Employee Stock Option Management Software

Stock options are a popular employee benefit that allow employees to buy a company’s shares at a discount, resulting in a profit if the shares rise in value. Employee stock option management software helps companies manage this process by tracking employee stock options and issuing them automatically according to company guidelines. Stock options can be useful for companies with large numbers of employees who have received or are eligible for stock options.

In this guide, we review the aspects of Employee Stock Option Management Software, private equity management software, free equity management software, and cap table management software.

Employee Stock Option Management Software

Stock options are the most popular employee stock benefits. These are long-term incentive plans and they give employees a chance to buy company shares at a discount, which will increase in value over time. Employee stock option management software helps companies manage the process of issuing and tracking employee stock options for their employees. ESO software can be useful for organizations with large numbers of employees who have received or are eligible for ESOs.

Employee stock option management software

Employee stock option management software is used by companies to manage their ESOs. It helps them to manage the option pool, vesting process and other employee stock option related tasks.

What to consider while selecting ESO software?

When selecting employee stock option management software, there are some important considerations to keep in mind. First and foremost, the software should be easy to use, and it should be able to handle all of your options from start to finish. In addition to this, you’ll want a tool that can handle all kinds of options. Finally, it’s important for the ESO software provider to have great support so that you have someone on hand when you need them.

Offerings of the key vendors

There are dozens of vendors offering employee stock option management software, with more on the way. If you’re looking for an easy way to compare the offerings of some of the most prominent vendors, you’ve come to the right place. Here we’ll look at seven top performers in this area and see how they stack up against one another.

private equity management software

An industry as complex as private equity demands purpose-built technology that’s easily configured to meet your firm’s unique needs. With increased competition in the market, it’s more challenging than ever for private equity firm leaders to grasp how markets shift on a daily basis. These trends have a serious impact on your firm’s ability to achieve long-term success.

DealCloud’s data-powered private equity software is specifically designed for private equity firms, giving PE professionals the power to execute deals at the highest levels. No matter the size of your firm or the specificity of your investment mandate, our software can be easily configured to align with your current business development and portfolio management processes.

DealCloud often gets compared to a CRM, but in reality, the software is equipped to do much more than that. Private equity firms, no matter the size, need the ability to manage relationships, transactions, processes, workflows, and the operations and compliance of the overall firm. Our software allows private equity firms to keep track of every relationship by allowing dealmakers to categorize, tag, organize, and report on their relationship data (companies, contacts, deals, etc.) in any way that they choose. Put simply, the technology adapts to the unique ways each private equity firm works. And because the tagging and reporting capabilities are so flexible, these firms are able to track their progress towards goals such as fundraising, capital deployment, and dealmaker productivity.

From strategy to execution

Today’s LPs will accept nothing less than a sophisticated and technology-driven approach to investing. Private equity firms need to respond to those demands by having a data-driven and scientific way of executing on their investment theses. Not only does DealCloud allow private equity professionals to develop investment theses by combining the power of proprietary and third-party data, but it allows them to actually execute on that vision. No matter if your firm is geographically, deal size, or industry-focused, DealCloud helps PE investors take a handshake and transform it into a closed deal within our private equity software.

Best-in-class private equity professionals leverage DealCloud’s private equity software for all of the following:

Private equity software features and solutions

Whether your firm just closed its first fund or if it has completed hundreds of transactions, our private equity software can help your firm grow and become more efficient. Over the last ten years, we’ve developed countless tools and features on top of our core CRM platform that enables private equity investors to do the administrative and time-intensive parts of their job more quickly and efficiently. The time saved using DealCloud gives professionals more time to build and grow relationships that lead to closed deals.

One great feature of DealCloud’s purpose-built private equity software is our one-click tear sheets. Most firms have the need to create reports consistently (daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, or at any other cadence). These reports include deal pipeline updates, fundraising status reports, or industry and sub-industry progress reports. Many firms spend countless hours generating these reports in Excel spreadsheets, and waste time sorting and formatting the report every time it needs to be created.

DealCloud also has automated the entire report generation process so that before any meeting or call, dealmakers can leverage and share real-time data with the click of a button. Best of all, the process is simple. Our implementation team will, upon becoming a DealCloud client, will assess all of your day-to-day, week-to-week, and month-to-month reporting needs. Once all of your data is cleansed and organized in the platform, the DealCloud team will not only set up these one-click tear sheets for your firm, but teach your deal professionals how to create new and unique Word document, PDF, and Excel reports. To read more about our private equity software and all of the features built specifically for financial services firms, continue reading below.

Solution overview:


With the increasingly complex nature of relationships in the capital markets, Rolodexes, spreadsheets, and industry-agnostic CRMs are no longer the best tool for the job. DealCloud’s industry-specific platform centralizes communication and relationship data and helps private equity firms transform day-to-day activities into actionable relationship intelligence.

Business development

In order to succeed, capital markets professionals must embrace the role of technology in drumming up new opportunities. DealCloud’s private equity software provides business development professionals with all the tools they need to originate the platform and add-on deals with ease.

Pipeline management

DealCloud’s vertical-specific technology was designed to handle the nuances of complex transactions with many participants. Our private equity software helps firms transform the way they approach, track, and accelerate deals as they move through every stage in the pipeline, from origination to execution.

Actionable data

Private equity firms need to maintain visibility on every corner of the market in order to compete. That’s why we created DataCortex, an integrated data solution that allows dealmakers to manage proprietary and third–party data in one unified platform, empowering them to transform that data into institutional knowledge.


DealCloud’s integrated marketing solution, Dispatch, allows private equity firms to deploy marketing campaigns with ease. Email campaign activity, performance metrics, and analytics are found within your existing DealCloud platform, which makes it easy for dealmakers to originate deals, share updates on the firm, and gather a full and transparent view of every relationship.

Fundraising and investor relations

Gone are the days of investor relations and fundraising teams and LP data being siloed. Best-in-class private equity firms are operationalizing their IR efforts in the same platform where all deals and relationships are centrally managed, bringing all of the firm’s data and mandates together in one single source of truth.

Reporting and analytics

DealCloud’s private equity software unifies data, systems, and people with fully interactive reporting on your most important metrics, accessible anywhere, at any time. Since DealCloud was designed with the busy dealmaker in mind, every dashboard, chart, graph, tearsheet, data sheet, and profile can be customized to meet each user’s preferences and interests.


DealCloud’s software enables private equity investors to accelerate conflict resolution by streamlining critical risk-management activities within a unified deal, relationship, and compliance management platform. Gain visibility into increasingly complex and demanding deal terms by centralizing, streamlining, and indexing transaction-related and other documents.

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Ready for a CRM that is purpose-built for private equity?

Despite careful consideration and planning, most capital markets firms struggle to implement a CRM solution in a way that serves the firm’s needs. For many, vital data is stored in unorganized or unoptimized systems. In fact, countless deal professionals find themselves wasting time on manual data entry or repetitive pipeline updates as they happen.

If this sounds familiar, it may be time to reconsider your current CRM selection and pipeline management process.

The good news is: you’re not alone. With countless CRM migrations under our belt, just a few pieces of information will enable us to tell you how to optimize your CRM based on your firm’s size, data, reporting needs, and workflow.


DealCloud differentiators

Unlike other private equity CRMs and software platforms, DealCloud was built by private equity investors, for private equity investors. Our technology centralizes unorganized data and transforms it into meaningful intelligence with easy-to-read, interactive dashboards and automated reports. Users can elect to receive notifications and automated reports with predictive insights via email, web, and mobile. Notifications can be scheduled, such as weekly pipeline reports, or triggered by certain activities within the platform, such as the creation of a new deal or logged note.

Since our platform was built by industry experts, we know that not all private equity firms operate in the same way. The pipeline, relationship management and reporting needs of one user, team, division, or company may differ greatly from the next. That’s why our users have the power and precise control to tailor DealCloud on a user by user basis so that every individual has the tools and the views in front of them necessary to facilitate the flow of information intuitively, simply, and with the right levels of access.

A single source of truth

The development and rise of vertical-specific CRMs, like DealCloud, has made it easier for private equity firms to keep all their contacts, activities, and other critical information in one place. With these advances, dealmakers are better able to manage relationships and develop coverage models. DealCloud defines a “single source of truth” as the place where all of your firm’s data and information surrounding is accounted for and easily accessed. The benefit of this approach is that there is a clear defined process and workflow for finding answers and making decisions.

When a single source of truth exists within a firm, deal professionals can share who is going to what conferences and industry trade shows, for example. Dealmakers can use DealClod to log their social activities with bankers and business owners. This information is important for others to know, including which contacts are covered and which need to be contacted. By sharing information, you create a company ecosystem and a lifecycle that ensures every deal and relationship is managed in a sophisticated and efficient manner.

Compared to other private equity platforms

Over the past 10 years, hundreds of private equity firms have struggled to configure generic CRM platforms to meet their unique needs. Even some software providers that claim to be designed for private equity investors fail to meet basic expectations. As a result, thousands of investors have turned to DealCloud’s team of consultants to transform the way the firm uses technology. Because our platform comes equipped with tools and features that can’t be found in any other private equity software tool, including private equity compliance and analytics features, DealCloud has emerged as the clear choice amongst firms globally. No other front-office technology provider has achieved a comparable level of market penetration in the capital markets.

We believe that CRM platforms that are built generically will never achieve investors’ desired outcome. The underlying technology, unfortunately, cannot be retrofitted to manage the complex relationships and deal structures of a diverse portfolio. Our platform, proprietarily built on a flexible and multi-relational database model, provides a meaningful alternative to these generic platforms and delivers unrivaled value to our clients. From the beginning, we have understood the complexities of the industry and have designed and innovated our product — as well as our User Interface (UI) and User Experience (UX) — to serve a vast number of asset classes. Put simply, our technology is without equal in the market because of the unmatched outcomes and greater value we have generated, outpacing that of any competitive private equity CRM platform.

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There are a great many technological advances to be admired in the past several decades, but purpose-built technologies like DealCloud are on the rise because they are uniquely suited for capital markets professionals. When leveraged properly, our private equity solutions enable professionals to get the job done right, more quickly, and with greater ease.

It’s time for private equity professionals to accept the complexities of the industry and choose to leverage only those technologies that are squarely focused on helping move the needle. Schedule a demo of our private equity software, today.

“We chose DealCloud as one tool to assist us with designing and developing a more proactive and coordinated European origination and execution strategy. The platform was perfect to help us deliver on this aim and we are seeing efficiencies and improvements across the board already.”

“We leverage DealCloud’s data solutions to see who is attending various trade shows and conferences, and to set up meetings while we’re there. It’s helped us increase our efficiency, meet more people, and deepen our relationships.”

“As we start to deploy our third fund, we’ve expanded our team and continued to build our coverage of key deal sources as well as our sector reach. Across the industry, DealCloud helps our team drive consistent touches with our most prolific relationships.”

“With DealCloud’s deep experience in Private Equity, we knew the team would deliver a relationship management platform that fit our operating-focused sourcing and execution strategy. By tracking all of our interactions and pushing out daily reports and summaries, DealCloud puts real-time, actionable business intelligence in the hands of our team. In addition, the efficient implementation of the platform has allowed us to stay focused on deal execution.”

“DealCloud is a comprehensive, intuitive, purpose-built platform that can help drive efficiencies and provide transparency for all relevant stakeholders. Because we cover two very large and diverse sectors, we have a wide network of industry contacts and a large global base of existing and prospective investors, DealCloud will allow us to better track, analyze and interact with these diverse audiences.”

“We know the importance of managing all of the relationships that touch our firm. We are excited to start using the DealCloud platform to meet our needs.”

free equity management software

Equity Management Software simplifies the management and arrangement of equity distribution or its assets minus its liabilities. It is often referred to as cap table management software. It allows equity issuance and governance, eliminating the need for legal teams for each issuance. Equity management software is a bottleneck to closing your financials, from accounting compliance issues to planning the settlement process and providing reports. It helps businesses save time and money by allowing them to utilize equity in order to meet their goals. The typical end users include the management and finance teams of the organization who use it to manage all equity related processes.


Vestd Software is the only legitimate cloud-based, FCA-regulated advanced digital share scheme platform for small and medium-sized enterprises in the United Kingdom. This software provides two-way companies house incorporation with a team of valuation analyses and offers legal documents as part of their service. Through Vestd, companies can house integration, issue shares and options in real-time using the platform and promptly view an updated 100% accurate spreadsheet. Depending upon the reward, the software offers multiple skin types: EMI, real shares, and approved options, agile partnerships, and growth shares. All the process is done digitally, including shareholder authorization and signing. This tool ensures to take care of all the valuation that you require for HMRC, which developing companies require at least once per year and offers company standard legal documents properly. Vestd platform single handedly simplifies all the aspects of equity distribution, organization and its management. This software helps private businesses avoid hassle and save time and money by making it possible to deploy equity to help meet businesses’ goals. show more


Eqvista is an ideal platform for issuing electronic shares to employees, founders and investors. It offers stellar services related to cap table management and valuation for all relevant organisations. Whether the client is a small, medium or large organisation, Eqvista offers tailored services. These services are entirely customisable to provide the latter with flexibility. The platform is an ideal one to issue stocks and stay connected with the shareholders for good. The feature for share management allows clients to manage their shares seamlessly across all online platforms. With this, clients can issue new shares, transfer the existing ones and conduct various other actions simultaneously. Eqvista is also a go-to for business startups. Such clients simply need to fill in their ideals and ideas along with relevant objectives and the page comes up with ample company incorporations. With Eqvista, client companies can easily issue electronic stocks that eliminate the use of physical certificates. This, in turn, eliminates the chance of human inaccuracy as the entire process is automated. show more


Ledgy is an equity management software developed specifically for fast-growing firms to facilitate easy management of their finances. Ledgy is used by high-growth firms to manage their cap table, equity plans, funding rounds, and investor interactions. It streamlines the entire equity management process, making it less time-consuming and more profitable. Ledgy is a scalable, versatile, and simple to use platform, with top-notch security and privacy options. You can manage grants, automate vesting and exercising, and provide workers access to their own dashboard. It further assists you in developing your cap table and employee involvement strategies from the start. Ledgy is a top solution for all growing startups and saves a lot of their time and a lot of their accumulated capital. Leading firms trust it to manage their equity, and it has won several accolades, making it an excellent pick for all. The software offers a free trial version to its users for trying its features before buying its premium version along with a variety of premium plan options to suit every type of requirement and need. show more


Pulley software is a Cap Table to manage 100% audit-proof defensibility for your 409A. The software offers Legal templates to manage signing and transactions directly through Pulley. Collaborate with employees to pay for options electronically via ACH. Monitor the milestone based vesting to generate and sign a board consent electronically. It integrates with Gusto, and Rippling. Small, Medium companies make use of the software. show more


Captable.io is a robust equity management solution used by startups to store precise records and plan financial actions. Founders get access to convertible security, quick guided creation, easy collaboration, effortless sharing, options calculators, sturdy round and exit modeling features within the same. Users can generate unlimited cap tables by following a guided process. From making plans for their startups, capturing founders and early employee ownership to negotiating investments Captable.io can be used for all. Users can even streamline common stock option workflows besides monitoring and recording strike prices, grant amounts, start dates and vesting schedules. Updated third-party 409A valuation ensures safe grant stock options. By plugging-in various valuations and investment options, users can evaluate the impacts of different scenarios on ownership and plan their model future investment. Specially designed for founders, Captable.io is a facile and fast management tool that helps in understanding Convertible Notes, Liquidation Preferences as well as Collaboration and sharing. show more

Gust Equity Management

Gust Equity Management (GEM) is a Software-as-a-Service platform simplifying the process of managing the evolution of enterprise capitalizations from startup through sale/IPO. The free software offers a full suite of cap table management tools, modeling for rounds and exits, 409A valuations, and ASC718s. Issue options, easily see your cap table at any point in time and share customizable views with stakeholders. Next-day valuations that stand up to Big 4 scrutiny. show more


Capshare is an extensive cap table management system designed to help businesses, shareholders, and lawyers to manage and monitor their cap and equity with utmost ease and comfort. It assists you in transitioning away from spreadsheets and physical work and toward a more time-saving, productive, and streamlined method of managing and analyzing stock equity, dilution, and ownership percentages. With Capshare, you can issue stocks and manage all of your equity in one location without getting mired down in spreadsheets and paperwork. You can monitor your asset plan with a system that expands with your firm from inception to IPO and beyond and can future-proof your equity strategy. With its cap table management system, it keeps everyone on the same page to assist you in making smart decisions about raising money models and comparing future rounds. Users can easily manage shareholders by keeping track of vesting timelines, terminating option holders, granting view access to holdings, and signing equity awards online. Capshare further assists the user in meeting the criteria of ISO 100k, 83b elections, and ASC 718 limitations. show more


HighCastle is a futuristic capital raising, equity and debt management software for modern private investment companies. It offers a single online platform to connect with investors and manage financial tasks at the same time. By providing solutions to digitise private companies’ cap tables and shareholder registers, the software aims to simplify security transfers, making it easier for companies investing and owning private equity and debt. Also, HighCastle helps companies to reach a wide investor audience and raise funds in a fast and cost-effective way. In the case of investors, the software serves as a single platform to invest in growth companies. It lets investors engage with private company’s shares and debentures as well. Furthermore, Shareholders can depend on the same to transfer and manage their shareholding activities seamlessly. Issuers can depend on the same to raise capital and issue digital securities as well. Besides automating deal flow and equity management, HighCastle also helps companies to get access to corporate advisors and listing brokerage services for partners in real-time. show more

Certent Equity Management

Certent Equity Management, helps customers elevate their business with smart, intuitive solutions for modern finance. This advanced solutions for equity management, disclosure management, and narrative reporting help business and finance leaders improve accuracy, save time, and get more done. Redefine your approach to governance, risk, and compliance with Certent. The company operates in seven countries and serves over 2,400 public, private, and pre-IPO companies around the world. show more


Carta is an equity management software that helps the users to efficiently and conveniently manage their companies valuations, cap tables, investments and equity plans. The software acts as the source of truth for the user’s companies equity. It provides audit-ready, fast and cost-effective valuations. Carta offers liquidity to the user’s companies by running tender-offers, one-off transactions, and stock buybacks. It is an SEC-registered platform that acts as a transfer agent. It allows users to issue electronics security to those stakeholders who are ready to use Carta. The software allows users to do sensitivity and breakpoint analysis along with dilution and payout modelling. Users can perform full-service fund accounting and even view their real-time financials. This helps the users to make better financial decisions that will benefit them in the long run. The software’s portfolio dashboard helps the users to track their performance. Further, the experienced team members of the software provide accurate and on-time valuations to the users. show more


Capdesk is a user-friendly private equity management solution that helps companies to streamline their equity plans. It also allows easy reporting of all the finances to the respective financial authorities. Owing to its flexibility, the service is suitable for early stage, high growth, and even crowdfunded ventures. It aids in saving legal fees and be fully compliant to the standards set by the financial institutions of your province or country. Growth companies can plan and manage ESOPS (Employee Stock Option Plans) with ease and minimise on common mistakes. Capdesk has the capability to handle a lot of shareholders and offers adequate investor relation tools, both of which are essential for crowd-funded and venture backed companies. Most CFOs spend time in creating these documents and spreadsheets which can completely be replaced with Capdesk’s advanced capabilities over traditional methods of doing the same task. It reduces manual work to a large extent and helps you with simple one-click solutions. show more


EquityEffect is an equity management software for startups, venture capital firms, and service providers, enabling them to manage investments, equity, and cap tables. With the fully integrated cap table and portfolio management program, investors can monitor the performance of their funds, track ownership metrics and view legal terms. Private organizations can utilize the portal with its multiple built-in features, including waterfall analysis, scenario modeling, and detailed reporting, combined with accurate 409A valuations, for a profitable exit. A centralized dashboard within EquityEffect, facilitates unified client equity and options management in real-time. Service providers can scale their customers on the basis of audit ready reporting and detailed cap tables. They can use the system APIs to transfer equity data to and from, existing systems. The software acts as a single source of truth for comprehensive portfolio management. Advanced reporting module within the particular can be used to integrate data sheets with external platforms like Pitchbook and Crunchbase. show more


Astrella software is a cloud-based self-service management tool for private company shareholder and employee stock plan data through a blockchain-enabled platform. The software offers Artificial Intelligence (AI) to streamlines administrative processes. It is a secure platform with automated transition from private to public company. Entrepreneurs, Small, Medium and Large companies make use of the software. show more


EquityList software is an Equity Management software for Indian Startups. Manage E-signatures and a secure document hub for potential acquistions. The software offers ESOP template documents to set up an ESOP program with legal fees. Measure employees with vesting dates, exercise options, and tools to measure the company workflows. show more


Corporify is an advanced corporate housekeeping and legal entity management platform that makes company-wise legal hassles a lot more accurate and practical to manage. The platform enables team members to collaborate with each other in real-time, facilitating better workflow management, tasks generation and notification updates. These features save up to 80% of users’ time spent on administrative legal tasks. Moreover, Corporify creates a single source of truth, providing a detailed overview of legal data and related structures through interactive modules and visual dashboards. Here, legally compliant digital registers for shares, bonds and subscription rights take care of the digital securities. Also, Corporify comes equipped with a structural dashboard enabling companies to track detailed information and other legal information in an efficient manner. Users can send, save and sign documents digitally with compliant e-signature facilities. The platform provides unlimited document storage within its customisable folder structures and advanced reading rights. At last, users can also depend on the same to track multiple compliance activities and get notifications about important events in real-time. show more

WOWS Cap Table

This digital captable management tool is designed to provide with the best equity management experience. With it, can increase transparency for stakeholders, be ready for any due diligence requirement, and run various deal scenarios to calculate dilution impact. User can also build and manage captable and ESOP, create an organized liquidity channel for employees and investors, and find investors and raise capital through WOWS network. All these features make tool the ideal choice for a seamless equity management process. show more


Capiche is a compact capital raising software(online) simplifying the entire process while ensuring compliance on the go. Businesses can get started with the same, just in three simple steps. All they need to do is input corporate details of their own and get ready to go live within minutes. Second, the software provides complete guidance throughout the entire investing process, besides assuring access to error-free and compliant documents. Third, Capiche gets a list of essential documents absolutely ready in an automated way, by providing necessary guidance. The software is of great use for both the public and private companies who are ready to get the cost and timing related to their capital raise, reduced in a seamless manner. While ensuring complete compliance at the same time. Now coming to the security part, Capiche aims to protect user-specific information and identity-related stuff efficiently. For this purpose, it abides by 128-bit and 256-bit encryption standards on the go. show more

cap table management software

We understand how important it is to have the right tools for your company as you begin fundraising, bringing on co-founders, or even offering stock options to employees. While cap tables aren’t all that’s needed, they are something that should not be overlooked or ignored. A small error on a cap table can cause massive problems down the road so it’s important it’s managed correctly from the start.

So to make things simple, we’ve gone ahead and ranked all of the best cap table management tools, starting with our favorites. Let’s dive in!

1) Gust Launch

Gust Launch is our favorite cap table management due to its ease of use and helpful customer service – they’ll even walk you through incorporating a startup that’s designed to raise capital (C-Corp). Gust Launch can be seen as one of the more expensive options on this list but it’s well worth it in our opinion. They also have different tiers that scale with you as your business grows. If you’d prefer to start for free, Gust also has a free service called Gust Equity Management made exclusively for cap table creation.

2) Carta

While Carta started out with solely cap table management, they have been slowly turning Carta into an ownership management empire. The company’s UI is a little dated, but you’re buying Carta’s software for the power of their tools, not the aesthetic. Carta counts over 8,000+ companies as customers and has valued over $200B in private assets. Carta is a great option if you’re a later stage startup.

3) Eqvista

Eqvista’s cap table management software isn’t any more powerful than competitors but it is one of the most user-friendly. The company’s focus on making it easy to use will save your time in the long and short run. If you need help with 409A valuations, you can count on Eqvista to handle that as well.

Price: $2.00 /shareholder /month

4) Shareworks

Shareworks by Morgan Stanley will help you simplify your equity plan management so you can forget about those spreadsheets. It isn’t as intuitive or visually appealing as some on this list (LTSE Equity), but it might be the most powerful. If you’re a founder on the go, you’ll appreciate Shareworks’ app, as long as you don’t need any customer service.

5) LTSE Equity

In terms of ease-of-use, LTSE Equity (formerly Captable.io) is like the LeadLoft of cap table software; that is to say, LTSE is incredibly easy to set up and use. The UI is clean and the visualizations are clear. Great for first time founders.

6) Diligent Equity

Diligent Equity (formerly TruEquity) has a ton of features on top of cap table management that make it ideal for larger companies and venture capital firms. With their quality training, you can learn how to run waterfalls and scenario models to gain valuable insights into your company.

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