Best CRM For Network Marketing

Is there a perfect CRM for network marketing? Networking may be the best kept secret for those wanting to attain financial freedom — especially if you’re new or struggling. There are numerous companies offering fantastic network marketing opportunities – what’s to make yours stand out from the rest?

You need a CRM that puts YOU in control of your leads and contacts. I have gone through the entire list of CRMs out there and have found 10 for network marketing. This article will make sure that you can find the right product for your business so you can spend less time on your computer and more time expanding your business.

As a network marketer, sometimes you just need to keep track of the business that you are working on. The best CRM for network marketers is going to be with the one that fits your needs.With so many different kinds of CRMs, it can be overwhelming at first.

Best CRM For Network Marketing


Palmtree is a free business CRM for Network marketers to make their day-to-day tasks streamlined and easy. Easy interface but some of the features seem limited.


  • Contact Management
  • Trackable Messages
  • To-do Lists
  • Manage Sales Funnel
  • Manage your Team
  • Manage Resources
  • Many more….


Palmtree’s Paid service ranges between £12-25


Great app for MLM or network marketing. If you are looking for simplicity with not too many overwhelming features then this app is definitely worth a try. This has been around for a couple of years and has many positive reviews in the app store.

Most importantly they are releasing new features every few months and their customer service is exceptional. For just $5.99 a month ($39.99 for a year), it is worth a try and you can also get a free trial for a premium service. Simple prospect is available for both Android & iOS devices.


  • Simple Interface
  • Import contacts from Excel sheet or Phonebook
  • Track your Prospect
  • Track tasks for your team
  • Scan Business Cards
  • Export Contacts to Excel
  • Set Activity goals with Calendar management
  • Notes Management
  • Mass Texting to Contacts with Ready to use Templates
  • Onboarding Checklist for New Enrollments
  • Client management for products
  • Many more….


Simple Prospect MLM CRM app gives you a Free version for Basic use and a Free trial for the Premium version which costs you only $5.99/month after the free trial period.


Easy customization, automatic payment, SMS, E-Pin, E-Wallet, Website replication, E-Commerce, Multi-Currency and Multi-Language, Backup System, and many more features are included in this MLM CRM software package


  • Easy to use
  • Fast, Reliable, and Secure
  • Customizable
  • Lead capturing
  • Multi-user Role management
  • Sales and Income Report
  • Many more….

Pricing: software’s price starts at $700 for the basic plan


With, you can find, build and make relations with your prospects stronger using its multiple beneficial features.


  • Manage your Prospect
  • Manage your Customers
  • Support your team member
  • Conquer your Calendar
  • Integrated collaboration with your business partners
  • Many more…

Pricing: pricing is $12.99/month or 139.99/year

5. is a CRM software that eliminates the need for you to think and plan in this industry, allowing you to be very efficient with your time.


  • Import your friends and contacts from Facebook
  • Daily out-reach with an inbuilt tool
  • Reminders for follow-ups
  • Lead capturing
  • Ready to Use Dynamic Scripts
  • Tracking of each Conversation
  • Many more….

Price:’s pricing starts at $29.99 per month


A Network Marketing business has too many things to manage and doing it manually has many chances to have human errors and it is also a time taking process and a tedious job too. With a CRM app, you can multiply the performance and focus on your real job rather than doing repetitive work. While choosing such a CRM you just need to focus on the features you require as per your need and the cost that suits your budget.

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