Cad Software For Woodworkers

There is a software package behind every woodworking project to help you get it done. To build an excellent design, you need to have excellent CAD software. In this article, we will show you the Best CAD Software For Woodworkers that is available on the market.

CAD software is a software used by designers and engineers to create a model of an object or a system. Application of CAD has spread into all manufacturing industries, some related fields and it’s being constantly developed. For woodworking applications it’s possible to use free sketch-based programs such as The DraftSight or paid 3D CAD from companies like Autodesk, SolidWorks etc.

CAD software was developed to replace manual drafting and has since evolved into a tool that helps woodworkers design, visualize, and optimize their projects.

Being a woodworker has always been a work of art because it combines creativeness and precision. Having the right woodworking software is crucial for woodworkers, both professional and DIY, who wish to save time, gain efficiency and be able to produce beautiful works. SmartCAD is an ideal CAD software for woodworkers as it enables them to create projects with repeatable accuracy, speed and ease.

CAD software is software used to create, edit, and visualize three-dimensional (3D) models. Computer Aided Design (CAD) is a drafting technique for the engineering profession. CAD systems have been used for decades to design everything from simple household items to complex technical devices such as spacecraft, satellites, and rockets from a wide range of components.

Top 7 Free Woodworking Design Software

  1. Fusion 360 – For working remotely
  2. SketchUp – With free 3D model library
  3. SketchList 3D – Fast models crafting
  4. Pro100 – Creating your own catalog
  5. Easy Woodworking Design – Calculating cut angles
  6. MacDraft Pro – Single screen UI
  7. SolidWorks – Professional-grade design tool

If you are on the lookout for the best free woodworking design software, this article is worth reading. We have filtered out paid programs and left only free options that come with all the needed tools and features for the task. Choose what you like most and let your design talent flourish.

1. Fusion 360 – Our Choice

For working remotely

  • Free for personal projects
  • Simplifies the task of design
  • Cloud-based design tool
  • Not for newbies

fusion 360 logo

Fusion 360


Verdict: Fusion 360 is a woodworking design software application for the PC. Many people will probably think that such a product would be hard to come by, but the fact is that Fusion 360 is actually extremely easy to work with and the end result will leave even experienced woodworkers in awe.

What is also amazing about this program is that it is available for free! All you need to get started with is a computer, internet connection and free tools of your choice. This program will help you create some of the most beautiful woodworking pieces that you can find anywhere.

fusion 360 interface

2. SketchUp

With free 3D model library

  • Cutlists and cost estimates
  • Diverse drawing tools
  • Easy to use 3D
  • Warehouse community
  • Costly for commercial design

sketchup logo



Verdict: SketchUp is one of the best free woodworking design software that I have come across in a long time. This software allows you to create detailed 3D models of different pieces of furniture that you would like to make. If you are a beginning woodworker and you want to try your hand at woodworking, then SketchUp is definitely the best free woodworking design software that you can use.

sketchup interface

3. SketchList 3D

Fast models crafting

  • Creates and uses standart objects
  • Creates accurate reports
  • Easy learning curve
  • Advanced features are not free

SketchList 3D


Verdict: SketchList is a unique and outstanding program designed to help people with all levels of experience and expertise in woodworking design software. Whether you’re a beginner just looking to learn the ropes, or an expert who wants nothing but the best tips and tricks for crafting better projects, SketchList is designed to cater to your every need.

The best part is, you can use it on your computer and have access to thousands of woodworking design software tools that will save you tons of time and effort while giving you professional tips and tricks for better results and quality craftsmanship.

sketchlist 3d free woodworking design software interface

4. Pro100

Creating your own catalog

  • User-friendly interface
  • Advanced 3D rendering engine
  • Switches between inches easily
  • Importing data
  • Not a complete CAD tool



Verdict: The best part about Pro100 is that it has been designed so that beginners and experts can use the same programs together. The crafting community is a tight knit one, and you’ll have no trouble finding fellow crafters with similar hobbies and goals for crafting projects and crafting supplies.

If you use the tutorials provided with Pro100 on a daily basis, you’ll quickly become an expert in this niche and your craft projects will become more profitable and enjoyable as a result.

pro100 free woodworking design software interface

5. Easy Woodworking Design

Calculating cut angles

  • Deletes and restores an assembly
  • System backup and restore
  • Intuitive user-interface
  • Drag and drops boards feature
  • No features for testing designs

easy woodworking design free woodworking design software logo

Easy Woodworking Design


Verdict: Easy Woodworking Design offers step by step instructions, giving you an easy to follow blueprint so that you don’t have to start from scratch. Also, if you are looking to save money, notice that this software allows you to download files directly from the program’s website.

With Easy Woodworking Design, you should have no problem starting your new craft project and making something beautiful.

easy woodworking design free woodworking design software interface

6. MacDraft Pro

Single screen UI

  • New documentation tab
  • Precise and powerful dimension system
  • Complete set of tools
  • Guide snapping features
  • Costly

MacDraft Pro


Verdict: Macraft Pro has become a household name for the people who love crafting and designing. The first advantage that one can compare is its ease of use. This software is very easy to use for anyone who has never used a program before. It has drag and drop features that make it very easy for almost every user to be able to work with the program.

Another big plus with this software is its ability to export all your work into a PDF file, which is a very important feature when working on large projects.

macdraft pro free woodworking design software interface

7. SolidWorks

Professional-grade design tool

  • Large community
  • Instructional drawings
  • Creating models in steps
  • Testing and analytical tools
  • Comes with a steep learning curve


Verdict: Solidworks is among the best free woodworking design software that offers many features that will help you create some of the most beautiful woodworking patterns. The reason why it is so popular is because of the many templates it offers with your purchase, which allows you to quickly build up a number of projects based on your own desires and skill level.

Solid Works also includes forums and message boards for you to interact with other woodworkers, allowing you to get tips from one another regarding different issues, techniques and strategies.

Woodworking Software Buyer’s Guide

You can say that software is one of the woodworking tools you need for your project. Whether it’s furniture design or any other wood project, a good software will have the following features.


Determine your skills and evaluate the amount of training you will require to work these programs. This will allow you to get the most out of your purchase. You don’t want to have a hard time using these programs, so one that has a simple interface that won’t require training is ideal for beginners. Some available woodworking classes online can even provide you with deeper understanding on how these software and programs work. 

2D Or 3D Modelling

Depending on the type of projects you have available, a program allows for either 2D or 3D modelling, and sometimes it’s designed for both. The most important part is the versatility of the program. If you would like 2D planning and 3D modeling, look for an available CAD program that offers both.

Sketchlist 3D board setup feature


Some of these woodworking design programs like Fusion 360 and Sketchup as well as EZ Wood Project Designer have an affordable price than others. There are also few options that are free of charge! Determine your budget as well, as you may need to shop for more professional options. There are those that cost nothing, some that just require a one-off payment, and others that come with a subscription service.

Autodesk is a popular example that comes with a free trial. However, the premium versions feature reasonable pricing offers.


What Is The Best Software For Woodworking?

The best software for woodworking is EZ Wood Project Designer. Not only is it perfect for beginners, but it has useful features like price estimation for projects as well as a number of guides and templates.


For woodworkers looking for a way to boost their productivity and minimize some of the frustrations of CAD software, could be a good choice. The company claims that its tools remove most of the struggle that comes with designing and building custom furniture, making it possible to focus on the work instead of struggling with the tools.

The best CAD software gives you the tools to create high quality drawings of your projects without relying on a huge library of templates. Many furniture designers know that Sketchup allows them to customize objects to their liking.

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