Best CRM For Financial Advisors

Once used as electronic Rolodexes to track client and prospecting activities, Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solutions are now helping advisors create tailored communications, generate deep business insights on their clients and prospects, automate workflows, increase lead conversions, and increase profitability.

As with any technology solution, choosing the right one for your business is critical for optimizing your return on investment. For this CRM roundup, we examined 15 advisor-specific CRM providers based on features, cost, integrations, and more. Here are our top picks.

Best CRM For Financial Advisors

Starburts Labs created Wealthbox CRM. They operate from New York City and Providence. Wealthbox is a wealth management CRM with desktop, web, and mobile applications. It’s simple to use and requires little instruction. This is an excellent tool for both solo financial advisors and client relationship management advisory firms. Good customizable workflow templates are among the key features. Wealthbox provides useful tools for pipeline and opportunity management. These aid financial advisors in their sales process in order to acquire new clients. CRM features such as task management tools and document management are available on this platform. Because of its scalability, this is the best CRM for financial services. Wealthbox offers a free trial period.


Key features
Data Security
Wealthbox Email
Mobile App
Basic: $35 per month when billed annually
Pro: $49 per month when billed annually
Premier: $65 per month when billed annually
Simple and intuitive platform
A brief learning curve
Management in collaboration with an activity stream
Social media integration
Mobile accessibility
Enterprise pricing not available online
Advisor Engine creates Junxure. This is the best CRM for small financial services firm with business process automation. It’s excellent for improving client relationships. Junxure assists in the collection of financial data as well as activity tracking. It automates real-time financial advisor tips. These are useful for things like following up. It’s also useful for task management and reminders. Junxure offers numerous customization options to assist CRM companies in gaining more clients. You can personalize templates for email marketing and social media posts. Segmenting client data is useful for advanced searching and filtering. This allows you to quickly obtain client information. Junxure offers a free trial period. It is valid for 30 days.

junxure 2

Key features
Client Management
Contact Management
Customer Database
Document Management
Expense Tracking
Lead Management
$65 per user, per month, billed annually
As far as integrations and features go, it’s one of the most comprehensive customer relationship management software programs on the market.
Junxure’s greatest selling point
The scope of the features and the platform’s user experience may be a bit overwhelming
Ugru CRM, as the name suggests, is all about expansion. This is a financial planning customer relationship tool. It is compatible with sales force automation and sales forecasting. It also performs well in terms of pipeline management. Ugru can assist with email marketing automation in order to gain more customers. The contact management system has effective searching and filtering capabilities. Data import is simple and can be done in bulk. There are tools for generating new leads. Lead capture and lead referral routing are two examples. There is information available about pipeline activity and campaign performance. Ugru continues to add new tools. They provide workflow builders as well as automation triggers. Accounting suites are also included. There are numerous features to assist with financial planning and calculations.

ugru 3

Key features
Financial Planning Module
Data Aggregation
FINRA Compliant
$59 per 3 users per month
Advisors and wealth management professionals will benefit greatly from the financial planning tool.
Customer service is readily available and eager to assist with teaching more advanced processes or modifying the system.
Because there are so many built-in tools, you won’t have to spend time integrating third-party apps or learning other systems.
Expensive in comparison to the price points of most competing systems.
Storage is limited to 10 GB per user, but additional 10 GB can be purchased for $14.99.
Despite being a self-proclaimed practice management system, it lacks a good inventory system for asset management.
Redtail CRM
Redtail began in 2003. The plan was to provide advisors with a web-based CRM platform. Redtail is dedicated to making client data available anywhere and at any time. This financial CRM software has a strong connection to the financial services industry. This platform integrates with other critical financial advisor tools. They provide a variety of support services to assist with onboarding. Phone, email, webinars, and video tutorials are examples of these. This facilitates learning. Redtail covers the fundamental CRM features. You will receive automated workflows. There is effective pipeline management and reporting. A Redtail mobile app is extremely simple to use. Redtail prices its products differently than other CRMs. You pay using a database. Each subscription covers 15 users.


Key features
Seminar Management
Campaign Management
Free Database Migration
Unlimited Resources
$99 per month, per database
In the finance CRM market, a large number of users allows for a competitive price.
This system is affordable even for small businesses or a single user, and the automation tied to accounts will greatly improve productivity.
Redtail Speak is worth the extra money for businesses that want to keep personal contact information private while keeping communication channels open.
When compared to less expensive hosted storage solutions, the Redtail Imaging service has less storage space.
Some features, such as the built-in social tool with Twitter integration, may be underutilized.
The simple interface may not appeal to those seeking dazzling visuals, but it moves quickly.

Salesforce is one of the most popular CRM software for financial services industry. They have a long history in the industry and are experts in all aspects of customer relationship management. They provide tailored financial planning and wealth management packages. They offer personalized features for personal wealth management, as well as banking, insurance, and mortgage lending. Salesforce users can access their massive data bank to gain additional customer insights. Finally, there’s AI-powered client data. Workflow automation allows you to automate many simple tasks and save time. This CRM system is an excellent choice for the financial services industry.


Key features
Workflow Automation
Contact Management
Milestone Tracking
Financial Services Cloud Starter: Starting at $225 per month
Financial Services Cloud Growth: Starting at $300 per month
Because of its superior functionality and large support community, the well-supported system is a top choice.

Works out of the box, but will require some customization unless you choose a package for your specific role in finance.
It is well-known for having one of the best dashboards in the CRM industry, and it can be customized to fit your needs.
When navigating the site, there is a lot of intertwining and different names for similar products.
It is well-known for having one of the best dashboards in the CRM industry, and it can be customized to fit your needs.
You’ll need at least the Lightning Enterprise plan, which starts at $150 per user per month, to get the full Salesforce suite of tools.
Zoho is a financial CRM tool suite that includes everything. They have an excellent CRM system for financial services. This collects basic CRM information. This is combined with information such as financial documents, policy information, and insurance records. When you use Zoho CRM, you get a unified view of all your contacts. This improves the user experience. AUMs do exist. These are for assets that are managed. You keep track of transactions across multiple institutions. They provide good AI automation reminders for follow-ups. The dashboards are spotless. You can also personalize them. Zoho CRM for Finance is useful for providing customer service. A more professional platform, Zoho Finance Plus, is also available. This is significantly more expensive.

1593588105_Homepage – Zoho CRM

Key features
Client Management
360-Degree Client View
Zia AI Assistant
App Integrations
Free Edition: $0
Standard: $14 per user, per month billed annually
Professional: $23 per user, per month billed annually
Enterprise: $40 per user, per month billed annually
Ultimate: $52 per user, per month billed annually
The basic Zoho CRM is cheap and useful as a stand-alone CRM.
Adding additional Zoho applications to your service is as simple as downloading an app from a marketplace onto a smartphone.
The Zoho Finance Plus is an excellent value, as the lowest plan includes access for 10 users with their own spaces as well as several included applications.
Manually designing an ideal system necessitates overcoming a slight learning curve.
There are a lot of options for custom installations, but not all of them are good, just like apps for other platforms like Android and iOS.
Smaller businesses may discover that tools designed for large marketing campaigns are ineffective for their business model.
So, what is the best financial advisor CRM? Our final thoughts
Now you know what is CRM in finance. Knowing what you and your clients require is the key to finding the best CRM for financial advisors. These are some of the best software programs for managing and expanding your business. However, as always, do your own research to find the program that’s right for you.

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