Best CRM For Lead Management

Choosing a CRM for managing your leads is a very important decision. You want a CRM that’s easy to use and helps you convert leads into sales. We’ve compiled a list of the best CRMs for lead management which we hope will make your decision much easier.

For companies that rely on sales, lead management is absolutely critical for their success. In marketing, you have to generate a lot of leads, especially in industries like insurance and recruitment. Lead management can be a time-consuming process, so having a CRM (customer relationship manager) tool on your side can deliver great benefits to your business.

The marketing landscape is changing very fast. One thing that has always remained constant is the presence of leads. As per a survey, 89% of people selling something online agree that leads are the most valuable resource for their business. Additionally, 95% of marketers believe leads are extremely important for their business growth. With this in mind, it is crucial that you have a reliable and effective lead generation tool to make your next campaign extremely effective!

Best CRM For Lead Management

Differences Between Lead Management Software and CRM

The process of data collection, identifying prospects and closing the deal is included in the lead management system. CRM- Customer Relationship Management, on the other hand, requires you to have an existing customer database, and then consider the sales approach.

A new lead is like a would-be customer. If everything works smoothly between the two parties then this lead will be your customer.

Certain software tools combine the services of lead management and CRM as the former leads to later but CRM can never be a part of lead management. Lead Management vs. CRM is similar to Prospective Customers vs. Existing Customers.

Further explained it is like the differentiation of usage of the promotional offers and the loyalty offers, where the customers get the advantage of both, unlike the prospects.

What is the Lead Process?

The lead process is a baby step towards the conversion of a prospect to the customer. A crucial step and systematic process that has a road map to generate, qualify and track leads. It records initial interactions, includes demonstrating values or query solving to freeze delivery.

General Features of Lead Management Software

Enlisted below are the various features of Lead Management Tools.

#1) Automated Data Collection: Companies use a variety of marketing channels like Facebook, Twitter, Website, Chat, Blogs, E-mail Marketing, Contests, Research & Survey, Polls, and other offline methods, etc. for data collection.

#2) Data Management: Multiple channels produce data that needs to be stored, sorted, tagged, formatted, filtered, source identification, de-duplicated, and processed to make accessible. The contact and its history need to be managed efficiently for sending quotes, e-mail marketing, social media integration, etc.

#3) Work Allocation and Task Management: Primarily the leads that come in need immediate action for each inquiry. The timely actions of the passing of leads and taking them to a new level is almost as necessary as consuming a raw food having a shelf life of a few days.

#4) Response to Leads: The fresh lead and immediate / faster response to it at times are the deciding factors for the future of that lead.

#5) Scheduling and Tracking Leads: The secondary level of scheduling the actions required on specific date & time and tracking the developments is achievable. Monitoring the system helps the team to plan the day and manage the saved from micromanaging. Scheduling is calendar integration and it can be a reminder for call response, action required, pending task, follow-up calls, scheduling one on one meeting and a lot more.


Best for: CRM software is best for small to large businesses. It makes the pipeline management easy and has the capacity to connect every department of the organization regardless of its size. CRM software will help you with managing the customer data, interaction, and processes. It will allow you to manage these things the way you like. All your data will be protected. It will allow you to build and customize the dashboard as per your needs. This CRM software has automation capabilities to help you with repetitive tasks. - Leads Board

It can perform automatic insertion of leads that are captured on any other form. It will also allow you to insert the leads by importing them from various tools.


  • You will be able to quickly gain insights and a clear overview of sales, processes, and performance through the dashboard.
  • You can set automatic reminders, due-date notifications and assigning new tasks to teammates automatically.
  • By putting the repetitive tasks on autopilot you will be able to automate your sales pipeline.
  • Leads can be captured online through the integrated contact form. - Lead Integration


  • Though it offers a free trial of the product there is an absence of a forever free plan.
  • It doesn’t provide features like setting up recurring tasks and mind mapping. Mind mapping will be helpful for strategizing.
  • The tool will not allow you to toggle between the views. It will be helpful to switch between the views on the project.

Verdict: provides a highly secure and reliable CRM platform that will refine your sales process and help you with post-sale activities. It will give you an overview of overall business opportunities. This platform will help you with leads tracking along with staying organized.

Companies using

  • WeWork
  • Discovery Channel
  • Carlsberg
  • com
  • Philips

#2) Pipedrive

Best for: This tool is best for small and medium-sized enterprises. Over 2000 companies use it and are famous in countries such as the US, the UK, Brazil, Canada, France, Netherlands, Germany, Spain, Australia, and India.


Pipedrive has wonderful features of pipeline management, E-mail integration, Activities Management, Data import-export, Sales reporting, and forecasting. Over 85000 companies use it. It is a popular and highly effective tool for both small and medium businesses. It manages sales and provides a detailed and clear picture of their existing and historic deals.

Pros and cons:


  • Simple and Easy to use.
  • Select metrics to customize your dashboard.
  • Customer Life Cycle & Measures Sales Performance.
  • Historic Data.


  • The mobile app needs to function spontaneously by facing challenges.
  • The availability of too many filters can make it complex.
  • It cannot have separate plans for a different level of users who need particular features.
  • Notifications require integration with Slack or Zapier.

Verdict: This tool is best for the salespeople to remain organized. It is simple to use and easy to adapt. The product is value for money and customer support is commendable. It is suitable for up to 1000 employees.

Industries using Pipedrive lead management software include Computer Software, Financial Services, Information Technology & Services, Hospital & Health Care, Marketing & Advertising, Computer Hardware, Management Consulting, Staffing & Recruiting, Real Estate, and Construction.

Companies using Pipedrive:

  • Cargolift Logística S.A.
  • Green Gorilla Apps
  • INFONOVA Tecnologia
  • Drync LLC
  • Railnova

#3) Zendesk

Best for Full-Featured Lead Management for Businesses of all types.


Zendesk is a powerful CRM software that comes jam-packed with features that facilitate lead management. It harbors Features like “Funnel Tracking” that inform you about a marketing campaign’s capacity to generate revenue.

We also like how it helps users detect issues in the sales cycle early on, thanks to its pre-built “Pipeline Conversion Report” feature.

Zendesk also presents users with a customizable Lead Smart list, which the user can leverage to get quick access to only the best prospects for their business. Another thing we really admire about Zendesk is its ability to log calls and emails automatically, thus ensuring quality leads aren’t lost while shuffling through a boat load of prospects.


  • A fully customizable CRM dashboard that allows you to track leads from the moment they enter the funnel to the moment they are converted to customers.
  • Capture important information about the lead such as contact details, behavior, and other important details.
  • Track a lead’s engagement with your business with the help of Activity tracking.
  • Allows you to implement data-driven solutions with accurate, comprehensive reports and analytics.
  • Integrate seamlessly with several existing business apps to make lead generation and processes associated with sales more efficient.


  • Although a 14-day free trial is available, the absence of a free plan is really apparent.
  • Can’t add prospects directly from a company domain or email in order to auto-fill data.

Verdict: Zendesk is a user-friendly CRM tool designed to automate and boost the efficiency of the lead management process. It offers you access to a ton of useful sales, marketing, and time-saving tools that aim to make lead management easier, boost productivity and maximize revenue. As such, Zendesk has our stamp of approval.

Companies Using Zendesk

  • Intermind
  • Staples
  • Mailchimp
  • Shopify
  • Instacart

#4) HubSpot Sales

Best for: It is best for medium or large businesses with 10-999 users.

Competitive Dashboard

HubSpot is famous for its rich features. HubSpot is a choice of more than 12,000 companies across 56 countries for lead management and conversion.

Pros and cons:


  • Pipeline Management
  • Campaign Management
  • Importing and Exporting leads is easy.
  • Detailed training is available.


  • Unwanted data can get added to the CRM feature of tracking e-mail and if un-ticked you lose the chance to capture data.
  • It does not integrate into other email tools.
  • Less ROI for small users.
  • The dashboard can be simplified.

Verdict: Its extensive software is loaded with features useful for sales, marketing, and customer relationship management. The complete marketing assembled in the software makes the marketing function easy.

Industries that use HubSpot lead management software include Computer Software, Financial Services, Information Technology & Services, Hospital & Health Care, Marketing & Advertising, Computer Hardware, Management Consulting, Staffing & Recruiting, Real Estate, and Construction.

Companies using HubSpot:

  • HubSpot Inc
  • Incorporate Massage
  • Portfolium, Inc.
  • Axosoft

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