Best udemy course for digital marketing

Are you looking for a udemy course for digital marketing? Here is our review and best recommendations. Take a look.

I have put together a comprehensive list of the best udemy courses on digital marketing, whether you’re an absolute beginner in your journey or simply want to optimize your skill set. Whether you have a blog and are looking to monetize it with affiliate marketing, Facebook Ads, or running your own website and want to get your SEO right or even establish your own business with an e-com store, you’ll find what you need below.

Do you want to learn Digital Marketing? Are you an e-commerce owner, freelancer or businessman trying to market their business through the web? If so, then Udemy Coupons has listed the best and cheapest online courses for you.

Best udemy course for digital marketing

. The highest rated General digital marketing course on Udemy by Rob Percival


With over 150k+ reviews, and nearly 700k students – Rob Percivel’s digital marketing course is it is one of the most taken marketing courses on Udemy. This course covers a width breadth of topics over it’s 23 hour period with focus on market research, WordPress (no-code), email marketing, copy writing, SEO, YouTube marketing, social media marketing, facebook ads and much more. The course also dives into things like Quora marketing and social media marketing from Twittter, Instagram and LinkedIn.


  • Great topic coverage, lots of different social media marketing, email marketing and some content courses.
  • The course is relatively procedural, it starts out broad with market research and building a website (the fundamentals), then dives into content creation and SEO, then social media marketing platforms (YouTube, Quora, Twitter, Facebook). It then goes to more advanced topics that require an understanding of all concepts aforementioned (Google ads, FB Ads and Google analytics).
  • The core focal points for this course are search engine optimization, Google analytics and Facebook ads. Combining these three units is almost half the course.
  • The owner Daragh Walsh actually owns a website that he uses as an example for content marketing, SEO and Ads.


  • Besides maybe Facebook marketing (because it‘s 5+ hours), this course is purely an introduction to digital marketing strategy. There isn’t enough course coverage to make you particularly skilled at any one subject here.
  • There’s no actual affiliate marketing? Even though the author said there would be?
  • As an SEO expert myself, in reality – there should be a heavy emphasis on backlinks to help grow your website and authority, so you can rank faster and more effectively – this course devotes less than 20 minutes to the subject.
  • Google analytics course is out-of-date with GA4 replacing universal analytics in 2023. So it may be pointless to even take that section.
  • All of these marketing tools, have secondary tools that make you a more proficient marketer. For example, I use AHrefs, Screamingfrog, Clearscope for SEO and content marketing.
  • I expected more training in Google Ads. It’s an essential PPC specialization just like Facebook Ads (which the author spent 5 hours in). There was a very basic walkthrough talk through for Google ads (with no mention of retargeting, or shopping ads, important for eCommerce).

Who is the course for?

  • This course is meant for someone without digital marketing skills.
  • Someone who’s transitioning to marketing from finance or engineering.
  • A person looking to generically learn digital marketing techniques, but not specialize in any one thing.
  • A business owner looking to better understand how digital marketing works.

Who is this course not for?

  • Someone who’s already in digital marketing. If you know of these concepts, you’re better off Googling how to do things.
  • A marketer looking to specialize in a specific category, this is a general marketing course, which is the main target audience.
  • A marketer looking to actually run campaigns. While this course shows you basics of many specific categories, you will not be an expert in any of them.

What do some students say?

I recently transitioned from a finance position to a marketing position within my company. I used this course to give me some background knowledge into marketing. This course offered me the basics needed to make the transition to a new career. Although, there were some modules which, for me, were redundant, they still provided tips to increase website traffic.Sarah W – 4 / 5 stars – May 2022

This is a great course to learn the basics of marketing. It has been meticulously structured and organised to help a complete beginner step by step. However, a lot of interfaces across platforms have been updated since this course was put together. I hope sections of this course will be updated soon.Aparna K – 4.5 / 5 stars – November 2021

The course content is really good for someone new to SEO and digital marketing in general. I am learning A LOT about improving my site and google ranking with straightforward steps. The only feedback I have is to update the recordings focused on tools like MOZ, keywords everywhere, etc. Because they look entirely different, and a lot of them are no longer freeInbar M. – 5 / 5 stars – February 2022


What I get from this course is, it’s meant as a general online marketing course. It will give you just enough information, to potentially hold your own in the interview – but when it comes to actually running campaigns or generating revenue from your website – I doubt that this course equips you enough to do that.

What it does do well is provide you with a number of “options” to specialize your digital marketing career in. Ultimately, this course is built for new marketers, as a means to onboard them to the complex world of digital – which this course doesn’t do badly at all.

As an illustration of my point above, you can compare both Daragh Walsh’s site on AHrefs and my website blog. While there are some attempts to do proper SEO, his blog falls short in traffic, backlinks and over infrastructure (at the time of me writing this article, the home page is broken). My website is only 2 years old, whereas Daragh’s is 7 years old.

Buy this course if you’re new to marketing and want to learn the fundamentals of digital marketing, stay away if you’re a few years into your career.