Best Printers For Amazon FBA

If you’re looking for a laser printer then take a look at the following link, it talks about the best printers for Amazon FBA sellers.

This is a guide to help you choose the best printer for your Amazon FBA business.

One of the quick ways to lose money on Amazon FBA is by accidentally ordering the wrong type of printer. Today I want to let you know what is the best printer for Amazon FBA sellers.

Best Printers For Amazon FBA

Being an Amazon FBA sellers necessitates to use proper techniques, applications and equipments to boost your sales in Amazon. Therefore, we would like to support your Amazon FBA operations through providing clear inputs and suggestions. To this end, we would like to provide an informative discussion about the choice of proper thermal printer for your Amazon FBA sales.

As known, thermal label printers enable Amazon FBA sellers to print out shipping and product labels on sticky papers that can be easily attached on shipping boxes and products. More importantly, you just need to replace the label roll composed of thermochromic papers into your thermal printer to start your label printings. You don’t need any other stuffs like ink, ribbons, toners or cartridge as in inkjet printers. The product or shipping information on your labels with easily scannable barcodes clearly assist you throughout your all Amazon FBA seller operations.

There are a lot of thermal printers available online and at office supply stores. But certain brands and models work best for Amazon sellers. I’m going to give you a few of my favorite options that are popular among FBA sellers.

This is my “old reliable.” I actually own the model before this (the LabelWriter 400), but that one isn’t even available anymore.

The Dymo 450 is probably the most popular printer for Amazon sellers. You can use it to print FNSKU labels or other small labels like expiration dates. But this one does not print the larger 4″x6″ shipping labels for MF orders or FBA boxes. So if you buy this one, you’ll still need half-sheet labels and a regular laser printer.

The list price of the Dymo 450 is around $149, but you can always get it for way less on Amazon. It’s usually less than $80 (it’s $76.50 the day I’m writing this). That’s a great price for a high quality thermal printer that will last for years.

Dymo sells their own brand of labels that you can put in this printer, but there are plenty of generics on the market as well. I buy generic brands to save money. For FNSKU labels, you’ll want the 30252 or 30334 sized labels.

I’ve been dreaming of the Rollo printer for a while now. Of course, the fact that I get daily Facebook ads for it doesn’t help ?

So I finally broke down and got one (even though my ancient Dymo is still kicking!). Once it arrived, I made a YouTube video that compares the Rollo with the Dymo side by side.

The Rollo is definitely faster than my Dymo. But the big difference is that you can set it up to print out 4×6 shipping labels. This is a big advantage for me during times of the year when I do a lot of Merchant Fulfilling (like Q4). It prints shipping labels about one per second, so that saves so much time when I have a lot of packages to prep.

If you want a printer that does both FNSKU labels and shipping labels, I recommend the Rollo. It costs more than the Dymo, but it can print every label type you need (and it prints them lightning fast!).

Zebra is a big name in thermal printers, but I’ve never personally used one. I wouldn’t usually comment on a printer I haven’t used, but I just learned about a way that you can try to get a Zebra printer for free.

I couldn’t resist passing along this method to anyone who wants to get a free (or at least cheap) label printer.

You may already know that if you open an account with UPS, you can request free shipping labels from them. Well, apparently you can also request a rented thermal printer.

Introvert alert: you will have to get on the phone to do this method .Here are the steps to follow:

Go ahead and create an account on You may already have one if you’ve requested free shipping labels or if you schedule package pickups.
Once you have an account with UPS, give them a call at 1-800-742-5877. Say “Order Supplies” when you’re asked to make a selection. Then press 0 or say “Agent” to skip the automated system and get to a customer service representative.
Once you have an agent, ask to speak to an account manager about setting up your UPS account. When you have an account manager on the line, ask about renting a thermal printer.
Thermal printers usually cost $2/week when rented through UPS. But an account manager has the option to review your account and waive that fee.

I think you’ll have the most success with this if you’re already having UPS come out to pick up packages from you on a regular basis. But it certainly doesn’t hurt to ask if the rental charge can be waived.

Even if they won’t waive the fee for you, it’s just $2/week for the rental.

Don’t expect a Rollo-quality printer to show up at your door! I believe that UPS will send you a Zebra LP2844 which is an older model. But it does work with Inventory Lab and the Label Resizer extension. Plus, you should be able to fit both 4×6 and smaller FNSKU labels in the Zebra.

I know a label printer is a weird thing to be excited about, but I love using mine so much. They really make the listing and prep process so much more convenient. Plus, no more wasted address labels!

So I want to hear about your favorite label printers. Am I the only one obsessed with the Rollo right now? Or maybe you’ve had luck requesting the free Zebra printer from UPS? I’d love to hear any success stories in the comments!

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