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The 12 Best Property Management Software for Small Business


Condo Control Central





Building Engines

Yardi Voyager

MRI Residential Management



Good property management goes a long way. In fact, in Buildium’s 2018 State of the Property Management Industry Report, 88% of tenants say that the quality of property management strongly impacts their decision to renew their lease. This was echoed by the 2018 CBRE Global Tenant Survey and to add to this finding, they managed to pinpoint some of the most important factors in building a successful property management relationship.

According to their research, the priorities of tenants are heavily anchored on ease of contact (82%), speed of reaction (78%), follow-up and after-care (61%), resources available (51%), and good technical capability (49%)—tasks that are highly manageable if you put a little time and effort into it.

Source: 2018 CBRE Global Tenant Survey

Moreover, plenty of property management software solutions are now built to help you meet these customer demands. For starters, you can find numerous products that offer customer portals and built-in communication tools to help bridge the gap between tenants and their landlords. These will help customers get visibility into their information as well as effortlessly get in touch with property managers if they have questions about their tenancy. Some can even process rental payments online to make transactions more convenient.  

In some cases, property management tools are equipped with maintenance management functionalities that will help you proactively take care of your properties and keep them in top shape for your tenants. Lastly, there are software solutions that give you the option to roll out resident retention programs like scheduled community events, parking perks, discount privileges from local stores, and the like.

As you invest in property management technology, we hope that you keep these factors in mind. But, of course, the features we mentioned are not the only ones you should pay attention to as you assess our list of top 12 property management software for small businesses. Be sure to also check out our guide to property management system features. This should help you get a better idea of essential functionalities that will help you perform all your property management processes.

1. DoorLoop

DoorLoop dashboard

DoorLoop is a rental property management system created to manage all types of properties such as residential, commercial, student housing, affordable housing, and community associations. It is designed to serve as a one-stop for your operations which can be accessed by owners, tenants, accounting, marketing, maintenance, and other stakeholders. Whether you manage a small community of renters or lead an entire company with various commercial properties, DoorLoop can handle it for you.

Try out DoorLoop with their free trialVISIT WEBSITEFREE TRIAL

As a centralized system, it provides numerous functionalities, so you never have to pay for multiple, disconnected applications. It comes with a CRM where you can keep track of tenants, automate rent collection, and even offer renters insurance. Owners can access practically all information related to your operations, from detailed transactions to financial reports. DoorLoop also allows various payment methods which go directly to financial statements that accountants can access.

Key Features of DoorLoop

  1. The platform is designed to be a centralized platform where you can manage your entire operations.
  2. It houses functionalities for tenants, property managers, owners, landlords, and other stakeholders.
  3. The software comes with powerful accounting features which allow you to accept payments, generate financial statements, and create custom reports.
  4. You can list your properties within DoorLoop and attract tenants online through custom-branded websites and listings.
  5. It can centralize all of your tools through open API and Zapier.

Detailed DoorLoop Review

2. Condo Control Central

condo control central dashboard example

Condo Control Central is a unified property management software for condominiums. It comes with a comprehensive set of features that go beyond screening applicants, preparing their leasing agreements, and processing their rent payments. The platform also comes with a task calendar that helps managers get a better view of their day-to-day responsibilities as well as a file library that makes it easier to store important leasing documents. Moreover, it facilitates interaction among the management, tenants, and other stakeholders through its built-in communication tools. In fact, it comes with proxy voting tools that let you achieve a quorum at important meetings such as passing a new bylaw and amending declarations.

Condo Control Central also has quite a few auxiliary functionalities that make it easy to aggregate all the possible situations you might encounter in handling a condominium. These tools include package tracking, amenity reservations, event management, and security checkpoint management. Lastly, in case you still feel that this platform has limited features, Condo Control Central is built to integrate with various third-party payment gateways, accounting systems, security systems, and other software.

Key Features of Condo Control Central

  1. It is designed to help you fully digitize your property management processes for condominiums.
  2. It supports multiple types of online payment methods which makes transactions more convenient.
  3. It is equipped with strong security features and consolidates your security logs, key records, parking permits, entry requests, and the like.
  4. It has a dedicated online portal where managers can communicate with tenants and other stakeholders.
  5. It comes with automated package processing for recipients residing in your condominium.

Detailed Condo Control Review

3. TenantCloud

TenantCloud dashboard

TenantCloud is a comprehensive property management system with end-to-end functionalities for landlords. With this platform, users can easily create property listings, manage applicant screening, and process rental payments. It even comes with its own tenant portal so that your tenants can easily monitor their payment history, file for service requests, as well as communicate with landlords. What makes this platform even better is that it has native applications for Android and iOS devices, making the platform easily accessible even when you’re on the go.

Aside from the abovementioned functionalities, TenantCloud is also unique for its built-in lead tracking CRM, vendor management, website management, and inspection management. It also has a system where landlords can keep tabs on their service professionals, making it easy to perform repairs and maintenance services.

Detailed TenantCloud Review

Key Features of TenantCloud

  1. It has end-to-end property management tools for landlords.
  2. The platform has built-in document management and financial management tools.
  3. It comes with tenant tracking tools that let you manage vacancies, applications, and more.
  4. It can connect landlords with service professionals for faster repair and maintenance service provision.
  5. It has a tenant portal with auto-pay features and communication tools for easier transactions

4. Hemlane

Hemlane dashboard

In the ultra-competitive property markets, Hemlane gives you the edge by providing all the essential property management functions you need in one easy-to-use platform. To ensure that nothing goes amiss in your property operations, Hemlane serves as a unified solution not only for property owners, agents, and managers but also for tenants. With all key users in one page, your property business runs smoothly as possible.

If you need to fill up vacancies on auto-pilot, Hemlane lets you automate the leasing process, from selecting the right tenants to ensuring timely payments, all while making sure to keep them satisfied. With its access to the top 30 property rental websites, all you need is provide the details or let your agents do it for you. It forwards interested tenants to your rental listing website to book showings; not only that: it will also provide an online application with a comprehensive credit and background check, all crucial information to your business.

Try out Hemlane with their free trialVISIT WEBSITEFREE TRIAL

If you are a property owner, Hemlane connects you with local real estate professionals for specific leasing and management tasks. This lets you avail of nationwide agents and managers who can support you in many ways, from yearly inspection to rental showings.

Aside from a maintenance portal, the platform tracks maintenance requests from start to finish, so all the important information you need is in one place. From the tenants’ end, they can use Hemlane to send messages to landlords, pay rent, and request maintenance.

Why choose Hemlane?

  1. It offers a comprehensive solution for lease management.
  2. It provides secure, convenient payment processing options
  3. The platform has various hassle-free listing creationand management tools
  4. It automatically generates income and expense reports

Detailed Hemlane Review

5. Preno

Preno is a user-friendly hotel management software equipped with modern features to help hotels and accommodation providers streamline their business operations. It is a cloud-based app, so you and your employees can access the platform from anywhere as long as you have a reliable internet connection. Use the app on your mobile phone, tablet, laptop, or desktop and get the data you need when you need it.

With Preno, you can merge your back-office and front-office operations to avoid data mishandling and improve the efficiencies of each department or team. When your booking details and processes run on one platform, you can avoid double-booking incidents as well as provide a more personalized service to your guests.

Try out Preno with their free trialVISIT WEBSITEFREE TRIAL

Preno is loaded with features that are helpful in making bookings run as smoothly as possible. Its grid view makes it easy to move bookings using drag-and-drop functions. If you want to note down special events or holidays in your area, you can do so on the grid view as well. There are also features to help facilitate faster check-in and check-outs, offer add-on services or products to guests, and instantly connect with guests via email. Plus, you don’t have to worry about tracking your financials since the app integrates seamlessly with popular accounting software like Xero and MYOB.

Detailed Preno Review


Key Features of Condo Control Central

  1. It allows more control and security with user logs and activity tracking.
  2. Group booking management helps you quickly handle large reservations without a sweat.
  3. Its custom reporting features let you get to the data you need to make informed business decisions.
  4. Consolidate booking information lets you provide faster, more personalized service to guests.
  5. You always have access to 24/7 in-app chat support so you can be confident in using the app.

6. FantasticStay

fantasticstay dashboard example

FantasticStay is a cloud-based property management software that equips property rental businesses and vacation rental managers with a unified platform for managing their listings, reservations, customers, client communications, and payment processes. Whether you’re looking to stay on top of your property listings across multiple property and accommodation services such as Airbnb and Agoda, or engage with customers under a unified inbox, FantasticStay lets you get the job done with ease.

FantasticStay offers a number of automation functionalities that can help property managers unshackle themselves and their staff from mundane chores. Simple greetings, reservation confirmations, and reminders can all be automated, thus helping you deliver personalized messages to your tenants. Reservations, email grabbing, list synching, and other responsibilities can also be automated, allowing you to dedicate your time and efforts to improve your business and reach new heights.

With FantasticStay, you can give your guests a smooth experience from booking to checkout. Prospects and customers are given accurate listings and reservation availability schedules, clear round-the-clock communications regarding booking reservations from the professionals at FantasticStay, and fast and secure payment transactions, among others.

Detailed FantasticStay Review


Key Features of FantasticStay

  1. It serves as an all-in-one property management hub as it provides you with all the tools you need from reservation management to payment processing.
  2. It has a unified inbox and 24/7 guest communication module that will allow you and your staff to accommodate customers at all times.
  3. It is equipped with a smart reporting feature that lets you analyze your finances and KPIs.
  4. It has open API capabilities, allowing you to combine it with any software ecosystem.
  5. It has a built-in website builder tool so it is easier for you to create and strengthen your online presence.

7. Building Engines

building engines dashboard example

Building Engines is an easy-to-use and easy-to-deploy property management platform designed for commercial offices, residential real estate, and industrial facilities. It allows users to streamline all their property management tasks through its core modules that include tenant management, building maintenance, security enforcement, and customer engagement. Moreover, it comes with open API functionalities that make it easier to integrate with other business software. With this, you can further consolidate your tasks and manage them from one convenient hub.

Another reason why Building Engines made it on our list is because it has a customizable dashboard that lets you get a 360-degree view of your entire operations. With this feature, you can see tenant satisfaction ratings, financial reports, listing performance, and other statistics at a glance. What’s more is that it comes with automated alerts that will keep you up-to-date on work requests, overdue payments, and tenant applications.

Detailed Building Engines Review


Key Features of Building Engines

  1. It has a modular architecture that allows you to extend its capabilities depending on the needs of your business.
  2. It serves as a unified platform that aggregates all your property maintenance, tenant management, and security efforts.
  3. It comes with a mobile application called BE-Mobile that lets users access and manage critical building information.
  4. It has an intuitive dashboard and a pop out search grid that makes it easy to monitor KPIs
  5. It is equipped with analytics features that give you intelligent insights on your operations in real-time.
buildinglink dashboard example is a property management tool trusted by thousands of businesses worldwide. It offers a plethora of functionalities ranging from basic resident engagement and property maintenance to advanced key tracking and management analytics. What’s more is that it allows you to secure your properties through visitor permission features. With this at your disposal, you can make administrative processes more efficient.

Like most of the other platforms on this list, also helps users with customer retention by using intuitive web portals where residents can view their leasing information. What makes this software unique, however, is that it has a Community Bulletin Board function that will allow your tenants to interact with each other. They can use this to sell, borrow, or buy items from their neighbors, schedule events, or even post announcements for your other customers. This way, you are not only improving landlord-tenant communication but also building a healthy living environment for your residents.

Detailed Review


Key Features of

  1. It allows you to set up digital community bulletin boards where residents can interact with each other.
  2. It can support multi-building portfolios so you can consolidate data on different properties.
  3. It has an internal messaging module that lets you streamline communication between departments.
  4. It comes with a promotion management tool that lets property owners partner with local businesses so that residents can get discounts.
  5. It offers an intuitive web portal and mobile applications to help residents access property information, reservation data, and other important details.

9. Yardi Voyager

yardi voyager dashboard example

Yardi Voyager is an end-to-end property management platform for various residential and commercial real estate. Completely cloud-based and mobile-ready, this platform serves as a unified hub where you can automate your property management and accounting processes. From overseeing property maintenance and organizing tenant information to processing payments and tracking insurance policies, this platform can do it all. What’s more is that it can support custom workflows and dashboards for specific roles within your company, making it easier to set access permissions for different employees.

If you still feel like the features we’ve mentioned are too basic for your needs, Yardi Voyager also supports a number of modules to reinforce your processes. Among the many systems you can integrate with this system are CRM and marketing, energy management, facility management, procurement processing, business intelligence.

Detailed Yardi Voyager Review


Key Features of Yardi Voyager

  1. It automates everything from lease administration to move-in/move-out processing.
  2. It comes with tools that let you keep track of industry regulations for better compliance management.
  3. It is equipped with real-time analytics that gathers important data from multiple locations to give you in-depth insights on the entirety of your operations
  4. It supports market-specific property management tools that cover commercial, multi-family, senior, and military housing.
  5. It has strong integration capabilities that allow it to play well with tools for marketing, facilities management, payment processing, and more.

10. MRI Residential Management

mri residential management dashboard example

Created for multi-family unit managers, condo owners, and HOAs, MRI Residential Management is a software that focuses on retaining residents and tackling the global residential market. It is a well-connected ecosystem that comes with best-of-breed tools for property management, portfolio monitoring, accounting, as well as service request management. The platform is also cloud-based and comes with native mobile applications so that you can log on to the system using your iPhone, iPad, or Android devices.

MRI Residential Management also provides users with a set of robust reporting and analytics tools. This is great for companies who want to get insights on their performance data, resident lifecycles, as well as financial status. With this, you will be able to effortlessly manage building operations and improve your overall service in line with your KPIs.

Detailed MRI Residential Management Review

Key Features of MRI Residential Management

  1. It has specialized tools for residential and commercial property management.
  2. It provides users with housing compliance management options.
  3. It comes with a robust accounting functionality that helps you get a real-time view of your portfolio performance in line with your financial projections.
  4. It has an online leasing suite that lets prospects check out your unoccupied units or amenities. This feature even supports resident applications and processes initial deposits.
  5. It is equipped with a resident portal that can process online payments and automate contract renewals.

11. Propertyware

Propertyware is a real estate management system designed for single-family units. Great for vacation rentals and residential rentals, this platform comes equipped with modules for marketing, accounting, payment processing, and maintenance management to streamline all your property management processes. It also has easily accessible portals where residents can review their leasing information, submit service requests, and make rent payments. This way, they no longer have to go out of their way to contact you for the details of their tenancy.

Aside from the abovementioned functionalities, Propertyware also has a resident screening module that can help you find the right tenants for your properties. This feature’s settings can be customized according to different criteria like credit thresholds and criminal convictions. Lastly, for your convenience, the vendor also provides asset protection programs. However, this is only available as a paid add-on to their subscription plans.

Detailed Propertyware Review


Key Features of Propertyware

  1. It is fully integrated, allowing it to consolidate all your property management tasks in one interface.
  2. It comes with a full-fledged marketing system that will help you showcase your properties, manage listings, as well as track the impact of your marketing strategies.
  3. It has a secure payment processing module that doesn’t rely on third-party service providers.
  4. It provides managers with a tenant screening tool that uses intelligent scoring algorithms.
  5. It is SAS70 II compliant to help you keep your customer information secure.

12. AppFolio

appfolio dashboard example

AppFolio is a completely web-based application that aims to centralize all property management tasks in one convenient platform. Designed to handle different types of properties, users can take advantage of this software for residential real estate, commercial buildings, student housing, and HOA. It provides users with tools for listing management, tenant screening, as well as maintenance request processing. In addition to that, Appfolio is also known for its comprehensive accounting system that lets you monitor rent payments, perform tenant charges, and schedule rent increases.

Appfolio is also a great option for property managers who are looking to enhance resident retention as it comes with an online renter portal. With this feature, you can provide each customer with all the information they will need regarding their tenancy—be it their lease agreement, upcoming rent payments, outstanding fees, as well as service requests. It even serves as a platform for you and your residents to get in touch with each other.

Detailed AppFolio Review


Key Features of AppFolio

  1. It has a fully featured accounting system.
  2. It has a rent comparison tool to help you keep your rates as competitive as ever.
  3. It comes with a marketing system that will help you manage your listings, post vacancies, and communicate with potential tenants.
  4. It has a rent payment feature that residents can access online for faster transactions. This feature can also accept customer requests for maintenance or repairs.
  5. It has mobile-ready owner portals and renter portals that make it easy for both managers and tenants to communicate and check on property information.

There you have it, our list of the best 12 property management software for small businesses. While the products we’ve featured share many functionalities and have more or less the same easy-to-use interface, do note that they also have specialized features that may make a huge difference for your unique property management processes.

In case you are still having a hard time choosing, we highly recommend that you opt for DoorLoop. The platform serves as an all-in-one app where you can perform a variety of property management processes ranging, from listing creation to resident retention. In addition, it gives you the ability to create owner portals as well as get insights into your properties’ performance and ROI.

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