Best Pricing Table Plugin For WordPress

I love the way pricing tables look. They add a certain visual appeal to your website that can give you the edge over your competitors. So which WordPress Pricing Table Plugin is the best? However there are several WordPress Pricing Table Plugins that can add that visual appeal to your website.

When you’re building a website, it’s important to keep things simple. Installing a pricing table is one such way of achieving this goal. Rather than bogging down visitors with complex product information, you can offer them an easy way to understand your offerings. This is where pricing table plugins come into play.

One of the most important steps in setting up a digital product business is creating your pricing page. It’s where you convince prospects to buy your product. You need to be transparent regarding how much the product costs, why it’s worth paying for, and how much benefit people will get from it. Some products are cheap but valuable (ebooks), some are expensive but useful (online training course), and others fit into several pricing categories (service). Which pricing table plugin should you use?

Best Pricing Table Plugin For WordPress

If you’ve ever purchased something online, you may have interacted with a pricing table as you considered your level of investment. These pricing tables are effective in showing product features and different packages side-by-side so users can compare and make an informed purchasing decision.

WordPress site owner adding a WordPress pricing table plugin to their site
This functionality can come in handy for WordPress site owners who want to display information clearly and concisely. However, pricing tables don’t come standard in every WordPress theme, so you may need a plugin to do the job.

If custom coding a pricing table does not sound appealing, read on to discover the best pricing table plugins out there.

  1. Easy Pricing Tables
    Best plugin to build your first-ever pricing table with WordPress.

WordPress Pricing Table Plugins: Easy Pricing Tables
Once you activate Easy Pricing Tables on your website, it’s easy to build pricing and comparison tables. These tables are not merely functional, they are designed to convert. The plugin adopts conversion rate optimization best practices and guides you through creating highly converting tables. And once you create a pricing table using the intuitive interface, you can insert it anywhere using a shortcode.

Easy Pricing Tables is a responsive plugin that works with any WordPress theme. The plugin allows you to create any number of rows and use drag and drop to reorder the columns and feature your most popular pricing table. You can customize colors, font sizes and round off the borders. You can also use custom CSS to style your table.

Example pricing table created using Easy Pricing Tables plugin
The premium plugin packs more features such as ten pricing table designs, additional customization options, priority email support and tooltips. It connects easily with most shopping carts. Add-ons offer Google Analytics integration that tracks table button clicks, and pricing toggles that allow you to switch between monthly or yearly pricing or currencies. The premium plugin comes with a sixty-day unconditional money-back guarantee.

Price: Free version with limited functionality. The cheapest Pro version starts at $39/year.


  1. Pricing Table by Supsystic
    Best pricing table plugin with drag and drop interface.

Pricing Table by Supsystic
Pricing Table by Supsystic helps you build beautiful and responsive pricing tables with the help of an online builder. These tables support tooltips and hover animation and allow you to add any number of rows and columns. Preset templates are available, and you can use those if you wish. The plugin allows you to align text within the table and add a descriptive column. You can add header and footer rows, text, images, video, icons, and buttons to your table.

The text, background color, and font settings can all be adjusted. You can add a column badge, an icon to the header, import and export tables, and disable autosave in the pricing table. To highlight any column, enlarge it. The plugin also includes a CSS editor.

Supsystic Pricing Table plugin example
The plugin’s premium version includes a pack of premium tables and restrictions on access, based on user roles.

Price: Supsystic Pricing Table plugin is FREE to use with limited functionality. Advanced pricing table builder with many templates starts at $46/year for a single website.


  1. Responsive Pricing Tables
    Best pricing table with mobile support

Responsive Pricing Table
The Responsive Pricing Table adds a tab in the Admin panel in your WordPress, using which you can create as many tables as you like. You can create these tables in WYSIWYG mode and customize the table by changing colors and many other details. With a simple shortcode, you can get the table to display anywhere.

Example pricing table created with Responsive Pricing Table plugin
You can assign a title, subtitle, description, price, periodicity, small icons, button URL, and text from the plugin’s settings page. Besides, you can highlight anyone’s plan, remove currency signs for the free plans, change the currency for the remaining plans, and set how the links should behave when clicked. If you want to choose from additional skins or add tooltips to your table, you’ll need to purchase the premium plugin.

Price: Responsive Pricing Table plugin is a freemium WordPress plugin. Basic functionalities are available for FREE. Premium extras such as yearly/monthly price toggle, tooltips, and dozens of templates are available for $19/year for a single website.


  1. ARPrice
    arprice responsive pricing table wordpress plugin
    Creating responsive, vibrant and attention-grabbing pricing tables and plans becomes a piece of cake with ARPrice. It provides many features and functionalities that will get you going in no time. The convenient real-time editor combined with ready-to-use templates will complete the project swiftly. Even if you have not yet built a pricing plan layout, you will now execute it comfortably with ARPrice.

ARPrice Pricing Table plugin example
Of course, ARPrice’s pricing tables follow all the latest trends and regulations. In other words, it guarantees that the final product will work smoothly on all devices, retina screens and modern web browsers. Choose from preset color skins, utilize the power of drag and drop builder, introduce your signature style and get things moving forward. Little do you know, you can be done already in just a few clicks and edits.

Price: ARPrice Pricing Table is a FREE plugin available via The Premium version is available via Envato Marketplace and comes with a monthly/yearly pricing toggle, sticky headers on a scroll, and unlimited color options.


  1. Pricing Table
    abc pricing table wordpress plugin
    You do not need much information when it comes to the Pricing Table. This free WordPress pricing table plugin does exactly what it says it does only by reading its name. No need for further explanation. However, we will talk about the fantastic perks that the tool comes with. And those are pretty vast, considering that the plugin does not cost you a single penny. You can start pushing products and services online in a little breeze with Pricing Table.

Pricing Table WordPress plugin example
Some of the goodies of the plugin include four template designs, custom CSS style, Elementor page builder compatibility, Bootstrap-based and columns settings. The layout is also mobile-ready and in tune with all modern web browsers. Use the shortcode and display pricing on any of your pages or posts.

Price: Pricing Table is a FREE WordPress plugin. Certain advanced customization features are available in the PRO version with 23 ready-made templates and informative tooltips. The Premium version is $15 (one time payment).


  1. Pricing Tables by PickPlugins
    Pricing Tables by PickPlugins
    Pricing tables by PickPlugins enables you to add any number of tables anywhere with shortcodes. The tables can have unlimited rows and columns. In each column you can display vimeo videos or YouTube videos simply by adding the URL. It allows you to add descriptive text in the header and against the prices. Images can be used within the columns.

Example using Pricing Table plugin by PickPlugins
A background image for the table area can help you add character to your table. It’s possible to include unlimited ribbons, featured column, and insert tooltips anywhere. Using the plugin is easy – after activation, find the ‘Pricing Table’ menu, select ‘New Pricing Table’, and fill in the options as needed.

Price: Pricing Table plugin by PickPlugins is available for FRE. Advanced functionality such as currency switcher, animations and video embeds starts at $49.00 for a lifetime license.

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