How to close software on switch lite

In this article, we will guide on how to close software on switch lite. We have provided a simple step by step instructions to learn how to close software on switch lite

Many times users open an application, run it and then close it. Sometimes we do not want to run again that application. You can have a quick method to close the application by using shortcut keys on time. If you do not want to repeat your work daily, then use this simple trick.

Closing the software on Switch Lite is easy.

  1. Click the “Settings” icon in the top right corner of your Switch Lite menu.
  2. Select “Close Software” and press “OK.”

[Switch] How can I close software and switch to another?


You can close the current software by pressing the X Button on the HOME Menu.

* Always close your current software before switching the game card.

How to close software

To close software that you’re playing, press the HOME Button (at which point the software will merely be suspended, rather than closed).

* Before closing your software, make sure you’ve saved your progress if necessary. (Save methods differ by software.)

Once you return to the HOME Menu, confirm that the cursor is over the suspended software and then press the X Button.

Select “Close” to close the suspended software.

How to switch to a different software

After closing the software, open the game card slot cover, then push slightly on the game card to release it and remove it from the slot.

* You do not need to turn off the power to your console when removing a game card.

Take the game card of the software you’d now like to play and insert it into your console face-up, and in the direction shown by the ▼ mark.

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