Best CRM For Healthcare

The COVID-19 pandemic accelerated the digitalization of industries. Among these, healthcare organizations led in adoption and implementation. Moreover, the industry has put customer experience a top priority, which is a noticeable feature among standout CRM trends observed in other industries,.

Along this line, top healthcare organizations have shifted their CRM practice towards patient-centric processes, all the while keeping compliant with the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (HIPAA). The act ensures the security of personally identifiable healthcare information. However, not all CRM software solutions on the market today are HIPAA compliant. So, not all can provide healthcare institutions the necessary conditions to keep within legal bounds.

So, in this article, we will list down the best HIPAA-compliant healthcare CRM platforms that can help you integrate key information from different business functions, from patient data management to sales. This way, you will know which tools can help you connect seemingly disparate but insight-inducing data to bear on your operations for improvement.

Best CRM For Healthcare

Now, let’s see some of the CRM software suitable for the healthcare industry.

Get an all-in-one sales platform with Pipedrive for your growing medical or hospital revenue. It allows you to sell more with less effort or manual work. This easy-to-use CRM software lets you get up and running in a few minutes so you can focus on patient communication and engagement.

Sharpen your actions and let Pipedrive think of the finish line for you. From scheduling calls and emails to lunches, Pipedrive shows you the right way to prioritize your things. Its analytics is understandable, so you can see your detailed report and grow accordingly.

You can sync your CRM with over 300 tools, including Xero, Slack, Kixie, Asana, Google, and more. With the help of webhooks, one-click contact data collection, open API, and AI-powered sales assistants, you can eliminate your busy work.

Moreover, centralize your communication efforts with smart features and connect with your patient with ease. You can also create and implement CRM solutions in your hospitals and medicals by using features such as activity tracking, insights, and patient feedback.

From accounting and invoicing to chatbots, from email marketing to task management, you can have all the control in a single place. You can also access this healthcare CRM solution on your Android and iOS mobiles to keep track of every patient, doctor, and other staff at your fingertips.

Try the professional plan for 14 days.

Keap offers excellent CRM software to manage your hospital-patient relationship. You can manage appointments and multiple care simultaneously, coordinate with doctors and patients, and send reminders to your patients regarding their medical visits.

Keap provides the flexibility you need to meet your unique business and industry needs. Get an all-in-one CRM automation platform and enhance your hospital or medical revenue. You can collect the list of patients seamlessly and consistently by using Keap’s landing page template, appointment setting, patient filling form, and more.

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No need to distract yourself from important work; Keap tracks your patient’s health care facility in the same place. Furthermore, Keap offers different templates for writing texts and emails and sending them to the segmented lists in the CRM. Keep every data in a single place so you can view it from anywhere and take quick action if necessary. In addition, you can access Keap’s CRM solutions on your mobile.

Trigger your personalized follow-ups to maintain a good relationship with your patients. You can also integrate thousands of applications into your business and easily sync contacts with integrations of PayPal, Quickbooks, Gmail, and more.

Take a 14-day free trial that includes a mobile application, expert support, a dedicated business phone line, easy integration with various third-party applications, and more.

Salesforce for Healthcare and Life Sciences is a CRM system used to manage patient relationships, streamline processes, and engage with customers more successfully.

It is an essential tool for these businesses due to its ability to integrate with other third-party medical applications. Healthcare institutions can use it to track Patient Identifiers, medical records, treatments, and more.

Sales leads, client information, and product information can all be used to track sales and marketing data in the life sciences sector.

It provides a wide range of capabilities that can make managing relationships with patients, clients, and partners more effective for organizations of all sizes. The cloud platform helps to streamline communication with essential partners in health, behavioral, and social initiatives.

Firms can build unique profiles and dashboards using Salesforce to comprehend their data better. It is also an entirely customizable platform making it a valuable tool for small businesses and those with more extensive operations.

Key Features

Single cloud platform for health that connects data, teams, and patients and automates processes.
Mulesoft Anypoint platform to combine different apps and deliver time-sensitive and vital projects.
Integrate data from other departments, including R&D, manufacturing, supply chain, and commerce, to gain deeper insights.
Real-time data and integrated programs help to reduce service costs and improve public health initiatives.
You can achieve your objectives using the integrated array of applications provided by the Salesforce for Healthcare and Life Sciences platform. Every area of your business, from marketing initiatives to patient care, may be managed using it.

Improve your patient-care service with Zendesk, which enables you to meet every patient’s needs and build trust among your patients. Keep your business synchronized with Zendesk and see the magic happening by relaxing in your armchair.

Enter the new era of conversions with Zendesk’s CRM solutions. Since patients expect a good relationship with a healthcare institution, you can meet those expectations using Zendesk. It will help you deliver a better relationship and experience with your patients and employees at any length.

Do not waste time searching for the information; Zendesk offers a 360-degree view of every patient’s data in order to deliver more personalized care and support. You can also handle your team’s efficiency and allow your employees to self-service.

Integrate essential information from the EHRs, appointment histories, and medical devices so that your team can spend a little time gathering important updates about each patient. Thus, focus on your patients more.

Empower your hospital staff with the featured-packed tool. Take a free trial of the services and experience premium support.

Manage patient appointments, get full visibility into the status of bills, keep track of patient records, and retain patients by providing trust and a better experience with Freshsales Healthcare CRM. Allow your medical staff to implement healthcare CRM into the day-to-day work.

The tool will help you know your patient’s health and send the right message at the right time to show your love and concern for your patient. Freshsales lets you keep track of patients’ activities, schedules, appointments, information, and old records. Medical staff can obtain medical histories of old patients and follow up for their regular health check-ups.

Furthermore, Freshsales allows you to easily create landing pages, track page visits, track actions, chat with the visitors via AI-powered bots, and tailor your email campaigns. Through this, you can build trust among your new patients.

Freshsales is an intuitive and comprehensive healthcare software that helps in building cordial relationships with your patients as well as staff. It stores doctor and patient information in a single place so your medical team can access the data immediately.

Freshsales healthcare CRM is all set to give a clear view of basic patient information and their medical records. It also allows you to track their bills and fees charged by doctors.

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