Figma Plugin For Jira

Figma Plugin For Jira is a powerful plugin that allows you to seamlessly integrate your Jira projects with Figma designs. With this integration, you can quickly sync a Figma design file, create in-context comments and access the designs from the Jira dashboard.

Figma Plugin for Jira allows deep integrations between the two software packages, enabling you to more easily create and share visualizations of your Agile and project management data inside Figma.

The Figma Plugin for Jira helps teams stay up to date on the progress of their work by automatically syncing files created directly in Jira with Figma, automatically sharing any changes made back to the original file. This integration saves hours of time and eliminates potential versioning conflicts.

Figma Plugin For Jira

Currently only Jira Cloud is supported

While plans and concepts come to life in Figma and FigJam, Jira is where ideas become structured tasks. Jira and Figma work together to help teams move work forward—no matter which tool they’re in.

Use the Jira widget to pull Jira projects and all of their associated issues into the canvas to discuss and update as a team. Adjust assignee, priority, status, and issue type right in FigJam, while maintaining your source of truth in Jira. And, if new to-dos come up in a meeting, you can capture easily capture them as new issues in Jira, and even link associated designs from Figma.

Learn more about how to use this widget with your team and try it out for yourself in this playground file:

Read the Figma Jira Widget Security Overview to learn about how this widget handles authentication and data storage.

This widget is licensed under Figma’s Terms of Service, unless you have a different agreement with us for Figma Services.

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