Jquery Plugin For Image Slider

jQuery Plugin For Image Slider is a lightweight, clean and easy to use jQuery Plugin that you can use to create memorable sliders in your webpages. It supports touch, swipe, mouse browsing and can be used in all the mobile devices.

With the popularity of mobile devices, image sliders have become all the rage for creating beautiful and stunning website presentations. For a long time, it has been common practice to use JavaScript frameworks like jQuery to create exciting content variations. People have already created some great plugins for creating image sliders, including a non-linear slider plugin that allows you to create an interesting non-linear version of the slider, without having to pay any royalty fees.

Tired of the same old, boring image sliders? Why not spice things up a bit with this jQuery plugin which allows you to create a slide show with your own images and fonts?

Jquery Plugin For Image Slider

1. Swiper

swiper - mobile friendly slider

When entering the Swiper homepage, it resembles the feel of Ionic Framework, and for good reasons. Swiper is the default component for slider capabilities within the Ionic Framework. It’s also the default slider for Framework7. Swiper’s a free-to-use touch slider for mobile devices. It uses hardware-optimized transition effects, and feels like a native integration within your iOS, Android, Windows and Desktop projects. Swiper will compliment mobile apps, mobile web applications, and mobile websites.

Moreover, Swiper uses a modern flexbox layout as its slides layout. This solves a lot of problems and saves time with size calculations. Such layout also allows you to configure Slides grid using pure CSS. Swiper also comes with very rich API to create your pagination, navigation buttons, parallax effects, and many more.

Download the Swiper slider plugin for free and test how well it performs.

Many of WordPress slider plugins use Swiper thanks to its clean design and performance-oriented code base.Download

2. Presentation Slideshow

presentation slideshow

Presentation widgets and apps are usually built using native programming languages as individual apps. But this time, the Presentation Slideshow plugin is taking full use of jQuery and bringing us a delicate plugin that will feel like a native application. Although traditional presentations utilize the keyboard functions for navigation, this library uses keyboard and mouse interaction for full interaction scale. The codebase for this one is fairly straightforward. Thus, styling isn’t going to be much of a problem. Released by Claudia Romano on behalf of CodyHouse.Download

3. Simple jQuery Slider

simple jquery slider

A little bit of JavaScript, some HTML5 and a touch of CSS3 make this slider a simple one. John Urbank shares his idea of a simple jQuery slider on CodePen. It is a website for developers and designers to share their front-end creations for exploring, optimizing and general use. The default demo only shows a text slider option. But, with a few modifications, anyone can include visual content like photos and videos.Download

4. Sequence.js

sequencejs-jquery image gallery slider

You can always take things further and decorate your project with an impactful slider. Thankfully, you do not need to build things from the ground up. You do not even need to spend a dime, as all the different image gallery sliders based on jQuery we have here are free to use. Yes, that includes Sequence.js. But you can use the tool for other purposes, like presentations, banners, and more. In short, if you are looking for a step-based application, Sequence.js is it.

Sequence.js is fully flexible and extendable, working on all popular devices and web browsers. Moreover, it supports touch and smooth transitions too. Thanks to the ready-to-use themes and over thirty options and possibilities, you can easily tailor Sequence.js to your needs.Download

5. Animated SVG Image Slider

animated svg image slider

The team at CodyHouse is at the top of their game regarding modern and responsive jQuery plugins. Create stunning jQuery sliders and choose between three different SVG effects for transitioning images from one to the other. Another creation includes an animated SVG image slider that uses a traditional image sliding approach, amplifying SVG transition effects. If you are having trouble getting this one to work, the comment section on the CodyHouse is a great place to begin your search for an answer.Download

6. Animated SVG Hero Slider

animated svg hero slider

CodyHouse is working hard to make the best of modern web technology. We are already the third mention of these guys in our list, we are looking at another stunning SVG-optimized jQuery slider that uses animation to create beautiful slider effects. This one will work great for apps and website projects that need full-page slider options for web pages, or content alone. The webmaster can specify different page items and link them out on the front page upon setting up. Then, the user can easily browse through the items by amplifying a sliding webpage effect.

bootstrap carousel with ambilight

Bootstrap has not been a frequent name in our jQuery slider list. Still, Adobe WordPress guys are breaking this barrier by offering a unique slider plugin that uses an Ambilight effect to make the slider experience more personal and appealing to a certain personality and crowd. The slider is fully responsive and uses a modifiable, automatic timer to flip through the specified slider items.

8. Hero Slider

hero slider

The last plugin from CodyHouse on our list goes by simple Hero Slider. This ready-to-go slider comes with features like image and video backgrounds. It also comes with the ability to align text in various ways. Instead of using simple navigation icons, it utilizes buttons that increase the overall slider engagement. The buttons provide an option to add text to help users better understand the next piece of content. This, in turn, encourages them to flip through the slider fully.

9. Super Simple Slider

super simple slider

The Super Simple Slider was built with one thing in mind: simplicity. While many sliders seem bloated with features and expandable options, Super Simple Slider is focused only on one thing. That is to give its users the ability to display sliding content without the extra fat. Showcase your visual content with the ability to add titles for each piece of content for an increased engagement rate.

10. Jssor


Jssor is possibly the oldest and the richest jQuery slider library on this list. With nearly 400 slide effects for captions to choose from, Jssor makes it easy to create responsive and mobile-optimized slides for every possible situation imaginable. You can use it for content sliding and fmage sliding. There are both jQuery and no-jQuery versions available for large-scale projects. You can use Jssor in the real world with the help of more than 30 unique demo examples provided by the documentation. It allows its users to save time and productivity as they go.

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