Best CRM For Property Management

In this blog post we’ll be introducing you to the Top CRM’s for property management and helping you to decide on which is right for your business. We’ve compared some of the most popular CRM’s used in the property management environment, helping you to make an informed purchasing decision.

There are a lot of real estate CRM software to choose from. You want a CRM that can organize all the information on your clients, properties and prospects. Here is a list of the best CRM for property management based on features.

There are so many CRM products out there. So how do you know which to go for? In this article I test out a few of the top property management CRMs for you, and give my honest opinion about them. Hopefully you can use it to help make a decision on what to go for.

Best CRM For Property Management

Do I need a property management CRM?

Some property managers and firm owners think that since they’ve invested in other property management software, they’ve got everything that they need. While that’s a good start, the basic software that most have in place isn’t nearly as capable as it could be with the addition of a CRM. CRMs take all the aspects of lead, client, and tenant management and streamline them to ensure that your people are taken care of—so yes, you absolutely need one.

But which one? Well, that’s why we’re here to help. In the list below, you’ll find the top 10 CRMs for property management, from basic free tools to customized high-end solutions and everything in between. We’ve done the research and chosen the best of the best to help you get started on your integration. When you’re ready, contact our team to discuss how we can integrate with several of the platforms below and complete the CRM lifecycle with dedicated contact support via phone, messaging, live chat, and more. 

1. Entrata

Entrata is a property management service that helps residents, managers, and property owners communicate and do business online. Founded in 2003, Entrata has a wealth of experience in the property management and marketing spheres.

While Entrata offers a variety of management and leasing tools, its Marketing Suite provides the CRM tools you need to convert more leads. The software is also cloud-based, meaning that you can access it on any phone, computer, or tablet.

The Entrata Marketing Suite includes:

  • ProspectPortal: Easily create a website for your property and monitor its performance.
  • ILS Portal: Entrata’s Internet Listing Services (ILS) Portal will automatically update major listing websites with your property’s information.
  • Entrata Pricing: Find out how to efficiently price units in your property with this tool, which analyzes market trends to give you an optimal number.
  • Digital Marketing: Direct traffic to your website with Digital Marketing, which covers both paid ads and search engine optimization.
  • ReputationAdvisor: With ReputationAdvisor, you can manage responses to online reviews and maintain an efficient social media presence.
  • LeadManager: LeadManager gives leasing agents an easy way to track and organize leads with the Leasing Agent Dashboard.

Entrata pricing

While Entrata doesn’t have any pricing information publicly available, costs will vary because they work with property managers to create unique, personalized software solutions.

2. Leadsimple

Leadsimple is a CRM service that was developed specifically for property managers. Founded in 2008 to help property managers stay on top of marketing opportunities, Leadsimple eventually branched out and began offering their services to small businesses as well.

With Leadsimple, you can track calls and emails and create unique tags that allow you to differentiate between groups of leads. Leadsimple also integrates with other property management services, ensuring that residents, owners, and vendors are always on the same page.

Leadsimple pricing

According to their website, Leadsimple has three tiers of pricing: a $65 per month tier, a $99 per month tier, and a tier that charges $1 per door, with a minimum of 200 doors. These tiers offer different integrations and features depending on pricing.

3. Knock

Knock was founded in 2014 in Seattle. In addition to the customer and resident management that other CRM services provide, Knock sets itself apart with its unique Business Intelligence platform. With Knock, you can use data analytics to ensure each of your leasing team members is functioning at maximum efficiency.

By giving you one convenient place to track metrics like email engagement, follow-up rates, and social media shares, Knock empowers you to spot strengths and weaknesses in your lead conversion efforts.

Knock CRM pricing

Knock does not provide pricing information. However, you can request a demo on Knock’s website, and the team will work with you to provide a custom quote.

4. HubSpot

HubSpot is not catered specifically towards property managers, but it is used by businesses across countless industries to manage and convert leads. Because HubSpot was founded as more of a general marketing solution, it offers effective marketing tools, but you might want to augment HubSpot with another platform for resident management.

Using HubSpot, you can manage crucial marketing elements, like your social media posts, website, and blog. You can also set up workflows that make sending, receiving, and categorizing emails and texts easier. However, you should do further research to ensure that the feature you want is included in the pricing tier you’ve selected.

Hubspot pricing

Hubspot has three tiers to choose from: Starter, Professional, and Enterprise. The Starter tier costs $45 a month, Professional $450 a month, and Enterprise $1,200 a month.

5. RentDynamics

As another property manager-focused CRM service, RentDynamics is a leader in the field of real estate lead management. Founded in 2012 in Utah, RentDynamics integrates with property management systems like Yardi to prepare managers for every scenario.

RentDynamic emphasizes a clear understanding and segmentation of different aspects of the real estate business. Turning a prospect into a resident requires a different approach at every step of that journey, and RentDynamic helps by introducing text message marketing and collecting robust lead information.

RentDynamics pricing

RentDynamics does not make pricing information available on its website, but you can request a demo online.

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