Best CRM For Recruitment Agencies UK

Finding the best CRM for recruitment agencies can be challenging, especially when there are so many to choose from. A lot of platforms over-promise and under-deliver to a fault. However, we have been able to find the best CRMs based on numerous factors (including ones like user ratings and reviews). Below, we’ve listed 10 potential CRMs that can work for you.

There are always time when you have to manage your CRM system manually, instead of working with a specific software. When it happens, you should consider choosing this CRM platform. It will help your business to be managed in a more efficient way. Read the article to find out why.

We’ve seen a lot of tech companies grow over the last few years. We’ve seen $1 billion+ exits, and while this is great news, we often come across the same question: what should the next team member of yours be working on?

Best CRM For Recruitment Agencies UK

Statistics show that nearly three out of four employers have experienced a bad hire. A poor choice could eventually cost these employers up to $15,000, which is why they need a transparent and unbiased evaluation system that they can rely on in the interview stage. Such a system could also help them save information on candidates who might be right for future positions. 

Fortunately, there is a perfect product that can help you with all this, and it is called recruitment CRM software. This software features several tools that can facilitate the entire hiring process — for instance, it can help you find suitable candidates, assess potential employees, streamline the workflow, and generate reports. 

Advanced recruiting CRM with the ability to organize and analyze recruiting efforts for multiple clients

Manatal screenshot - 10 Best Recruiting CRM Software for Engaging Talent in 2022

Manatal’s all-in-one recruitment CRM & ATS simplifies the recruitment process through job portal integrations, easy-to-manage talent pipelines, and AI-driven candidate recommendations. Their Chrome extension for LinkedIn makes it quick and easy to parse public information and add it to candidate profiles. From there, you can organize all your candidate applications into kanban-style boards for each position, and advance candidates to the next stage using their drag-and-drop pipeline feature.

Manatal’s recruitment CRM has specific features that are purpose-built for recruitment and staffing agencies. This includes tools to manage relationships with different clients you’re recruiting for, and reports that let you track placements and revenue generated per client as well. To give you ultimate oversight of your team’s productivity, you can link revenues directly to jobs and clients, allowing you to measure your return on investment (ROI) for your team’s efforts on a per client basis. As well, you can also grant clients access to a customizable external view of your Manatal system, making it easier to interact with them and keep them informed.

Manatal integrates with Office 365, Microsoft Outlook, LinkedIn, Gmail, Facebook, WhatsApp, Mailchimp, Zapier, and other platforms. They also have an open API to support additional custom integrations, plus a full-feature app for mobile recruiting.

Pricing for Manatal starts at $15/user/month. They also offer a free demo and a 14-day free trial through their website.

14-day free trial

From $15/user/month

Recruiting CRM software with detailed candidate profiles and recruitment analytics

PCRecruiter screenshot - 10 Best Recruiting CRM Software for Engaging Talent in 2022

PCRecruiter is a CRM software that helps recruitment professionals source, track, and manage candidates throughout the hiring process. It helps users develop relationships with potential candidates, identify the best talent for open positions, and streamline communication and collaboration between team members. The software also automatically posts job openings on popular job boards like LinkedIn.

PCRecruiter lets users conduct comprehensive candidate searches based on resumes, keywords, and notes. Users can create profiles for potential candidates and track all their information in one place. This includes contact information, resumes, and responses. Users can define and automate workflows for various recruiting processes, and its drag-and-drop interface makes it easy to edit and manage candidate placements.

Their sequencing feature helps users track activity and monitor progress through metrics and charts, giving users insight into their client and candidate engagement activities. Users can view recruitment analytics in various visual presentations, including bubble charts, line graphs, and bar charts. They can generate, export, and share detailed reports in various formats with other team members.

Their email integrations allow users to synchronize contacts from other systems easily. PCRecruiter enforces standard security measures, ensuring that confidential data is always protected. Users can toggle on permissions and controls, letting them have complete control over who can access what type of documents.

Integrations are available through PCRecruiter’s public API, or by connecting a paid Zapier account. They also have native integrations with Gmail, Microsoft Office, and Office 365, and a mobile app that users can access from anywhere.

Pricing for PCRecruiter starts at $85/user/month. No free trial is available, though you can request a free demo through their website.

Free demo available

From $85/user/month

Combined CRM + ATS tool with advanced features for activity and task tracking, voice-to-text, and bulk emails or texts

Tracker screenshot - 10 Best Recruiting CRM Software for Engaging Talent in 2022

Tracker’s combined CRM and ATS software includes a wide range of useful functions to help hiring teams stay organized and efficient, at scale. Specific time-saving features within their CRM tool include: customizable templates for emails, letters, texts; personalized bulk email capabilities for up to 20,000 simultaneous emails; workflow automation tools for common tasks (think follow-ups, assigning tasks to your co-workers based on status changes, etc.); and dedicated extensions for LinkedIn, Outlook and Gmail. Tracker also helps teams stay on track through their activity management and task board features, which are unlimited and completely customizable, including the ability to drag-and-drop items, check them off once complete, or assign them to fellow team members.

Competing against CRM giants like Salesforce and HubSpot, Tracker’s CRM also includes several advanced features to increase productivity even further. Not only does their CRM system track and link all types of candidate interactions into candidate profiles, they also allow you to set up your communications in advance—when you have time—and use their “send later” feature to roll them out whenever you’re ready. On top of that, they have a voice-to-text feature where you can narrate your directions to Tracker without needing to type a thing. As well, their advanced Telephony features enable 2-way text communications with candidates (including text templates), plus their click-to-call ability followed by automatic call logging with call recording playback.

Tracker integrates with Gmail, LinkedIn, Microsoft 365, and Microsoft Outlook, as well as with other communication tools, social media platforms and popular job boards. They also have a full-feature mobile app for Android and iOS devices too.

Pricing details for Tracker are available upon request. They also offer a free demo or a free trial through their website.

Free trial + free demo available

Pricing upon request

End-to-end operating system for recruiting and staffing agencies with helpful, time-saving automations

Recruiterflow screenshot - 10 Best Recruiting CRM Software for Engaging Talent in 2022

Recruiterflow is an applicant tracking & recruiting CRM software for ambitious recruiting & staffing firms. What makes Recruiterflow different from other ATS and recruiting CRM products, is their recruiting automation, simplicity, and ease of use. Recruiterflow helps you manage your candidate and client pipeline with visual, drag-n-drop kanban style boards, and post jobs on different job boards like Indeed and LinkedIn.

With Recruiterflow’s email sequences, it’s easier than ever for recruiters to reach out to candidates and clients quickly. However, the crown jewel of their platform is their cutting edge recruiting automation, which creates a positive candidate experience and is one of the most advanced automations in the industry.

Recruiterflow’s platform is simple and easy-to-use, requiring almost no training. You can also review your recruiting strategy and performance at all times using their real-time reporting.

Recruiterflow integrates with popular job boards and Zapier. You can also build your own custom apps or set up additional software integrations using their open APIs.

Pricing for Recruiterflow starts at $85/user/month. They also offer a free demo and a 14-day free trial through their website.

14-day free trial + free demo

From $85/user/month

User-friendly recruiting CRM with time-saving automations and LinkedIn integration for improved candidate sourcing

Bullhorn screenshot - 10 Best Recruiting CRM Software for Engaging Talent in 2022

Bullhorn’s recruitment CRM is designed to help recruiters manage their candidate relationships by relying on automations to create high-quality touch-points throughout the recruiting process. In tandem, their software also functions as an ATS, which makes it suitable for both individual recruiters or staffing agencies dealing with large volumes of candidates.

Their system cuts down on busywork by passively tracking all candidate communications through their integration with Gmail and Outlook. This means candidate records are automatically updated in real-time as you go about your email outreach. By automating these common admin functions, recruiters are enabled to speed up their hiring process and make placements faster.

Recruiting teams will also appreciate Bullhorn’s full-feature integration with LinkedIn Recruiter, a go-to source for qualified candidates. From LinkedIn, you can check if a candidate’s profile is already in your system, and if not, add it with a click. And, vice versa, from within Bullhorn, you can click a candidate record to pull up their LinkedIn profile information too (as shown above). Bullhorn’s CRM also works for mobile recruiting through their app for Android or iOS mobile devices.

Bullhorn has 100+ software integrations available through their Marketplace, including integrations with C-Suite Corp, Checkr, Crimcheck, eSkill, Indeed, Referoo, SkillCheck, SkillSurvey, Text-Em-All, Xref, and many others.

Pricing details for Bullhorn are available upon request. They also offer a free demo through their website.

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