Best CRM For Lawyers

Among the many choices of CRM software for lawyers, you will have to make the decision of which is best for your needs. To help in that, we’ve created this listing of the Top 5 Best CRMs For Lawyers.

We have used many of the top CRM for Lawyers. Many of these products are designed for medium to large law firms. They might not be the most appropriate solution for small law firms. We’ll take a look at what makes a great CRM for lawyers and look at the best options for smaller attorneys.

Choosing the best CRM for your firm is important. If you have been in practice for awhile, you probably remember all of the paperwork involved in staying organized. You know all too well that paying attention to details can make a difference in today’s market. However, none of us has the time to sift through paper files and documents, constantly searching for the information we need. In this article I’ve created a guide which will help you choose the best CRM based on attorney’s needs.

Best CRM For Lawyers

What is a CRM Software?

Customer Relationship Management software is a digital adoption tool that helps you track and manage all information and interaction with your current and potential clients.

It’s a centralized platform that connects all departments and organizes their activities and data into one system. It also consolidates all communication streams (e-mails, calls, text messages, and meetings), documents, quotes, and tasks associated with each contact.

As a result, every user has direct access to the real-time client data they need. Yes, the data is constantly updating automatically as soon as your leads and clients take action.

That impacts your team’s productivity (as they no longer have to share excel sheets and demand data from other departments) and your client’s experience.

Why should you use CRM in your Law Firm?

According to an Ackert survey, 78% of law firms use a CRM system. As a law firm, you are responsible for keeping track of a vast amount of information: client intake, contact information, past conversations on different platforms, and invoicing details.

Even in a small firm, your team can struggle with managing that all. Or, they have to dedicate a lot of time, which they could use on profitable activities.

Whether a small law firm or your business has grown into a large company, every legal practice needs easy contact management, effective and quick communication with clients, streamlined team collaboration, and tech aid to enhance productivity.

As the study shows, about 84% of law firms saw an increase in their overall work efficiency using legal technology. As you can see, not following tech development can make you fall behind your competitors.

Clio: Best Overall CRM for Law Firms

Clio is a popular, cloud-based legal case management software with a CRM add-on for general and niche law firms.

Price Range: $39 to $129+ per user, per month (7-day free trial)

Overall RatingCostCore FeaturesEase-of-UseIntegrationsCustomizationCustomer Support


  • Immediate use with little setup
  • Easy client onboarding
  • Intuitive and easy interface


  • Lacks key automation features
  • CRM is an add-on
  • Reporting capabilities can be lacking

Clio is a leading law practice management software offering case and document management, client intake, and a CRM available as an add-on in lower tiers and included in its highest tier. It’s highly versatile, providing general niche tools for many legal specialties, from estate planning and injury cases to intellectual property and bankruptcy law. It also offers an intuitive user interface and is well-priced even with its add-on CRM.

Even though Clio is rated our top CRM for law firms, it only offers its CRM as an add-on in lower tiers. If you’re looking for an industry-specific option with a native CRM, try Law Ruler.

Clio Pricing

  • EasyStart: $39 per user, per month (Clio Grow unavailable)
  • Essentials: $69 per user, per month (plus $49 Clio Grow add-on)
  • Advanced: $99 per user, per month (plus $49 Clio Grow add-on)
  • Complete: $129 per user, per month (includes Clio Grow add-on)
  • Free Trial: 7-day free trial

Clio Key Features

  • Broad Range of Specialty Areas: This CRM covers most niche-specific legal areas.
  • Client Intake Tools: Use contact management with online intake forms to onboard clients.
  • Documents & E-signatures: Send documents and agreements to clients for quick signing.
  • Time Tracker: Automate repetitive tasks and record time and expenses with ease.
  • Track Performance: Dashboard tracks performance metrics like billable hour targets.

Law Ruler: Best for Marketing Automation

Law Ruler automates industry-specific marketing initiatives with email, text, and voice calling campaigns.

Price Range: $179 per month + $399 setup fee

Overall RatingCostCore FeaturesEase-of-UseIntegrationsCustomizationCustomer Support


  • Robust customer support
  • Excellent automation
  • Optimized client intake


  • UI could be improved
  • Setup fee required
  • Additional seats cost extra

Law Ruler is a law firm CRM that includes customer and legal case management, marketing automation, and client intake software to quickly onboard new clients. It offers an online intake form builder that helps firms brand and customize fields to collect the info they need, send text and email reminders to clients regarding incomplete forms, and auto-populate the data into the CRM. It even offers voice calling marketing automations and more.

While Law Ruler offers a native industry CRM, it can be pricey for some and may be missing some general sales features. If you need a well-priced and robust CRM, check out Freshsales.

Law Ruler Pricing

  • Legal CRM Pro: $179 per month for up to three users
  • Legal CRM Enterprise: Contact for quote
  • Setup Fee: $399 one-time cost
  • Additional users can be purchased for a monthly fee

Law Ruler Key Features

  • Client Intake: Automate client intake with decision tree logic and personalization.
  • Document Management: Create forms and documents for easy signing.
  • Built-In Dialer: Equipped with a click-to-call phone dialer to contact leads instantly.
  • Interactive Dashboards: Use its immersive dashboard analytics to evaluate key metrics.
  • Marketing Automation: Automate your email, text, and phone marketing.

Freshsales logo

Freshsales: Best General Option for Law Firms

Freshsales offers a top-rated CRM with robust sales and service features for an attractive price.

Price Range:

Overall RatingCostCore FeaturesEase-of-UseIntegrationsCustomizationCustomer Support


  • Free dialer & live chat
  • Intuitive pipeline view
  • Advanced AI automations


  • Free tier is limited
  • Not industry-specific
  • Missing some marketing features

Freshsales is our top-rated general CRM offering the best overall mix of general sales features, pricing, and ease-of-use. Its free tier includes robust contact management including a built-in phone dialer and live chat, and its premium paid tiers offer advanced features such as AI-powered sales forecasting and lead insights. You can even customize it to manage caseload as well as optimize web forms for automated client intake.

Freshsales is a great general option, however, it isn’t industry-specific. For a top rated industry CRM, check out Clio instead.

Freshsales Pricing

  • Free Version: Support for unlimited users
  • Growth: $15 per user, per month
  • Pro: $39 per user, per month
  • Enterprise: $69 per user, per month
  • Free Trial: 21 days
  • Integration with Freshwork’s free marketing and service platform tiers

Freshsales Key Features

  • Free Dialer & Live Chat: Communicate with leads and clients via phone or chat.
  • AI-Automations: Automatically forecast sales and engage leads with artificial intelligence.
  • Lead Scoring: Automatically score leads so you prioritize the top prospects.
  • Online Web Forms: Improve client intake with custom web forms.
  • Visual Pipeline Management: Provides complete visibility of opportunities and goals.
freshsales dashboard example

hubspot logo

HubSpot CRM: Best Free CRM With Upgrades

HubSpot CRM is a free general-purpose CRM offering core sales, marketing, and service features and the ability to upgrade.

Price Range: Free to $1,200 per month (Sales Hub)

Overall RatingCostCore FeaturesEase-of-UseIntegrationsCustomizationCustomer Support


  • Robust free tier
  • Visual dashboard & sales funnel
  • Sales & marketing features


  • Not specific to law firms
  • Upgrades can be pricey
  • Customizations could improve

HubSpot CRM is a widely used CRM across various industries rated our top overall free CRM. Its sales features offer a visual sales pipeline for contact and deal management along with core sales reporting features. It also integrates seamlessly with the free tiers of HubSpot’s marketing and service platforms, adding features like email marketing, online web forms, and case management. Upgrade into its paid tiers for advanced sales features.

HubSpot offers a great free option, but its paid tiers can be pricey. If you need a robust general CRM with more affordable premium tiers, check out Freshsales instead.

HubSpot CRM Pricing

  • Free Version: Supports unlimited users and up to 1 million contacts
  • Sales Hub Starter: $45 per month for up to two users
  • Sales Hub Professional: $450 per month for up to five users
  • Sales Hub Enterprise: $1,200 per month for up to 10 paid users
  • Additional users can be purchased for an extra monthly fee
  • Integrates with HubSpots free marketing and service platforms

HubSpot CRM Key Features

  • Robust Free Plan: HubSpot’s free plan integrates with free Marketing and Service Hubs.
  • Intuitive Interface: Leverage an intuitive interface for management and reporting.
  • Live Chat: Communicate with customers and prospects via free live chat widget.
  • Online Web Forms: Collect customer information via free web forms.
  • Conversation Routing: Route conversations to the right reps or agents.
Hubspot free crm dashboard

Lawmatics Logo

Lawmatics: Best for Document Management

Lawmatics is a legal CRM that provides an all-in-one solution for custom document creation and management.

Price Range: $169 to $212 per month + $399 setup fee

Overall RatingCostCore FeaturesEase-of-UseIntegrationsCustomizationCustomer Support


  • Custom document creation
  • Custom client intake forms
  • Built-in suite for esignatures


  • UI requires a learning curve
  • Automation can be hard to use
  • Customization can be improved

Lawmatics is a modern-day CRM and legal intake platform offering marketing automation and document management features. Create custom intake forms that captures key client data as well as create custom legal documents for e-signature. Also included are niche-specialty features for practice areas like estate planning, family law, personal injury, criminal defense, immigration law, bankruptcy law, and more.

While Lawmatics offers robust document management for law firms, it can be pricey for some. If you’re looking for a lower cost law firm CRM option, try Clio instead.

Lawmatics Pricing

  • Lite: $169 per month for up to three users (plus $42 per month for each additional user)
  • Pro: $212 per month for up to three users (plus $50 per month for each additional user)
  • Setup Fee: $399 one-time cost

Lawmatics Key Features

  • Document Management: Create custom forms and documents for e-signature.
  • Marketing Automation: Segment contacts and send emails to specific demographics.
  • Proactive Triggers: Automatically send invoices once an agreement has been signed.
  • Visual Pipeline: Manage and nurture leads with a kanban-style pipeline tool.
  • Integrations: Integrate Lawmatics with other law firm systems and platforms seamlessly.
lawmatics dashboard

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