Best Push Notification Plugin For WordPress

There are a lot of push notifications plugins out there. So which is the best? Welcome to my Push That Notification series, where I try and tell you all about the best WordPress push notification plugin available today.

Push notifications are a great way to get users to check out your website. Not only that they drive a 13% increase in conversions, but they also increase time on website because of their engagement factor. Now there are many push notification services out there, I’ve personally used OneSignal for two years now and I’m very pleased with the results.

I’m sure you’ve heard of push notifications by now. Push notifications are typically used on mobile devices as a way to alert your users about new information or updates. It’s not hard to set up push notifications for your WordPress site. A lot of people do it wrong, though. In this case study, we’ll be looking at how one of our clients is using push notifications and how you can improve your own strategy.

Best Push Notification Plugin For WordPress

In today’s article, we are going to learn about an increasingly popular way webmasters engage with their audiences and keep visitors returning to their websites.

We’ll cover what are push notifications, what are the benefits of running a push notification campaign and we’ll briefly review how you can set them up to work with your WordPress website. In the second part of the article, we listed the 10 best WordPress push notifications plugins and compared their features to save you time and effort!

When choosing a plugin to add push notifications to WordPress you should consider supported devices, optin form and notification customizations, quantity of push notifications you can send, control over messages sent and if analytics are provided.

Bearing this in mind, let’s take a look at some of the best WordPress push notification plugins.

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  1. OneSignal
    OneSignal Free Web Push Notifications Plugin

OneSignal is a free WordPress plugin that can provide unlimited desktop push notifications. It currently supports Chrome, Firefox, and Safari browsers. This popular feature-rich plugin opt-in form customization options as well as timing and display location settings. It also allows you to A/B test your messages to see which ones have a better conversion rate. Along with automatic push notifications that are sent every time you publish a new post, you can send reminders out to people that haven’t visited your site in a while. Messages can be scheduled to be delivered in the future, based on previous times readers visited your site or their time zone.

  1. – Web Push Notifications

Send quick and efficient web push notifications to your readers with This free plugin allows you to notify readers about your new content or offers using Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Opera or Yandex. Plus there are advanced features for subscription prompts, automated notification based on RSS feed, drip campaigns to introduce new subscribers to your site, and a unique push digest of your popular news. And since works great on any desktop or mobile device you can be confident that your readers are seeing your push notifications.

You do need to signup for a plan to use their plugin. But lucky for you offers a generous forever free plan for one user with up to 30,000 subscribers (wow!). This includes unlimited notifications and’s full suite of features and integrations. But for unlimited subscribers and users, white labeling, developer friendly RESTful API and priority support you can upgrade to a business plan. Starting at just $4 it’s a worthwhile expense.

  1. WonderPush
    WonderPush – Web Push Notifications

Another great option for your site is WonderPush web push notifications. With the plugin installed, subscribers who have opted in will know as soon as you publish a new post. Since the plugin is compatible with Chrome, Edge, Opera and Firefox you shouldn’t have any problem reaching the majority of your audience with the click of a button.

What makes this plugin standout are the awesome built-in features. Want to reach-out to a specific demographic? With WonderPush you have the option to restrict a push based on language, tags or events. You can also utilize WonderPush to recover abandoned carts. Just send out a push to remind subscribers that they left something awesome in their carts. And with WonderPush’s dashboard you can manage al of your campaigns, segments, staff with access and real time analytics for your notifications.

And lastly, it’s important to note that WonderPush is a premium service (starting at 1E per month). But they do offer a 14 day free trial, and they’re GDPR compliant (meaning your data and your customers’ information is safely and appropriately managed to comply with these regulations). So why not give it a try and watch your traffic (and possibly revenues) grow!

  1. Smart Notifications (Premium)
    Smart Notifications Premium WordPress Plugin

Smart Notifications is a push notification, newsletter, Facebook Messenger and subscriber analytics plugin all rolled into one. This makes communicating with your audience easier than ever. Use Smart Notifications for everything subscriber and audience related including (but not limited to): post notifications, upcoming events, BuddyPress social interactions, bbPress topics, PeepSo activity, WooCommerce sales or orders and more.

While many plugins offer just one way to communicate with your audience, Smart Notifications makes it easy to coordinate your marketing efforts. Easily sync a newsletter, push notifications and Facebook Messenger alert. This way you can reach many more subscribers than if you used a single channel. This plugin is also compatible with WordPress multisite, WPML translations, is RTL ready and includes emoji support.

  1. Perfecty Push Notifications
    Perfecty Push Notifications

Perfecty Push Notifications is an Open Source plugin with a basic built-in Push API integration, so all the information is processed and stored in your WordPress server. Implicitly, you don’t need external API Keys to integrate with third-party providers, everything is included in the plugin, and of course, it’s for free!

As with traditional Push Notifications plugins, with Perfecty Push Notifications you can send notifications on post publishing. You can also send push notifications with a custom text, url-to-open, image and icon. The public widget texts are also customizable. The plugin is in the first stable version with basic functionalities but it works nicely. It’s perfect for small/medium websites that want to send a couple of thousands Push Notifications daily, or that are considering implementing Push Notifications for the first time and want to have total control of the information.

  1. Push Notifications for WordPress Lite
    Push Notifications for WordPress Lite

Push notifications for WordPress (Lite), created by Delite Studio, sends push notifications to iOS, Android, and Fire OS devices. These notifications are sent straight from your site in real-time, whenever you publish a new post. This fairly basic WordPress plugin is a great free option for small personal blogs or for those just starting out in the world of push notifications. Please note – these messages are capped at 1000 per platform for each notification.

The premium version of Push Notifications for WordPress from Delite offers unlimited notifications and also supports Safari, Chrome, and Firefox browser notifications. It provides in-depth analytics so you can see how your site is performing and which notifications are converting users into return visitors. Another impressive feature is that users themselves can select what type of notifications they receive by choosing which categories of posts they want to hear about. This could help prevent users getting fed up with excessive notifications, reducing the risk of you losing subscribers.

  1. Fire Push (Premium)
    Fire Push Notification Plugin

The premium Fire Push plugin is a great tool to add HTML5 web push notifications to your WordPress site. Announce when a post is published or updated with the click of a button! The plugin includes easy options to customize the icon, title, site link and text you add to your notifications. Plus you have the ability to send push notifications live (when users are on your site) and in the background (when users are simply browsing the web). Fire Push also supports WooCommerce so you can send notification when new products are released, prices are reduced or even when a product is low in stock.

  1. PushAssist
    PushAssist Notification Plugin

The free PushAssist plugin is a great way to add PushAssist notifications to your WordPress powered website. You do need to signup for a free account, but after that setup is a breeze. PushAssist also includes options for HTTP/S, GCM keys, scheduled campaigns, automatic post notifications and the ability to add your own logo, title, message and link to your notifications. You can even add UTM parameters to better track your push notification results in Google Analytics!

  1. Beamer
    Beamer Notification Plugin

Beamer is a free newsfeed and push notification WordPress plugin that you can use to manage your site announcements all from one place. With Beamer you can coordinate scheduled posts and notifications, enable automatic announcements for new posts, add segmentation (based on behavior, location or demographics) and even create a Beamer Newsfeed for your site (complete with custom color, location and notice types). Best of all – it only takes 5 minutes to get Beamer setup on your site.

  1. LetsPush (Premium)
    LetsPush Notification Plugin

If you run a store or social site with WordPress then you’ll want to have a look at LetsPush. This plugin adds push notifications not just for your WordPress posts, but also for your WooCommerce products & BuddyPress alerts. This way you can push out notifications for new posts, seasonal sales, abandoned carts, new friend requests, private messages and more. Best of all, because this is a premium stand alone plugin there is not additional account, subscription, third party SDK or anything else to use LetsPush. Just install the plugin and get going!

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