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You’ve probably always wanted accounting software for your business, but you don’t want to spend a lot of money on it. You should know that free accounting software is available and fulfills all your needs.

Call accounting software is a process that is used to record, track and manage telephone calls that are placed by organizations. There are some free software available to organizations but they come with limitations, such as recording incoming and outgoing calls only. On the other hand, if an organization wants to create a full blown call center, they need to hire an expensive set of call accounting software and install it to their company’s workstation.

Business phone systems run on software that collects data. This data is then analyzed to find inefficiencies, customer trends and behaviors, and other issues that a company needs to know about in order to improve their success. Quyasoft’s call, chat, and video analytics software delivers support for all of this information in a drag-and-drop interface.

Call accounting software is the application used to record and monitor the incoming/outgoing calls of a company. The software provides details about the cost of each call, average length of each call and so on. With its help it is easy to monitor fraudulent calls and make considerable savings for your company. For more information you can visit Quyasoft  or choose from the list below:

Open source accounting software

If you need an accounting system that you can modify to meet your business’ unique needs, open source software is a great option to consider. Users can download the source code—usually for little or no cost—and mold it into their ideal accounting system.

Open source systems require a certain degree of development expertise. But if you have a dedicated IT department, employ a coding expert, or are willing to hire a third-party consultant, open source software offers a viable alternative to the more monolithic—and pricey—solutions on the market.


 (No reviews yet)A screenshot of the Accounts overview in Akaunting open source accounting software
The Accounts overview in Akaunting open source accounting software (Source)

The curiously named Akaunting had its first stable release in 2018 and has been growing steadily ever since, with 180,000 downloads, 80,000 cloud users, and 10,000 project contributors, according to the Akaunting website. It is available in almost 50 different languages.

Akaunting aims to remove the stigma of open source software being difficult to use, claiming to get users up and running and fully functional in less than five minutes. Users can download the main accounting core, which includes all the standard accounting features small businesses will need, and add optional features as app downloads. Some of these optional apps include contract management, documents management, white label customization, and some integrations are paid.

If you run into trouble, free support comes through extensive online documentation, and community forums and chat rooms. The project is also monetized through a paid, dedicated support service, starting at $99/month if you really need help and don’t mind spending to get it.

Core features include:

  • Modern, intuitive, mobile-ready interface
  • Free updates for life
  • Advanced reporting
  • Customer and vendor management
  • Recurring billing and invoicing
  • Categorization and bulk actions

Want to see Akaunting in action? Check out this video:


 40 reviewsgnucash
Checkbook-style register in GnuCash (Source)

This on-premise accounting solution offers a robust set of features—recurring transactions, bank reconciliation, and financial reporting among them. What’s more, it’s as affordable as it gets (i.e., free) and endlessly customizable.

The GnuCash register is like a digital checkbook of sorts, with the ability to split transactions, display multiple accounts in a single window, and tailor the appearance to your liking. But the software’s signature quality is its “double entry” feature, which mandates that all transactions must debit and credit accounts in equal measure—keeping your books balanced at all times.

Other features include:

  • Track individual stocks and portfolios
  • Regularly updated stock and mutual fund quotes
  • Check printing
  • Payroll management
  • Auto-fill frequent transactions
  • Income and expense categorization

Check out the video below on GnuCash for an overview of how this free accounting software works:

Why you must consider paid solutions, too

While the systems outlined above might work for some organizations, they won’t work for all. In many cases—even yours, potentially—investing in a reputable paid solution will pay dividends in the long run.

So now that we’ve explored some free and open source options, you may also want to look at some top-rated paid systems, too, so you have the full picture. Check out our accounting software directory, where you can learn about common features, the products that are most recommended by our advisors, and the top rated products based on real user reviews.

List of Best Call Accounting Software | Call Accounting Systems Reviews


1. Tenfold– Have better customer conversations

Our Score 99/100

About Tenfold : Tenfold is a computer-telephony integration solution. This software allows businesses to converse better with their customers without any interruption. It helps businesses to identify and respond to their clients while interacting with them. It contains features like click-to-dial, automatic call logging, local presence dialing, screen pop, and unified customer profile. Tenfold has integrated with CRM like Microsoft Dynamics, Salesforce and many other reputed phone systems.

Tenfold Call Accounting Features : By-Extension Reporting, Call Duration, Call Monitoring, Caller Identification, Inbound Reporting, Outbound Reporting, Unattended Call Management, Who Answered Log

“It’s easy of use, user friendly interface, and it’s incredible customer support. With the ability to use special commands, Tenfold is an awesome call capture system. The data of any client can be pulled up easily or just done in an instant. It provides a user friendly interface, with a great set of tools hidden behind. ” – Michael D.

Tenfold Reviews

Vendor: Tenfold

Country: United States

Company Size: 51 – 200

Founded: 2015

Price: Not provided by vendor

Free Trial: Yes, get a free trial

2. PhoneBurner – Power dialer & outbound call center software

Our Score 98/100

About PhoneBurner : PhoneBurner uses lead-lists that are admin-provided or imported to helps users to get logged in from their computer and make calls from the phone that is connected. The software contains features like email follow up, lead management, power dialing, and performance management. It helps you to maintain contact record records that are detailed due to the inbuilt CRM. It has a cloud-based platform and doesn’t require installation, contract and setup fees.

PhoneBurner Call Accounting Features : Call Duration, Call Monitoring, Outbound Reporting

“Our inside sales team has been using PhoneBurner for years, and the results have been fantastic. It’s given my part-time reps the ability to cover a full-time volume. 300 calls a day per rep is a breeze.” – KEVIN BIAGI

PhoneBurner Reviews

Vendor: PhoneBurner

Country: United States

Company Size: 11 – 50

Founded: 2008

Price: $67.50/month/user

Free Trial: Yes, get a free trial

3. Ytel Platform – Awarded Outbound Contact Center Software

Our Score 97/100

About Ytel Platform : Ytel Platform is a software that has been designed to enhance communications in business. It helps companies to increase their sales by offering communication options that are optimized. It has its customer base spread across seven different countries and this makes it one of the trusted communication software in the market. It has the requisite technical knowledge to build tools that are unique and helps in serving contact needs of clients.

Ytel Platform Call Accounting Features : Call Duration, Call Monitoring, Call Volume, Caller Identification, Inbound Reporting, Outbound Reporting, Unattended Call Management, Who Answered Log

“Most other dialers lack the admin management features that Ytel offers, which is key to our growth. Competing dialers with answer machine detection (AMD) fall behind in accuracy and power.” – Adam Awany

Ytel Platform Reviews

Vendor: Ytel

Country: United States

Company Size: 51 – 200

Founded: 2012

Price: Not provided by vendor

Free Trial: Yes, get a free trial

4. CallPesa – Every Call Counts

Our Score 97/100

About CallPesa: CallPesa is an android application that helps consulting professionals and other service providers create and track engagement and deliverables for consultative calls and tasks, and bill and get paid fast. Our state-of-the-art workflows, invoicing, and payments all integrated into one platform, your engagement will always be under control and you’ll be able to keep track of every billable second even when you’re on the go.

CallPesa Call Accounting Features: By-Extension Reporting, Call Duration, Call Monitoring, Call Volume, Caller Identification, Inbound Reporting, Outbound Reporting, Unattended Call Management, Who Answered Log

“I like that it is super easy to use. One simply installs it, replaces the default calling app, set up hourly rates, and that’s it. If I could sum it up in one sentence, I’d say CallPesa gives value to time.” – Maureen W.

CallPesa Reviews

Vendor: CallPesa

Country: Kenya

Company Size: 1 – 10

Founded: 2020

Price: Free

Free Trial: Yes, get a free trial

5. NET-Phacs – Call Accounting Software

Our Score 96/100

About NET-Phacs : It is a call accounting software that is web-based. It generates daily and monthly reports. NET-Phacs “Plus” provides you with ad-hoc reporting and also enables you to continuously mail monthly reports to the users. It also helps you to bill and track equipments. Managers can use this software to gain access to the data of a subordinate in an internet environment that is secure.

NET-Phacs Call Accounting Features : By-Extension Reporting, Call Duration, Call Volume, Caller Identification, Inbound Reporting, Outbound Reporting, Who Answered Log

“Simple to use and manage. Responsive customer support. Knowledgeable staff. Really Simple Call Accounting Software. I really love it.” – Gordon R.

NET-Phacs Reviews

Vendor: Matsch Systems

Country: United States

Company Size: 02 – 10

Founded: 1978

Price: $600.00/one-time

Free Trial: Yes, get a free trial

6. eXsight– Technology expense management & call accounting solutions

Our Score 94/100

About eXsight Call Accounting : eXsight Call Accounting does not allow the organizations to lose visibility or functionality while managing UC&C. It suits all PBX systems. It helps companies to keep their internal and external collaboration, communications on a course. It is a hassle free call accounting software. It generates an accurate report and also scales the information according to the needs of the department. It has integrated with reputed switch vendors like Cisco and Avaya.

eXsight Call Accounting Features : By-Extension Reporting, Call Duration, Call Monitoring, Call Volume, Caller Identification, Inbound Reporting, Outbound Reporting, Unattended Call Management, Who Answered Log

“Overall we are highly satisfied with eXsight. The software is user friendly when it comes to reviewing and processing invoice to running reports. I would highly recommend this to any business trying to manage their telecom spend.” – Telecommunications Manager

eXsight Call Accounting Reviews

Vendor: MTS IntegraTRAK

Country: United States

Company Size: 51 – 200

Founded: 1984

Price: Not provided by vendor

Free Trial: Yes

7. FCS Gateway – Keeping you ahead

Our Score 92/100

About FCS Gateway : FCS Gateway helps in integrating a group of hotels with different PABX, PMS systems without having to face any kind of interface requirements that are complex. It is an ideal Call Accounting Software. It helps you in streamlining complex integration and management tasks. It is quite easy to handle the software. It helps in both inbound and outbound reporting, creating an invoice, accounting and payment gateway integration.

FCS Gateway Call Accounting Features : Inbound Reporting, Outbound Reporting

“FCS has helped us build that loyal bond between our guests and the Wyndham hotel brand, with their innovative Housekeeping and Engineering applications – equipping us with better control and efficient monitoring.” – ATUL GUPTA

FCS Gateway Reviews

Vendor: FCS Computer Systems

Country: Singapore

Company Size: 11 – 50

Founded: 1982

Price: Not provided by vendor

Free Trial: Yes

8. VXTracker – VXSuite Call Accounting, Monitoring, Reporting

Our Score 91/100

About VXTracker : VXTracker software helps in managing the financial and technological performance of a voice network. It helps multiple users who are authorized to gain access to the system irrespective of the browser. It schedules delivery of two different email addresses and this translates to an enhanced way of distributing reports. It processes high call volumes quite quickly from different locations. A huge amount of report related to call record is generated in a few seconds.

VXTracker Call Accounting Features : By-Extension Reporting, Call Duration, Call Monitoring, Call Volume, Caller Identification, Inbound Reporting, Outbound Reporting, Unattended Call Management, Who Answered Log

“VXTRACKER has never let me down whenever a request to search for a call has been requested. As an administrator, naturally we wish for one place to manage all your applications with the PBX data. With that being said, VXTRACKER user interface does make it real simple to change relevant extension data..” – Hanibal C.

VXTracker Reviews

Vendor: Telarus

Country: United States

Company Size: 11 – 50

Founded: 2002

Price: Not provided by vendor

Free Trial: Yes

9. CommView – Premier provider of call accounting/reporting systems

Our Score 90/100

About CommView : CommView is a leading call accounting software that generates an accurate report. It also assists in managing traffic. It provides you, several models, to decode protocols. Avaya, Cisco, Siemens uses this software as customer premise application. It gives you features like inbound and outbound reporting, caller identification, and unattended call management. It gives you telecom expense management features like call monitoring usage reporting and charges backtracking.

CommView Call Accounting Features : By-Extension Reporting, Call Duration, Call Volume, Caller Identification, Inbound Reporting, Outbound Reporting, Unattended Call Management, Who Answered Log

“Our sales department requests specific call reports that we need to provide in a timely fashion, relying on CommView Web makes this task a breeze.” – Dawn Saavedra

CommView Reviews

Vendor: @Comm

Country: United States

Company Size: 11 – 50

Founded: 1982

Price: $77.00/month

Free Trial: Yes, get a free trial

10. Infortel Select – Call Accounting and Reporting Software

Our Score 89/100

About Infortel Select : Infortel software offers you excellent service in unified communications management. Businesses can use it to evaluate their content, people and expenditures. It provides you with features like traffic analytics, speech analytics, telecom audit, and workforce management. All of these enhance the performance of your business. It is easy to use software with an excellent customer service that responds quickly.

Infortel Select Call Accounting Features : By-Extension Reporting, Call Duration, Call Monitoring, Call Volume, Caller Identification, Inbound Reporting, Outbound Reporting, Unattended Call Management, Who Answered Log

“Call Accounting made easy! We have used the software for over 10 years. I work for a Correctional Facility, so all information is for legal purposes. The software is easy to work with and support is always thorough and responsive.” – Mark Z.

Infortel Select Reviews

Vendor: ISI Telemanagement Solutions

Country: United States

Company Size: 51 – 200

Founded: 1977

Price: Not provided by vendor

Free Trial: Yes, get a free trial

11. COMIT – For call accounting and billing

Our Score 89/100

About COMIT : COMIT helps in integrating all the tasks related to management into one product. It performs tasks like billing and call accounting, reporting and trouble ticket provisioning. You can use this software for your day to day operations. It quickly responds to queries and requests. It helps companies to enhance the output of their business processes by integrating them with inbuilt efficiencies and work-flows of COMIT.

COMIT Call Accounting Features : By-Extension Reporting, Call Duration, Call Monitoring, Call Volume, Inbound Reporting, Outbound Reporting.

Call Accounting and Call Reporting is essential tool for businesses who require any intelligence of their inbound or outbound call traffic.  Call Accounting and Call Reporting is rather inexpensive, but can save your business thousands, allowing you to: 

assets/img/Call Accounting.png
  • Analyse your call traffic, allowing you to measure performance and determine future required service levels
  • View and measure in detail the activity of your staff and call traffic
  • Assign costs to each and every call for billing purposes (great for situations such as a serviced office!)
  • Schedule automatic reports to be delivered to your email address so that you have the information you want, when you want it
  • Report on agent activity to measure and improve your staff efficiency, productivity and customer service
  • Measure and manage KPI’s, leading to improved business efficiency and service
  • See real time indicators and alerts of telephone traffic and business metrics, such as queue wait times etc


The modern world has seen countless changes over the centuries, but one global constant has remained the same throughout: people want to make money. Business activity is more important now than ever before, and doing business successfully requires efficient, affordable accounting software. Because of this demand, Call Accounting Software has seen a surge in popularity that has catapulted Quyasoft into the forefront of accounting software used today. With its advanced features and functionalities, it’s no wonder that more people are turning to Quyasoft for accounting solutions.

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