Event Booking Management Software

Event booking software is a web-based, fully customizable and scalable ticketing solution that is cost-effective, easy to use and highly customizable. Event Booking Management Software can manage the tickets of any type – single event, recurring events and series of events. Here we review the best event booking websites, free online event booking system, features of Event Management Software and benefits of using our services.

In this guide, we review the aspects of Event Booking Management Software, best event booking websites, free online event booking system, and benefits of event management software.

Event Booking Management Software

Event management is a challenging task even for the best-prepared organizers. There are so many moving parts and details to keep track of that it can be hard to stay on top of things. That’s where an event booking management software comes in! With this type of program, you’ll be able to do everything from managing your guest list to tracking RSVPs and more without wasting time or losing important information in documents or spreadsheets. Let’s take a look at some of the ways an event booking software can help you streamline your event planning process:

Manage events in a single dashboard

The Eventbrite booker is a great tool for managing events, but it can be difficult to keep track of data from multiple events in one place. This is where Eventbrite’s Dashboard feature comes in handy.

The Dashboard allows you to view all your event data—ticket sales and revenue, attendees and speakers, vendors and sponsors—in one place. You can also easily export that information into Excel or CSV files so you can use it to create financial reports or share with other team members.

Put all of your event data in one place

  • Put all of your event data in one place.
  • Connect to external calendars, such as Google Calendar, Microsoft Exchange and more.
  • Import from spreadsheets.
  • Automate tasks with custom workflows and automated emails.

Automate tasks so you can focus on event planning

When you’re busy planning an event, it’s easy to forget about the little things. But when you do that, the whole process can fall apart. Let’s say you’re running a conference and have hundreds of attendees signed up for the event. Now what? How do you keep track of all those people? Or if they don’t show up on time? These are just some of the tasks that Event Booking Management Software can help with.

Event booking software allows businesses and individuals to automate tedious tasks so they can focus on planning their events. You can also use this type of software to send reminders or even book payments directly through your website or app!

Link up to external calendars and keep them in sync

The ability to link up your event booking management software to external calendars is an important feature. You need a tool that can send notifications and reminders, as well as sync all of the information between the two platforms.

There are plenty of third-party options that you can use for this purpose. For example, Google Calendar and Microsoft Outlook are two popular choices because they’re widely used in business settings. Plus, they have great integration with other calendars like Facebook Events or iCalendar (which is what many hotel websites use).

If you want to keep everything organized and make sure your employees are always on top of things, then having access to these features will definitely come in handy!

Create and manage events with no coding skills

You don’t need to know how to code to use BookingDesk. Just log in and start managing your event schedule.

The interface is intuitive and easy-to-use—no training or training materials are required for your team members, who can create events using the software themselves. There’s no need for IT support either, since BookingDesk is hosted in the cloud and doesn’t require any special hardware or software installations on your end. That means you won’t have any issues with server outages or bandwidth limitations that can plague traditional onsite applications.

Since it’s web-based, there’s also no need for developers or designers to build anything from scratch—all updates are made through an intuitive admin panel where you’ll find all of our features at your fingertips!

Here at BookingDesk, we’ve taken care of everything so you don’t have to worry about it! And if something goes wrong with one of our tools (like a bug), we’re here 24/7 ready and willing to help resolve any issues immediately so they don’t become bigger problems later down the road.

Makes event management easier

Event booking software makes it easier for you to plan, manage and promote your events. Event management can be a time-consuming process, especially when you’re dealing with more than one event at once. The more time you spend on planning an event and managing the data entry associated with it, the less time you have to focus on other aspects of your business – like marketing and promotion.

Our software allows you to take care of all the essential details of running an event at one go. This means that there is no need for multiple tools or programs while handling different aspects of your event planning process. With our software, everything is centralised in one platform where all relevant information is easily accessible at any given point in time – making it simpler for users to get organized than ever before!

best event booking websites

Developing next-gen solutions globally to augment your reach to wider potential audiences and engage more users, permit event planners to manage and track their guest lists, and allow the attendee registration successfully.

Rendering exceptional ticketing services for events belonging to every industry and scale.

We move with an aim to strengthen your value in the digital market to make you a power player in your niche segment.

At Emizentech, we follow the fresh and technical approaches to come up with something innovative. In this persistent demanding world, the audiences always require some new ways to perform their task. It’s good news for you that we have been attempting hard for our customers’ altering demands for years and make the use of advanced technologies to craft the innovative, friendly event ticketing and booking solutions including software and apps for web, tablets, smartphones, kiosks, and more. We leverage the latest technologies, such as IoT, cloud computing, AR/VR, and etc. and revamp and automate the whole event ticketing and booking industry.

At Emizentech, a leading event ticketing and booking solutions Development Company, we strive for the advance strategy to proffer our clients with the most efficient and fully-featured digital solutions and products. We believe that every business is exclusive in its own way. That’s why we bestow fully-customized event ticketing and booking development solutions, like analytics tools, marketing tools, portals, websites, mobile apps, business intelligent integration, etc. to assure the business growth and render peerless customer experience and support.

At Emizentech, we cater to custom event ticketing and booking development solutions, like ticketing and booking mobile apps, portals, etc. while employing innovative technologies to keep the growth of your business up. We allow our clients to follow the benefits of advanced technology in the event ticketing and booking industry. Through our solutions, we make it simple for our clients to organize their events for their participants to book tickets online.

free online event booking system

Event & activity booking software that automates registrations, attendee database management, event marketing, & analytics so that you can focus on delivering memorable experiences

No credit card required! Our free plan is free forever.

Our simple 3-step setup helps you get started in no time!

1. Create your event booking page

Enter your event details – available dates, event capacity, host/manager, and your event page will be ready. Customize its look and feel to mirror your corporate identity

2. Share or embed your booking URL

Invite clients to register for events and activities from your website, promotional emails, social campaigns or Google using our omnichannel booking integrations

3. Watch registrations roll-in

Anyone can check real-time availability on your Appointy booking website and book a seat. They can also easily register on behalf of other attendees by with the ability to reserve multiple seats in one go!

Your virtual event manager to help organize any type of event or activity

Event and activity scheduling software that works well for all kinds of events: in-person, virtual, or hybrid!

Corporate Events & Webinars

Arts & Recreational Activities

Camping & Group Tours

End-to-end solution for all your activity & event booking needs – no more boring admin work!

Powerful yet easy-to-use features to help you save time, reduce operational overheads, and make data driven decisions to scale your event strategy

Event Calendar

Have an up-to-the-minute record of all your events and activities in one place with our intuitive color-coded calendar. Add attendees, and reschedule with simple drag-and-drop!

Advanced Booking Rules

Take complete control of your registrations. Open bookings for subsequent slots only after the previous ones are booked-out for better resource utilization. Set how much in advance attendees can book/cancel their slots

Event Notifications

Send automated online booking confirmations, updates & reminders to help attendees stay informed and reduce no shows. Customize notification content to add event details and instructions

Database Management

Store important client information like contact details, booking & payment history, signed waiver forms, etc. using dedicated client profiles. Easily export attendee list and extract behavioural insights for better targeting

Online Prepayments

Let clients pay online via our Square, Stripe, & PayPal integrations when they book a seat to avoid any casual bookings. Enforce cancellation policies and add TnCs to reduce last-minute cancellations

Virtual Events

Host virtual events, webinars & conferences for a global audience using our Zoom integration. The event link will be automatically shared in booking notifications so that attendees can join in a click

Separate Team Logins

Share separate staff logins with your team so that they can take control of their work calendars, stay on top of upcoming events, and collect important attendee insights

Mobile App

Get important business updates and manage events, staff schedules, etc. on the go with our event scheduling app for Android and iOS. Access Appointy from any device & work from anywhere, anytime

Reporting & Analytics

Easily measure and optimize your return on events by tracking crucial metrics like new registrations, ticket sales, reviews, final footfall, etc. with our detailed reporting & analytics dashboard

Resource Scheduling

Automatically allocate spaces, rooms & resources (like projectors, booths, conference tables, etc.) to your sessions. Never double book important resources and facilities again!

Connect seamlessly with the apps that drive your business

Appointy’s event scheduling software integrates with popular payment gateways, social media apps, video conferencing tools, and personal/ work calendars

Personal and Work Calendar

In-built marketing tools to help expand your audience reach & deliver great experiences!

Online event and activity scheduling software to help you boost event promotions, elevate attendee experience, and maximize revenue

Reserve with Google

Get more bookings directly from Google Search and Maps by getting listed on Reserve with Google for free

Instagram & Facebook Bookings

Add a ‘Book’ button on your FB & Instagram business profiles so that visitors can book a seat instantly and you can minimize drop offs

Deals & Discounts

Create attractive discounts and deals to get more traction for your events. Design gift cards & sell them on your online booking page

Event Booking Website

Customize the look-and-feel of your Appointy booking page to align with your brand. Add logos, event details, reviews, photos, & more!

Client Engagement

Get deeper insights into attendee behaviour & build meaningful relationships by offering them personalized attention

Online Reputation Management

Request reviews from happy clients after an event & promote them on social media to get quality referrals from these brand advocates

benefits of event management software

While the benefits of hybrid events are undeniable, the format does present unique challenges. The need to deliver an equitable attendee experience across in-person and remote channels is arguably the greatest of these challenges. The unfortunate fact remains that a lot of virtual trade shows, live webinars, and remote conferences simply lack engagement and are difficult to organize.

Fortunately, event management software can address these shortcomings and challenges by giving organizers the tools they need to deliver high-quality virtual and hybrid events. Here are some of the ways that digital solutions can transform your events:

1. Meet Regulatory Standards

The financial services sector is one of the most heavily regulated industries of all, as well as one of the top targets for malicious actors. These facts alone rule out some event management software, which is why firms need to choose a solution that is specifically suited to the needs of financial services. After all, aversion to new technology in finance often stems from a lack of security and compliance. That said, suitable platforms support documented privacy policies and robust security measures like data encryption and multifactor authentication.

2. Integrate Your Marketing

Events are a vital part of the marketing stack, especially for investment banks and professional services firms whose

3. Secure Your Event Venues

Over the past two years, event organizers have largely focused on virtual events, since there has not been a choice in the matter. However, in-person meetings are now making a return, typically as part of broader hybrid events. Finding the right venue to host in-person meetings has always been an important part of event management. A full-featured event solution should assist with research, allow you to track negotiations, and, ultimately, source the best venue for your event.

4. Ensure Brand Consistency

Events play a key role in brand-building, which is why it is essential that you can preserve your branding across all your marketing collateral. That includes delivering a consistent experience when marketing your event, as well as during the event itself. Event management software can help you ensure brand continuity with branded mobile event apps, marketing collateral, attendee badges, and more. Trust is everything in the finance sector, and a consistent brand presents a more trustworthy and professional image.

5. Enable Seamless Registration

6. Encourage Networking

Events like trade shows and conferences are all about connecting people and building trust between them. This is inherently harder to achieve in virtual and hybrid scenarios, but event management software can make matters much easier. For example, matchmaking solutions can match attendees based on their needs and interests. In remote environments, this might include one-to-one video meetings and consultations, both of which play an increasingly vital role in sales, marketing, and customer support for financial services firms.

7. Empower Mobile Users

Using a branded mobile event app can significantly increase engagement before, during, and after the event with both remote and in-person attendees. Moreover, if your app runs on a secure, compliant event management platform, you can ease the concerns of stakeholders who may ordinarily view mobile functionality as adding risk. Leveraging mobile technologies makes it much easier for financial marketers and event planners to gather real-time feedback, promote matchmaking, and guide in-person attendees through the venue.

8. Gain powerful Insights

Every event has its goals, and these should be clearly defined beforehand. Each goal, in turn, has various key performance 

9. Add Value to Your Brand

The finance sector invests more in technology than almost any other industry, and with good reason. Clients expect a seamless and professional experience, and as every finance leader knows, customer experience is the number-one driver of any long-term business relationship. Upgrading your event technology to match the rest of your products and services will help your brand stay relevant by facilitating a seamless and memorable attendee experience. At the same time, your staff will save time and resources. Together, these factors add lasting value to your brand.

Aventri’s fully integrated event management solution helps financial services firms navigate the rapidly evolving regulatory and security landscape when organizing engaging events across global teams. Download our Ultimate Guide to Financial Services Event Management to learn more!

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