Best topics for blogging in india

After many years of blogging I noticed that most blogs run out of topics for new posts and this is the case with most bloggers. So today I decided to write about the top 10 topics for blogging that currently trending in india

What are the best topics for blogging in India? That is a question many new bloggers ask because there are so many interesting topics to write about. I’m sure you’ve heard “write about what you know” and it’s very true. There are two different types of topics: personal and blog business.

A question that is often asked by bloggers in India is exactly the same as the ones that are asked by most other bloggers across the globe. It is What topic should I blog on? So to help you, this article enumerates a set of questions which will help you, determine topics for blogging.

Best topics for blogging in india

Let me warn you that blogging is a lucrative career in India that should be started appropriately if you intend to not regret it later. To choose a perfect blog niche, you must pick one high in demand and minor with the competition.

Here’s why you need to do your research for the blog niche:

  • To establish authority: Blogging in a particular niche makes you stand out and command authority amongst readers and researchers in that field.
  • The desired audience: If your blog thrives on a specific niche, you will curate a knowledgeable audience and community who also share your blog interest. This makes monetizing a blog easy.
  • Better SEO rankings: A blog concentrating on one niche will automatically gain topical authority. That is because it has good content around various topics that helps readers and rewards them by search engines.
  • Better income generation: Being a professional in a single niche gives you a better chance of working/affiliating with paying customers and brands to your niche caters.

Here are some topics to write about

1. Health And Fitness

Very few blogs in India are dedicated to health and fitness, yet, it is one of the top blog niches in India. The simple reason is that it has high-paying keywords, making you earn more money via traditional ads like Google AdSense. As a health and fitness blogger, you can branch out into sub-niches like skincare, meditation, holistic healing, mental health, nutrition, etc.

2. Lifestyle

From how popular lifestyle reality T.V shows are in India today, it is a no-brainer why it will be one of the best blog niches in India. There’s significant traffic and good income yield here. Some of the branches an Indian lifestyle blogger can venture into are fashion, weight loss, culture, etc.

3. Job And Career

As hot and relevant as this blog niche is in India, only a few blogs are dedicated to this niche, considering how many searches are directed at it. Thus, with high demand and little competition, a blog in Job and career fits the bill of the best blog niches in India and can cater to sections like DIYs, career hacks and tips, etc.

4. Music/Entertainment

This blog genre is highly lucrative in India, not just because of the role music plays in Indian culture. The chances are that you will get affiliation deals and free merchandise when you blog about particular music or entertainment. Sub niches can be specifically dedicated to K-pop, K-drama, TV shows, web series, funny clips, etc. There is always much to talk about in this blog niche.

5. News

The news blog genre in India may require you to be on your best game. A good news blog in subsections like politics, health, movies, celebrity news, scandal, etc., is most lucrative and draws a good amount of blog traffic.

6. Food

The food niche is one of the best blog niches in India and has a high monetization probability and yield. Producers and retailers of food and kitchen tools often work with Indian food bloggers. They pay the food bloggers to feature their products on their pages and market them to their readers. You can also find many affiliate products in this niche to promote and earn money.

7. Tutorials

Tutorial blogs have become India’s best blog niches, with many Indians expanding their career wings by learning different skill sets. Blogs in the tutorial niche can be dedicated to coding, photography, English language, Mathematics, etc.


8. Property And Real Estate

With India’s drastic growth and real estate properties, it would not be astonishing when I say real estate blogs are evolving. If you enjoy what you do in the real estate business, you can simply have another income source, ‘blogging .’ With the questions you receive from your prospects, you will always have a bank of content ideas and not run out.

Real estate blogs have enormous potential to attract an educated audience and can be easily converted. Some specific blog topics in the real estate category are flipping houses, constructions, interior designing, home decors, relocation tips, property listings, rent/buy, etc.

9. Banking And Finance

Banking and finance blog niches are very common in India but are only catered to by a few blogs. Suppose you have extensive and legit knowledge about banking in India; you can own a blog, share your knowledge with the audience and cash the service. Basically, becoming a financial guru is easy when you have a blog and create informative content.

You can write about financial savings, investments, or retirement plans.

10. Tech

The world of technology for the Indian populace is vastly and speedily evolving, moving to newer specifications. As a result, tech blogs are fast becoming one of the best blog niches in India, and you should get it on it too. Some of the sub-niches a tech blogger can major in are Apps, reviews, Gaming, Playstation, Apple devices, Smart TVs, etc.

11. Sports

Sports has a big blogging market in India with substantial demand. If you have a solid interest in sporting activities, especially Cricket and the IPL, this can be your blogging niche. Take advantage of the passionate fans of sports like Cricket and soccer in India and build a great sports blog, which you won’t regret later.

12. Weddings

Indian weddings deserve a blog niche dedicated to capturing the intricacies, rigors, and Fanfare! You can start a wedding blog in India with sub-niches in planning, venues, décor, the significance of certain wedding traditions, etc.

13. Love And Relationship

Everybody loves a good relationship blog. Many youthful Indians often go online to find relationship ideas, date tips, first date do’s and Dont’s, etc. Subtopics include understanding man/women, attracting man/women, romance, dating tips, dealing with breakups, etc. can be considered to blog about.

14. Travel

With so many beautiful places of cultural heritage scattered across India, travel blogs could easily be one of India’s best blog niche ideas, with a solid income. Visiting new places, learning about their history, and organizing the information as blogs can generate significant revenue from affiliations.

15. Automobiles

There is a growing enthusiasm for cars and motorbikes in the Indian youth demographic. If you are well versed in automobiles, you can start a blog about them and take advantage of the burgeoning interest in car specifics in India.


Your audience base is infinite, and I’ll help you reach it. Create a blog in India that enables people to solve their problems. You’ll be earning and making a comfortable living as a blogger before you know it. The power is at your fingertips!

To own a solid and thriving blog, it is necessary to carve out a niche for oneself for all the good that it does. A blog in any of these niches we discussed will excel as they are some of the best blog niches in India.