Fixed Income Portfolio Management Software

Fixed Income Portfolio Management Software is a tool to manage the fixed income assets of a portfolio. As the name suggests, this type of software is used by investors specifically in managing their bonds and other fixed-income investments.

In this guide, we review the aspects of Fixed Income Portfolio Management Software, best fund management software, private equity portfolio management software, and stock portfolio management software.

Fixed Income Portfolio Management Software

In the world of finance, there are many ways to earn money. One way is with interest, which can be earned on savings accounts, bonds, or fixed-income investments. If you’re like me and you’ve been managing your own fixed-income portfolio for years (without software!), then you know how difficult it can be to keep track of everything—especially as your holdings grow larger and more complex. That’s why I was so excited when I discovered FundFinder’s Fixed Income Portfolio Manager, a software solution that makes my job easier than ever before!


A fixed income portfolio is a financial investment that pays interest at a predictable rate. Fixed income investments include bonds, certificates of deposit (CDs) and treasury bills.

A fixed income portfolio management software provides an easy way for investors to keep track of their investments, manage their cash flow and evaluate the performance of their portfolios. The software is available online or as an app on your mobile device. It allows you to monitor your portfolio’s performance over time so that you can make adjustments based on what’s happening in the market and how your investments are performing relative to one another.


Fixed Income Portfolio Management Software is a software that can be used to manage fixed income portfolios. It can be used to manage fixed income portfolios of banks, insurance companies and other financial institutions.

Pricing and Licensing


The price for the Portfolio Management Software is $99/month or $49/month if you pay annually. There is also a free trial available, so you can try it out before purchasing.

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Are your investments spread out in lots of places? Are your 401(k) plans, trading accounts, and savings accounts located at different institutions? If that’s the case, then you likely receive separate updates for each on the status of the accounts, which can get confusing. It can also be difficult to know exactly where you stand in regards to net worth. 

Some investors swear by portfolio management software to help solve this problem. In some cases, like for retail investors, dealing with this type of software is a simple process. 

1. Personal Capital

Personal Capital is one of the best portfolio and investment management software available. The free and easy-to-use platform allows you to track and manage your money with all your financial accounts in one single place, including your 401(k), IRA, individual retirement account, investment accounts, bank accounts, and credit card accounts.

2. Quicken Premier 2022

Similar to Personal Capital, the software syncs all your accounts to get a comprehensive view of your investments in a single dashboard. With Quicken Premier you can check balances, budgets, accounts, search transactions, analyze your spending trends, and monitor your investment performance over time, allowing you to maximize your investments and even minimize your taxes on investments and make tax prep easier. One of the most attractive features is an online app to manage your money on the go across desktop+web+mobile.

3. Morningstar Portfolio Manager

This portfolio manager and analyzer lets investors choose between importing or manually entering each of their investments into its Portfolio Manager tool. The tool allows you to track your investment portfolio, create watchlists of potential opportunities, and evaluate your investment strategy.

4. Mint

The Mint personal finance app is free, intuitive, and offers basic tools suitable for beginning investors. Like Personal Capital and Quicken, it gives you an overall picture of all your finances (cash, credit cards, investments, and bills) in one single place. Mint stands out for its customized features, like personalized insights, custom budgets, spend tracking, and more.

5. Kubera

Price: 14-day trial for $1 and then $15/mo. or $150/yr.

Described as “the world’s most modern portfolio tracker”, Kubera is suitable for those advanced investors who want greater detail into their investments. What makes Kubera “modern” is its crypto component, as it allows you to track and check the latest value of your crypto as well as traditional assets. This portfolio manager supports global banks, brokerages, stocks, and currencies, as it’s as simple to use as a spreadsheet.

6. StockRover

Price: There is a free plan and three paid plans, Essentials, Premium, and Premium Plus. Each paid plan offers a different level of features, at a different price point.

The advanced analysis tools of the StockRover Portfolio Manager make this another suitable choice for those in need of a more comprehensive and detailed analysis of their investment portfolio. You can connect your brokerage data, enter it manually, or use a spreadsheet to analyze your portfolio. StockRover supports a variety of accounts including Charles Schwab, Fidelity, Vanguard, TD Ameritrade, E*Trade, and more.

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#1 Portfolio Management Software
for Venture Capital

Simple Portfolio management software to make fund tracking easy.


Fund Metrics Dashboarding

Tracking fund performance can be complicated and time consuming for Venture Capital Firms. Diligent Equity makes it easy by centralizing key fund and company data too automatically calculate performance.   

  • Automatically calculate Gross Multiple, Net Multiple and IRRs 
  • Track ownership and Valuations across your portfolio companies 
  • Understand LP contributions and distributions 

Centralized Portfolio Company Reporting

Venture Capital firms struggle to easily report on the performance of their portfolio companies. Diligent Equity centralizes your company’s cap tables and performance to make customized analysis of the portfolio easy.  

  • One-click tear sheets 
  • Cap Tables and Financial database 
  • Robust Co-Investor reporting 

Run Complex Scenario Analysis In Minutes

Easily understand potential outcomes for your fund and companies and how they impact your funds’ returns. Do all this in minutes vs. hours of spreadsheet work.

  • Model fund outcomes taking into account each individual company waterfall
  • Run complex waterfall analysis in seconds
  • Forecast how investment in a follow-on might impact the fund.

Integrate Data Into Other Key Systems

High-functioning Venture Capital firms rely on many key systems, and need data to flow back and forth freely. Our API makes this possible.

  • Integrate data and metrics into systems like iLevel, Salesforce, Affinity and Slack.
  • Create custom reports like co-investor report or legal term portfolio report.
  • Grab historical data by day, week or month to understand trends.

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