Crm With Document Management

CRM (customer relationship management) is an important part of running any business. It allows you to manage customer information, communications and track sales. If you have a CRM program but are not using it to manage your documents, then you’re only getting half the value of that program. Combining CRM with document management will help streamline your business and make it more profitable.

In this guide, we review the best Crm With Document Management, document management system in crm, zoho document management, and best document management system.

Crm With Document Management

CRM (customer relationship management) has become the most important aspect of any business. It is a system that helps you to manage your customer base, but if it isn’t combined with document management, then you’re only using half of what it can do for your company. Here are some ways combining CRM and document management will help your business thrive:

Ensure a smooth and stress-free sales process by maximizing your CRM with document management software.

  • A CRM is a software tool that helps you manage your customer relationships. It allows you to track the activities of each contact, and easily keep tabs on the interactions between them and your company.
  • Document management software helps you store and organize all your important documents, making it easy to find anything when it’s needed.
  • When combined with a CRM, document management software can help improve your sales process by enabling teams to collaborate effectively on projects—and eliminate the need for cumbersome email chains or passing around hard-copy files that get lost in transit.

Take advantage of automated processes to eliminate time-wasting manual tasks.

Automating processes is a great way to reduce manual tasks, cut down on errors, and save time. It also improves productivity, increases efficiency, and removes bottlenecks from the system.

For instance, when an employee enters a customer’s data into a CRM—such as their name or email address—the CRM can automatically create an email template with that information in it. Then you can schedule the template for delivery at any time of your choosing without having to make changes manually every single time. This saves you precious time that could be used elsewhere in the organization or personal life!

Boost the efficiency of your customer relationship management tools.

CRM software is used to track and manage customer information. CRM software can be used to create, manage, and organize sales leads. CRM software also allows you to track customer interactions – including emails, phone calls, meetings, and more – in one place. By having all of this information at your fingertips (and not scattered across many different locations), it’s much easier to remember who you’ve contacted with what information or if they’ve completed any specific tasks on their end.

It’s also great for tracking other data that might be helpful when working with clients: like their name, contact info (phone number/address), the last time they were in touch with you (which could be an email or phone call).

Make it easier for your staff to work together using centralized storage and easy file sharing.

  • Choose a cloud-based solution for file sharing.
  • Make sure your staff have access to the same files.
  • Use a document management system to manage your files, like Google Drive or Dropbox.

Reduce errors, save time and increase productivity with CRM and document management combined.

The combination of CRM and document management will help you to reduce errors, save time and increase productivity. You can reduce errors by using a system that is designed to work with your CRM. This means that all the information is automatically updated in the right place whenever new customers are added or existing ones have their details changed. You won’t have to manually update documents anymore!

It will also save time by automating processes which means you don’t need to do them manually anymore. For example: when creating a new customer record in your CRM, if there is an existing contract for this customer then it will be linked automatically so you don’t need to go through each document individually looking for it before linking them together.

Finally, using these two systems together helps everyone within your company work more efficiently because they can share documents more easily without having to email them back and forth between themselves or others from outside the company (such as third party contractors).

document management system in crm

Do you want to know more about CRM document management? If so, this article is worth reading for you. Read on to learn more.

What is a CRM Document Management?

A CRM document management is a system that is used to manage the documents of a business. This can be very beneficial to the company because they will be able to get rid of all their papers and have everything in one place. It can also help save time since you will no longer be looking for papers.

The Benefits of CRM

It may seem like there are a lot of benefits of using this kind of software but there are only a few that stand out. Here are the main benefits that you should know about.

Organizing Files

With this software, you get to organize all of your files in a much easier way. The program will make sure that you have all your files, even if it does not come from the same source. You also do not need to spend hours organizing them since the program will do it for you.

Storage Space

This software does not just organize your files; it also helps you save storage space. Most businesses want to make sure that they do not waste any space and that is why this software is so beneficial. It helps you get rid of old files and replace them with new ones when they are needed.

zoho document management

1. Check-In / Check-Out Control

Zoho Docs provides a check-in/check-out feature that allows only one person to work on the document at one time. The Check-in/Check-out function, is very helpful in a collaborative environment as it prevents team members from overwriting each others changes.

To check out a file :

Now the document has been locked and no other shared user would be able to access it until you ‘Check In’ (release the lock) the file. You can proceed downloading a copy of the checked out document & editing it without worrying about other users overwriting the document.

Before you check in the file : Make sure that you have updated / uploaded the document copy which has the latest changes, as the newest version of the Checked out file. Click here to know how to update the version of a document.

To check in the file :

Once you are done with editing the document & updating the version, you can remove the lock on the document by ‘Checking in’ the file, so other shared users can use the document.

2. Version Control

Using the Version control option, you can maintain multiple versions for a document, revert to previous versions at any time, add notes to new versions and more.

To update the version of a document :

The chosen file will be uploaded as a sub-version (for the time being). You can keep updating the versions and keep the file checked out. Once you are ready to move the sub version to the main version, Click on “check-In’.

To revert an older version of the document as the latest version, click on the download icon of the older version, and re-upload it as the latest version by following the above mentioned steps.

To Add a Description :

You can add personalized descriptions to files, based on the content or the nature of the document. Document descriptions can be used to describe what can’t be covered in the name of the file.

To rename a document :

4. Converting documents to the Zoho Format

Converting a file from its original format to the Zoho Format, allows you to edit, collaborate on real time, and share it online. However, you can still upload and share files online without converting it to the Zoho format by unchecking the ‘Convert documents to the corresponding Zoho Docs format’ check box in the upload window.

best document management system

The best document management software (DMS) makes it simple and easy to manage files within a team.

Document management is becoming increasingly important as the concept of a paperless office is becoming an everyday reality, especially with the growth in cloud storage, as many service providers can also accommodate document sharing and syncing for organizations.

However, document management isn’t simply about archiving information securely online, as much as making the whole process of document management easier, covering everything from branded templates, improving workflows, working with collaboration tools (opens in new tab), as well as being able to sort through sometimes technical information. And that’s on top of general document editing and management (opens in new tab) tasks.

Good document management software also has to be able to work with different digital file types, not just from office software (opens in new tab), images and designs, and anything else you could imagine previously being printed on paper, including from legacy file formats. These days it will also cater for e-signing software (opens in new tab) for documents.

However, a lot of suppliers and contractors will still deal with paper, so any DMS needs to have a document scanning (opens in new tab) solution, often working as a standalone or part of an OCR scanning software (opens in new tab) package, so that any such paper invoices, receipts, or other documents can be scanned so that a digital copy can be archived while the paper version is recycled. 

The paperless office has been a long-time in coming, but it’s finally here for those who want to embrace it. Here then are the best document management software solutions.

1. Templafy

An all-in-one document management solution

Templafy is one of the best document management tools out there. The system aims to integrate essential office suites and solutions used by businesses on a daily basis.

If there’s one thing that can be frustrating, it’s having to create brand documents using different software. This can become time-consuming and fragmented, but Templafy can help. With it, you can create a range of files within the system and manage them from a single feed.

The software is compatible with a range of devices and uses the cloud to let you access all your documents across computers, tablets and smartphones. There are also automatic compliance checks, and you can give feedback to employees easily, too.

Contact is required for a pricing quote, and not surprisingly, the exact cost depends on the number of users, features and add-ons chosen.

Document software that detects duplication

When it comes to document management, M-Files aims to improve internal workflows, and to ensure important information is kept secure at all times. Its customers include many large corporations such as Comcast and Yokohama.

There’s a single vault for a plethora of files, and you can easily find them by client, project, date, status or other criteria. The software aims to avoid duplication – it’s quite common to end up with two copies of the same report, or possibly more. 

M-Files will alert you if a document has been saved twice by analyzing names and project data. You get some great integrations too, including Microsoft Office and Salesforce CRM (opens in new tab).

There is a free trial available, but pricing isn’t stipulated on the site, so you have to get in touch for a quote.

Document organization moves to the cloud

DocuWare takes a cloud-based approach to document management. It integrates cloud storage and office automation to create a digital workplace. This paperless approach to the full spectrum of office tasks is another example of the digital transformation (opens in new tab) which is driving many processes these days.

DocuWare offers services to create a ‘cloud workflow’ when it comes to documents. It allows services to be purchased on a small scale as needed, and then as use-case scenarios are created, and reliability is ensured, the service can be scaled up for a larger deployment.

Mobile apps that can integrate into this workflow are also offered, facilitating the likes of scanning receipts on the go, approving invoices for speedy payment, and signing forms directly on the device.

While DocuWare does offer a demo and free trial, the pricing of course, depends on the services chosen, therefore requiring the prospective buyer to get in touch for a custom quote.

Update: Docuware (opens in new tab) is now offering a free trial in partnership with Techradar. Click here now to claim. 

4. MasterControl

DMS focused on compliance

Within big organizations, there are often processes and regulations put in place to ensure documents are compliant and follow company guidelines. But when you have a ton of files, it can be hard to follow such rules.

MasterControl Document Control Software, which is used by some of the world’s largest regulatory bodies, is document management software that addresses complex regulations and standards around the globe. It aims to reduce compliance cost and increase internal efficiency.

The system fully automates routing, delivery, escalation and approval of vital documents. It also sports a centralized, secure archive where you can store and search for business files.

There is no indication of a free trial, and pricing requires contacting the company for a quote.

5. XaitPorter

Cloud-based collaboration at its best

If you’re looking for a cloud solution for creating documents, then you should definitely check out XaitPorter.

The great thing about this system is that it’s extremely flexible. You’re able to collaborate and work on documents with colleagues simultaneously, and you can easily share feedback with each other. It also manages all aspects of workflow, so you don’t have to worry about formatting, numbering and layout.

XaitPorter has some useful tricks on the integrations front, as well. The software can work with Salesforce, Oracle, SAS, Microsoft 365, OpenText and Dropbox. And it’s currently used by over 45,000 firms across the globe.

While there is a demo available, there is no free trial, and pricing requires getting in touch for a quote.

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