Best CRM For Marketing Automation

Want to learn about finding the “best” customer relationship management software for your business? Our blog explores the benefits of marketing automation, and how CRM software can help you achieve those.

Have you ever wondered what the best CRM (Customer Relationship Management) software was for marketing automation? There are a lot of over-complicated CRMs and others that miss out on important features. In this article, we look at what makes a good CRM for marketing automation, why you might use one, and then take a look at some of the leading CRMs to help make your selection process easier.

Here’s the deal, marketing automation can be scary. There are so many ways to add leads, send emails, and track everything. I’ve used quite a few tools in the past as well. In fact, I’ve made it my job. Let me help you find the best CRM for marketing automation.

Best CRM For Marketing Automation

Email automation is sending timed or action-triggered emails. Whether your goal for the email campaign is to nurture new leads, deliver blog updates, or send birthday wishes with a personal touch – email automation makes sure that your campaign is relevant and efficient. 

Note that email automation is different from email blasts or broadcasts messages that are sent to subscribers manually. An automated email is triggered by a specific action taken by the subscriber. Email automation helps you to stay connected to your subscribers. 

Examples of email automation are a welcome email or an abandoned cart email. Email automation takes repetitive tasks off your to-do list. The great thing about email automation is that after it’s set up, you hardly need to do anything to keep it running.

What is CRM email marketing?

CRM is a strategy for managing a company’s interactions with leads and customers. It involves using CRM software to organize, automate and synchronize sales and marketing processes. 

With CRM email marketing you use customer relationship management software together with email marketing. This improves personalization and enhances direct communication with customers and prospective clients. In essence CRM email marketing focuses on the individual receiving the email, not a general audience. 

With CRM email marketing, businesses can personalize each message, learn customer buying habits, and even anticipate their purchases. Pretty cool, huh? 

1. Sendinblue

Sendinblue CRM with email marketing

Sendinblue allows businesses to build and grow relationships using email campaigns, transactional emails, and sophisticated email automation. 

The software comes with email automation to personalize workflows, accurately manage your contact list and send emails based on page visits.

Sendinblue CRM email automation

With Sendinblue, you can automatically resend campaigns to contacts who didn’t open it the first time. It also offers advanced email marketing functionality, like send-time optimization. This feature makes use of an algorithm to determine the best time to send your email newsletters. Useful to increase email open rates. 

Sendinblue also includes 40+ email templates and 8 automation blueprints to optimize your workflow. Easily connect Sendinblue to CMS platforms, eCommerce tools, and other business apps. 

Sendinblue Pricing
Their free plan is generous with 300 emails per day and unlimited contacts. Pricing starts at $25/month for 10,000 emails, AB testing, and advanced statistics. 

2. ActiveCampaign

ActiveCampaign email automation software with CRM

ActiveCampaign is an all-in-one marketing automation platform with a built-in CRM. Automate email marketing campaigns, contact management, and optimize your post-sale processes. The ActiveCampaign platform has over 150,000 businesses using it around the globe.

What differentiates ActiveCampaign from its competitors is the combination of intelligent features. Email and messaging are tied to the marketing automation features, a built-in CRM with sales automation.

The platform also monitors activities across multiple touchpoints by tracking different marketing channels. Now it’s up to you to create multichannel marketing workflows and automate follow-up sequences. 

ActiveCampaign integrates with over 870 apps. These apps range from analytics, and landing page builders, all the way over to accounting. Including Shopify, Unbounce, Thinkific, Jotform, Pipedrive, and lots more.

In ActiveCampaign, you can personalize the content of emails to each contact with conditional content. For instance, display different images or blocks of texts in an email depending on the pages the contact views on your website.

For example, if you’re carrying out a sales promo, use conditional content to display only products that the subscriber has interacted with in the past. 

The biggest problem most users have with marketing automation platforms is the visual automation campaign builder. Some tools don’t have a visual builder and in some cases, they’re very complex. ActiveCampaign tackles the issue head-on. The drag and drop flowchart tool you use to create automation workflows is intuitive and easy to understand.

ActiveCampaign marketing CRM automation

ActiveCampaign also offers split-testing to test subject lines and email content to identify what works best.

ActiveCampaign Pricing 
They have a 14-day free trial and pricing starts at $9/month for 500 contacts with the Lite plan.

3. Benchmark Email

Benchmark Email marketing platform with CRM

Benchmark Email is a simple email marketing platform with a lightweight CRM built-in. It provides a drag and drop email editor, email templates, forms, landing pages, and automation tools. The best part of the tool is that it’s very easy to use and offers great customer support. 

You can integrate Benchmark Email with more than 1500 business tools like LiveChat, Stripo, Shopify, and WooCommerce. Their WordPress plugin makes it easy to add forms to your site without copying and pasting codes.

Benchmark Email uses triggers to send automated email sequences. For example, when a customer subscribes to your email list, automatically send a welcome email. The app also offers several templates to help transition subscribers into customers.

Benchmark Email CRM follow-up sequence

The tool also has a lightweight customer relationship management system with contact profiles that include email engagement data. 

Other features to note are A/B testing, contact list management, real-time reports, polls, surveys, and social media integration.

Benchmark Email Pricing
The free plan includes 500 contacts and 3500 emails per month. Pricing starts at $13/month for 500 contacts and unlimited emails.

4. Keap (Infusionsoft)

Keap CRM email marketing automation platform

Keap (formerly Infusionsoft) is an all-in-one CRM platform with strong automation functionality. Use it for SMS, email, landing pages, and payments. Keap has been in business for over 20 years and has served over 200,000 customers. Most customers like it because it’s super helpful in keeping customer data organized.

Capture and convert leads by designing funnels, creating segments, and automating marketing campaigns. Keap is also great for bottom-of-the-funnel activities. Choose customizable email templates to create follow-ups to get paid faster. The best part about Keap is how its lets you consolidate all your customer data into one dashboard. 

Keap CRM with email marketing sales pipeline

Keap sales and marketing automation comes with a strong set of features. You’ll use them to save time and automate routine tasks. Send reminders, create drip email series, and follow up after purchases with automations.

The best part is that you can personalize all of these messages using segmentation and automation conditions. 

Keap also offers a strong reporting and analytics dashboard. You’ll find different reports for sales, marketing, lead generation, and revenue. You’ll be able to visualize these data sets to gain valuable insights and stay on top of your operations. 

Keap Pricing
You can get started with a 14-day free trial to test the system. All paid plans include 24/7 support, unlimited emails, and access to 1:1 coaching. Your price goes up as your contact list grows.

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