Event Management Software Benefits

Event management software has many benefits and purposes. It can be used for managing the event successfully, who attends the meeting, what will be discussed during the meeting, how much time you need for your event and many more. You will also find Event Management Software Benefits: Purpose of Event Management System and School Event Management System to learn more about it.

In this guide, we review the aspects of Event Management Software Benefits, purpose of event management system, school event management system, and best crm software for event management.

Event Management Software Benefits

Event management software is a useful tool for event planners and organizers. The right event management software can help you plan and manage your events so that you don’t have to spend hours manually entering data or keeping track of what needs to be done. Event managers often use this type of software to save time, improve efficiency and create more consistent events over time.

Event management software helps save time.

Event management software can help you save time in a variety of ways.

  • By automating tasks: Event management software can use templates to streamline the process of creating recurring events, saving you the hassle of repeatedly entering information for each one.
  • By allowing you to plan from anywhere: With access to your event management software through the cloud, you can make plans for an event no matter where you are. This makes it easier for remote employees and freelancers who travel frequently to participate in meetings or communicate with clients efficiently.

Event management software helps you manage your workload.

Event management software makes it easy to organize your workload and delegate tasks. You can easily separate responsibilities in the planning, execution, and follow-up stages of an event.

With event management software, you can also track your team’s progress on every detail so everyone stays on schedule and knows what needs to happen next. And if there are any delays or issues, you can set up alerts or notifications that will notify all stakeholders about the problem as soon as possible.

Event management software lets you plan from anywhere.

Besides being a major time-saver, event management software lets you plan events from anywhere. That means you can create and manage your events while on the go, so there’s no need to be stuck in an office or at home.

Best of all? You can make changes to your event right when they come up—no more waiting for people in other time zones!

Event management software allows for easy room and setup planning.

Event management software allows you to plan your event from anywhere. This means that you can be on-site, at home or in another office while planning the event. It also gives you the ability to manage your workload as more and more clients come in and out of your office. And if a client calls with an urgent request, it’s easy to pull up their account and make any necessary changes right away.

Event management software can help reduce workload on event staff.

Event management software can help reduce workload on event staff.

As an event manager, you know that hosting a successful event takes more than just booking the right venue and getting your speakers prepped and ready to go. There’s also a lot of administrative work involved before, during and after the big day itself. From making sure all attendees are registered properly to managing invoices from vendors, there are plenty of tasks involved in planning an event that have little to do with making sure things run smoothly at the actual conference itself. In addition to having an overall positive impact on your bottom line by reducing costs for events (more on this below), event management software can help reduce your own hours spent on administrative tasks like post-event data capture or room and setup planning by providing tools that make those tasks easier or eliminate them altogether.

Event management software makes post-event data capture easy.

Event management software can help you track the following post-event metrics:

  • Attendance. Did you hit your target number of attendees? If not, what went wrong? Did certain groups not turn up? Did tickets go unsold or sell slowly?
  • Budget. Were you able to stay within your budget by the end of the event? How did this compare to your original plan? Are there areas where costs could be cut next time around (e.g., food or drinks)?
  • Time spent on pre-event planning and during actual execution of events (such as an annual conference). How much time did each person spend working on these activities, and how does that compare with previous years’ results.

Event management software is affordable and affordable.

Event management software is affordable.

There are a lot of different options for event planning, and many of them have their own drawbacks. You might think hiring a team would be cheaper than buying software, but it’s not always the case. When you hire staff directly, you’re paying for their time and services—which can get expensive fast! On top of that, if you hire employees whose primary role is event planning (rather than, say, catering or security), they may not have all the skills needed to pull off your event with success. By investing in event management software instead, you’ll be able to save money by doing some things yourself while still having access to the tools necessary for making sure everything goes smoothly on-site. In addition:


  • Event management software helps save time.
  • Event management software helps you manage your workload.
  • Event management software lets you plan from anywhere.
  • Event management software allows for easy room and setup planning.

purpose of event management system

See how a top-notch event management system makes sure activities happen on time, take place in the right spaces and protect the safety of everyone attending.

An Event Management System (or Event Management Software) helps organizers plan, execute and report on events, driving success for their business.

Using an Event Management System for Seamless Campus Events

A truly comprehensive event management system will allow users and organizers to access and manage all aspects of an event, including registration, marketing, engagement, integrations, physical planning and preparation, reporting and analytics, and more.

On college and university campuses, events are happening all the time, whether student- or faculty-focused, and often through in-house or third parties and vendors. When these events take place, it is critical to use an event management system that offers full control and planning capabilities to ensure activities happen on time, in accommodating spaces and keeping in mind the safety of every attending. A comprehensive event solution will allow campus event planners to book large-scale events, communicate with service providers, and maintain a single source of record for repeatable, measurable events.

Event planners on university campuses must also consider student and faculty safety, especially now as large gathers have become more complicated in the wake of COVID-19. An event management system provides connection to campus police and other security factors to keep attendees safe and control crowds. An event management system can also help formalize sanitation procedures, ensure socially distant spacing, and more.

Why Do You Need an Event Management System?

An Event Management System provides campus event planners a flexible, fully integrated solution to simplify the event management process and keep your customers, faculty and students happy, while maintaining important reports and data for making real estate and future planning decisions.

An event management system allows you to:

Minimize Administration Efforts

An Event Management System minimizes the steps needed to manage your events, creating a much more efficient administrative process. This way, event planners can focus more on the details, without getting lost in administrative tasks. For example, the University of Vermont used our EMS Event Management Solution to reduce phone calls in their event services office by more than 50%, allowing their staff to spend more time maximizing their space and event planning on campus.

Eliminate Missed Communications

Poor communication is the leading cause of event failures or mishaps. An event management system facilitates instant communication between planners and providers and makes it easier to share timely information to students, faculty, catering, operations, and more. Automated notifications and mobile capabilities help keep everyone informed of changes and plans, eliminating event disasters due to miscommunications.

Digitize How Your Events are Run

The world continues to move toward a digital-first mindset. By bringing your campus into the digital age with a mobile, agile event solution, you ensure that the platform scales with you and provides multiple digital, accessible touchpoints for users. In a comprehensive event management system, you can digitize contracts, registrations, request forms, reports and more.

Comply with COVID-19 Safety Guidelines

Student safety is critical to successful events during the COVID-19 pandemic. Whether you need to enforce mask guidelines, maintain social distancing, schedule sanitization needs, or any other safety measures, an event system can bring all these tasks into one comprehensive place. Simplifying the need for student safety protocols not only ensures the safety of students and staff, but also ensures the success of your event without any safety hiccups.

Maximize Your Campus Flexibility

An event management system provides hardware and software integrations for campuses, including integrations with HVAC, catering systems, Student Information Systems (SIS), scheduling tools like Microsoft Outlook, facility management services, and more. These integrations allow event planners to streamline event in virtual, hybrid, and in-person contexts.

Save Time Planning Future Events

Building repeatable processes and procedures is critical to maintaining event success. With an event solution, you can create repeatable steps, save forms, clone reservations and details like A/V, save user preferences, and more. This helps eliminate time-consuming manual processes for future events.

Access Detailed Reports & Analytics

Understanding the successes and failures of events is critical to improving processes and keeping customers (students, faculty, vendors, attendees) happy. Detailed reporting on every event you run helps you continuously optimize your events and schedules, and you can make better space management decisions in the moment using real-time event data.

For example, the University of South Alabama uses our EMS event solution to track all their events. They were able to avoid serious mishaps and double bookings by catching events that were “scheduled” to happen but were never entered in their EMS system, all through real-time observations and reporting. Analytics help event planners better understand how their spaces across campus are being used.

What Features Should an Event Management System Have?

In order to provide the best assistance to campus event planners, a comprehensive event management system must offer:

Customized Processes & Scheduling

Custom processes in your event management system allow for designing and publishing online request forms, requiring approvals or additional information, and custom fields for different events to make sure you get all the information you need.

Effortless Event Updates & Tracking

A simple interface is critical to make event updates and tracking easy to maintain. Users should be able to make changes to events, including time, date, status and services needed, without having to cancel and redo an entire reservation in the system.

Resources & Documentation

Access to a library of resources and documentation is critical for an efficient event management system. Planners and users need to be able to attach all relevant services and documentation to any booking, as well as add comments where needed for easy reference.

Mobile On-The-Go Access

A truly comprehensive event management system will need a mobile app that is accessible to users and planners. Students are more mobile now than ever, and in an increasingly online world, event management needs to digitize and become mobile-friendly, including access on smartphones, kiosks, tablets and computers.

Hardware & Software Integrations

Many university campuses already utilize Student Information Services (SIS), facility solutions, video conferencing, and various hardware for HVAC and other monitoring. The ability to integrate with this hardware and software is crucial for a successful, streamlined event management system.

Data Security & Management

A secure event solution will allow planners to display or hide information based on rooms, status, event type, or user. Security personnel should also have access in order to ensure protocols are being followed for events. Frequent back-ups, data encryption, and security monitoring are crucial to protect sensitive student and faculty information.

Custom Reporting & Dashboards

Event reporting is essential not only to successful events present and future, but also for space and real state planning. By getting a clear vision of how your space across campus is being utilized for events, you have a better understanding of wasted space, essential space and where to budget for better real estate in the future.

EMS Offers Simple, Powerful Event Management for Planners & Schedulers

Accruent’s EMS Conference and Event Management Software offers a one-stop shop where users can access every part of event planning and reporting, simplifying the event management process. EMS provides complete planning control along every step of the event management process and ensures secure access to all event information.

Managing campus events in an efficient solution is critical to the success of your campus, and the happiness of your customers, including students, faculty, vendors, outside attendees, and more. EMS is your one-stop shop for a complete, end-to-end event management system.

school event management system

With Ungerboeck, your institution will have the software tools to support both the campus’ broader mission as well as department-centric business needs. Freeing you up to do what you do best.

Whether hosting an academic symposium, an art exhibition, orientation, graduations, or a local event, task number one is providing the best possible campus experience for students, faculty, staff, alumni and your surrounding communities. That’s no small task especially in the face of rising expectations and shrinking budgets.

Events professionals who sell, coordinate, and plan conferences and special events on campus have a unique challenge. Unlike venues with whom you compete, you must operate your conference services department within the confines of the institutional rules and policies that may conflict with your objectives.

With Ungerboeck for universities, you can manage and report on your conference services department like its own business by digitally integrating the various stakeholders who come together to provide an exceptional customer experience.

Centralized university and campus event management helps streamline information flow across departments thereby empowering staff to be more efficient, so they can focus on their objectives. It fosters the safe use of facilities in a way that complies with university safety regulations, advances campus data security and compliance, and provides meeting planners, schedulers of campus spaces, and campus partners the platform for optimizing resource utilization while keeping customer satisfaction levels high.

Discover how Ungerboeck will help you implement campus event management that makes sense for your college or university.

University and college registration needs can vary drastically. Regardless of the registration type – Conference, Seminar, Camps, Continuing Education/Lifelong Learning – Ungerboeck provides a powerful solution that captures the attendee requirements. From health and dietary needs to multiple payment options Ungerboeck has you covered. Our registration software makes interacting with your campus event easy, by providing simplified and easy-to-use mobile, tablet, and desktop interfaces for customers.

Customer satisfaction rests entirely on attention to the details. Ungerboeck’s event planning engine makes it simple to plan for every minute of an event and all the behind the scenes activities that need to take place. From room setups, to A/V, catering and labor requirements you and your team have visibility to everything you need to create a memorable event.

Key Benefits

Integrate with Key Campus Systems

Allow for seamless connectivity across the important applications you already use and trust.

Unite Departments for Safety and Security

Centralize venue activity in one place and easily share with staff, contractors, police, security and more so everyone has visibility into what’s happening.

Improve Workflow Efficiencies

Eliminate rekeying information between multiple systems with live updates and mobile capabilities.

Universities & Colleges eBook

Download our free eBook and learn how Ungerboeck helps institutions with software tools to support both the campus’ broader mission as well as department-centric business needs.

A Complete University System that Works for You

Ensure your university events run smoothly and efficiently.

G o A h e a d a n d B o o k O n l i n e

Turn your website into your most efficient event planner. Our online booking portal provides real time searching, conflict checking, room setup and equipment needs as well as secure online payment. Book university events from anywhere with both mobile and desktop experiences designed to make the process simple and fast.

R e g i s t r a t i o n I s A l l i n t h e D e t a i l s

Conferences. Camps. Courses. Seminars. Workshops. To provide the ideal customer experience, your registration software must understand the unique differences between each one.

From customer account management to check-in, Ungerboeck has the critical features to help you efficiently and effectively manage your campus guests.

U n i f y C a t e r i n g & F o o d S e r v i c e s

Bolster customer service and eliminate redundancy by aligning in one system. That’s right. With Ungerboeck, your in-house or contracted catering team’s menus, orders and billing can be in the same system with venue sales, operations, catering, and finance.Catering can easily collaborate with your department and customers to ensure everyone’s aligned in delivering the best customer experience. You know… the way it should be.

C a p t u r e A l l A s p e c t s o f t h e E v e n t

Guarantee your university events run smoothly from start to finish. Ungerboeck’s function scheduling allow seamless communication between campus departments.

Rest assured that breaks, food deliveries, rooms and more are ready when you need them to be. Throw out the “what ifs” and trust the synchronization between staff and expectations.

A P i e c e o f t h e P u z z l e

Your university relies on multiple systems for day-to-day operations. That’s why we made sure Ungerboeck is compatible with a multitude of integrations. Ungerboeck provides add-ins for your campus applications like Learning Management Systems, SIS, Academic Scheduling, CRMs and much more. Our integrations allow for seamless connectivity across departments with the applications you already use and trust.

A c c o u n t i n g f o r H i g h e r E d

Fully unify your revenue and expense management within the same system used to manage your campus event operations. Eliminate redundancies and errors from data re-keying.Required to use a third-party accounting software package? No problem. With Ungerboeck, choose the ideal process and integration points between your events and finance system.

M o b i l i z e Y o u r W o r k O r d e r s

Work orders contain all the information your operations staff need to perform their job, including special notes, documents and customer requests. Quickly denote what was actually delivered to customer. Transfer service overages to accounting for invoicing and final settlement. The simplified user interface contains all the utility needed to deliver work orders and capture the information-making this a powerful and necessary tool for your staff.

best crm software for event management

The editors at Solutions Review have compiled the following list to spotlight some of the best CRM solutions for event planning and management. Solutions Review participates in affiliate programs. We may make a small commission from products purchased through this resource.

The Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software category has something for just about everyone. These platforms help businesses of all sizes and industries coordinate their sales, marketing, and services strategies for optimized lead generation, conversions, and retention rates. For example, CRM capabilities can be a crucial asset for event planners and managers, as they’re responsible for managing large amounts of data regarding guests, scheduling, vendors, and more.

However, finding the right CRM solutions for event planners and managers is easier said than done. With so many companies offering different CRM products, identifying the best solution for your company’s unique needs can be challenging. To help, the editors at Solutions Review have compiled a list spotlighting some of the best CRM solutions for event planning and summarized the capabilities each one offers.

Our editors selected these software solutions based on each provider’s Authority Score, a meta-analysis of user sentiment through the web’s most trusted business software review sites, and our proprietary five-point inclusion criteria. The list is organized in no particular order.

The Best CRM Solutions for Event Planning and Management

Description: Bitrix24 is a low-cost CRM software with marketing automation, customer support, and client management features. In addition to being available in the cloud and on-premise, Bitrix24 is accessible on desktop and mobile devices. For event planning and management, the company’s cloud CRM offers multiple calendars, shared calendars, vendor management, 360-degree contact profile views, detailed relationship data history, tools for boosting event attendee engagement, event scheduling, lead prospecting, call center functionalities, and more.

Description: Cvent is an event marketing and management platform that provides event organizers and marketers with software for online event registration, venue selection, event marketing, attendee engagement, and tools for onsite, virtual, webinar, and hybrid events. The company’s product suite can automate the streamline the process of managing events and optimizing the attendee experience. Specific capabilities include modern check-in processes, automatic promotion, budget management, personalized marketing, branded websites, event data management, mobile access, and more.

Description: EventMobi is an end-to-end event management software designed to help organizers improve how they plan, promote, monetize, and deliver virtual, hybrid, and in-person events. It offers an extensive product suite that includes capabilities for interactive event mapping, multi-event management, event mobile apps, badge printing, attendee check-in, appointment booking, reporting tools, live polls, event branding, experience management, networking, social media dashboards, website design, and more. EventMobi also provides various training, support, and design services to help clients get the most value from the platform.

Description: GlueUp provides event organizers, marketers, agencies, Chambers of Commerce, NGOs, and other businesses with the tools they need to streamline operations, optimize business processes, and eliminate engagement challenges. Its Event Management Software is designed to help planners increase planning productivity, simplify event operations, follow up with attendees after the event, and capture data insights from every step. Capabilities cover everything from website development tools to customer registration forms, branded invitations, social media marketing, and real-time engagement analytics stored in a CRM system.

Description: Monday is a cloud-based, scalable, and flexible project management software for companies of all sizes. Included in the company’s marketing platform is an event management software designed to help users plan, manage, and optimize online events, conferences, meet-ups, and more. Its event management capabilities include real-time monitoring, event marketing, cross-department collaboration tools, event registration, custom forms, social media integrations, event promotion, vendor management, attendee networking, and more.

Description: Planning Pod is an online software platform that offers a suite of event and venue management tools on one cohesive platform. The company also provides an event management CRM solution to help venues and event planning professionals streamline customer, lead, and attendee management. Businesses can use Planning Pod’s CRM to track contact details, manage the sales pipeline, monitor leads, automate lead capture, streamline client communications, schedule meetings, merge data sets, personalize communications, and integrate with other email and social media platforms.

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