Cad Software For Landscape Design

Are you an enthusiast in landscape design who has a dream to build your own dream house or work office? Of course, you will need some cad software for the purpose. There is no doubt that various kinds of facade design programs exist in the market that you can use for building your house or office design. In fact, there are so many good software for landscape design that actually, it may be difficult for you and me to choose which one is the best for our purpose.

Planning a landscape design can be a complex process, as there are many considerations that need to be made. You need to focus on how the architecture will affect the space and how different elements of water, such as ponds and fountains, will break up the hardscape. One of the most overlooked aspects of this is planning a drainage system. As heavy rains can wreak havoc on hardscaping, you need a way to divert excess water away. Professional landscape design software can help eliminate some of the guesswork when you’re planning these details.

The website landscape design software provides the service of giving the user a chance to develop their designs by just following easy steps. With the help of this software they can do it totally free of cost and in short time duration as well. The landscape design software enables them to operate precisely with a window system that is used for communicating with the users.

There are so many different Landscape Design Software that is at your disposal these days. There are various CAD software and Landscaping Software, but they can all be confusing and tough to understand at times. They come with a range of features, each one of them aimed towards making your life as an architect, an engineer or a designer a tad easier.  A decade or two ago the situation was totally different and the CAD software was rudimentary and easy to use.

We are the leading CAD software for landscape design. We help you create, edit, and view your designs in 2D and 3D.

Our software is fast, easy to use, and made specifically for landscape designers. You can use our CAD software for quick sketches or highly detailed plans that include elevation maps and materials lists.

Let us help you get started today!

Landscape design software for the creation and management of professional-quality designs. A complete solution for architects and engineers, including CAD tools, plant information management, project management, and more.

CAD landscape design software is one of the most widely used programs for landscape architecture, enabling landscape architects and designers to expedite landscape design and drafting. In today’s competitive market, CAD garden design software is a vital part of the landscape architect’s toolbox, enabling teams to collaborate seamlessly while giving clients a more visual insight into the final result.

Whether you’re designing commercial gardens, backyards, patios, decks, or outer buildings, there are a variety of CAD garden design programs out there that can make it difficult to know what is the best software for landscape design. Let’s take a look at some of the best features of BricsCAD software for landscaping.

Easily create revisions

One of the major holdbacks in a landscape designer’s workflow is recreating revisions, often leading to going back to the drawing board from scratch. Differentially to hand-drawn landscape designs, BricsCAD enables landscape architects to easily make multiple design changes. Powerful display performance enables users to zoom in on the finer details, utilizing the Redway 3D graphics system to deliver graphics in 3D.

Using Quick commands to speed up the design process

Powered by advanced machine learning technologies, BricsCAD’s smart design tools can accelerate design tasks that can take hours via manual methods. Parameter blocks automate repetitive tasks by enabling users to create one block instead of multiple individual items.

The intuitive direct modeling functionality enables users to edit solid and surface geometry. One of the best features is that solids can be imported into BricsCAD software from other modeling programs and can still be edited using the BricsCAD direct modeling tools.

Specialized landscaping tools at your fingertips

BricsCAD software has a huge catalog of third-party applications which can be seamlessly added to your BricsCAD program to create a customized CAD garden design toolset with everything you need.

The BricsCad Runtime eXtension enables top application developers to build industry-specific toolsets and workflows specifically for BricsCAD, helping landscape architects to get their work done easier, faster, and more accurately.

render villa building BricsCAD

A fast and seamless workflow

Working with different file types? BricsCAD communicator seamlessly imports CAD and PMI data from all the major CAD programs and exports industry-standard 3D file formats.

File types include:

  • Sketchup
  • Images
  • PDF

A huge catalog of symbols

Save time manually drawing common objects by utilizing BricsCAD’s catalog of objects. Users can also generate data maps, create shadows cast by plants and walls, use a variety of markers and arrows for readability, and substitute blocks freely.

Create multiple design iterations in a fraction of the time, enabling you to get a competitive edge when presenting design mockups to clients against competitors.

Streamline teamwork on commercial landscaping projects

Modern commercial landscaping projects often take a team of experts to complete the project, from civil and structural engineers to landscape architects and fabrication experts. A complex project does not unfold on a linear timeline and can take a lot of back and forth decisions and editing of the base design, meaning things can become disorganized fast.

BricsCAD software makes commercial landscaping projects more streamlined by enabling multiple collaborators to access and edit designs while on the go, tracking changes efficiently. When working with complex geometries that require precision, different teams can zoom in on design specifics, minimizing margin for error.

Meet industry standards

Modern-day sustainability requirements mean that complex systems are often required for water management and recycling. Create complex models within the parameters of your design space and easily communicate this with contractors when required.

Palm trees image

All the familiar tools of AutoCAD

Already used to working with AutoCAD® for landscape design? BricsCAD is much more than an AutoCAD® alternative, offering more functionality at a fraction of the cost.

What’s more, BricsCAD tools are instantly recognizable to AutoCAD® users, meaning there’s no need to waste time trying to get familiar with a new tool.

Overall, CAD landscape design software is an essential tool for any modern landscape architect looking to streamline operations and stay competitive. Not only do BricsCAD’s tools speed up the design process and automate manual tasks, but they also enable you to provide early mockups and design insights to clients that minimize the risk of being sent back to the drawing board later down the line.

Communicate more efficiently with multi-disciplinary teams by opening up your design information seamlessly, while importing and exporting plans to a range of other file types with ease. If CAD landscape design software isn’t already in your landscape architect toolbox, it’s time to take action.

Best landscape design software in 2022 for Windows and Mac

When you want to breathe life into your outdoor designs, you’ll need the best landscape design software. 

These design tools are built to bring outdoor spaces to life – from your first sparks of inspiration to a fully realized digital recreation. You don’t even need to be a graphic design wizard or CAD guru to master them. The focus is on effortlessly drawing out your ideas precisely the way you want them to look. 

Landscaping apps pair well with interior design software that let you map out your perfect home. However, in some cases, there are design tools that blend the two, offering all-in-one packages, so you can create and customize everything inside and out. 

Whether you’re a professional or a passionate enthusiast, there are plenty of 3D landscape design software, apps, and programs that simplify the creative process and help you get all your brilliant, beautiful, buzzing ideas onto the page. 

We’ve reviewed a range of professional design tools, like the best architecture software and the best interior design software. We assess them on what users want: an easy-to-use experience, powerful tools, best prices, built specifically for the job.  

We’ve selected the five best landscape design software tools for Windows and Mac, so you can create gardens that are perfect for you or your clients. 

1. Idea Spectrum Realtime Landscaping Pro

The best landscaping software for experts


View at Ideaspectrum(opens in new tab)



Good interface+

Responsive performance+

A wealth of flowers, plants and tree to use


Windows only-

No free option

Realtime Landscaping Pro is a Windows-only landscape design software focused on helping outdoor space creation. If you need to design a room, or an entire house, you’ll need to look elsewhere. 

This doesn’t mean you can’t create house exteriors. Realtime Landscaping Pro lets you add houses to your design. You just can’t venture inside them. 

Using the program is a delight. The easy-to-follow interface offers a fluid experience, making it one of the best landscape design software suites.

Landscaping an entire area from scratch can take some time, but the landscape design tool helps speed up the process with the use of Wizards. You have a handful of them, helping you design everything from ponds to decking. 

You have the option of fully customizing your chosen template, like building materials and size of individual elements. So, the landscaping program is both a time-saver to help you get started, and a launchpad to further your own creativity.

There’s no subscription plans here. Realtime Landscaping Pro offers bags of features to help you create the garden of your dreams. You can then upgrade to any new release for a discounted price.

2. FloorPlan Home & Landscape Deluxe

The best interior design & landscape design software combo



Easy to use+

Friendly interface+

Great time saving features


Hard to navigate in 3D-

Could select all objects in 3D

FloorPlan Home & Landscape Deluxe is a complete digital interior design and landscaping program. 

It’s a single package that offers the ability to create and furnish rooms, build custom cabinets, and design outdoor living spaces – the ideal landscaping tool for the full virtual home experience. 

The Templates section is especially good. Here, you’ll find a vast selection of ready made groups of items, like a table and chairs, say, or a ready-made landscape section. It’s all there to help speed up the design process. There’s also a host of tools for creating truly accessible areas. 

You can create designs in very little time. Fine tuning and customizing is just as easy, and it’s only marred by a potentially glitchy 3D interface where objects occasionally aren’t selected first time. 

The best landscape design software is simple and intuitive to use – whether you’re a home user or professional contractor. And for the most part, FloorPlan delivers. 

You’ll find loads of features designed to make the creation process more efficient. The help menu is only ever a click away, and the interface is friendly and inviting. Experience, then, is no barrier to professional 3D home and landscape designing.

3. NCH Software DreamPlan

The best value for money landscape design software




Easy to use and multi-platform+

Work on multiple levels+

Can easily import 3D objects


Can be slow-

Not all objects installed initially

DreamPlan is a landscaping app for Windows and Mac that offers great value for money and an easy user experience. But that’s what you’d expect from a program billed as ‘home design software for everyone’. 

Like FloorPlan 2021, it combines home interior design and landscape design tools. This lets you perfect floor plans and build dream rooms. 

On the landscaping side, you’ll plant trees, create swimming pools, and reshape terrain just the way you like it. The software comes with a vast library of plants and outdoor furniture that you’re free to customize. 

You can choose between two versions depending on your use. DreamPlan Plus is for businesses, with unlimited, single-user commercial licensing. DreamPlan Home is for personal users. Both are one-off payments, so you won’t get tangled up into a subscription deal. 

NCH’s offering is an excellent piece of landscape design software, helping you create a building on multiple levels, alter it, and customize it inside and out to your heart’s content.

4. Space Designer 3D(opens in new tab)



Works fluidly+

Full customisation available


No free plan-

Cannot edit or customise in 3D

Space Designer 3D is an online service, which means it’ll work from a browser and you won’t need to install it onto every computer you work on. 

The main focus is interior design, but landscaping your garden is possible. There is a generous library of trees, plants, and flowers on offer for you to pepper throughout your terrain. You can’t alter the ground’s elevation, though, which limits you to perfectly flat gardens. 

If you’re a beginner or intermediate, that might be enough to get you started in visualizing your outside space. If you’re a veteran designer looking for powerful creation tools, then it might not be the best landscape design software for you. 

The program features a range of subscriptions to suit, with personal and commercial licensing options. Business is a bespoke subscription with prices depending on your needs. 

There’s also a Casual plan, which lets you pay per project. But if you want to try before you buy as it were, check out the Demo option to get a feel for what the service offers.

5. Virtual Architect Ultimate with Landscaping and Decks Design 10

The best landscape design software all-rounder



Easy to use+

Useful wizards+

Lots of customisation options


Annoying tutor-

Frustrating 3D navigation

Virtual Architect Ultimate with Landscaping and Decks Design 10 is an all-in-one package for creating stunning indoor and outdoor spaces. 

The advanced landscape creation section is very flexible, enabling you to work on multiple elevations, create paths, and add lighting effects. There’s a large library of plants, arbors, and trellises for your garden. The complete plant encyclopedia boasts more than 7,500 entries and a seasonal plant care calendar. You can also add gazebos, fences, walls, and even sprinklers for ultimate realism. 

In use, it’s a fairly intuitive landscape design app. But, there are a handful of clunky interface choices that mar an otherwise solid experience. Easing the burden on beginners, the software comes with a number of wizards. This includes one for quickly creating decks, potentially saving you a lot of time.

There’s no subscription fees for one of the best landscape design software suites. Just a one-off payment. However, the program is Windows-only, which may not suit your graphic design laptop.

How to choose the best landscape design software for you

When choosing which landscape design software is best, start by assessing your needs and skill-level. Are you a professional landscape designer or looking to improve your own outdoor space (or even maybe both)? Realtime Landscaping Pro is great for professionals, for instance, but TurboCAD’s FloorPlan is easy enough for beginners and home users. 

Select which devices you’ll use. Certain landscaping design tools are Windows or Mac-only, others are available across platforms – while Space Designer 3D is a wholly browser-based design canvas. 

You’ll also want to determine if you’re using software to design gardens or you need tools for interior design, too. Some of the best landscape design software offer both – although it can feel ‘tacked on’ in some instances. If you’re a pro, it may be best to focus on strict landscaping designers, creating home design interiors in a separate program.

How we test the best landscape design software

The best landscape design software should be easy to use, and packed with features and assets powerful enough to recreate your creativity on the screen. 

Not all landscaping apps are the same, though – professional-grade and consumer-level design software offers different toolkits for different purposes. We believe it’s important to assess the individual merits of each one based on its audience.  

Ultimately, we expect the very best landscape design software to allow your imagination flow across virtual outdoor spaces. It’s on this basis that we test and review the tools. 


If you’re a landscape designer who has always dreamed of having his or her own CAD software, Qya Fusion Landscaping Software is for you. It could be your ticket to a more professional and efficient business.

The program offers an easy to use interface, tutorials and videos available on Youtube, and a very active forum community with over 50k users. Join the growing cadsoft forum community where you can download cadsoft software for free and participate in the ever growing geo-modeling community.

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