Best CRM For Professional Services

I have used various CRM tools in the past. These tools will do a great job of organizing your contacts and helping you prospect. However, I found that each tool has its own shortcomings. Here is a list I’ve compiled of my favorite CRM tools as well as their drawbacks.

What is a CRM and why does your professional services business need one? As an entrepreneur and CEO of a company providing professional services you may think that you don’t need to have the best CRM for professional services. True, the average business owner doesn’t need it, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t invest in it. If you run a busy business with multiple employees that work on projects, then you definitely need to consider investing in a CRM. It creates structure, track progress, and most importantly improves my productivity. I’ve tried every single method of tracking my leads and tasks. I’m here to tell you that TaskQue is by far the best way to manage your sales funnel without spending a lot of money.

How many emails do you get a day? Chances are that it’s more than 20 and most likely in between 50-100 emails. Unless you’re managing a small business then your inbox is probably overflowing with emails every day. You need a CRM to organize all of your leads and clients.

Best CRM For Professional Services

1. Zendesk Sell

Zendesk Sell is one of the most popular commercial CRM options. It facilitates consultants in shifting their sales towards service. It gives users the ability to organize client information and helps consultants customize their packages. The software can provide visibility into sales pipelines, project progress, client status, and other details. It has a product management option through which a company can track every ongoing project and execute smart actions directly from the window.

2. Bitrix24

Bitrix24 is a CRM software for professional services and consultants that is available to users for no charge. The free version has all the features that a company would need to manage its operations. IT helps users keep track of all prospects from existing clients to potential leads. It is the one-window solution that helps businesses manage, monitor, and tailor their services.

3. Salesforce

Salesforce is a well-known CRM software for professional services and there are many reasons for that. It is an all-in-one solution that helps small businesses achieve growth. They need a platform that is flexible and scalable, and Salesforce is the perfect option. It comes packed with many features and has an intuitive interface that anyone can navigate. Small businesses or solo entrepreneurs who require a lead management tool to help them track deals mostly used the software.

They can follow all stages of a sales cycle and benefit from the built-in email integration tool that connects Gmail or Outlook accounts to the software. Users can generate customizable reports and view updates right on the dashboard. It is a complete solution that makes sure that companies have access to real-time data and case management options. The team members will handle issues and manage large groups with their help.

4. HubSpot

A customer relationship management platform is useful for capturing leads and tracking the number of KPIs relevant to sales and marketing. However, one of its most useful features is allowing companies to use the data to improve their sales performance and strategize decisions. CRM software for professional services can help small companies improve their sales output and come up with an effective business strategy. Getting the best insights and updates with the click of a button is the highlight of this technology. HubSpot offers a free plan that comes with dozens of templates that users can customize according to their preferences.

5. Oracle NetSuite

NetSuite is a CRM software for professional services that are usually bought by e-commerce businesses. It helps owners understand their client’s spending habits and come up with the most profitable responses. The platform has extensive functionality and all the creating, tracking, and managing features you would expect. It provides visibility into the website and also helps businesses monitor customer care interactions.


A smaller business tries to achieve goals by laying out a detailed roadmap. combines CRM software for professional services with a project management platform, helping teams focus on their clients. It has a user-friendly interface with an intuitive spreadsheet-style look. It offers a lot of functionality and brings information to the user’s fingertips. There are customizable dashboards that can help users deep-dive into the workload.

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