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If you are involved in civil or architectural engineering, you might be looking out for the right CAD software. If you are looking for the best computer aided design (CAD) software, some of the most commonly used ones include AutoCAD, Revit and SketchUp. However, there is one thing that you need to keep in mind while choosing a CAD software. You need to make sure that it supports the features required by your industry.

The CAD software you choose makes a big difference when you’re working with construction materials. Not only will it help you save time and money, but also assist in making sure that every piece of your building is placed exactly where it needs to be.

CAD processing is done on a computer using advanced CAD software. It is called CAD because of the usage of computer in designing and drawing process. Because of its use of different input methods, linear transformations and a geometry solver, Computer Aided Design has become a form of design that can be used by people with little training or previous knowledge.

Instead of relying on a single CAD product, many architects find it more efficient to use multiple CAD software. Here’s why this is the case, and a short list for those looking for a best cad software for their business.

You’ve just been assigned a new project by the owner of your company, and they want you to use CAD Construction Software to design and build a new house. You’ve used CAD Software once before, but nothing like this. There are so many options and features, it’s easy to get lost. Have no fear. Here is a list of popular Cad Software products. is an online CAD software store that provides comprehensive construction solutions to its clients. We sell all kinds of construction software and provide a wide range of services, including 3D modeling and rendering, 2D drafting, surveying and mapping, virtual reality and augmented reality, GIS solutions and more. Our goal is to assist contractors in designing their projects with ease by offering the best solutions at affordable prices. Whether you’re looking for a simple drawing program or something more complex like AutoCAD Civil 3D or Revit Architecture, we have it all! Our team of experts has years of experience in this field so feel free to contact us if you need any help choosing the right product for your needs. is a software company that specializes in providing software solutions for construction companies. Our software helps builders, engineers and contractors to organize their projects and plans, save time and money while they are designing, analyzing or building structures. Our goal is to make your work easier, faster and more efficient.

Architectural CAD (computer-aided design) software can ease out the tasks related to the creations of 2D and 3D building plans and blueprints. Both beginners and experts can easily create accurate and responsive designs by employing high-quality architectural CAD software for their business purposes. An architectural CAD  system allows architects, builders, professional designers, and even design enthusiasts to efficiently explore the designing options. If you are looking for the best architectural cad software for your business requirement, then you have landed in the right place. Here, GoodFirms provides you the list of top architectural CAD systems that can seamlessly meet your business demands. 

Best construction and home design software products

Top construction design software

  1. Vectorworks Architect and Vectorworks Designer
  2. SketchUp
  3. AutoCAD
  4. DataCAD
  5. Revit

Vectorworks Architect and Vectorworks Designer

Vectorworks Architect is a design tool with modeling, drafting and documentation capabilities. Vectorworks Designer has all these features with the addition of site information modeling (SIM) and design tools. With such features as built-in energy analysis and automated schedules, worksheets and data reports, architects and construction managers can easily collaborate and share multiple documents in one place.

“Vectorworks Designer allows you to work in any way you prefer – there is no pre-defined workflow. It is extremely capable and can be as 2d or 3d as you like; it can be a BIM powerhouse, or a simple (yet sophisticated) drafting program. Great software and I did not even mention how robust its modeling capabilities are.” — Vectorworks Designer review from Ron K. 


SketchUp is a 3D modeling program that can be used in variety of industries. Its features include 2D drawing and document conversion, so it can be easily applied as a BIM tool. The intent behind the software is to make something easy to learn and use, so you can begin designing as soon as possible. It also contains a 3D model library, so you can spend more time designing and less time creating common models (such as staircases and floor plans) from scratch. Both professional interior designers and casual home renovators can leverage SketchUp’s free floor plan software functionality to design the 2D or 3D plans of their dreams.

“I was using SketchUp for Design and Drafting of Formwork Systems used in a Hydroelectric Power Plant. I was able to 3D Model the entire structure and once completed that model I was able to design my Formwork around it. I then took that 3D modeled formwork and used Scenes to transfer those 3D images to 2D drawings using SketchUp Layout.

“The whole system worked great and once the model was setup you can go back and edit the 3D model and it would automatically transfer over to the 2D drawings.” — SketchUp review from a G2 Crowd reviewer


AutoCAD is a platform that has both 2D drawing and 3D modeling capabilities. It has robust customization and collaboration options, which make sharing with your team efficient and easy. It is primarily a computer-aided design (CAD) program, which is usually geared more toward engineers and manufacturers. AutoCAD, however, has many BIM and architectural features.

“AutoCAD is very dependable. From creating machine parts for my school thesis. to drawing layouts for our construction projects in my previous job, AutoCAD never failed. [. . .] Also, I can use it together with other programs. I can import & export drawings that was already made from another program and improve it using AutoCAD.” — AutoCad review from Micah Sarah L.


DataCAD is a program for architectural design and construction document creation. While it includes drafting and 3D modeling tools, contractors can use the automatic 3D framing tool and virtual walkthroughs to accomplish BIM-related tasks.

“First and foremost it is a very user friendly program that has a very short learning curve. Since my clients can understand the drawings better in 3d I now draw everything in the 3d mode which I can then model in O2C or in Sketchup. I have tried some of the other programs and found them to be much harder to learn and to use.” — DataCAD review from a G2 Crowd reviewer


Revit is a BIM tool that contains many features specifically for architects, engineers and construction professionals. Construction modeling, coordination and fabrication features make this a much more technical program than the others listed, with somewhat of a higher learning curve. However, there are many tutorials and other learning opportunities provided.

“It’s a great program for collaboration. We use it to work in complex projects where different parts of the project are shared between different of our offices or external consultants. The ability to work in the same model from geographically distant offices or to share links to the model with external consultants works perfectly.” — Revit review from Jorge A

Looking for other construction software, free BIM tools or other design software, but don’t know where to begin? Read thousands of real user reviews or chat with a G2 Crowd buying advisor today!

How it Works: CAD Software for Estimating Construction Projects

CAD (computer-aided design) software can appear intimidating at first, but in reality, there are simplified programs that are made to feel just like drawing with pen and paper — and don’t take any time to learn.

The ArcSite app for iPad is the perfect CAD software to estimate your job. ArcSite creates takeoffs from drawings. Whether you scan/photograph and upload the drawing to ArcSite, or create a drawing from scratch using ArcSite, you’ll never go back to pen and paper estimates.

ArcSite uses attributes from your drawings to generate a takeoff document.

How does this work? You can indicate metadata for specific shapes and symbols that you use within your drawings.

For instance, if you’re going to use a specific lighting fixture in your drawing, you can easily give that symbol attributes that help in the takeoff process. You can enter notes about the wattage, mount height, Kelvin temp, and more.

Whenever you add this symbol to the drawing, ArcSite remembers that attribute data and keeps track of quantity. When it comes time to export, you can export the plans, takeoff document, and associated photos in one neat bundle. All the attribute data, quantities, and more are included.

Easy & Fast

Construction takeoffs have never been faster and easier using our CAD software. ArcSite users report 80% in time savings when generating takeoffs and estimates.

The mobile nature of ArcSite allows you to enter notes on the job site electronically and only once instead of doing double the work (paper then the computer).

With a simplified user interface and intuitive technology, ArcSite mimics the feel of using pen and paper at a fraction of the time it usually takes to complete a drawing or takeoff. Little to no learning required! These are only a few of the many advantages of CAD drawings.

Collaborative & Consistent

ArcSite understands you’re not the only person involved in the job. Clients, co-workers, subcontractors, and vendors all touch the job and this means that collaboration and consistency is key.

This is where collaborative CAD software comes in.

Built to make collaboration and sharing fast and easy, ArcSite contains several export options.

You can co-edit in real time with any other members on your team, and with just a couple taps of your screen, send the documents instantly to those who need it.

Affordable & Justifiable

ArcSite is an affordable CAD software app that streamlines your workflow and improves productivity.

Our CAD software plans are tiered to fit your specific needs and budget.

The price of ArcSite is easily justifiable and you will see an immediate return on the investment with improved productivity, collaboration, and substantial time savings.


If there’s one business that is always in need of reliable cad software, it’s the construction industry. The cornerstone of their work is a set of design documents that are used for everything from building permits to insurance quotes, and those documents must be precise and accurate in order to facilitate seamless communication and flawless understanding.

We hope this article has helped you understand the importance of CAD software in the construction industry and helped you in choosing a CAD software plan that fits your specific needs.

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