Dimensional Drawing Software

A dimension is a measurement applied to a feature or object. A combination of several dimensions produces an engineering drawing and provides important information about size, shape, position, orientation and other important factors about the object. Dimensioning is known as the practice of adding dimensions onto a drawing and is generally performed during the drafting process before vectors are created from objects like lines, arcs, circles and text.

In this guide, we review the aspects of Dimensional Drawing Software, free technical drawing software, simple drawing program with dimensions, and different types of drawing software.

Dimensional Drawing Software

If you need to create 2D drawings of your products, these dimensional drawing software programs can help.


DraftSight is the free 2D and 3D CAD program made by Dassault Systèmes. DraftSight is compatible with DWG, DXF, SVG and more file formats. It also supports a wide range of third-party extensions that enable you to use it for even more applications than just drafting and design.

DraftSight offers users many benefits over other programs:

  • It’s free for personal use (so if you’re just looking to mock up projects at home, this might be your best bet).
  • It supports both 2D and 3D CAD functionality so you can do everything from simple architectural drawings to model prototypes in your garage workshop without needing any other software tools on top of it!


  • LibreCAD (Windows, MacOS and Linux)

LibreCAD is a cross-platform application for Windows, MacOS and Linux that works with the Open Document Format for AutoCAD (ODF). It is a powerful CAD tool that is useful for creating 3D models. The software comes with a range of features including drawing tools, measurement tools and print functions.


QCad is a powerful 2D/3D CAD application for creating technical drawings and designs. It’s available for Windows, Mac, and Linux (and it also supports Android and iOS devices). QCad is free and open source, which means that it can be used for professional or personal projects.

The software uses an intuitive WYSIWYG interface that makes it easy to learn the basics of drawing. Most users find QCad easy to navigate once they’re familiar with the interface.

QCad has many features common to other computer-aided design (CAD) programs: tools like symmetric drawing; support for blocks and external references; geometric constraints; parametric editing; sheet metal generation; bill of materials management; 3D surface creation tools such as extrude or lofting surfaces along curves or lines respectively; Boolean operations like union/difference between two objects


SAGA GIS is a free, open source and cross-platform Geographic Information System (GIS) with a large suite of applications. It has been in development since the early 1990s, and is currently maintained by the SAGA Development Team.


  • Free – no licensing fees or expensive proprietary modules to buy. You can download it for free!
  • Open Source – its code is available for all to see and study, so you can be sure it does what you need it to do.
  • Cross Platform – runs on Linux, Mac OS X and Microsoft Windows operating systems.

Sweet Home 3D

Sweet Home 3D is a free, open-source 3D design software that can be used to design and furnish virtual apartments. It also has the potential to be used for real-world projects.

Sweet Home 3D is designed for interior designers who want a simple way to design furniture, appliances and other objects in the room of their choice. The program offers all the tools you need to create your ideal space: from floor plans, walls, doors and windows that can be easily moved around with just a few clicks of your mouse. With Sweet Home 3D you will have everything you need available at hand on one single page – there’s no need for switching between tabs or opening multiple files during your project!

Here are a few examples of Dimensional Drawing software.

Some of the most popular dimensional drawing software includes:

  • AutoCAD (Autodesk)
  • Solidworks (Dassault Systèmes)
  • Creo Elements/Pro (PTC)

free technical drawing software

3D Builder

This 3D modeling application is integrated into Windows. Thanks to a simplified interface, 3D Builder can be used by anyone. A library is available, where you can choose among already made projects. This program is really simple to use and doesn’t offer a lot of options but still allows you to work on STL, OBJ or 3MF files. However, if you are looking for a program to get an initiation to 3D modeling and 3D printing, you definitely have to try it out.

3D Slash

3D Slash is perfect if you really have no previous experience with 3D, but it is also a perfect software for kids. Some features are specifically designed for schools, making this software useful for educational purposes.

Indeed, it is a good introduction to 3D modeling. As this program really works as a building game, it is fun and allowing to start easily with CAD. 3D Slash software offers an access to basic features in an intuitive way. This software is allowing to start an STL or OBJ file, to sculpt shapes and manipulate your 3D model quite easily.

This program is even including a VR view!


3D-Crafter is a free design software developed by Amabilis Software. It is an intuitive CAD program, thanks to its drag and drop approach. It will enable you to create drawings and animating 3D objects. Even if it is a free and easy-to-use software, 3D-Crafter is really allowing to create complex 3D models, but if you want, you can go further with a pro version for game development and realistic rendering, but this advanced version is not free!

However, this 3D-Crafter free version can help you make your first steps with 3D modeling with its intuitive interface.


This Leopoly CAD software is interesting but there are different versions available for this program, but business solutions are not free. However, if you want to get started with a free and browser-based version of this software, it is possible.

You will be able to create your 3D project from scratch, import a 3D model or check if you find what you want in their library and customize it. Leopoly is an easy 3D creation platform and it also includes some great VR features, which could even be more developed in the future.


3D sculpting software can quickly be really expensive and a bit difficult to use if you are not used to it. Hopefully, there are some exceptions and SculptGL is one of them! This is a browser-based solution allowing you to begin with all the standard 3D sculpting tools like brush, inflate, smooth, etc. There is also a possibility to start working on textures and painting using this 3D sculpting program.

SculptGL is also allowing to work on multiresolution sculpting, dynamic topology and voxel remeshing with great algorithms.

Do you want to use Sculpt GL to prepare your 3D printing project? Check our SculptGL tutorial. Feel free to upload your 3D files on our online 3D printing service once your 3D model is ready!


Are you looking for a free CAD software in order to develop 2D projects? LibreCAD is made for you. It is an open-source program available with Mac Windows and Linux. It is really easy to get started with LibreCAD as no subscriptions, license costs or annual fees are needed.

This 2D CAD solution is developed by a dedicated community, and you could totally be part of it as well! This 2D software can be used to create elaborated drawings, 2D drafting, or 2D projects for laser cutting purposes.


Here is another 2D CAD software! If you need to create 2D drawings, QCAD might be the perfect choice for you! Quite similar to AutoCAD, this software will be great for beginners needing to work on 2D CAD projects.

As you can see on the following picture, this software can be used for mechanical applications, but it can also be used for architecture projects to develop blueprints!


K-3D is a powerful and flexible open-source 3D modeling and animation software. This free CAD software is great for beginners, including an advanced undo/redo system, ensuring you to go back.

It is an artist-oriented program, with a parametric workflow quite easy to understand. It also has great visualization features, which can be useful if you work in architecture, for example.


LeoCAD is an easy-to-use software that could be really useful for educational purpose. This program is allowing to build virtual designs using LEGO bricks, a perfect way for kids to start with 3D modeling. It is well-suited for large models with a lot of parts as you can see in the following picture.

This program is good for beginners in need of a 3D modeling introduction, but it will also allow you to use advanced features. It is an open-source software, anyone can contribute to it and add new features.

Wings 3D

Wings 3D is an interesting open-source 3D modeling software, it will perfectly suit people with no experience. Indeed, the interface is really accessible for beginners but also allows to use a wide range of advanced tools. It has some powerful 3D modeling tools and a customizable user interface and a built-in Auto UV mapping facility to add texture to your model!

This advanced subdivision modeler is powerful but also easy to use.


TinkerCAD is a browser-based program. No need to download it, you can access it quite easily and start your 3D design and 3D modeling project. TinkerCAD is a great introduction to 3D software, perfect for education. Without any 3D modeling experience, this program will allow you to give life to your ideas.

This app is working by placing blocks one by one in order to create the object you want. It has a user-friendly interface making it easy to use the different 3D tools and create your own 3D project.


This program is specifically made for education. It is a block-based interface, made to help students of all ages. It will encourage kids to learn maths thanks to a fun system.

This cloud-based software is working like OpenSCAD, but is way easier to use. It’s a great way to start with computational thinking and coding concept.


Antimony is a 3D parametric software. The workflow is pretty intuitive which makes it more suitable for beginners than complex parametric software such as OpenSCAD. Even if this software is not necessary for really experienced users, you should already know a little about 3D modeling to use this program.

While using this 3D program you will have to connect nodes in order to create the shape and define your transformations. Antimony is allowing to generate really complex 3D models.


Meshmixer appears to be a really useful 3D software for 3D printing or even to elaborate some new designs for your products. It has a lot of 3D tools, such as 3D sculpting tools, remeshing or mesh smoothing features.

You will still need to train in order to make the most of this 3D modeling software. If you need a little help to prepare your 3D file for 3D printing using this program, have a look at our tutorial dedicated to Meshmixer

Smoothie 3D

Smoothie 3D is allowing you to create 3D models quite easily, using primitive shapes. But one of the most interesting features of this modeling tool is the possibility to get a 3D model from your 2D images…Indeed, you can use it to turn your picture in a 3D model, and 3D print it using our 3D printing service once your STL file is ready.

Best free CAD software for experienced users

Now we are going to focus on software for experienced users. It doesn’t mean that these programs are all difficult to use, but you need a previous 3D modeling experience to start using them in a good way.


This 3D modeling program can impress a little bit at the beginning. OpenSCAD has the particularity to not focus on the artistic aspect exclusively. It is a perfect choice for elaborated projects. Thanks to the use of Constructive Solid Geometry (CSG) and the Extrusion of 2D outlines, this software is intuitive. It is great for simple shapes that are already parametrically defined.

It is clearly not an interactive modeler, but more a 3D compiler, completely based on description language. OpenSCAD is not for everyone, but real coders will appreciate it.

If you want to use this free software for your 3D printing project, don’t hesitate to check our OpenSCAD tutorial.


Blender is a well-known computer-aided design software, it is a very powerful mesh-based direct modeling software, and not a parametric one. Blender is even used by professionals to develop video games or animation. It is quite similar to software such as Mudbox or ZBrush, and it is not really suitable for beginners.

This program is amazing for artistic use, with great software tools such a sculpting, rendering and fast modeling. This is a perfect software if you need to create 3D printable 3D models, as it is also including CAD features to repair your meshes. It is allowing to avoid bad surprises once parts come out of 3D printers.


FreeCAD is an accessible and flexible open-source parametric 3D modeler. This program reads and writes to many file formats which makes it a convenient program to integrate your workflow. FreeCAD has some great modeling tools, like Finite Element Analysis, or a nice robot simulation module.

From product design to mechanical engineering, FreeCAD will help you to create your best 3D projects. It can really suit all CAD users and it is constantly improved by a whole community of users.


SolveSpace is a parametric 3D modeler is developed by Johnathan Westhues. It is a 2D and 3D CAD program, perfect to do some 2D models thanks to great drafting tools, or to elaborate good mechanism designs. Its CAD tools include Bezier curves and NURBS surfaces. SolveSpace is available with Windows Mac OS and Linux.

eMachine Shop

This design software is mostly for professional use, so if you are looking for a great CAD program to manufacture your part using 3D printing technology, eMachine Shop could be the perfect solution for you! This program will analyze your design and show you if there are some impractical shapes in your design.

simple drawing program with dimensions

Equipped with the best free drawing software, you can sketch, ink, and paint without never-ending subscriptions stifling your creativity. 

Whatever your medium, your skill-level, or desktop platform, free drawing tools offer an accessible entry-point for beginners (and they’re an absolute blessing for artists working to tight budgets). 

When it comes to choosing the best digital art and drawing software, it can sometimes feel like Adobe dominates the creative apps space. The industry standard Photoshop and Illustrator are often the go-to tools for designers. 

But the premium graphic design software and its photo editing counterpart aren’t without their critics. Some users, particularly beginners, can find Adobe’s interface a bit daunting (though it won’t take long to master). Others take issue with the fact that most Adobe tools are locked behind a Creative Cloud subscription. 

To help you find the tool that’s right for you, we’ve tested out the best free drawing software for PC, Mac, and Linux. Many offer exactly the same advanced features found in premium programs, including 3D modeling software. Others deliver simple, streamlined experiences for those new to the art. All of them let your imagination run wild.  

We’ve also tested, reviewed, and rated the best Adobe Photoshop alternatives and the best free Adobe Illustrator alternatives.  

Adobe Illustrator is the best drawing software overall. (opens in new tab) If you’re a professional designer or illustrator, there’s no beating the industry-standard vector editing software. Adobe Illustrator runs on Windows and macOS. There are also apps for iOS and Illustrator Draw for Android. It’s available as a standalone subscription or as part of the Creative Cloud suite.

The best free drawing software of 2023 in full:

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1. Krita

Reasons to buy

Reasons to avoid

Krita offers professional-quality free drawing software, created by a team of artists with the noble aim of making creative tools within everyone’s reach.

You can use Krita for any kind of drawing and illustration, and even animation. But it’s particularly great for comics and manga. There are panel templates, halftone filters, and perspective tools in addition to the usual brushes, fills and pens. Each brush is totally customizable, and you can save your bespoke brushes to use again later.

Right-clicking anywhere on the canvas in Krita will bring up a selection wheel that lets you pick a new tool and select a color in seconds – a system that’s much easier than trawling through menus and settings

Krita was created by artists for artists, and it shows in the dozens of thoughtful little touches that make it easier to create great paintings. There are handy drawing aids for creating straight lines, vanishing points and smooth shapes. You also get layers, masks, various transform tools, HDR support, and advanced selection functions.

Krita is an incredibly powerful drawing program, and it’s yours to download and use completely free.

2. Artweaver Free

Reasons to buy

Reasons to avoid

Artweaver Free enables you to create beautifully realistic digital drawings by taking input – from your mouse, a stylus or, if you have a touchscreen PC, from whatever you feel like tapping the screen with – and applying ultra-realistic brush effects.

In addition to familiar brushes such as conte brushes, calligraphy pens and airbrushes, this free drawing software also gives you a huge range of patterns and pens, enabling you to produce very complex images with the minimum of effort. It’s layer-based too, so you can build up your masterpiece in layers without losing the ability to change anything.

Artweaver Free is designed for artists of all ages, but we’ve found it particularly useful for children. Kids love experimenting with all the different brushes, and with this top free drawing app, we love not having to clean up any mess afterwards.

3. Microsoft Paint 3D

Reasons to buy

Reasons to avoid

Like the classic Microsoft Paint (which it was originally intended to replace), Microsoft Paint 3D serves up a blank canvas to let you doodle to your heart’s content. 

But don’t underestimate one of the best free drawing software tools just because it’s probably already on your desktop. 

It may seem like a modern take on an old program. However, the real fun happens when you click the 3D Objects button. Here you can pick a model to import (current choices include people and animals), or better yet, draw your own shape and ‘inflate’ it to turn it into a three-dimensional model that can be rotated and viewed from different angles.

You can choose a finish for your shape (options include matte, gloss, dull metal, and polished metal), paint its surface, and apply lighting effects. There’s no way to control the thickness of the 3D effect, so your object will always resemble something created with Puff Paints, but as free drawing software it’s great fun for kids of all ages.

Multiple models can be positioned at different depths and combined to create a scene, and you can even bring doodles into the real world if you have access to a 3D printer.

4. Microsoft Fresh Paint

Reasons to buy

Reasons to avoid

Fresh Paint is another top free drawing app from Microsoft – this time designed to replicate the feeling of putting brush or pen to paper.

The interface really goes to town with skeumorphism, with a plastic palette of colors that splatter when you dip your virtual brush, showing which shade you’re currently using and making a pleasing splat. You can wash the bristles in a cup of water before picking a different color, or use one immediately after another to blend them together on the brush.

Fresh Paint can simulate watercolors, gouache, and all kinds of other material. As the name implies, you can interact with your work as though it’s not yet dry, smearing it and mixing colors together on the canvas.

Experienced artists will be able to achieve great results with tools that behave like their real-life counterparts, while kids and novices will make an equally realistic mess. it’s a grand example of one of the best free drawing software solutions that everyone can enjoy.

different types of drawing software

Scroll down to see the features of each drawing software/app as well as price information, support, and trial versions. For first-time users, you might value a drawing software or app with more reliable support from the app developer. Trial versions allow users to try something out before investing in them so you can make a more informed choice about which one suits you best.

● Photoshop CC (Windows/macOS/iPad)

A professional graphics software that’s popular with professional designers, photographers, and editors. Abundant in features, it is also useful for drawing illustrations. Photoshop CC requires some customization, so it is suitable for intermediate artists.

Developer: Adobe Systems Co., Ltd.

Note: To use all the features, you must obtain an Adobe ID and register for the trial version.

Creative Cloud Photography Plan: $9.99 USD/month

You can purchase a subscription from the official website, Adobe accepts payments through credit card, PayPal, and wire transfer.

For some issues, the Adobe support team can be contacted via their official contact form or a chat feature. You can ask questions on the community forum as well but topics are mainly related to design and photo processing.

There are also many booksand websites that introduce Adobe Photoshop, but again, there is little information specializing in illustration and comics.

There is a large community of artists from amateur to professional focusing on mainly design and photography. Many people also have created brushes and other materials to make the program more friendly to draw pictures with.

Photoshop CC is prominent in the design and photo processing industry, and many design schools use Photoshop to teach students. This versatile software can export multi-page data for use online, in print, and for videos.

You can draw in Photoshop, but it wasn’t created with illustration or comics in mind. It takes time and effort to customize the pen and brush tools, and features like pen pressure are turned off by default. However, if you are looking for a highly-customizable program, Photoshop CC will work well for you.

Since it was initially software for photo processing, it is quite good at adjusting colors. It also supports CMYK, the go-to format used for printed works. Since Paint Tool SAI does not support CMYK, you can use them in conjunction.

Photoshop CC is suited for intermediate users, so we recommend it if you know what you want to create and are happy to customize your software. If you want a more drawing-friendly Adobe experience then you might want to look at Adobe Fresco.

● Clip Studio Paint (Windows/macOS/iPad/iPhone/Android/Chromebook)

Clip Studio Paint is a versatile software that supports a wide range of genres, including illustration, comics, and animation. It comes with a plethora of digital art tools, so you can start drawing with it right away. Clip Studio Paint is suited for those who want to try having fun drawing in various different formats.

Check out a free trial from the Free Trial page. The trial allows you to use the app for up to 3 months for free. If you go through the Galaxy Store, you can enjoy up to 6 months free.

Windows/macOS/iPad/iPhone/Galaxy/Android/Chromebook Monthly Plan

A flexible monthly usage plan for a single preferred device (Windows/macOS/iPad/iPhone/Galaxy). You need to apply from the app.

There are also other offers available for multiple devices. For more information, please refer to the official website.

There is a dedicated support site with a contact form that you can use to directly reach the support team. The support site also includes a Frequently Asked Questions section with helpful guides and explanations.. Not only that, but there is also a Q&A service, Clip Studio ASK, that allows users to ask and answer each other’s questions. Many users also use social media to exchange information.

You can also find books about this software. However, because it is continuously releasing new updates, the information may not match the latest software specifications.

Clip Studio boasts an impressive library of community-made assets with new materials being added daily. Materials range from 3D materials to custom brushes, with a wide range of them available for free. There are also official tutorials and user tutorials available on the Clip Studio Tips site.

Illustration, manga, and animation professionals choose Clip Studio Paint because of the intuitive feel for drawing. Many schools also use Clip Studio Paint to teach comic, illustration, or animation courses because of the amount of specialized tools.

Clip Studio Paint supports multi-page data export for digital, and printed work. With features for arranging images and text, it’s suitable for simple design work as well.

Furthermore, it comes with webtoon canvas settings and the ability to split long vertical pages into multiple smaller pages. Last but not least, your process can be recorded with the canvas timelapse feature and then shared to social media in video format.

It takes some time to learn how to use everything the software has to offer. Some features like the posable 3D drawing figures are great for beginners.

In addition to pens and brushes, it also has many other digital art tools such as gradients, filters, and layer effects. You can download and add pens, brushes, tones, etc., from Clip Studio ASSETS, the official material library, and you can import Photoshop brushes (extension: .abr). Customize brushes optimized for your sketching pleasure.

There are two versions, PRO and EX. Multi-page comics and full-fledged animations can be created with the higher grade EX version.The tablet and smartphone versions for iPad and Samsung Galaxy devices have the exact same features as the desktop version. When using it on multiple devices, you can use a cloud service to migrate your files and settings.

● Corel Painter 2022 (Windows/macOS)

Corel Painter 2022 is a multi-functional graphics software suitable for creative works. You can draw comfortably with its versatile brushes and high customizability. It’s suitable for painting in a realistic style.

Developer: Corel Corporation

You can contact user support from the website’s official contact form. Detailed manuals and user galleries are also available on their dedicated tutorial website, and several books have been published that teach you how to use this software.

Corel Painter is a long-selling software that is geared towards drawing and painting. Its unique brush engine allows you to draw intuitively with realistic painting strokes as if you were painting on paper. Although expensive, its preset brushes and intricate customization make it suitable for a range of painting styles. However, the focus on realistic brushstrokes makes it less ideal for creating cartoon or comic styles.

To improve the speed of launch and operation, we recommend that you check the specs of your computer before installing and use a computer with specs that exceed the software’s minimum specifications.

Its independent color selector allows you to select a color while checking it against other colors. It also has a Color Harmonies function that lists colors that match the selected color. So even if you aren’t confident in picking colors, these features help inexperienced people choose colors more easily.

Its annual subscription is available for both Mac and Windows, and includes various types of brush packs for purchase. A more economical version of Painter Essentials 8 is also available. Although it has fewer brushes, the freedom of customization and the independent color selector is comparable to the full-featured version.

Corel also has an app for Android called Painter Mobile that comes in both free and paid versions. The paid version comes with more functions.

● Krita (Windows/macOS)

Krita is an open-source, free drawing software. This digital illustration tool is complete with basic drawing functions and brushes.

Developer: Krita Foundation

$14.99 USD (Steam, Microsoft Store), $9.99 USD (Epic Store)

You can contact support from the website’s official contact form. Krita also has tutorials, an online user manual, and a Frequently Asked Questions page. Furthermore, you can download additional resources and browse their user gallery.

Krita is actually made by a community of developers and fans who run it through the Krita Foundation. Purchasing versions of it on the various stores helps fund the program.

Sketch to your heart’s content for free. Unlike other software, Krita supports Linux. You can also use many brushes and import additional user-created resources, a feature unique to open-source software.

In addition to the ability to create an infinite number of layers, it has vector layers that you can use to transform figures and text without losing image quality. Krita also has a symmetry drawing tool that allows you to draw objects with intricate patterns.

Even though it is free software, it has animation features, supporting frame-by-frame animation and simultaneous playback of animation and imported audio.

The drawback is that you will need to get used to brushstroke lag if you want to draw with it. This lag exists regardless of device, so if you are looking for high-performing brushstrokes, we recommend Clip Studio Paint.

Krita is available for purchase from Steam, Microsoft Store, and the Epic Store.

Beta versions for ChromeOS and Android are also under development and can be downloaded from the official website.

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