Best universities for digital marketing in uk

Searching for the best universities for digital marketing in uk? Well, you’ve come to the right place! But if you’re struggling with your digital marketing, who better to turn to than the almighty search engine, Google? Here are some digital marketing Masters degrees available at the most highly ranked universities, globally.

There are plenty of outstanding universities that offer a fantastic course in digital marketing, with several having outstanding reputation, but below you will find the best ranked universities for digital marketing in the UK.

If you are a recent graduate looking to develop your career in digital marketing, then choosing the best university to attend is a key step. With increasing competition and many grads finding it hard to secure the right position, we decided to come up with a ‘top 10’ list of universities offering great degrees in digital marketing.

Best universities for digital marketing in uk

1. University of Bath

At the University of Bath students can go for a marketing course for a specialist route to a career in digital marketing along with a background in business/management. 

  • Course to consider: Marketing MSc
  • International fees: £28,000

2. City, University of London

City, University of London offers a strategic marketing master’s course that is tailored for candidates with little or no experience in Digital Marketing. The University offers a holistic marketing course that also includes a module in digital marketing. The programme is offered through its business school, Bayes.

  • Course to consider: Marketing Strategy and Innovation MSc
  • International fees: £28,000

3. Durham University

Marketing courses at Durham University are delivered in collaboration with the Chartered Institute of Marketing (CIM), the leading professional body for marketers worldwide. Term 2 of the course includes a module in digital marketing.

  • Course to consider: MSc Marketing 
  • International fees: £27,000

4. University of Exeter

Digital marketing courses at the University of Exeter offer a practical introduction and application of digital marketing that includes marketing analytics, marketing analysis, campaign planning and digital innovation.

  • Course to consider: MSc Digital Marketing
  • International fees: £24,000 

5. University of Southampton

With the University of Southampton’s digital marketing courses you will be able to develop the skills and knowledge you will need to flourish as an expert digital marketeer. 

  • Course to consider: Digital Marketing (MSc)
  • International fees: £25,000

6. University of Leeds

The University of Leeds offers a Masters in Advertising and Marketing that focuses on advertising and branding with specialist knowledge in marketing management and communications. Through the course, you will develop a comprehensive understanding of the key areas in digital marketing such as strategy and consumer behaviour.

  • Course to consider: Advertising and Marketing MA
  • International fees: £27,500

7. University of Strathclyde

Digital Marketing Management at Strathclyde is a unique course developed in collaboration with the industry in response to a growing need for graduates with digital marketing skills. You can gain an understanding of digital technologies and their application for business purposes and, at the same time, learn about digital marketing in practice with hands-on experience with established and emerging digital media.

  • Course to consider: MSc Digital Marketing Management
  • International fees: £23,650

8. University of Manchester

With a digital marketing degree from the University of Manchester, students will gain a strategic understanding of the entire digital marketing processes, and gain in depth knowledge of tools and tactics to deliver you with unique analytical as well as problem-solving skills.

  • Course to consider: MSc Digital Marketing
  • International fees: £25,000

9. Loughborough University

Loughborough University’s digital marketing courses are aimed at helping students with an overall knowledge of digital technologies along with the principles of digital contemporary marketing practices.

  • Course to consider: MSc Digital Marketing
  • International fees: £26,500

10. Lancaster University

Benefits from workshops, group-based activities and lectures from industry leaders to develop your knowledge whilst studying MSc Marketing at Lancaster University. Digital marketing is available at Lancaster University as an optional module in the second term of the MSc marketing course.

  • Course to consider: MSc Marketing
  • International fees: £24,150