Jprofiler Plugin For Eclipse

My friend Fernando told me about this plugin and I know it’s just what you need, the Jprofiler Plugin For Eclipse.

I’m going to show you how to use the JProfiler plugin for Eclipse, one of the best eclipse plugins for java. I love using this android app for my projects. It’s fantastic!

While I was learning Java I was looking for a plugin that could help me to find what was really going on under the hood when my code ran. There were a couple of options out there (Add To Watch, etc.) but they all had their problems. I found JProfiler and loved it. The profiler is easy to use yet is packed with all kinds of functionality. The memory viewer offered one look into a running program that provided insights into classloader behavior.

Jprofiler Plugin For Eclipse

With JProfiler integrated into eclipse, JProfiler can be invoked from within the IDE without any further need for session configuration.

As an eclipse user, we would like to offer you a fully functional time-limited trial version of JProfiler.

Requirements: JProfiler requires at least eclipse 4.2, we’re always committed to support the latest versions of eclipse.

  • Check out the general product page for JProfiler
  • Go to the download page for JProfiler
  • See the online help for the eclipse integration

The main eclipse toolbar with the “Profile” button looks like this:

When the JProfiler plugin is installed, the eclipse “Run” menu contains “Profile” actions that are equivalent to the “Run” and “Debug” actions:

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