Mobile Recharge Plugin for WordPress

Are you a blogger, webmaster or online/offline store owner who wanted to put in mobile recharge option in your product or order? Then this plugin is for you. This Mobile Recharge Plugin helps you to integrate your existing website with the prepaid and postpaid mobile recharges API’s.

If you’re trying to build an e-commerce website, chances are you’ve thought about adding mobile recharge functionality to your website. The Mobile Recharge Plugin for WordPress is capable of handling this without much trouble.

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Mobile Recharge Plugin for WordPress

Enabling an option for people to buy and send top-up transfers through your website may seem complicated. But it is anything but that.

There are an increasing amount of digital tools out there to help businesses scale up services through their websites and mobile apps, making customization easy even for those without a degree in programming.

The widget is just such a tool.

In essence, a widget is a simple and easy-to-use software application or component made for one or more different platforms.

Widgets work best when they are able to provide inexperienced website owners the ability to customize specialized services without needing to know coding. In short, it is a plug-and-play solution, something that Reloadly is quite fond of.

This led us to recently launch the Reloadly Airtime Widget, which we have also launched as a WordPress plugin, allowing WordPress site owners the opportunity to easily integrate our mobile top-up transfer service into their online business.

This widget can be also used for other CMS platforms.

Using this tool, site owners can start selling mobile airtime and data top-ups using the Reloadly network, essentially offering access to over 700 telcos and over 140 countries through just one widget.

Importantly, you will need to sign up to a Reloadly account (don’t worry; it’s free!) to use the Reloadly Airtime Widget, as well as set up a merchant account with Stripe or PayPal to access online payments from your customers.

Below, we’ve put together a practical guide for how to use our plugin, including screenshots to help illustrate the way.

Remember: No code or software development is required; you’ll just need to enable the Reloadly plugin on your site by copying and pasting simple HTML coding and by following these steps below.

Alternatively, you can follow this video tutorial for set up instructions.

Moreover, while the below article is meant to help you set up our plugin that is currently available for WordPress, with the below script anyone can add a Reloadly airtime service to their website.

Just copy and paste the below script, and feel free to contact us should you have any further questions.

  1. Set up your Reloadly Airtime Widget (As a WordPress Plugin)
    As our airtime and data top-up widget can only be used through our platform, the first thing you’ll need to do is sign up for one of our free accounts.

Go to and login to your account.

From the Reloadly portal dashboard, find the Developer section in the primary Menu. Underneath that section will be the recently added Airtime Widget.

It’ll look like this.

reloadly airtime widget WordPress

Next, you’ll be given a prompt for the Widget Settings.

This is where you’ll need to sync up your business site’s identity and payment option in order to authenticate the integration with our network. It’s quite simple to do, really.

Once you enter the Widget tab, you’ll see the Widget Settings dashboard, which will look like this.

reloadly airtime widget plugin WordPress

Here, there are 5 important fields that you will need to fill in. They are:

Your Website URL
Your Payment Method (such as Stripe)
Your Stripe Publishable Key (can be found via your Stripe account)
Your Stripe Secret Key (can be found via your Stripe account)
Your theme’s customized color (fixed or selected by HEX code)
Moreover, you’ll have the optional ability to enter your authorized IP address.

It’s important to note that the Reloadly Airtime Widget currently works with Stripe. However, more payment methods will be available soon.

After you have entered all of the required information, you can now hit the button that says “Generate,” which will generate a set of code for you in the panels at the bottom of the Settings menu.

Those results will look like this.

reloadly airtime widget 3

Here, you’ll be able to copy your unique Widget ID and HTML widget script to later paste into your Reloadly Airtime Widget.

Now you are ready to download and launch the Reloadly Airtime Widget for your website.

In this guide, we are going to demonstrate how to do that for WordPress. However, you can use this HTML code we generate to copy and paste into the backend of any CMS platform for building websites.

Now, go to your WordPress dashboard and under Plugins, click Add New.

reloadly airtime widget 4

Search for the Reloadly Airtime Widget, then install.

reloadly airtime widget 5

Once installed, click on the Reloadly tab on the menu bar of your WordPress dashboard.

At last, this is where you’ll be able to copy and paste the Widget ID that was previously generated.

reloadly airtime widget 6

Your Reloady Airtime Widget is now ready to go.

  1. How a customer uses our Airtime Widget
    Now you have successfully integrated your WordPress site with Reloadly’s global mobile telco network through a widget.

But what will the user experience be?

Let’s take a look — step by step — at what kind of experience our Airtime Widget delivers for your business’ customers.

Remember: The below images are just samples. You can customize whatever color you want to best fit your WordPress theme.

First, the customer will have the option to select a telecom box in a corner of the webpage to initiate the service for sending mobile top-ups.

That experience will look something like this screen below. (Note: you will be able to custom the exact user experience, including color and where the box is located on your page.) reloadly airtime widget ux

After initiating the service, your customer will need to go through four quick and easy steps to execute a mobile top-up transaction.

The first step (as shown below), requires them to select a country and enter a phone number.

reloadly airtime widget 1

Next, the Reloadly Airtime Widget will automatically detect the mobile operator of the provided mobile number. They’ll also have the option to choose the correct operator if the detected operator is wrong.

Remember: Your customers will have access to over 700 telcos in over 140 countries. Should there be a question about an operator that is not in the network, kindly contact the Reloadly support team and we’ll let you know the status of the operator.

Our mobile telco network is constantly growing, and there is always a chance that a new telco has recently been integrated.

When the customer is ready to confirm, they simply click ‘Next.’

reloadly airtime widget 2

At this stage, the customer can now select the exact amount of money they wish to transfer via mobile top-up.

They’ll be given the option of entering the desired amount in the currency of the country where they are located, then later prompted with the FX conversion rate.

It’s important to note that Reloadly offers lots of flexibility — this includes top-up transfers as low as $0.50 cents.

Moreover, customers incur zero transaction fees.

When it comes to selecting the amount that is to be sent, the currency generated depends upon the customer’s geolocation.

For example, a customer that is using your website from the US will see options in USD, as seen in the screenshot below.

reloadly airtime widget open range rate

However, there are two types of pricing rates that can be displayed, and this depends on the type of pricing packages that the selected mobile operator issues.

The above pricing rate is called an open-range rate — it allows the customer to openly choose from a range of values.

The second possible pricing rate is called a fixed rate — it allows the customer to select from a group of varying fixed rate values.

For example, in the fixed rate being displayed below, a customer is using USD to send to a mobile operator in Hungary, where five different values of Hungarian forint are on offer.

reloadly airtime widget fixed rate

In this way, Reloadly’s network acts as a FX conversion platform, and we offer customers the ability to conduct FX exchanges over 100 currencies.

Finally, we arrive at the payments tab.

Here, the customer will need to enter their card number, name and other related payment details.

It’s important to note that payments made with our widget are secured through the Stripe payment infrastructure.

reloadly airtime widget payment

The customer then hits ‘pay’, and the mobile top-up transfer is executed.

It takes just 5 seconds for the top-up airtime or data transaction to arrive in the recipient’s phone.

Then, if the transaction is successful, the customer will come to a page notifying them of success.

Here, they’ll be able to print a receipt of the transaction, which includes important information such as the date and time of the transfer, the amount and the recipient’s details.

reloadly airtime widget final

  1. Benefits of integrating a top-up service for your business
    Installing the Reloadly Airtime Widget is an easy way to add an extra income stream to your business.

This is because all websites that use our widget also benefit from the ability to collect commissions for the reselling of top-up transactions.

Moreover, you’ll be able to further your income-earning possibilities with special discounts that certain mobile operators provide to users of our network.

As a Reloadly member, you should subscribe to our newsletter to keep updated on top-up promos from global mobile operators in our network, as well as check our full pricing list to review where discount opportunities exist.

Through your Reloadly dashboard, you can manage wholesale discounts for over 750 mobile operators with transparent foreign exchange rates in over 100 currencies.

This platform allows you to keep track of all your commissions, sales and transaction volumes all on a personalized dashboard.

Finally, you’ll be able to download and review reports of all transactions made through your site.

Earning additional income by tapping the powerful reach of global mobile networks has never been easier.

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Mobile money is any money available in mobile app wallets such as Venmo, Cash App, WorldRemit, Western Union, etc

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MOMO is a WordPress plugin that helps your customers pay you using mobile wallets money. Mobile money is any money available in mobile app wallets such as Venmo, Cash App, WorldRemit, Western Union, etc MOMO displays your account handles or usernames to people who would like to pay you using their app of choice. You get notified of the order and the customer sends a confirmation for money sent and all you have to do is confirm that you received the money and provide the services or products ordered.

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