Best CRM For Membership Organisations

There are literally hundreds of CRM (Customer Relationship Management) tools for membership organisations. But which CRM is best for you? When I was researching this article, I found out there is not one perfect CRM solution for all organisations, nor is there one best solution that covers all the features you would want. However, there are some really good solutions that different organisations may identify as their ideal solution.

In this post, I would like to share with you three best CRM applications for membership organisations. These are the systems I would use.

Choosing an effective customer relationship management software is key to any membership organisation and the success of its mission. But, with so many packages to choose from, which is the best CRM for membership organisations?

Best CRM For Membership Organisations

With the rise of the digital world, the days of signing up to receive updates on organisations have gone by. Data protection has become one of the major concerns, and your members want to ensure their details remain secure. Therefore, organisations require a system that offers two-step authentication to ensure customer data remains protected and safe.

Membership Organisations these days struggle to acquire new customers and retain existing ones. Hence, it has become important to keep the engagement of members a priority. In order to manage members well, Optimiser offers membership organisations a unified view of members, the ability to segment, report and analytics, communication and collaboration tools, automation capabilities, customisation per their requirements and a dashboard that aligns with organisational goals.

Challenges of Membership Organisations

Membership organisations face several challenges while managing their operations and processes. CRM for membership organisations serves as an effective tool that solves most of these challenges and allows them to focus on increasing the members and maintaining their data effectively. A membership CRM solution helps such organisations overcome the hurdles they face in their day-to-day operations. Here are the challenges membership organisations face:

 Use tedious excel sheets to maintain conversation history and information

 Shuffling between multiple applications

 Managing contacts of members & networking communities

 Renewal and upgrade of memembership

 Difficulty in tracking information about members & their connections

 Difficulty in managing the sheer volume of data

 Data protection

How does Optimiser help membership organisations?

Membership Management

  • Optimiser CRM enables membership organisations to develop better relationships with members by managing their registration and renewals.
  • It further allows membership organisations to manage upgrades directly from the website and offer discounts, resulting in improved relationships.

Business Intelligence

  • Optimiser allows membership organisations to skillfully understand the preferences of members by tracking different aspects of their membership lifecycle
  • It can generate reports of how the business is performing, showcase trends and analyse how every member contributes.

Membership Renewals and Upgrades

  • Optimiser also contributes to identifying facilities used by members and the events they enrol for.
  • Tracking their relationship with members and offering them more enhanced experiences lead to more renewals and upgrades.
  • Create and Manage Events
  • Optimiser allows membership organisations to create and manage events as well as track delegates and sponsors with ease.
  • It offers two-way integration with the website and allows businesses to run promotional, fundraising and awareness campaigns.
  • Develop Communities of Like-Minded Individuals
  • With Optimiser, organisations can conduct online events or webinars. They can offer resources for enrolled services.
  • It allows businesses to sell white papers and better communicate with members resulting in developing communities of like-minded individuals.
  • Set up Promo Codes for Events and Membership Registration
  • Apprise members with discount promo codes for special events. Lure new prospects or use it to attract existing members.
  • Set up usage limits and events that code is valid for or define customers who can use promo codes.

Why is Optimiser the best solution for membership organisations?

Discover the journey of every member in your community with the CRM built for engagement, which helps you manage contacts, accounts, and pipelines and generate more revenue for the business. Centralise your data in one place and get deep insights into your community to understand engagement and improve campaigns using the Optimiser Solution for membership organisations. With the Optimiser CRM solution, membership organisations can manage audiences and new opportunities with easy-to-use tools that get instant visibility into engagement and performance activities with an interactive dashboard and profiles. A secure platform allows organisations to emphasise serving the community.

All in one platform that never lets you miss anything


Manage contacts at one place and leverage analytics

Online & offline events

Plan, promote, execute and evaluate all your events


Automate membership processes and provide members an exclusive experience

Email Campaigns

Create, send and deliver personalised emails of any kinds

Finance & Invoicing

Streamline all finance-related processes and grow revenue


Upgrade your online presence with a fully integrated website building platform

One powerful platform

Simple to use


30 days free trial. No credit card required

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