Fee Management Software Free

Fee management software is the best solution for educational institutions that want to simplify their fee collection process. This software is designed to help schools, colleges, universities and other educational institutes in managing their fee collection process smoothly. It can be used easily by anyone who has an internet connection in their computer or laptop. The software comes with many features such as automated SMS and email notification to students, parents and faculty members so that they don’t face any problem while paying fees online from anywhere at anytime from anywhere through different modes like credit card or debit card payments as well as over the counter payments through cheques etc.

In this guide, we review the aspects of Fee Management Software Free, How do you create a fee structure, What is a school management system, and What is fee management system?

Fee Management Software Free

You can be sure of the best fee management system online. The fee management software is the platform where you will be able to manage all your fees with just a single click. This software is designed specifically for the educational institutions and it is easy to use as well as understand. The many features of this software include automated fee collection, online fee payment, receipts and invoice generation and automated SMS and email notification to students, parents and faculty members. This software will help you save time, money and effort in managing your fees successfully.

You can be sure of the best fee management system online

It’s a fact that no one wants to work harder than they need to. The same could be said of choosing software—you want something that will save you time and money, but not take away from your students’ education.

If you’re looking for a fee management system, we have the perfect solution: our free online fee management software! The best part is that it’s designed specifically for educational institutions like yours, meaning you can be sure of its quality before making any decisions.

Our software has many features including:

  • Automated collection of fees through online payment channels such as debit/credit cards or net banking
  • Receipt generation and other invoices based on the payment amount received as well as due date
  • Automatic SMS and email notification about pending payments (for both students and parents)

And much more!

The fee management software is the platform where you will be able to manage all your fees with just a single click.

The fee management software is the platform where you will be able to manage all your fees with just a single click. You can pay your fee online, collect it online and generate receipts and invoices. The fee management software allows you to send SMS and email notifications to students, parents and faculty members in one place.

This software is designed specifically for the educational institutions and it is easy to use as well as understand.

This software is designed specifically for the educational institutions and it is easy to use as well as understand. This software is user friendly and it is easy to navigate so if you want to transfer all your student fees into a single portal, then this software will help you in doing that easily.

The best thing about this software is that you can create multiple fee categories like student union fees, registration fees etc., which means that students will be able to pay all their dues with one click of a button on their mobile phones or laptops.

The many features of this software include automated fee collection, online fee payment, receipts and invoice generation and automated SMS and email notification to students, parents and faculty members.

The many features of this software include automated fee collection, online fee payment, receipts and invoice generation and automated SMS and email notification to students, parents and faculty members.

With this software you can easily collect fees from parents by generating a QR Code. This QR code can be printed out on the school’s stationary or sent via SMS/Email etc. Parents will have no difficulty in paying their child’s fees as they only need to scan this code using their phone camera or send it via SMS/email etc.

This software will help you save time, money and effort in managing your fees successfully.

This software will help you save time, money and effort in managing your fees successfully.

It has been designed as a simple to use fee management tool which gives you the ability to:

  • Create & manage your client’s information with just a few clicks
  • Manage all of your invoices easily without any hassle. This includes generating quotes, sending invoices, accepting payments and much more!

How do you create a fee structure

“What should I charge?” How much will my target market pay?” “How much do I need to earn to keep my business in the black?” “How much do I need to pay myself from my business to make my personal lifestyle work?”

These are questions I ask myself every year? The answers change each year depending on what goals and dreams I have both for my business and personal life.  It is also a juggling act between discerning what I need and what I want. Many conversations go on in my head figuring out what my most important priorities are, what will get funded, what will be on the back burner so to speak, and what is needed to make the lifestyle of my choosing work.

I am a firm believer in re-figuring and knowing my target earning numbers each year, for two reasons. One is that I hold this number as an intention for what I want to earn in a given year. When I do this, synchronicities unfold, unexpected opportunities arise and I more confidently step into these invitations from the Universe to meet my target earning number.

Second, knowing my numbers helps me to feel grounded and in control. I enjoy making all the pieces of my life/money puzzle fit together and then like to step back and appreciate what the Universe and I created.  It feels satisfying to me to create a life/money plan that helps me breathe life into my short and longer term goals.

Creating through numbers is not a lot different than taking a brush to a canvas. It’s just taking a pen to a spreadsheet.

Determining your fee structure is both a physical act (taking pen to paper) and an emotional act (feeling good about the fee you charge for the value your clients receive). Sometimes, there is a gap between what you need to earn and the rate you are willing to charge. An inner tension and struggle can develop.

Following are guidelines to support you in creating a fee structure to give your business a solid foundation which in the long run will allow it to thrive and keep you in business! These guidelines address the physical and emotional aspects of setting a fee structure that supports your business.


Calculate the amount of money your business needs to generate annually to cover your business and personal expenses. Calculate the amount of money it takes to live on every month, savings required for short and long term goals as well as those periodic expenses. Periodic expenses equate to non-reoccurring monthly expenses. Examples of periodic expenses are: car registration and maintenance, insurance premiums, health care deductibles, vacations, holiday spending, home projects, sports camps, seasonal clothing, property taxes and a new computer.

Let’s say you determine you need $100,000 annually. Then ask yourself how much you need to charge per billable hour to generate $100,000 annually. Consider there are 2,080 work hours in a year, based on a 40-hour workweek. Consider how much vacation time you want to give yourself. Let’s say you give yourself 4 weeks of vacation time equating to 320 hours. Deduct another 40 hours for personal or sick time. Deduct about 30 percent of time for marketing and administrative time. This leaves you around 1,000 billable hours in a year. This information tells you to reach your income goal you need to charge $100 per hour.


One research study showed that entrepreneurs who initially set their fees on the high side were more successful than those who set lower fees. By setting fees on the high side to begin with, you set the intention of being serious about your business and give it a firmer foundation. It’s also much easier to discount your fees on a case-by-case basis should you desire to do so rather than raise your fees.

Focus on what qualities and value  you bring to your clients and business rather than focusing on what you lack. If what you lack keeps needling at you, take action and resolve the lack.

Begin where you are. You are enough!

Each year, you evolve and when you evolve, your business evolves. Your evolution increases the value of your services. Each year you become more of an expert and your fees need to reflect your “added value” to your client base.

Don’t allow perfectionism to interfere with your fee structure. When I first started my business over 7 years ago I remember saying to my business coach, “I need to get my Ph.D. before I can charge those rates.” She said back to me, “Denise, the issue here is that you don’t feel you are enough already.” She was correct. I took her wisdom to heart and set a fee structure that supported me.

Remember, if you don’t believe in yourself, why should your clients believe in you?


Let go of assumptions about what your clients will or will not pay. Don’t use the economy or your clients as reasons for not taking action to raise your rates. Many of my entrepreneur clients tell me,  “My clients can’t afford that fee.” The truth is you don’t know what your clients can or cannot afford. You have no idea what your clients spend their money on. This thinking is merely your projection onto your client. It’s really you saying, “I don’t feel my product/services are worth that amount.” “I don’t think clients will pay for what I have to offer.” Sometimes we are afraid to ASK for what we want and need.

The truth is, if you value your fee structure, your clients will to. When you are comfortable deep inside with the fee structure you are charging, you radiate that outwardly in the energy you carry with your clients. They will pick up on your non-verbals. If you receive push on your rate from clients, do an internal check-in with yourself and see if you are carrying the energy of doubt about your rate.


When setting your fee if you are selling a product, take into consideration the cost of materials, your time spent, and labor, mailing and shipping costs. Most sources suggest to charge enough to create a minimum of a 50% profit margin.


Ask the question…”What fee structure would support my highest good?” See what answer you receive and compare it with the number you calculate telling you how much you need to make a living. Listen to your intuition, there is lots of wisdom that can come from this way of knowing.

What is a school management system

School management has always been — and still is — an extensive undertaking on the part of educational institutions around the world. It requires painstakingly monitoring the academic progress (or otherwise) of all parties involved, towards constant learning. Careful examination of resulting data will ensure optimal operations for any educational organization. Efficient and just management is of paramount importance towards satisfied students, parents or guardians and staff, altogether. School Management Software is here to help, to that end. But all this begs the question: “What is School Management Software?”

Table of contents

School Management Software defined

Besides the obvious of it being a complex piece of computer software, School Management Software is an administration tool for educational institutions. This classification comes from the fact that this type (or category) of software aims to help educational organizations in their daily routine, by automating administrative tasks. “School management software” is also known as a “School management system” or a “Student information system”. These systems provide functionality from applications and class enrollment to detailed performance monitoring and financials. 

Administration management typically includes both faculty and students. Some systems include a feature set to help manage daily operations, such as building maintenance, supplies and inventories. The need for this feature set is largely dependent on the size of an educational institution.

Features in School Management Software

Most School Management Software products evolve around four main pillars. And regardless of any extensive list of features, we can find a basic feature set around these pillars, aiming to accommodate daily routines for nearly every type of educational institution. That’s starting with Program Management, in its broader sense:

Program management and class scheduling

This “extended” feature includes a set of more specific features to help in structuring curriculum, grouping courses and classes and defining their individual characteristics. It is, typically, the most basic functionality in a School Management Software. It also includes class scheduling for in-person or virtual class meetings.

Student admissions and records — information management

Student registration and distribution to class groups and enrollment to classes and courses is one of the core features in School Management Software. In the long run, all information stored will be used to monitor and analyze individual progress, until graduation.

Financial and assessment management for students

Student management includes daily notifications relevant to classes. But that’s usually not the end of it. Students, parents and guardians also need access to essential information, such as timetables, attendance records, gradebooks, financials and payments per student, pending and outstanding payments, as well as installments (where applicable). The Student management and Admissions extended feature incorporates all the specific features essential to provide that information.

Academic management

School faculty is just as difficult to coordinate and supervise, as students are. With roles, such as teachers, secretaries, administrative assistants and all supporting staff, School Management Software helps efficiently manage all daily academic procedures. 

Financial and assessment management for teachers

The feature set for Academic Management may include attendance tracking, grading, assessments, financials and payments per teacher, pending and outstanding payments.

Role management

Different user roles can view and use different types of information — and at different levels of detail. School Management Software provides the relevant functionality, to simplify user experience for all parties involved. 

Role management is primarily a security feature. It’s built to allow access only to information a role is allowed to view or use. That’s, introducing better security for personal information, at the same time.

Online parent and student portals are based on role management, allowing students and parents or guardians view available material and communicate with teachers, coaches or instructors, as needed.

Benefits of employing School Management Software

1. An easy, automated structure for any type of school

Starting a new school period or academic period, the structure of classes and courses for the period needs to be prepared. Existing teachers, as well as students that are qualified to continue their studies, may be added to the structure for this new school period or academic period, ready to accept notifications regarding their new schedule. New teachers and students can be added as an ongoing process. 

2. Improved and efficient accounting

The structure also allows for basic financial management, by setting tuition fees for students and payroll information for teachers, coaches or instructors.

3. Detailed and streamlined record keeping

Once a new department, course or class is created, new or existing students and teachers are added to the structure. Avoiding overbooking teachers or assigning students to more than one class at a time is one of the most valuable features in managing any educational institution.

4. Graceful student and teacher management 

Managing students and teachers is quite the puzzle, especially in academic environments. All aspects of daily routine need to be monitored and improved upon. When all educational activities are successful, the result is happy students, parents or guardians, and teachers, coaches or instructors, too! That alone, is a major retention tool for any educational institution.

For students

Monitoring attendance, progress, assessments, grading, graduation status, financial information, health monitoring and class scheduling is a real time-saver. Subtle automation in these features can bring balance in efficiency and improvement.

For teachers, coaches or instructors

Monitoring attendance, progress, assessments, financial information, class scheduling and communication with parents and guardians is the best way an educational institution towards optimal performance and streamlined operations. Different levels of reporting for different layers of management, are also available.

5. Effortless business continuity

Cloud-based School Management Software offers better business continuity, since it‘s independent of local infrastructure. School records and scheduling are handled directly in the Cloud and can be accessed from anywhere, anytime. And that’s a structural element and benefit of Cloud-based School Management Software, that can come in handy at any emergency situation.

6. Monitoring progress and performance is a breeze

Monitor students and teachers, assess their progress and take corrective measures towards a better rate of success. Improving track records is probably the most efficient way an academic organization has, to achieve an increase in registrations, come the next season. To that end, relevant reporting, and notifications can go a long way towards timely actions for improvement. 

7. Secure and simple, in the cloud

Highly grained user roles add a multi-variant approach to data security. And all necessary ISO procedures may introduced, to ensure security.

The Cloud also comes with best practices, leveraging advanced security features and compliance with data protection regulations, such as the GDPR.

But the best part is you don’t need expensive servers, software or specialized personnel to make sure it all works as expected. All you need is a simple desktop computer or laptop and a web browser with access to the Internet. And that’s why you can manage your educational institution from anywhere, anytime.

Who is School Management Software for?

School Management Software can help a host of educational institutions organize their structure, curriculum, syllabus and communications, along with some powerful reporting features to keep tabs on all procedures. 

Regardless of the institution being a small private organization or a great renowned University, School Management Software can, among others, prove valuable for:

What does it cost educational institutions?

There are different ways to look at cost to educational institutions. All of them have something to offer in optimizing final cost. Since optimal costs is often largely dependent on the size of the educational organization, the best approach is working with a combination of them, as most vendors will offer with their pricing plans.

What is fee management system?

Fee and bill payment is one of the most crucial tasks in any organization. In school and colleges, it starts with admissions and ends with graduation or course completion. If your institute also provides hostel facility, transport facility, and other services as well, then managing fee and bill payment can take you to a higher level of stress.

What more is fee and bill payment system require 100% error-free result, you are not allowed to make even a tiny mistake as that can change the complete balance sheet and can ruin the reputation of your school or college.

Fee management along with various types of fee submissions, it also includes tasks like generating receipts, canceling of the transaction, generating bills and creating receipts for backdate.

What is student fees management system?

A student fee management system simplifies trivial tasks like fee submission, generate and issue receipts, online transaction, record maintenance and many more. In short, it simplifies day to day task in fee and bill payment and makes your easier irrespective of which task you are handling.

Here are the important benefits of using a student fee management system and how they impact the fee process.

Integrate Complete Fee Management

If you are using the best student management system, you will get an integrated fee management system. It gives you the facility to set up a complete fee structure according to student category, course or service requirement. The system also gives you the power to collect a late payment, fines and provide required function as well.

Easy online transaction

It is important that your student management system has a preferred payment gateway. With payment integration, students submit their fees online without any hassle. This way you would be able to collect fees online and it is easier to make records of it. The reports generated via online payment includes all the important details of the transaction which you can access any time you need.

Generate Invoice /Bill Reports

Whatever is the type of payment, nowadays people want to have an invoice or bill for the record. An education ERP system to help you to generate invoice/bill of all the transactions. Some education ERP solution also provides customized invoice/ bill generation with various categories. You can also download record in pdf or excel format in bulk. Education ERP also comes with accounting software like tally or sage integration to manage ledger account as well.

It saves you from tedious manual tasks which in turn save your time.

Handle Multiple Finance

In school/ college you deal with various of payment. You collect fees for form, admission, exams, registration fee, maintaining caution money, scholarship & sponsorship, etc. An education ERP can handle all these tasks in one platform. It makes fee management operation simplified, smooth and fast.

Calculate Tax and GST

You can use this system to calculate all type tax including GST whenever it is applicable. It also lets you do important transaction such as refunding fees. The best thing is it is all user-controlled and the privilege to control this function can be given to specific employees as per the requirement.

Calculate Necessary Discount

There are different types of discount an educational institute provides such as fixed, percentage, ad-hoc or standalone. A student management system enables you to set up all such discount type. It also generates separate reports on the basis of the category of discount.

Control Finances of Your Institute

With a fee management system, you have the power to control finance of your institute. As we discussed before you can also give access to other departments if you need specifically from them. You can view and generate a report from the financial database.

Some student management system also comes up with a feature of finance hold in which you can hold documents of a student if he or she has outstanding fees in his account. Moreover, it also provides to look at the fee and bill payment records of students, course wise, category wise and with other filters.

An easy and safe fee payment system for parents

You can have all kinds of parents who prefer different types of payment methods, such as cash, challan, cheque, online payment, credit card, debit card, demand draft, etc. A fee management system is suitable for all types of payment. This provides a safe and easy service for payments.

This customized fee management system enables parents and students both to submit their fees, settle their bills easily and with a short interval of time.

Fee management is one of the complex and tedious tasks to handle among multiple academic operations which actually requires automation. An education technology designed to hit the pain areas of the institutions, resolve them and strengthen institution to reach new heights. Fee management solution in a student management system is one essence of one such realistic technology.

What are the benefits you are getting from a Student Fee Management System?

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