Best CRM For Drip Campaigns

Tired of sending every email to your clients manually? Want to send personalized mass emails with just 1 mouse click?

You’ve come to the right place.

If you work in sales, you know the importance of effective communication with a client. But it often doesn’t go as planned. Lack of personalization, ineffective subject lines, and random follow-ups — all this can delay or even compromise the deal.

Drip email software helps eliminate this risk.

For you, we’ve researched the top effective drip mailing services used by sales reps in 2022. Read on, analyze, and choose the best tool for your business.


Best CRM For Drip Campaigns

    With this tool, you can build personalized drip email sequences to feel closer to your prospects and more in control of your workflow. It helps save time, automate follow-ups, efficiently organize your outreach, align the teamwork of your sales department, and convert more.

✔️ Complete automation
Once you’ve designed and launched your campaigns, you can keep adding new recipients when you need them, avoiding extra work. And on top of it, you’ll get unlimited campaigns, follow-ups, and sender accounts.

✔️ Intuitive visual drag-&-drop campaign editor

It allows you to easily build custom email campaigns and effectively manage your cold leads.

✔️ Personalization

Thanks to NiftyImages, Hyperise, and Hippo Video integrations, allows you to personalize not only the email copy but also the added images and videos. It boosts the reply and engagement rates and helps you convert better.

✔️ Behavioral triggers

The right email will go to the right person based on their actions (opens, URL clicks, or scheduled meetings). It will maximize your email delivery, open and reply rates, and minimize conversion time.

✔️ Template library

Use professionally written effective email templates to launch your campaigns asap.

✔️ API

With a free API method, you can perform actions with prospects lists, campaigns, view statistics, etc.

✔️ Detailed analytics

Track your campaigns’ KPI and other metrics in real-time to know which email performed the best.

✔️ Numerous integrations

Effortlessly connect and sync your workflow with your favorite tools, like Salesforce, Hubspot, Pipedrive, Zapier, Slack, and many more. integrations with over 2,000 tools help you streamline all business processes and boost productivity.

✔️ Sales suite

Email Drip Campaigns also come with Email Finder, Email Verifier and a free CRM offered on the same platform. Designed specifically for powerful sales automation, this sales suite allows you to have all the necessary smart sales tools in one place.

$39/month — 5,000 unique recipients
$99/month — 10,000 unique recipients
$189/month — 30,000 unique recipients
$369/month — 50,000 unique recipients
$738/month — 100,000 unique recipients

  1. HubSpot
    With HubSpot, you can put all of your efforts together in one place with its professional sales tools. They will allow you to capture leads and turn them into paying clients, manage your customer base and content, and build beautiful email sequences without the help of designers or coders.


✔️ Wide choice of free and paid email templates.

✔️ Email personalization to improve open rate and CTR.

✔️ Unlimited email tracking that lets you know when a recipient opens an email or clicks a link in it.

✔️ Scheduled email sending based on the user behavior.

✔️ Zapier and other integrations to set up additional automation.

✔️ HubSpot mobile app.

✔️ Smart send feature that suggests the best send time for each prospect.

$600/month for 5,000 sequences, 500 email sends/user/day. Besides, Hubspot offers a bunch of free CRM, marketing, sales, service, and operations tools you can access regardless of what plan you are on.

If you don’t need follow-ups and email sequences but just a tool to send emails with, you can use one of HubSpot Marketing plans that start from $50/month for 2,000 email sends.

  1. Woodpecker
    This email automation platform positions itself as a personal AI assistant that helps lead gen, sales, and recruitment professionals get the most out of their cold email campaigns. Woodpecker saves time spent on outreach and turning cold leads into loyal clients.


✔️Follow-up Automation that allows you to use email templates, schedule follow-ups, set triggers, detect replies, set auto-replies, etc.

✔️ Email Personalization. Send emails one by one with the desired frequency, use custom fields and snippets, and send emails from MS Exchange, Gmail, or Office 365 to give them a human look.

✔️ Email Analytics and Reports: open, bounce, click-through, and reply rates.

✔️ Email Integrations: Pipedrive, Zapier, and more.

$49/month — 50 contacts daily
$54/month — 200 contacts daily
$59/month — unlimited contacts daily
You can have 2 months for free if you get an annual plan. Woodpecker also has a free trial. For 14 days, you get full access to all the features and can send up to 150 cold emails for free.

  1. Reply is a sales outreach automation platform that helps businesses streamline one-to-many communication, generate more leads, attract new clients, and grow income faster. With this toolset, you can automate email outreach, social interactions, calls, and tasks according to your sales plan.


✔️ Out-of-the-box email templates and multichannel sequences that help users accelerate the launch of campaigns.

✔️ AI features such as Email Sorting into six default folders to focus on the hottest leads, Email Quality Check, and Email Assistant to create effective email copy.

✔️ CRM integrations, rich API, and the power of Zapier to automatically sync data and keep CRM records up to date.

Pricing paid plans start at $70 per user per month and have 3 pricing categories: Individual, Business, and Enterprise, where Enterprise is the custom plan that can be specifically created for large businesses.

Individual and Business categories include 3 plans each, depending on the number of team users or contacts you want to reach per month. For example, an Individual plan will cost you:

$70/month per user — 1,000 contacts
$90/month per user — 3,000 contacts
$120/month per user — unlimited contacts
You get 20% off when you pay per year. Besides, Reply offers a 14-day free trial.

  1. Klenty
    Klenty is a sales engagement platform that helps teams create an automated sales outreach process, accelerate it, and reach sales goals. With it, you can send personalized sales emails, automate your follow-ups, and fill your CRM with warm deals.


✔️ Liquid Templates to dynamically personalize text for every recipient and adjust your message based on day, time, and other lead data.

✔️ Custom Placeholders (employee name, industry, gender, etc.) that help users personalize emails and make them more engaging.

✔️ Automatic reaction-based follow-ups targeted at boosting reply rates. They allow sending different email copies to recipients based on how they reacted to your previous message.

✔️ Integrations and analytics.

$55/month per user — Email Cadences, API, Zapier
$85/month per user — Cadence Playbooks, Multichannel Outreach, CRM Integrations
$145/month per user — IP based login restrictions, Monthly customer success review, Monthly deliverability reports
You can also try Klenty for free with its 14-day free trial.

  1. FunnelBake
    Funnelbake is an email sending tool that helps automate the outreach, nurturing, and closing process within the sales funnel. With this CRM, you can automate follow-ups, personalize email templates with custom fields, schedule emails to be sent later, and much more!

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