do you feel about tech niche? Is it over-crowded or safe niche to blog?

profitable blog niches with low competition 2022

Blogging is roughly 20 years old. However, it has already become a proven strategy to make money online. 

According to Seotribunal, companies with a blog get 55% more visitors to their websites who are more likely to convert (make a deal or purchase) than outbound leads.

Individual entrepreneurs, content creators, and bloggers apply various methods to monetize their blogs. As a marketer, I listed at least 5 proven ways to monetize a blog. I am sure there are many more ways to do it. However, you need to grow a blog before you can apply them.

Developing a blog is a challenging and time-consuming process. You have to know your niche and have something to share with your audience.

In this article, I discuss blogging niche ideas and reveal some profitable niche ideas that aren’t overused yet.

What is a blog niche?

A blog niche is a particular topic you want to blog about. 

It can be as broad as “online marketing” or super narrow, like “SEO writing.” 

It matters what you choose as a blogging niche because you’ll have to create new content consistently.

Keep in mind that someone will compete with you for people’s attention. Therefore, you should be confident in your knowledge to create helpful and expert content for your target audience.

As a marketer, I know that it’s trendy to run a narrow niche blog. It’s easier and faster to become an expert in one particular niche than to build authority around a general topic.

Let’s say you want to write an article to rank on Google. You would rather ask those who practice SEO writing than someone who knows general marketing.

Choosing the right blogging niche is already half-success. 

If your blog niche is not over-saturated yet, you’ll have a chance to grow a profitable blog. 

Here is how you can find a profitable blogging niche idea for your website. 

How to find a niche for your blog

1. List your personal interests and skills

I recommend you try a Quadrant of potential to find blogging niche ideas. 

The goal is to list your passion and skills and exclude things that don’t kindle joy right away.

Here is how my Quadrant of potential looks:

Take a pen and paper and draw a quadrant with four sections. Be honest with yourself since you’ll be working on your blog a lot in the future. Nothing else will matter if you are not passionate about your blogging niche. 

Now, focus on the second and the fourth quadrant sections. These are things you are genuinely passionate about. 

If you are not an expert in a particular topic but ready to learn and experiment, keep this blogging niche idea in mind. 

Nowadays, we have too much “what you should do” but almost no “how you can do it” content. That’s where you can make a difference. 

I came up with the following blogging niche idea for my website based on my findings:

Your go-to website to develop SEO writing skills, make money writing online, and build a profitable blog.

So, I followed my passion for SEO writing and combined it with my side hustle skills. This is how Self Made Millennials was born. 

However, I’ve also done blog niche research before making a final decision to launch my website. Here is how you can do it.

2. Do blog niche research

Once you know what you want to blog about, it’s time to research the niche. 

In particular, you want to know who is already there, what they do, if they are successful, and if you have a chance to compete with them. 

Unless you plan to create a new product or service, you will always have competitors. Therefore, it’s worth knowing your chances for success. 

How to start blog niche research?

For instance, let’s imagine you want to blog about Medium writing and how to make money writing on Medium.

You can google search phrases related to your blogging niche idea or use SERP checker — a free tool by Ahrefs. I prefer using this tool because it can show exactly how the search engine result page looks for a particular country.

I plugged in “make money on Medium” and hit “check SERP.” Here is what USA residents see:

This way, you can see who’s already blogging about Medium.

Since I am a Top Medium writer, I thoroughly examined competitors before creating Medium-related content on my website. 

I recommend using the following table to analyze your blogging niche competitors. A table view will help you see most competitors in my place and decide if it’s worth moving further with your blogging niche idea. 

Here is a summary for the first two competitors from an overview table above (Medium website itself is excluded.) Swipe left to see the rest of the table.

This is a brief overview of websites that write about Medium. I recommend including at least ten competitors for your target blogging niche idea. 

If you look at all these websites, you’ll notice the following consistency:

Furthermore, some established writers run ads and sell their digital products and services. It signals that their audience is ready and willing to make a purchase. 

If you conduct blog niche research and see primary companies ranking on top:

If you conduct a blog niche analysis and observe most websites with high DR on top: 

If you see top ranking websites with different DR, and some of them were recently launched:

What about your blogging niche idea? Does it look oversaturated, or is there a chance?

When I researched Medium writing, most websites were private and with low competition. Therefore, I decided to dig deeper and conduct keyword research. 

3. Keyword research for your blogging niche idea

We are still in the preparation phase to define whether your blogging niche idea is worth trying. 

In this step, I recommend conducting keyword research to check how competitive your target keywords are.

This beginner guide explains how to do keyword research in detail. I learned keyword research by using Ahrefs. However, there are many other content writing tools to help you with keyword research. 

In my example, the keyword research helped define phrases with search term potential that can be used for optimized content writing.

You can see the keyword research result for the Medium writing niche below.

I not only collected search phrases but also investigated keyword difficulty (competition) and global volumes. I also highlighted juicy content ideas in green.

It turned out that most keywords have low competition. Considering that the maximum keyword difficulty is 100 (defined by SEO tools), most of my target keywords have a difficulty below 30. At the same time, the volumes are pretty promising. 

The global volume shows how many times this keyword was searched worldwide.  

Use keyword research to collect at least 20-30 juicy content writing ideas for your blogging niche. If you can find low-competitive phrases with search traffic potential, go ahead with your blogging niche!

Following this blogging niche ideas analysis, I launched a website that attracts 1,000 visitors monthly in 6 months and growing.

Are you looking for a profitable blogging niche idea? Luckily, I’ve researched the best and most relevant for now blogging niche ideas. 

Review the blog niche list below. Perhaps, these profitable blogging niche ideas will catch your attention and kindle joy.

Best blogging niche ideas to make money in 2022

1. Food blog niche ideas — Matcha tea 

Are there Matcha tea lovers here? I have a profitable blogging niche idea for you. 

If you like Matcha and know the peculiarities of Matcha tea selection, you can make decent money from a Matcha tea blog. 

I did quick keyword research and discovered that  “Matcha tea” and related search terms have low competition and promising traffic potential. 

If you launch a blog and create optimized helpful content, you have good chances to rank well on search.

I brainstormed blogging niche ideas and used Ahrefs and Semrush to analyze keywords.

2. Mom blog niche ideas — Working mother

There are thousands of blogs about motherhood. 

However, this blogging niche does not seem saturated yet. With the right tactics, keyword research, and SEO writing, you have good chances to run a profitable mom blog. 

If this niche appeals to you, I have prepared some stats to get started. You can review some keyword ideas and top-performing competitors to decide whether you want to explore this niche further.

You might think that global volumes are too low to pursue this blogging niche. Please, don’t be deluded by these stats.

As a marketer, I can tell you that pages usually rank for dozens of keywords, adding to their global search volume. 

micro niche blog examples

New bloggers are eager to start, but many have problems choosing a speciality. Small specialist blogs focus on one issue, not several. I’ve compiled a list of successful micro niche blog ideas for you. You can prevent a large viewership with these blogs. These niche blogs target a specific readership. Example: a cake-making website.

Homemade cake instructions, recipes, and blogs are available. Micro niche blogs seek small audiences and focus on one issue. It’s unlike most blogs. These blogs lack content. Micro niche websites can increase organic traffic and improve websites ranking in Google. 

Small specialized websites can be profitable through affiliate marketing, product sales etc. Micro niche blog ideas are very beneficial for search engine optimization. It’s a simple way to boost monthly revenue. BlogPress is a user-friendly program that lets you make blogs how you want SEO content.

Ideas for Micro Niche Blogging

Cosmetic Website

Many people are searching online for beauty ideas and suggestions. And that is a trendy blog topic! Is anyone interested in learning about skincare, makeup, and hair care? Or other things relating to beauty products.

A Food Blog

There are many different sub-niches within the trendy niche of food blogging. Many individuals nowadays are searching for advice on what to eat and what to avoid. As well as delectable recipes due to various food sensitivities and health difficulties.


In the present and the future, there are several micro niches in technology. Technology blogs typically cover the newest smartphones, Android software, and laptops. And other tech-related subjects. These blogs attract youthful readers and get a lot of traffic.

You can earn much money if you get more people to visit your website through affiliate programs. Like Amazon, ClickBank and Google AdSense, among other things. In this lucrative sector, you may reach a large audience and give them something useful. Some of the most popular micro niches are listed below:

Sports and Recreational Activities Related to Blogging

Another industry where individuals from all over the world are insane. And millions of people sought and followed it. Whether it was a football tournament like the Fifa World Cup or a cricket World cup. Several sports blogs serve the needs of sports fans. Sports is such a big topic that you can also choose a micro niche blog ideas within it.

These blogs focus on a particular sport, such as football, cricket, the IPL, or possibly all sports. As sports enthusiasm continues to rise, there is plenty of space. And this is importance of blogging sector to expand.

DIY blog (Do It Yourself)

People are constantly seeking ways to save money by doing things themselves. Whether making a piece of furniture or fixing anything around the house. People want to learn how to do things independently. Here, a DIY blog could be helpful. DIY blogs provide an excellent platform for affiliate product promotion.

Personal finance blogs

Personal finance is a prevalent topic since people always look for methods to save costs or eliminate debt. This niche contains many sub-niches, which makes it an easy blog topic to profit from. Small places for personal finance blogs: ideas


Healthcare is the most crucial aspect of life, and there is a big audience globally. If you’re in good health or know about specific medical conditions. You can put this idea into effect and earn a tonne of money. 

It will be the most well-liked in 2021. And will have a considerable market for suggestions for micro niche blog ideas. This is a list of fabulous blog themes for the healthcare sector. Includes those with the highest potential for rapid growth. The most affiliate products and the most important markets.

The majority of illnesses may be treated at home.

For these specialized affiliate products and blog ideas. The audience has high expectations, large search volumes, and high demand in search engine results pages.


Parents love and support their children. Busy work, lack of education or experience. And other factors make it difficult for most parents to raise their children properly. Parenting guides or tips are ideal.

If you find this activity funny, you won’t regret it. It promotes physical, emotional, social, and intellectual growth from birth to adulthood. 

Manufacturers of healthy video games, toys, and apparel. And other things are affiliates in this growing micro niche. Leave a comment on a single moms’ lifestyle blog ideas if you need support.

Personal development blog

Everyone today recognizes the significance of focusing on personal development and becoming their best self. The unique development niche has many sub-niches, making it a great place to start a blog.


Writers aiming for widespread readership may find success in these genres. I hope the items on this list will encourage you to launch your blog. And take advantage of the many opportunities the blogging world offers. Any field of study has its own set of procedures. Create a blog that can generate income. Many bloggers make much profit from selling niche-specific sites.

In comparison, others keep theirs up for the passive revenue from a blog niches that make money. Quality content writing is essential for any niche to make a good website. You should write encouraging content when the time is perfect. Real and efficient. It will take time, energy, and research to figure this out.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

To find the best micro niche ideas, blogger first must choose their Niche in their Expertise. And then, they can use a tool like Keyword Planner to pick micro niche ideas whose keyword difficulty is very low.

To choose the best blogging niche, follow these four steps.1. Choose a topic that you always like.2. Do research on your Topic and Niche.3. Try to choose a less competitive Niche.4. Make sure your Niche is profitable.

The Most profitable niches are finance, health, fashion, and technology.

You can use a blogging platform or website builder or start blogging on WordPress. You can purchase a domain name and web hosting if you have coding skills. And then start making blogs and do SEO to rank your blog in search engines. Then you can earn money through best Ad Network and Affiliate marketing sites.

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