Farming Management Software

Farm Management Software is a cornerstone of a farm or dairy operation. With so many aspects and moving parts to keeping your business running smoothly, it can be difficult to keep track of everything that’s going on. Managing finances, employees, customer service and sales work—all at once! Farm Management Software helps you organize all this information so you can focus on what matters most: growing your business.

In this guide, we review the aspects of Farming Management Software, dairy farming management software, what is farming management all about, and vertical farming management software.

Farming Management Software

Farming is a difficult business, and it’s only getting harder. In the past, farmers could make money by selling their crops at local markets or to local grocers. But today, there are fewer people buying food directly from farmers and more people shopping at supermarkets where they can buy food cheaply (and sometimes even affordably). As a result, farmers are finding that they need to invest in new technologies if they want to stay competitive in this increasingly tough market. Luckily, there are plenty of farm management software tools available today that help farmers streamline some of their daily tasks so they’re less stressful—and more efficient!

Agrivi Farm Management Software

Agrivi is a cloud-based farm management software that helps you track your farm’s financials, manage inventory and orders, and set up marketing campaigns. It’s available on the web and as an app for Android devices.

Agrivi has four main modules:

  • Farm Management—Track expenses, monitor crop growth stages, get alerts when important events happen on your farm (such as plants flowering or fields being ready to harvest), track yield per acreage in real time based on field maps of any size;
  • Inventory & Orders—Keep track of what you’re growing at what stage of maturity or ripeness; use templates to keep track of how many items go into each product; plan out production cycles; generate reports from this information (such as yield per acreage); export data into spreadsheets for in-depth analysis later; input orders directly into Agrivi from other websites without having them saved locally first (much like clicking “share” instead of saving an image link).

Dattus Farm Management Software

Dattus Farm Management Software

Dattus is a cloud-based software solution that provides dairy and beef farmers with a range of tools to manage their farm operations. It covers everything from herd management and cow tracking to herd health management, giving you the full picture of your business.

In addition to the core functionality, Dattus also offers optional modules that can be easily integrated into your existing system. Some of these include breeding management, automated calf tagging, animal performance analysis and more.


HybridFarm is an online farm management software that helps you manage your farm from anywhere in the world.

HybridFarm can help you:

  • Track your crops, livestock, and finances to make better decisions about your farming business.
  • Stay on top of tasks with a calendar that shows when things need to be done.
  • Save money by eliminating paper-based processes like spreadsheets and manual data entry.

MyFarm Enterprise

MyFarm Enterprise is cloud-based farm management software that is used by over 10,000 farms worldwide in the US, Canada and Australia. With MyFarm Enterprise you can easily manage your business from anywhere at any time.

MyFarm Enterprise offers a number of features including:

  • Farm Inventory Management – keep track of all stock including feed, fertiliser and chemicals
  • Farm Accounting – manage bills, invoices and payments plus create budgets with profit and loss reports
  • Crop Planning & Planting – plan out your crops for each paddock so that you know what to plant where throughout the year
  • Field Work Orders & Workforce Scheduling – schedule jobs for your workers so that they can complete them when needed

AgSquared Farm Management Software

AgSquared is a cloud-based farm management software that’s used by farmers of all sizes. It helps you manage your farm’s financials and inventory, as well as plan for the future and make smart decisions when it comes to marketing and sales.

  • It’s easy to use: The AgSquared app makes it simple to track production, sales and expenses at your business, so there’s no need for complicated software. Just sign up with AgSquared and get started right away!
  • You can keep track of everything in one place: With this farm management software you can see how much money has come in from various sources like crops sold or livestock raised on your farm over time — all from one screen! You don’t have to go back-and-forth between different programs trying figure out where cash came from last month (or even last year).

Digital Dairy Farm Management Services

Dairy, beef and grain farmers rely on technology to help them manage their operations. Here’s an example:

Dairy operators can use BigBelly®’s digital dairy farm management service to plan for optimum growth, improve herd health and profitability, decrease labor costs and achieve a higher quality of life for the farmer. BigBelly®’s Digital Dairy Farm Management Service brings together all of your data from fields, pastures and barns so you can make better decisions about your operation. It provides an automated workflow process that tracks cattle from birth to the auction block for optimal performance at every stage of their lives. The system uses GPS tracking devices with sensors that allow cows’ movements to be tracked in real time so they can be automatically moved to greener pastures when needed.

Granular Farming Software

Granular Farming Software is a cloud-based software that helps farmers manage their farm more effectively. The software provides a comprehensive overview of your farm, including crop and animal management. It enables you to plan your farm activities based on the weather forecast. With Granular Farming Software, you can:

  • Create multiple farms and manage them all from within one system
  • Monitor weather conditions in real time and create custom alerts for your crops
  • View maps of your field in high resolution or satellite view to help optimize crop management

MooDoo Farm Management System

MooDoo Farm Management System is a cloud-based farm management software designed for small to medium sized farms. It is developed by the MooDoo Software Group, who have been helping dairy, beef and pork producers manage their business for over 30 years.

The MooDoo Farm Management System has built-in functionality that allows you to track production from start to finish; from purchasing cows to selling cattle on the open market. It also lets you record your daily activities like calving, breeding, feeder calf purchases and more.

iFarm Cloud-Based Farm Management Software

iFarm is a cloud-based farm management software that was founded in 2011. It has over 1000 customers and is used in the US, Canada, Australia and New Zealand. iFarm can be used on mobile devices.

Large farms use it to manage all aspects of their operations including crop scheduling, field mapping, fertilizer application and more. Smaller farmers use it for record keeping for each field or paddock that they farm as well as financial management tools such as budgeting and cost-of-production analysis (COPA).

Farmers Business Network (FBN)

FBN is a cloud-based farm management software that helps farmers manage their operations from the field to the fork. It is used by more than 12,000 farmers in the US and Canada.

Here are some of the features offered by FBN:

  • Cost management and planning tool
  • Field mapping tools (such as GPS tracking)
  • Automation for tasks like fertilizer applications or equipment maintenance

With the right software, you can manage your farm more easily.

With the right software, you can manage your farm more easily and effectively.

  • Collecting and managing data is critical to managing any business. Farms are no exception to this rule, but they can be especially difficult because of the sheer number of variables involved in running them: weather, soil conditions, crop rotations, equipment maintenance—the list goes on. The good news is that there are software solutions available today that can help farmers collect all of their data and put it into one central location so they can get a better idea of what’s working well with their business model and what needs improvement.
  • One example would be AgriSync Farm Management Software which lets farmers enter information about their farms including crops grown (as well as inputs needed for each), acreage used per crop type, livestock numbers, fertilizer/pesticide usage rates along with costs associated with those items—and then visualizes how much money each crop has made over time while also providing suggestions based on prior experiences from other farmers around the world who have tried similar seed varieties or fertilization rates before deciding which ones may work best for him/her too!

dairy farming management software

When you think about a dairy farm, you probably picture cows grazing in green pastures. But the truth is that many dairy farms have gotten very high-tech over the past few years. This means that there are many types of hardware and software available to help manage a dairy farm—and some of them can be used for free! In this post we’ll take a look at some of the top apps and programs that have been designed specifically for dairy farmers.

dairy farming management software

Dairy farming management software is a software that helps dairy farmers to manage their farms. It helps them to control the entire process of dairy farming including buying cows, collecting milk from cows and selling the products. Dairy farm management software can be used for a small business or large scale business as well.

The following points are important when you want to start a dairy farm:

  • Finding a good location for your farm
  • Buying the right kind of cow for your farm
  • Learning about veterinary treatment methods for your cattle

dairy farm software

Dairy farming is one of the oldest and most important agricultural industries in the world. Dairy farms are also home to some of the most productive animals on earth. If you’re looking for dairy farming software to help you manage your herd, check out our list below:

  • Dairy Farm Management Software: This is a complete package that includes everything a dairy farmer will need to run his or her business. The software can be used on Windows XP through Windows 10, and it has an intuitive interface that makes it easy to use even by people with limited knowledge in this field. It comes with 5 different modules: milk recording, animal health management module (includes vaccination records), calving management module (keeps track of each cow’s gestation period), calf rearing management module (monitors health data like weight gain) and farm financial management module (tracks costs). The system has been designed for large-scale operations such as those found at large farms or dairies where there are hundreds or even thousands of cows depending on how large they are! This means that if you want something more affordable then we recommend checking out other options instead because this one may not be suitable unless you have a huge budget available–and even then I’m not sure if there would still be enough room left over after purchasing all those expensive machines needed just so we could get started using this program properly.”

dairy software

Dairy farming software is a tool that makes it possible for farmers to keep accurate records of their dairy cattle and its products. This information can be very useful in many ways, such as determining whether or not to sell cows or which ones are producing the most milk.

What are the benefits of using dairy farming software?

  • You can take inventory of your herd more easily
  • You’ll be able to track any changes in production or health over time
  • It will help you predict future trends based on past data

farm management software

Dairy farms require a lot of work, and the management of a dairy farm is not easy. However, with the help of farm management software, you can easily keep track of every task that needs to be done on your dairy farm. As a result, you will have better productivity and higher profits.

There are many different kinds of software available in this category. Some examples include:

  • Dairy Farm Management Software – Helps farmers manage their cattle’s health data and other important information related to the animals’ well-being such as feeding schedule or calving date (if applicable). These programs also allow users to monitor livestock mortality rates which may impact profitability if there’s an increase over time due to illness or injury among cows due for example

dairy farming simulator

  • Dairy farming simulator
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  • Dairy farm simulator
  • Dairy farm management software
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  • dairy farm management software for android

dairy management software free download

If you are looking for dairy management software free download, then you have come to the right place. We offer a wide range of dairy farm management tools that can help you manage your dairy farm efficiently.

Our Dairy Farm Manager Software helps farmers keep track of their cows and other animals while they are being milked, so that they can get an idea of how much produce each cow is producing on a daily basis. This enables them to maximize their profits by ensuring maximum production from each animal.

cow farm management app

We have developed a cow farm management application which is an easy to use application and can be used in multiple ways. It provides you with many features that make your work easier and more efficient. You can also save all of your records on this app or any other device without any hassle of transferring it between these two devices.

This cow farm management app has the following features:

  • Multiple users support
  • Easy to use interface
  • Time tracking feature
  • Email support and SMS alerts feature

cow farm manager software free download

  • Dairy farm manager software is a simple and easy to use program for the management of dairy farms.
  • The application provides you with a comprehensive solution to manage your dairy farm, including all aspects like daily tasks, cow records, herd health tracking and much more.
  • Dairy Farm Manager Pro includes an intuitive interface that allows users to access their data from any device or location with an internet connection.

Software that can help you manage your dairy farm.

If you are looking for a software that can help you manage your dairy farm, then look no further.

Managing the health and well-being of your cows is essential. Dairy farming management software can help you do that by monitoring their feed intakes, recording their resting time, and even keeping track of their breeding cycles. By doing this, it will let you know when your cows are in need of veterinary care so that they can recover from any illnesses or injuries faster than usual. This will also prevent any unnecessary deaths due to lack of proper medical attention.

what is farming management all about

In agriculture, farmers need to constantly adapt to changing conditions. These changing conditions can include fluctuating prices of fuel, seed, packaging and feed, new decisions made and implemented by the government, changing market conditions and new production methods. Good farm management enables the farmer to respond better to these changes in order to manage costs, minimise risks and maximise profits.

The Farmer as ManagerThe farmer has two main roles, as manager of the farm but also as a cultivator. The cultivation skills of the farmer are more physical, but the management of the farm is about planning, decision-making and the implementation of plans and decisions.To manage a farm, the farmer must set goals, plan how to achieve these goals, implement the plans, organise the resources – staff, money, time, land – and keep control over the whole process.The most important aspect of farm management is decision-making. Decisions can range from which crop to plant, when to irrigate, where to buy livestock, when to sell, which market to supply, which technology is the best to use and how to allocate available labour between farming operations.

The Farmer as Manager

Activities of Farm ManagementFarm management can include the following activities:Identify potential problems and opportunities.Choosing possible solutions.Implementing a plan.Control the progress of the plans and solution.Coordination of activities to meet the planning objectives.Evaluate the results of the plan.

Activities of Farm Management

Information Systems for Farm ManagementIn order for farmers to manage their farms, they need information systems. Where do farmers get information about their farms? Farm information can come from two sources, from outside the farm (external) and from the farm itself (internal). External sources of farming information include farming websites, farming apps, magazine articles, farmers’ days, study groups, consultants and cooperatives.Internal sources include the farm’s own records and financial statements – two more reasons why recordkeeping in farming is so important. Farm records usually consist of documents such as a physical inventory, a record of money owed and money that needs to be paid, records of receipts and expenditures, labour records, machinery records and physical production records.

Information Systems for Farm Management

Why is Farming Information Important?Farming information is essential to measure the performance and progress of a farm over time. This information creates a basis to compare current farm performance with previous years. Having farm records and information available can help farmers set goals and evaluate the farm’s financial position according to these goals.It can help the farmer to determine where the strong and weak points of his farm are. Having clear and up-to-date financial records can help with the financial management of a farm, up-to-date financial records of a farm can help a farmer to improve tax planning, establish a basis to apply for credit or financing and to monitor the cash flow position of the farm.It is crucial to have strict control over the finances of the farm in order to know what has been spent and done at any given time during the year.

vertical farming management software

Indoor Farming management software

leading Indoor Farm management software system for growers of fruit and vegetables.

AgriERP’s research into the needs of AgriTech companies has led it to develop software that is tailored for indoor farming businesses. For this, we conduct deep analysis on real-life problems faced by farmers and customers in vertical agriculture, greenhouses or any other indoor farming facility.

With AgriERP, you can manage your indoor or vertical farm remotely and get key insights into plant, vegetation and crop growth. Our indoor farming software enables automated control that collects data in real-time and arranges it into meaningful reports so that you can take instant action!

AgriERP is a bridge between your Indoor farm management and control software. It combines the two, allowing you to fine tune every aspect of operations on-site at once without going back through tedious data entry or GIS mapping — giving farmers all they need for making quick decisions!

How does AgriERP help in Indoor Farming

Our Indoor Farming EPR powered by Microsoft Dynamics 365 provides a comprehensive system for corporate and individual farmers for keeping track of all the farm activities be it labor, distribution or expenses.

indoor farming software

Vertical farming with AgriERP paves a way to maximize your land yield and reduce costs. You can have complete control and knowledge of your farm through timely notification of your crop life, key metrics and watering cycle.


Integration of ERP with
AI & Sensors

The integration between IoT and AgriERP allows for the collection of data to be integrated into AI-based platforms that can help vertical farming operations with their analytics.

Dashboards &
data visualization

Observing produce at a glance on user-friendly dashboards, visualizing information for easy decision making and building comprehensive histograms are just some of the features available with our indoor farming software.

BI for growing

AgriEPR is a revolutionary new platform that allows for better plant health management through the use of artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms. The data analysis provides insight into how climate factors can affect crop growth, leading to higher yields while reducing costs associated with production.

Scheduling &

Keep your indoor farm on track and avoid forgotten or duplicated tasks with AgriERP. Create schedules for harvesting, sowing & watering the crops easily! You can create multiple calendar events and assign them to relevant employees and workers in the farm.

Work Crew Communications & Activity Tracking

AgriERP is the perfect solution for a connected team. With it, you can monitor your work-force in real-time, check productivity and assign tasks accordingly!

Traceability & Transparency

AgriERP is a powerful tool that makes food safety simple. With AgriERP, you can view where any given product came from right down to its block and employee responsible. AgriERP contains detailed traceability reports based on your needs when incidents or recalls happen in order meet regulatory compliance.

Comprehensive Support

If you need support, our team is happy to help! We will jump on board and use whatever resources are available. Whether it’s a quick question or implementing an entire new system for your farm; we make sure that all questions get answered immediately so there’s no wasted time trying solutions out by yourself when someone could do it in minutes instead.

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