Best CRM For One Person

There are tons of different CRM products out there, and picking the right one can be a big decision. If you’re looking for the best CRM for individual CRM, this post will help you out with that.

If you’re looking for a CRM that’s simple, mobile-friendly and perfect for an individual salesperson, then Salesforce might be the right choice for you. Salesforce is easy to use, quick to deploy, there’s a free version available, it has various apps available to help you work more efficiently and there’s customer support available should you need it.

The most popular CRM products can help small business owners manage customer interaction, organize communication, and track activity. Salesforce, Zoho CRM, Zoho Campaigns, Insightly, SugarCRM and Capsule are some of the top ranked CRM solutions.

Best CRM For One Person

A personal CRM is a suite of tools and features to streamline your communications, organize your day, and receive reminders about upcoming events. Also used for individual entrepreneurship, personal CRM systems allow users to organize their private and professional network circles. This tool provides an address book to preserve important contact information, a calendar to organize personal and work events and deadlines, as well as a notebook for creating to-do lists.

Specifically tailored to the needs of sole proprietors, freelancers, and just plain busy people, a personal CRM is a great way to nurture relationships and find the much-needed work-life balance. Besides storing your important information, a personal relationship manager can send you reminders of upcoming events, deadlines, meetings, personal affairs, birthdays, etc.

Finally, personal CRM software can optimize your small business by unifying all of your communication channels. Users no longer need to check their professional and personal emails and text messages separately, which saves a ton of time and effort. Some programs will also help you keep track of your business performance, such as sales revenue and marketing campaigns.


dex personal crm

Android, iOS, web.

Dex works as an extension that collects contact data from social media accounts and stores it in the app. Based on your contact book, the Dex personal CRM will even suggest new potential contacts that might be helpful. The main focus of the app is building and nurturing relationships. You can set up and trigger reminders to get in touch with someone, as well as notifications about important events and appointments. The tool works on both web and mobile devices, including iOS and Android.

Dex Features:

  • Various social media integrations with Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Gmail, and Instagram
  • Seamless integration with several Google calendars
  • Simple deduplication
  • Built-in Kanban board
  • Address and contact book
  • Easy-to-use reminder options
  • Contact tagging and categorization
  • Note-taking features for follow-ups

Who can use Dex?

The Dex app is the best CRM for individuals such as students, investors, and creators. The Dex team claims they cater to the needs of these three groups as networking is a crucial part of their lives that helps them expand their career potential.

Advantages and disadvantages of Dex

Elegant UI/UX design and usabilityLack of features for sales and marketing
Seamless contact data collection via a browser extensionLack of automatic data synchronization


Free personal contact management software comes with limited reminders, events, and keep-in-touch contacts. Unlimited Dex application is $13.50 per month ($108 annually).


queue personal crm

Available on iOS devices only.

Queue is a brand-new personal CRM tool that so far only works on iOS mobile devices. The application is still in the beta version and has been extensively tested and improved. The creator shared his story on the website, saying how he was failing to stay in touch with important people in his life and wanted to build an app that solves this problem. Users can import contact data from Gmail, Google Calendar, Twitter, and iPhone contacts. The social media and phone contact organizer then sorts out the contacts and queues them up in the order of priority so that users know who is next to catch up.

Queue Features:

  • Setting reminders and notifications
  • Various integrations with social media and emails such as Twitter and Gmail
  • Search across the network
  • Address and contact book
  • Data import and export
  • Tagging and custom organization of contacts
  • Calendar sync-up

Who can use Queue?

The Queue application is not the most extensive CRM networking system. The creator himself promotes the app as a personal relationship management tool that helps busy people stay in touch with their loved ones.

Advantages and disadvantages of Queue

Ease of use and multiple integrationsNot great for note-taking
Secure data protection policyLack of desktop and Android app versions


The application is $7.99 per month or $79.99 annually.

Garden App

garden app personal crm

Available on iOS devices only.

Garden App is another contact management software app backed up by a personal story of the creator. The app owner has shared that he decided to create a personal CRM after losing touch with friends while working on his previous startup. The creator thought that such an app would help him and people like him to nurture important relationships and stay in close touch with friends and family. He believes that many people wait till life calms down to contact their old friends, but in reality, life gets busier and busier. Garden is a great contact organizer that helps people to stay close with their loved ones without jeopardizing their career ambitions.

Garden App Features:

  • Different frequency reminders to contact people
  • Manage both personal and professional contacts
  • High level of cloud security
  • Address and contact book
  • Daily, weekly, and monthly reminders
  • Customizable notifications
  • Tagging for contact categorization

Who can use the Garden App?

The idea was to support people with multiple projects and responsibilities, at managing their personal and professional networks, just like the creator himself. This personal relationship management software is built for any Apple device owner who feels that they are losing touch with friends and family, as well as overwhelmed by the number of their business contacts.

Advantages and disadvantages of Garden App

Ease of use and intuitive navigationLack of integration with social media and emails
Excellent reminder optionsLack of web and Android versions
Calendar synchronization

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