Best PWA Plugin For WordPress

A Progressive Web App allows you to break the barrier between a website and an app. They are more beneficial for the mobile users as they use the same technology on both desktop and mobile devices. Here is a list of the best WordPress plugins that can be used to optimize your website for PWAs.

If you are looking for a great plugin to make your desktop app feel native and enable push notifications, you can use PWABattery. What this means, is that PWABattery allows one to easily build a Progressive Web App (PWA) for WordPress.

A progressive web app or PWA is a mobile first website that provides an app-like experience to users, while complying with the architectural principles of Progressive Web Apps.

Best PWA Plugin For WordPress

Top Best WordPress PWA Plugins
PWA for WordPress
Pwa For WordPress

This great WordPress PWA Plugin enables you to transform your site into PWA in real-time. Besides, thanks to using PWA for WordPress plugin, you can also fine-tune the cache for example expiration date and time as well as URL exclusion.

Provided features:

Set expiration time of caches
Configurations of web applications
Make your WordPress website to PWA
Control PWA’s functions
Fine-tune the cache

Excellent solution
Easy to use
Progressive WordPress (PWA)
Progressive WordPress (Pwa)

Progressive WordPress enables you to insert progressive web app features for your website easily. In addition, this WordPress PWA Plugin also allows your users to insert your site into their home-screen as well. Moreover, by sending push notifications, this plugin can keep your users engaged on your site effectively.

Provided features:

Send push notifications
Make your website reliable
Provide an integrated user experience
Add progressive web app features

Just Perfect
Excellent app

PWA is a wonderful WordPress PWA Plugin which is a great place for you to implement support for Web App Manifest, HTTPS as well as Service Workers in WordPress. Moreover, this plugin is very reliable that can load instantly without displaying the down sour even in uncertain network condition.

Provided features:

Respond quickly to user interactions
Load instantly and never show the down sour
Feel like a natural app on the device
Provide the PWA building blocks

Very exciting
Very much needed
Easy to configure
WP-AppKit – Mobile apps and PWA for WordPress
Wp-Appkit – Mobile Apps And Pwa For WordPress

Here is a great way for you to convey a reliable and fast experience on the web used for mobiles. In addition, thanks to using WP-AppKit, you can also generate PWA (Progressive Web Apps) as well as mobile apps for your WP site with the help of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

Provided features:

Easy online compilation
Create app themes
Native support of WordPress
Full support of progressive web apps
Android support
Hook into our API to add the features you need

Nice app
Excellent tool
Super Progressive Web Apps
Super Progressive Web Apps

Super Progressive Web Apps is a popular plugin that consists of the best mobile web and mobile apps so that you are able to generate a superior mobile web experience. Furthermore, using this plugin can allow you to exchange your WP site into a Progressive Web App in real-time.

Provided features:

Show the “Add to home screen” notice
Aggressive caching of pages
Edit the Application Name and Application Short name
Set the start page of your PWA
Set custom offline page
Change the color of the browser address bar of Chrome
Set Accelerated Mobile Page version of the start page
And more

Five stars
Simply amazing
Work brilliantly
PWA for WP & AMP
Pwa For Wp &Amp; Amp

This WordPress PWA Plugin enables you to insert the power of the progressive Web Apps for your AMP and WP easily. Besides, thanks to PWA for WP & AMP plugin, you are able to get your site to your audience’s home screen. It can also work instantly such as an APP with offline support.

Provided features:

Easily change the start URL
Caching Strategy for PWA enabled assets
APP Banners in Home-screen
UTM Tracking
Continuous Development
OneSignal support with multisite
Cache Expire option
And more

Excellent plugin
WordPress Mobile Pack
WordPress Mobile Pack

WordPress Mobile Pack is a great WordPress PWA Plugin that you can use to transform the content of your site into a progressive mobile web application. What’s more, you can also have the ability to customize the appearance of your mobile web app so that it can resemble your brand identity.

Provided features:

Choose what pages you want to display
Access to multiple app themes
Customize your mobile web app’s appearance
Loading the mobile web application
Add to Homescreen

Works well
Perfect plugin
Very solid plugin
WebSuite PWA
Websuite Pwa

By using the WebSuite PWA Plugin, you are able to transform the content of your mobile site into a PWA. Moreover, this plugin includes multiple app themes and you can also show configurations to be able to select from. It also provides support for all smartphones and tablets and integrates with many browsers such as Google, Chrome, Android, and Safari as well.

Provided features:

Easily integrates with Google Analytics
Add the mobile web application to the home screen
Increase engagement by sending web alerts
Customize the appearance
Preview display settings

Great plugin
In short, we have already share with you some outstanding and useful WordPress PWA Plugins. Therefore, we will be happy if this blog is helpful for you. In case you want to ask more information related to the topic, don’t hesitate to leave your comment below.

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