Best live chat plugin for wordpress 2018

Looking for the best live chat plugin for your WordPress business website? You have come to the right place. In this article, we share our live chat plugin comparison chart, Best live chat plugins for wordpress,best free live chat plugin for wordpress and reviews with you.

In this post, we will introduce you to the best live chat plugins for WordPress? Considering the number of platforms available, it is a tough job to choose one that suits your requirements. Majority of good chat solutions make use of third party resources and integrations, as well as a dedicated server for hosting.

Best live chat plugin for wordpress 2018

92% of the consumer is satisfied with the Live chat option

Live Chat Statistics of 2020 showed that 92% consumers are satisfied with the Live chat option!

With the changes in digital marketing, the ways you can attract customers have changed. One way to convert your users to customers is by using the WordPress Live Chat Plugins.

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Why do you need the WordPress Live Chat Plugin on your website?

Let’s face it. People value privacy and time, so they want to minimize face to face communication in every possible way.

  • They don’t want to send emails because they have to wait a long time for a response.
  • Your potential customers do not want to call you because they have to wait on the line.

But users still want to get the information they want quickly. Live chat has proven to be the best a  way to communicate between clients and the company.This is why you need to install WordPress Live Chat Plugins on your website

The live chat looks like this.

 life chat looks like this

7 main benefits of WordPress Live Chat Plugin

  1. increase customer satisfaction
  2. raise user’ engagement
  3. provides 24/7 virtual support
  4. allows you to save time
  5. increase sales
  6. allows you to quickly respond to a request
  7. makes you more competitive

Top 9 WordPress Live Chat Plugins 

1. LiveChat

LiveChat is a useful WordPress support chat plugin that allows you to provide ongoing online support for your visitors. In addition, the plugin is easy to install and can be integrated with over 100 other applications. 

LiveChat key features:

  • adds a chat box at the bottom of each page
  • provides 24/7 support for your visitors
  • can be configured to work automatically
  • allows you to change the design and adjust to your company
  • allows you to share files
  • encrypts payment card data
  • generates data statistics
  • integrates with other apps
  • the trial version does not require entering card data

Price: free/ starts at $16

2. Tidio Live Chat

Tidio Live Chat is highly customized. It allows you to increase conversions and user satisfaction. One of its main advantages is support for many languages.

Tidio Live Chat key features:

  • easy installation process
  • various designs are available
  • supports many different languages
  • can be located in two positions on the site
  • automatic messages available
  • can send a personalized message
  • analytics are available
 Tidio Live Chat

Price: free/ starts at $18

3. WP-Live Chat by 3CX

WP-Live Chat by 3CX is designed to make your life easier and to nudge your visitors to buy the services or products you sell. The plugin allows you to concurrently communicate with several visitors, or set up an automatic chatbot.

WP-Live Chat by 3CX key features:

  • allows simultaneous communication with many users
  • no advertising
  • convenient and simple interface
  • there are 6 themes to choose from
  • allows you to add animation
  • flexible settings
  • can be integrated with Google Analytics
  • works well with translation plugins
  • sends notifications to the desktop
  • allows to add your photo or company logo

Price: free

4. Zendesk Chat

Zendesk Chat is a multilingual and feature-rich plugin. Using it, you can help your potential customers complete the conversion successfully. In addition to being a great way to communicate with your visitors, it is also a great analytics tool.

Zendesk Chat key features:

  • available in 40 languages
  • optimized for mobile devices
  • triggers can be activated
  • generates detailed analytics about your visitors
  • easy integration with other applications
  • the ability to turn on the chat bot
  • different themes are available
  • has a convenient control panel

Price: free/ starts at $5

5. Chaty

Chaty is a super functional live chat plugin that does not require coding skills to use. It is a modern plugin that is integrated with many applications including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Skype, Vibe, and others.

Chaty key features:

  • direct chat from social networks
  • integration with 20 communication channels
  • good for users who don’t have coding knowledge
  • allows you to change colors and designs
  • has trigger
  • integrates with Google Maps is available
  • changes chat placement on the page
  • adding attention effect
  • editing using a drag and drop interface

Price: free/ starts at $25

6. Intercom

Intercom is a modern, comfortable live chat plugin that helps you to attracts a large audience and meet their needs. If all agents are busy, then you can safely turn on the automatic chatbot. This plugin offers many convenient features.

Intercom key features:

  • provides a good user experience
  • the ability to enable chatbot
  • schedule sending messages
  • can try A / B test messages
  • integrated with over 100 applications
  • good for getting customer data
  • easily integrates with email marketing services and Google Analytics

Price: free/ starts at $39

7. Live Chat by Formilla

Live Chat by Formilla helps you increase your traffic metrics and user engagement. A nice feature is the ability to sort chats by importance. You can also customize the location of the chat in the page window.

Live Chat by Formilla key features:

  • chat priority settings
  • integration with over 500 applications
  • chat transcripts available
  • generates reports on chats
  • can be integrated with Google Analytics
  • have helpful triggersvisitor
  • tracking function available
  • can turn on the chat bot
  • sweet potato plugin
Live Chat by Formilla

Price: free/ starts at $10

8. Drift

Drift is a tool that allows you to create an online chat to communicate with your visitors and increase sales. It is a good option for marketing your services by using chatbots.

Drift key features:

  • the ability to change the design of the chat
  • automatic chat bot when you are busy
  • easy plugin installation
  • can collect information about users
  • integrates with HubSpot, Mailchimp, Zapier and others
  • targeting is available for live communication with users

Price: free/ starts at $400

9. Pure Chat

Pure Chat. The first thing that favorably distinguishes this plugin is the almost unlimited customization of the chat design. You can add various animations, closures and more to grab the attention of users.

Pure Chat key features:

  • formation of extensive analytics
  • real-time visitor tracking
  • available chat triggers
  • allows you to correspond with several users in parallel
  • without advertising
  • integrates well with other tools
  • has a friendly user interface
Pure Chat

Price: free/ starts at $39

Best live chat plugins for wordpress

1. Zendesk live chat for WordPress

Zendesk live chat for WordPress

Any company aiming to convert more visitors into buyers, reduce support costs, and raise their CSAT scores can benefit from adding WP live chat to their service channel mix. And Zendesk is the most simple, flexible, and comprehensive way to offer WordPress live chat to your customers.

Zendesk’s live chat plugin for WordPress streamlines your service operation with smart features like action-based prompts. For instance, suppose a customer is stuck on the checkout page; Zendesk’s best live chat plugin for WordPress will prompt one of your service agents to start a chat with this customer. From there, your agent can provide the assistance the customer needs to complete their purchase.

As you can imagine, this results in higher conversions and more productive agents.

The Power of Zendesk—for WordPress

Zendesk is an excellent way for companies to offer live chat for WordPress because it includes:

  • Proactive chat support: Triggers in chat notify agents when a customer has met preset conditions, like time spent on a certain page. Your agents can reach out, offer support, and provide a better user experience, increasing sales as a result.
  • Zendesk tracks key metrics: From real-time monitoring to agent performance, so you can identify areas to improve and what tactics are working in your favor.
  • Uninterrupted support: Access all your customer data and conversations from one place, so it’s easier for your team to switch between channels and provide the best experiences with Zendesk.

WordPress Live Chat, Plus Much More

If you’re only looking to add live chat, Zendesk’s plugin can help. But it’s worth knowing that Zendesk’s WordPress plugin covers a lot more than just live chat. Among other things, you can use Zendesk to turn WordPress blog comments into tickets, add knowledge base articles to your site, and manage tickets from your WordPress dashboard.

Essentially, everything you need to fully integrate WordPress into your service operation is at your fingertips when you install the Zendesk WordPress plugin.

To get started with Zendesk chat on your WordPress site, you’ll need a paid Zendesk plan (or a free trial). Once you have your account, you can follow these setup instructions for the Zendesk Support for WordPress plugin. After completing that step, you can add your chat widget to your site with an embed code.

Pricing Plans:

Team: $49/month
Growth: $79/month
Professional: $99/month
Enterprise: $150/month
Enterprise Plus: $215/month

Free trial: 14 days

Features of Zendesk WordPress Plugin include:

  • Ticketing system
  • Web, mobile, and social media messaging
  • Support for email, voice, SMS, and live chat
  • Zendesk AI chatbot
  • Help center
  • Automations and workflows
  • Reporting and analytics
  • Robust APIs
  • Over 1000 prebuilt apps and integrations
  • Single sign-on
  • Knowledge base management
  • Smart triggers
  • Canned responses
  • Omnichannel support

Learn more about Zendesk and WordPress

Starting price$49/month
Free trial14 days
Free planNo
Best forSMB to enterprise-level
Customizable chat boxyes
Chat historyyes
Free conversations per monthUnlimited

2. LiveChat’s WordPress Plugin

LiveChat’s WordPress Plugin

Image credit

LiveChat’s plugin for WordPress is a flexible, yet powerful option for implementing live chat on your WordPress. It works with plenty of WordPress site builders, which makes it simple and intuitive to implement. LiveChat also has partnerships with major e-commerce software such as WooCommerce, BigCommerce and more. So if you’re in e-commerce, LiveChat’s WordPress Plugin could work for your site.

Use LiveChat to proactively reach out to website visitors, or use the chat box as an offline web form to collect emails for your mailing list. You can also personalize your chat boxes to match your branding, and add team member photos so customers know who they’re talking to. The live chat plugin works with any WordPress theme or template without requiring modification.

While you can download LiveChat’s WordPress plugin for free, you’ll need a paid LiveChat plan to use the plugin. Their standard plan is the Team plan which includes functionality beyond the scope of a simple live chat plugin such as ticketing. If you’d like to test the plugin out, you can by starting a free 14-day trial with LiveChat.

Pricing Plans:

Starter: $19/month
Team: $39/month
Business: $59/month

Free trial: 14 days

Free plan: Not available

LiveChat WordPress Plugin Features

  • Website visitor tracking
  • Unlimited chats
  • 24/7 live chat support
  • Third-party app integrations
  • Multi-website support
  • Shareable direct chat links
  • Canned responses
  • Widget customization
  • Support and agent ratings
  • Reports and analytics
  • iOS and Android apps

Learn more about LiveChat for Zendesk

Starting price$19/month per agent billed monthly
Free trial14 days
Free planNo
Best forStart ups, small and medium-sized businesses
Customizable chat boxyes
Chat historyyes
Free conversations per monthUnlimited

3. OIark WordPress Plugin

OIark WordPress Plugin

Image credit

Olark’s live chat software is known for its elegant blend of sophistication and simplicity. Its live chat WordPress plugin is similarly intuitive yet powerful; all you have to do is install the Olark plugin on WordPress, refresh your site, and your chatbox will be ready to use. Once it’s installed, you’re free to create workflow rules, customize your chat widget, save chat transcripts, and more.

The Olark WordPress plugin live chat feature can be easily integrated with your CRM and email marketing tools. Set up automation rules to speed along conversations, and gather real time reporting on agent activity and visitor behavior. Plus, you can save full chats to your archives and reference them later to help collect even more insight on your customers.

From within your WordPress dashboard, you can also add API calls and set your Olark live chat to localize any communications to your website visitor’s local language. You can try out the Olark WordPress plugin for free but for more advanced features and no limits on your number of chats, you’ll need to opt for a paid plan from Olark.

Pricing Plans:


Free trial: 14 days

Free plan: Not available

Olark Plugin Features

  • Proactive chat
  • Custom messages
  • Chat routing
  • Automatic greetings
  • Live chat analytics
  • Customizable agent alerts
  • Pre-chat surveys
  • Real-time translation
  • Drag and drop editor
  • Transcript search and filter
  • Customizable langue strings

Learn more about Olark for Zendesk

Starting price$29/month per agent
Free trial14 days
Free planNo
Best forHigher education and small to mid-sized businesses
Customizable chat boxyes
Chat historyyes
Free conversations per monthUnlimited

4. Tidio WordPress Plugin

Tidio WordPress Plugin

Image credit

Tidio’s free live chat for WordPress plugin is quick to install, mobile-friendly, and it provides support for email and Facebook Messenger. Plus, you can take much of the heavy lifting off of your service agents because Tidio also includes chatbots. One of Tidio’s key features is its incoming visitor notification, which enables your agents to engage visitors as soon as they arrive.

Give your widget the look and feel of your branding, and deploy it seamlessly on your website, browser, or mobile device. Plus, all conversations can be accessed from one easy-to-view panel, so agents can manage their conversations from one place. And with natural language processing, you can get a head start on understanding and fixing customer issues.

And, to help you save time, Tidio provides a no-code, drag-and-drop chatbot building and templates for common chatbot flows, such as an abandoned shopping cart. You can get access to Tidio—and most of its features—with Tidio’s free plan and plugin. But the free plan does come with fairly limited visitor counts, email volume, and chat operator seats.

Give your widget the look and feel of your branding, and deploy it seamlessly on your website, browser, or mobile device. Plus, all conversations can be accessed from one easy-to-view panel, so agents can manage their conversations from one place. And with natural language processing, you can get a head start on understanding and fixing customer issues.

Pricing Plans:

Starter: $39/month
Team: $79/month
Scale: $399/month

Free trial: 7 days

Free plan: Free up to 2 agents

Tidio WordPress Plugin Features

  • Free iOS & Android mobile app
  • Live typing preview
  • Built-in chatbots
  • Over 20 integrations
  • Automated conversations
  • Customizable chat widget
  • Support for email and Messenger
  • OPen SSL
  • Single panel view
  • Drag and drop visual editor
  • No coding required
Starting price$39/month up to 5 operators
Free trial7 days
Free planFree up to 2 agents
Best forSmall businesses
Customizable chat boxyes
Chat historyyes
Free conversations per monthUnlimited

5. WP Social Chat

WP Social Chat

Image credit

WhatsApp is the most popular messaging app in the world and WP Social Chat (formerly WhatsApp Chat WP) by QuadLayers allows your customers to start a WhatsApp conversation right from your WordPress website. WP Social Chat has over 100,000 active installations, and for good reason; their paid plans equip your team with unlimited agent accounts, customizable chat widgets, and pre-set greeting messages.

With so many people already using WhatsApp for personal messaging, it only makes sense for businesses to meet them where they are. The app is GDPR compatible, and with the premium version you have the option to include multiple team members and distinguish between them, so customers don’t get overwhelmed.

Plus, you can target your website visitors with chat boxes displayed on all your pages, or just a selection. WP Social Chat’s WordPress plugin also includes a free plan though you only get one agent and there is no customization available. The paid plans range from a one-time payment of $30 to $90.

Pricing Plans:

Personal: $30 one-time payment
Agency: $60 one-time payment
Developer: $90 one-time payment

Free trial: Free download available

Free plan: Free download available

WP Social Chat Features

  • WhatsApp contact box
  • WhatsApp button
  • Custom icons
  • Custom user messages
  • Multiple agent accounts
  • 6-month personalized support
  • Customizable chatbox
  • Customizable agent messages
  • Set the first user or agent message
Starting price$30 one-time payment
Free trialFree download available
Free planFree download available
Best forSmall to mid-sized businesses already using WhatsApp
Customizable chat boxyes
Chat historyInformation not available
Free conversations per monthUnlimited

best free live chat plugin for wordpress

1. HubSpot All-In-One Marketing

HubSpot All-in-One Marketing is a free WordPress live chat plugin that helps you coordinate your marketing efforts. 

You can add HubSpot All-in-One Marketing to your website to engage and gather lead information for up to one million website visitors. 

You can then manage these contacts in HubSpot’s CRM (customer relationship management) software. HubSpot offers other helpful tools, such as a popup plugin and a form builder. 

HubSpot All-in-One Marketing includes three different live chat systems you can integrate with your WordPress page to boost customer engagement and generate qualified leads for your business. 

Key Features of HubSpot:

  • Attractive live chat widget
  • Three live chat types: support, sales, and automated chatbot (for offline help)
  • Real-time messaging
  • Email marketing for lead nurturing
  • Ticketing system
  • Integration with WordPress pages 
  • CRM integration
  • Built-in analytics and visitor tracking
  • Multiple chat agent support
  • Available for mobile (IOS, Android)

Best free WordPress live chat plugin for: Businesses that use CRM software and are interested in lead generation.

Download HubSpot All-in-One Marketing.

2. LiveChat – WP Live Chat Plugin for WordPress

LiveChat is another free WordPress live chat plugin that empowers fast and proactive communication between businesses and their customers.

You have to be a LiveChat customer to use the LiveChat WordPress plugin for free. The chat window is responsive and works well on all devices and browsing interfaces.

LiveChat also offers straightforward and fast customer support.

Key Features of LiveChat:

  • Customizable chat widget
  • Ticketing system
  • Instant phone calls
  • Multiple live chat sessions
  • Triggers and website guest tracking 
  • Proactive chat invitations (personalized messages)
  • Integration with CRM, email marketing, and social media platforms, including Salesforce, Zendesk, Mailchimp, HubSpot, and Facebook
  • Mobile app 

Best free WordPress live chat plugin for: E-commerce businesses that need 24/7 customer support.

Download LiveChat – WP Live Chat Plugin.

3. Live Chat is one of the most popular WordPress live chat plugins, with almost four million businesses using it.

With, you can chat with your website visitors free of charge. It offers a smooth process, with no spam or ads. is a very flexible and customizable plugin that supports all browsers and lets you assign multiple agents to customer chats for free.

Key Features of

  • Responsive live chat widget
  • Color schemes for widget customization
  • Visibility option settings
  • Real-time website visitor tracking
  • Available for mobile
  • Smart trigger option
  • Single dashboard interface for effective communication 
  • Unlimited number of chat agents
  • Supports translation plugins for international sales

Best Free WordPress Live Chat Plugin for: Businesses that need a simple plugin for lead generation and sales.

Download Live Chat.

4. JivoChat Live Chat

JivoChat is another powerful and free WordPress live chat plugin you can use for your e-commerce website. 

JivoChat is lightweight, versatile, and compatible with all devices. 

With JivoChat’s real-time chat functionality, you can easily communicate with website guests effectively.

Key Features of JivoChat :

  • Fast-loading chat feature
  • Single communication hub for all social media/chat channels like Whatsapp and Messenger
  • Offline messages and instant call features
  • Built-in CRM
  • Automatic language translator
  • Real-time visitor tracking
  • Advanced trigger options
  • Automated responses
  • Typing insights
  • Integration with API, webhooks, and other CRM solutions

Best free WordPress live chat plugin for: E-commerce websites that want a central communications hub for their chats.

Download JivoChat Live Chat.

5. Zendesk Chat

Zendesk Chat is a free WordPress live chat plugin that empowers you to solve your visitors’ problems in real-time.

With Zendesk Chat, you’ll not only provide a better website experience but increase your sales too.

When you use Zendesk Chat’s free version, you’ll get access to a user-friendly dashboard and chat history of up to 30 days (but you can only attend to one concurrent conversation). 

Key Features of Zendesk Chat:

  • Customizable and straightforward chat widget
  • Optimized for mobile usage
  • Smart trigger options
  • Built-in analytics
  • Website visitor tracking
  • Automatic translator for over 40 languages
  • Integration with the top CRM services like Salesforce, Zendesk, and UserVoice
  • Available for mobile

Best free WordPress live chat plugin for: Businesses that use CRM software (runner-up).

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