Easy Electrical Drawing Software

Easy Electrical Drawing Software is a feature-rich software that has helped many engineers in drawing electrical diagrams. It comes with features like 3D modeling, 2D and 3D library management, component library management and much more. The software has been developed by engineers from around the world who know what it takes to create an effective tool for electrical diagraming. You can use this software for free or buy it at a reasonable price depending on your requirements.

In this guide, we review the aspects of Easy Electrical Drawing Software, Which software is used for wiring diagram, easy tool to draw floor plan, and easy electrical schematic drawing software.

Easy Electrical Drawing Software

In this post, I’ll cover some of the best electrical drawing software for both professionals and hobbyists.

Easy Electrical Drawing Software

Easy Electrical Drawing Software is a great tool for creating electrical diagrams. It is easy to use and can be used on any computer, plus it has an affordable price and a free trial period.

It has several features that make it easy to use. You can easily draw basic shapes, such as lines and arrows, with the click of your mouse or touch of your finger. You can use this program for both simple or complicated wiring plans because there are so many different choices when you’re drawing out your ideas.


  • Drawing tools: Easy Electrical Draw has a lot of drawing tools. You can draw a rectangle, circle, line and many more things.
  • Import/Export: You can import an image from the file or another program and then draw on it in Easy Electrical Draw. You may also export the document to another program like Microsoft Word or Powerpoint if you want to do some editing there with your design first before printing it out!
  • Printing: The software comes with all sorts of print options such as landscape mode for printing on large format paper (e.g., A2). As well as A4 size paper or even letter-size paper if you need smaller prints that fit into an envelope easily!

Support and Documentation

D-SUB Connection is available for both Windows and Mac. The software has a built-in help guide that provides step-by-step instructions to get you started.

You can also support the development of this software by purchasing the Pro version (the free version is still ad supported). Support is available via phone, email and live chat in English, Spanish, French and German. The support experts have been known to respond within minutes – even on weekends!

Which software is used for wiring diagram

An electrical diagram or drawing is a pictorial form of presenting an electronic circuit visually. Hence, an electric diagram consists of different components: symbols, sizes, markings, etc. Electrical diagrams can be used in several situations by professionals such as engineers, builders, technicians, programmers, etc. The electric diagram helps understand the overall electrical plan, how much it will cost, and what material will be required.

There are many ways of making an electrical drawing, but online electrical drawing software is a quick, easy, and convenient option. Today, we will talk about 7 of the best electrical drawing software to use in 2021.

List of the Best Electrical Drawing Software

Here are the top 7 electrical drawing software which you can use quickly and easily.

1. EdrawMax

With the help of EdrawMax, you can create professional electric drawings, whether you are an electrician, engineer, programmer, or builder. Use the best professional electrical drawing software of Edraw and make electrical drawings quickly and easily. It contains all the essential tools and components needed to create a detailed professional electrical diagram. You can also use different templates.

EdrawMax is a user-friendly drawing tool available for all operating systems and accessible on all browsers. What makes EdrawMax one of the best electrical drawing software is that it is super quick, easy, and fun to use.

Try and know which is your best electrical drawing software! You can download and use EdrawMax for free. With various built-in templates and symbols, it will suit your drawing needs.


All-in-One Diagram Software


ETAP or Electrical Power System Analysis Software is an excellent tool for making electrical diagrams of different electric power systems. It contains many tools for automation, optimization, simulation, and analysis. With the help of ETAP, professionals can create detailed and lengthy electric drawings accurately.

As an excellent electrical drawing software, it contains CAD tools for advanced drawings. However, one drawback of ETAP is that it is only accessible on Windows and does not offer a free offline version.

Software Tool URL: https://etap.com/

3. AutoCAD Electrical

AutoCAD Electrical is a drawing tool by Autodesk to create a wide range of electrical drawings using specially developed drawing tools to enhance electrical engineers’ productivity. Technicians and engineers use this tool to make a detailed drawing using different features of AutoCAD.

However, AutoCAD Electrical is a sophisticated tool not suitable for all users, especially beginners. It also lacks premade templates or samples. Hence, it is ideal for experienced professionals who are looking for a pro tool.

Software Tool URL: https://www.autodesk.com/products/autocad/included-toolsets/autocad-electrical

4. SolidWorks Electrical Schematics

SolidWorks Electrical Schematics is a professional drawing software for collaborative diagram and design tools which can be used to make complete electrical systems. With the help of the symbol library, 3D manufacturing parts, and component models, you can create a pro electric drawing using this software.

SolidWorks Electrical Schematics offers no free version, but it does provide a free trial before you purchase this tool. All in all, it is an excellent tool with many positive reviews from its users.

Software Tool URL: https://www.solidworks.com/product/solidworks-electrical-schematics

5. Electra E8

Electra E8 is an easy, rapid, and affordable tool for electrical dawning. This electrical drawing software very useful and powerful. It allows you to create professional engineering diagrams as easy as possible, whether it’s electrical, pneumatic, or hydraulic.

Electra E8 is a paid tool that can be used on a desktop without any limitations. However, there is no online version, but you can get a free trial. This software also contains other CAD tools for all professionals.

Software Tool URL: https://radicasoftware.com/index.php

6. ProfiCAD

ProfiCAD or Electrical CAD Software is a drawing tool specially designed for electrical diagrams as it contains many drawing tools for circuit boards. This electrical drawing software is straightforward to use and comes with great features. With the help of ProfiCAD, you can create many technical diagrams, including pneumatics and hydraulics.

It is a great tool for beginners and students as all you have to do is add symbols and attach the connecting wires. Electrical CAD Software can be used at home as well as commercial software. Download the app to start using it.

Software Tool URL: https://www.proficad.com/

7. SmartDraw

SmartDraw is a practical diagramming tool for all purposes, whether you want to create charts, graphs, infographics, or illustrations. You can use this multipurpose drawing tool to make professional-level content for any purpose. Similarly, you can also use SmartDraw to create engineering drawings such as electrical diagrams. Hence, SmartDraw also works as electrical drawing software.

SmartDraw has more than 4500 different templates and CAD-like drawing abilities. This circuit diagram maker is not free and requires account registration.

easy tool to draw floor plan

Floor plan design software programs are used by homeowners, estate agents, and contractors to create a virtual representation of their homes. The software packages make it easier to relate plans to contractors or clients.

With a virtual description of your floor plan, a contractor already knows what you want and guarantees your satisfaction.

If you’re looking for how best to make your contractor understand your floor plan or you don’t even have a vivid idea or design for your floor plan yet, you have nothing to worry about. This article contains a list of free floor plan design software that you can use to make your planning easy.

These software programs also help smoother collaboration, easy adjustments, business credibility, and accurate details. They make it easy to plan furniture arrangements and estimate costs accurately.

Best Free Floor Plan Design Software

The following are the most recommended free plan drawing software to use.

1. Planner 5D

This floor planner is aimed at non-professionals. It allows you to create home plans and interior designs. Planner 5D boasts of 17 million users who share a vast collection of design ideas on the site. This software works online and can also be downloaded on IOS, Android, and OSX.

You can draw your project and render it into a 3D representation with a photorealistic high definition. The only issue with this software is that it has some complexity that makes it a bit difficult to use for users without prior experience.

Planner 5D is free but you may be required to pay to have access to the full catalog of items. The app allows for in-app purchases and doesn’t have a price list.

2. Sweet Home 3D

Sweet Home 3D can be downloaded as an app or used directly on the web browser. It allows you to design floor plans and render them in 3D. It is commonly used by homeowners and rookies. The software has limited capability and is not popular among professionals. It is useful for quick 2D floor planning.

Sweet Home 3D has a library of various furniture and allows customization such as color, texture, size, and many others. It enables you to start your sketch from a single room.

The floor plan software has four sections:

The software is free but login information is required.

3. SketchUp

This software is one of the most popular 3D modeling and design tool. It is very famous because it is easy to use.

SketchUp has a 3D tool that helps you to draw plans and visualize how space will look from different angles. It allows you to import reference images and documents that paint a holistic picture of a particular area.

SketchUp gives you templates that help you get started after which it allows you to get creative with the tools. This software is not for drawing alone; it also provides a tool called Layout, which enables you to craft a presentation for your contractor or client.

SketchUp comes with a free trial and has cloud storage, integration capabilities, and mobile viewing. It is suitable for novices and professionals.

4. Floorplanner

This user-friendly software has over 20 million users including freelance interior designers and estate agents. It helps contractors to create a quick understanding of how a remodel will look to clients. The software creates space for 2D and 3D designs.

Floorplanner makes designs well-detailed and realistic with its unique auto-furnish ability. The software, which has a massive library of furniture images, can do VR walkthroughs and provide photo-realistic drawings.

Its free version doesn’t allow collaboration and lower resolution output images.

Generally, Floorplanner is an excellent choice if you wish to develop a plan for your contractor. It is easy to use and provides a demo that helps you learn how to utilize its features efficiently.

5. SmartDraw

SmartDraw floor plan software has a large number of templates for kitchens, bathrooms, and bedrooms, and other parts of the home. It is popularly known as a flow chart tool and less known for its floor plan features. It allows you to use architectural symbols and customize on a beginner and professional level.

The software enables you to modify the measurements of your home. It automatically adjusts other areas of the plan when you edit a particular segment. This accessible software can run on smartphones and any browser. You can easily share files on Microsoft Office and G Suite.

Smartdraw is a multi-functional software program that can be used for 70 other types of diagrams such as flow charts, hierarchy charts, organization charts, and network diagrams. This tool is ideal for individual homeowners and real estate business owners who do not wish to spend too much on design.

6. Roomle

Roomle is a favorite floor plan design software amongst real estate agents and interior designers because it produces high-quality output. It is a free floor planner that helps clients to visualize their space and also helps homeowners to design their taste and furnish it.

Roomle has a 3D catalog that helps users to easily modify objects to make a well-customized design. This software appeals aesthetically to floor plans 2D and 3D designs with cross-platform use. It allows for easy collaboration and sharing. Roomle makes it possible to create business branded online portals for clients to view hosted floor plans.

It is available on smartphones and can be easily accessed.

7. RoomSketcher

This software was built specifically for floor plan and home design. It has a click-and-drag editing tool that makes it a special software for sharing adjustments with buyers and contractors on the spot. The interface is friendly to both professionals and novices. On this software, you can upload a blueprint, sketch, or an existing floor plan, and professionals will do the floor planning for you.

With RoomSketcher, your floor plans can be presented in several formats, depending on your preference. You can show your design in 360-degree views or interactive 3D walkthroughs. You can also download in JPG, PNG, or PDF format.

RoomSketcher is useful for homeowners, interior designers, and many other branded businesses. It has a free trial that comes with free options.

8. AutoCAD Architecture

AutoCAD is mainly built for architects and professionals. It helps to render realistic projects into floor plans. This software comes with standard features and has an extensive database that allows you to create realistic renders. AutoCAD supports the Revit grid to aid modeling.

It has over 8,000 intelligent styles that enable you to complete tasks faster than usual. This 2D design software has been useful to engineers and construction professionals. You can access it on any device.

AutoCAD has several collaboration tools, some of which are sheet set managements, external image references, and geographic information. It also has a draft comparison capability that makes it possible to toggle between old and new layers without closing the window. AutoCAD has a free trial that you can quickly use for your design project.

easy electrical schematic drawing software

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