Best CRM For Manufacturing Industries

Sales CRM is one of the most popular packages within the entire CRM industry. It has several remarkable features that have helped our customer a lot to make their selling campaigns more rewarding and productive. Let’s have a quick look at them and select the best CRM for manufacturing industries.

HPC industry is growing rapidly on a global scale, and manufacturing industries are one of the major driving forces of it. With the wide spread of business networking, high-tech productions and services worldwide, there are a lot of opportunities for businesses and job seekers.

CRM software has evolved dramatically, and if you’re looking for a CRM software that is right for your company, you’re not alone. There are literally thousands of CRMs, which makes it difficult to pinpoint the one that’s right for your business in 2018.

Best CRM For Manufacturing Industries

Are you managing a manufacturing company seeking CRM software? If yes, you must choose suitable CRM software for the manufacturing industry. Manufacturing CRM systems is the software tool that enables manufacturing companies to create, use, and maintain the repository of customer details like correspondence addresses, phone numbers, demography, and pain points. The sales representatives leverage the information to understand the customer requirements better, identify the opportunities you can offer them, and close the sales faster. The manufacturing CRM software benefits an organization in terms of high-quality leads, higher engagement rates, better performance in sales, accurate forecasting, excellent customer service, more visibility in the supply chain, and simplified and optimized manufacturing. Furthermore, it enables the marketing and sales department to prepare detailed reports, considering customer behavior. If you are serious about increasing your sales and ROI, make a wise decision by prospecting for the list of the best CRM for manufacturing companies right away!

1. HubSpot CRM

Perhaps the best CRM for manufacturers looking to get more out of their customers and distributors, the HubSpot CRM. With several tiers available within their various “Hubs” of digital growth tools, the Sales Hub Pro and Enterprise tiers are ideal options for manufacturers who need to integrate streams of data sources, provide varying user permissions across departments, build out custom objects for data collection and analysis, and build out reports that inform business decisions.  

Let’s dive into one of these key offerings: the ability to create custom objects. This allows you to build your CRM the way you want to use it with your unique sales process. The key to remember about most other CRMs it that, out of the box, have 90% of what manufacturers need, but then lack the critical 10% that would be most helpful to manufacturing teams. That’s why the custom objects feature of HubSpot’s CRM is so unique – it fills the gap for the 10% of missing features out of the box and ensure your company is not confined to  a way of doing things that doesn’t match the human behavior and processes already in place.

Additionally, the mobile HubSpot app makes it easy for users to manage partner, vendor, and customer relationships as they are out and about. It also has robust tools to segment contacts and companies by standard or custom identifiers, a common function of any good CRM.

HubSpot CRM really beats other CRM options by providing plenty of self serve educational content to help you and your cross-functional teams dive in and start using it immediately along with HubSpot Support Teams able to assist via chat, phone, or email. 

Hubspot Technical Consulting, 300+ Happy Customers

2. PipelineDeals

There are a few things that make PipelineDeals a solid choice for manufacturers. This CRM is one of the most used options for small to mid-size manufacturing companies that have strong sales teams in numerous industries. The platform is easy to use, and there are numerous customizable features to it. Another feature that helps it stand out is the robust customer support provided as a component of the program’s services.

Overall, PipelineDeals is an effective tool that enables business growth and solid connectivity. It also offers good integration of email and calendar features to make managing time easy. The only drawbacks of this CRM is less-than-ideal functionality and lacks built-in automation for common marketing tasks.

3. SolidPerformers CRM

The SolidPerformers CRM has some of the best features for busy organizations. Perhaps one of the best features of this CRM is that it can perform multiple functions at one time, really helping organizations to get the most out of their time. SolidPerformers also offers a wide range of features including lead follow-up management, client management, lead to client conversion in One Click, and finance management, to name a few.

The custom module creation option of this B2B CRM software allows for the creation of additional functions based on the company’s needs, which is highly beneficial for manufacturers. However, it can be a bit slow in operational features, and it doesn’t offer the robust automation features of some other systems.

4. Salesforce CRM

Salesforce is one of the most well-known CRMs, and it offers perhaps the best overall combination of features in a cloud-based system that can be operated anywhere. Additionally, this platform is exceptionally flexible and customizable. While more expensive for small business operations, the Salesforce CRM can be a solid choice for most organizations.

Recognized for being easy to use and implement, Salesforce has an interface that’s attractive and efficient. The free version provides basic services, but leaves users without the functionality needed for manufacturing companies. However, it offers key features such as digitizing lifestyle marketing, streamlining distribution with online buying tools, intelligent field service, and channel management.

5. Zoho CRM

This CRM is a great option for manufacturers who need a simple tool to manage inventory and customers on a single platform. Zoho is ideal for manufacturers because it provides price quote tools, delivery of goods tools, and account management features.

A few other things make the Zoho CRM stand out, like its selling tools and the ability to sell either goods or services (which may fit the plan for some manufacturers). The only drawbacks of this platform are the limited customizations and the lack of marketing automation, which many of today’s manufacturers need.

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