Best apps for 1 year old 2019

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The best apps for 1 year old are the ones that let them explore their world, enjoy a little bit of independence and learn new things. Here’s what you need to know about the best apps for your little one in 2019:

  1. The first app on our list is Fisher-Price Laugh & Learn Smart Stages Chair. It’s perfect for kids aged six months to three years, and it has an interactive seat that will keep your child entertained while they learn! This chair helps build motor skills and develop pre-reading skills with its engaging activities.
  2. The second app on our list is The Very Hungry Caterpillar by Eric Carle. This interactive storybook teaches children how to count and recognize numbers as they play! The beautiful illustrations will keep your child engaged while they learn!
  3. The third app on our list is ABC Mouse by K12 Inc.. ABC Mouse offers lessons in reading, writing, math and more! The app also offers opportunities for parents to work alongside their children in learning sessions that are tailored specifically for each age group (preschoolers through high school).
  4. The fourth app on our list is Toca Life: City – Playground Edition by Toca Boca AB

best apps for 1 year old free

1. Starfall ABCs

Download: iOS / Android

One of the first things your toddler learns is the alphabet. Starfall ABC is a popular app that offers reading, math, phonics songs, movies, books, and a lot more that enables toddlers to learn.

2. Peek-A-Zoo

Download: iOS

Peek-a-Zoo is a wonderful app to teach your toddler about animals, the sounds they make, how they look, etc. This app has a fun game-like interface that allows children to identify an animal by its sounds, actions, etc.

Point to consider

Make sure to limit the screen time for your toddler. Also, set a routine and let them use these apps only in the allotted time and under your supervision.

3. Fish School

Download: iOS/ Android

Young children love animals, and fish swimming in the water is intriguing to their budding minds. Fish School app is a popular learning app for toddlers where colorful fish of different shapes, in different numbers and letters, swim in the water for toddlers to identify. This app is cool for toddlers, who will soon be attending preschool.

4. Baby Games

Download: iOS/Android

This is a fun learning app for toddlers and preschoolers as it teaches them about virtual balloon popping, musical instruments, and their sounds, etc. It features several mini games that are good for toddlers to learn about new things in the world.

5. Shapes!

Shapes teaches them to identify shapes and colors

Download: iOS

Toddlers who are around two to three years old can identify various shapes. The Shapes! game is ideal for them as it encourages them to learn and identify shapes and colors, different sizes, and a lot more.

Toddler Game Apps

It is normal for toddlers and young children to get distracted easily. Here are some game apps that are fun and educational:

6. PBS Kids Games

Download: iOS/Android

PBS Kids and its characters such as Tiger, Arthur, and others are quite popular with children. When these characters come together in the form of a game app, toddlers may have oodles of fun while learning plenty of new stuff too. With constant updates available in the app, new games are added regularly.

7. ABC Mouse

Download: iOS/ Android

ABC Mouse app offers stories, games, and videos to teach your toddler how to read. It also introduces them to Math, Science, and art. This app is free to download and use for the first 30 days. Love the app? You can sign up for unlimited activities and games for a monthly subscription of $10/month subsequently.

8. Piano Kids

Download: Android

Children love music. It is a good idea to introduce them to musical instruments when they are a toddler. A fun way to do so is to download the Piano Kids app. The app allows your toddler to play various instruments and recognize the kind of sound they produce.

There are four modes that allow your toddler to learn sounds and music and improve creativity, motor skills, sensory skills, memory, and concentration.

Quick tip

When your child gets a hold of the piano and starts developing an interest in playing it, buy them a mini-size piano. You may also enroll them in a piano class and bring out the best in them from a young age.

9. ABC Spelling- Spell & Phonics

ABC Spelling offers multiple spelling games for toddlers

Download: iOS/Android

Another popular app from ABC for toddlers is the ABC Spelling – Spell & Phonics. This app offers multiple spelling games for toddlers with various game modes. While the app is free, it does offer in-app purchases for advanced features and more games.

10. Colors And Shapes – Kids Learn Colors And Shapes

Download: iOS

Colors and Shapes – Kids Learn Colors and Shapes is a fun game app that allows toddlers to learn about object matching, colors, and more. The app has simple interactions on screen-touch and many additional features to make it enjoyable for your toddler.Play Video

11. KidloLand

Download: iOS/Android

KidloLand is an award-winning game app popular for toddlers. The app features games, learning activities, and stories that keep toddlers busy. An attractive feature of this app is that you can download games for your toddler to play offline as well.

12. ABC Kids – Tracing And Phonetics

Download: iOS/ Android

Toddlers actively learn to speak and perform various activities than they were in their infancy. As your toddler grows older, teaching them phonetics, alphabets, sounds, etc., becomes important as they reach preschool age.

ABC Kids Tracing and Phonetics is a fun game app for toddlers as it allows them to trace letters and learn how to pronounce them.

13. Kids Balloon Pop Game

Kids Balloon Pop Game is a fun game for toddlers

Download: Android

Kids and balloons are a fun combination. They are instantly attracted to these flying items, and some also love bursting them. The Kids Balloon Pop Game app is apt for toddlers and offers ad-free virtual popping opportunities for the toddler.

You can adjust the size and speed of the balloon based on your toddler’s speed. This app has fun features and teaches your child alphabet, numbers, and colors.

14. Toddler Preschool Activities

Download: Android

The Toddler Preschool Activities app is a great option for parents looking for a game app with educational content for their toddler.

This app offers over 70 games and activities for toddlers and preschoolers up to the age of five years. From shapes, colors, animals, numbers, and alphabet, the app offers extensive learning in a game format, making it very engaging and interesting for your toddler.

The app is free to download, but the free version offers limited activities and games. Thus, you could opt for in-app purchases.

15. Kiddopia: Preschool Education & ABC Games For Kids

Download: iOS/ Android

The best way to teach anything to a toddler is to mix fun with learning. One app that is great for this purpose is Kiddopia. This is a dynamic app that offers lots of subjects to learn – math to language and social skills! This award-winning game app also helps boost your toddler’s creativity.

The app is available for free, but this version has a limited amount of content. If your toddler enjoys the game, you can purchase lifetime complete access with the in-app purchase option.

Toddler Puzzle Apps

16. Puzzle Kids – Animal Shapes And Jigsaw Puzzles

Download: Android

If you are looking for an exclusive app that has puzzles, Puzzle Kids is a great choice. The app offers a variety of drag and drop puzzles that are designed for toddlers. From matching shapes to guessing an object, these puzzles build your child’s problem-solving skills and cognition and improve logical reasoning. The app is free and has no in-app purchases.

17. Super Puzzles Kids Jigsaw Game

Download: iOS

Super Puzzle Kids Jigsaw is a fun puzzle game for your toddler. The app allows you to choose the number of pieces you wish to have in your puzzle with its many settings. The app indicates when a puzzle piece is in the wrong place and produces a ‘snap’ sound when your toddler places a piece in its correct spot.

You can get around 18 puzzles for free when you download the app. If you wish to download more, the app allows in-app purchase options to help you.

18. Hidden Pictures Puzzle Town

Hidden Pictures Puzzle Town is a popular puzzle app for toddlers

Download: iOS

This is a popular puzzle app for toddlers with over 50 puzzles that are divided into various categories. The puzzles help toddlers learn math, problem-solving, sounds, shapes, and more.

While the app is free to download, it offers a 30-day free trial period. If your toddler loves the app, you can purchase a $2.99 monthly subscription to access new and updated puzzles each month!

19. Pango One Road

Download: iOS/ Android

Here’s a great puzzle for your toddler, where they are prompted to use their problem-solving skills to build a path to cross tiny islands while avoiding mole holes. The app offers over 70 challenges, and the difficulty level increases with each puzzle that your toddler solves.

20. Baby Shak Jigsaw Puzzle Fun

Download: Android

This puzzle app offers a wide range of colorful and fun puzzles for your toddler. You can choose the complexity level based on your toddler’s skill. You can also choose puzzles from 4 to 16 pieces. The app is free to download but the free version may contain ads.

With an array of apps available online, finding ones that are appropriate and accessible to children is challenging. The above apps for toddlers are fun and educational, helping to boost your child’s creativity, logical reasoning, and problem-solving skills. Their vibrant theme colors, catchy music, and engaging interfaces will attract your children, urging them to use these apps regularly. Most of these apps are easily available on iOS and Android platforms. So download these apps, and let your children enjoy these games during their leisure time.

Best apps for 1 year old 2019

1. ABC Mouse

ABC Mouse (Google Play / Apple) is a great casual out for toddlers that cover so many things from colors shapes numbers and can help your child get ready for preschool.  

Children can choose between playing on their learning path which is a continuous set of lessons that slowly get progressively more difficult, or they can choose to play with their pets, decorating their room, or trying on virtual outfits. 

Plus the songs on there are really catchy. 

Because of the variety that’s offered on this app, it is my number one choice.

learning apps for toddlers

2. Bugs and Buttons 

I never thought I’d find myself describing bugs as cute but Bugs and Buttons (Google Play / Apple) is an adorable learning app for toddlers and preschoolers. 

The app teaches things like sorting, colors, counting, and even spatial reasoning with mazes.  

It was the first and one of the only apps that I’ve ever paid for my kids.  And I have never regretted it. 

This app grows with kids through preschool and kindergarten. 

3. Duck Duck Moose apps by Khan Academy

This is not just one out but several apps, they are all free and they are associated with one of the premier learning sites out there. 

I want to share with you my top three.  

Fairy Princess Tale Maker

Kids can practice their storytelling and making their own Fairy Princess Tales. 

They can choose backgrounds, characters and even record their voice and tell their own stories. 

There are characters from many different classic fairy tales including Cinderella, Alice in Wonderland, Little Red Riding Hood, and The Little Mermaid. 


 In this game not only do kids learn the names of animals but they also work on identifying emotions, actions, position words, and activities.  

I love this game because of how it works on emotional awareness by asking children to link actions like crying to emotions like sadness. 

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I think it is a great tool to help children with empathy. 

Puzzle Pop

This great app has 27 levels of puzzles that have fun animals that kids will recognize from the Peek-A-Zoo game. 

Different levels of puzzles have different puzzle configurations so the challenge is constantly changing. 

This puzzle game grows with your child and will continue to challenge them and excite them.  

4. PBS Kids Games App 

Your kids can play with their favorite PBS characters through games that help their early education. 

The PBS Kids Game app (Google Play / Apple) is a collection of games from your favorite PBS characters like Daniel Tiger, Elmo, Cookie Monster, Curious George. 

There are plenty of learning games for toddlers with games made for children between the ages of 2 and 8 years old.  

5. Goodness Shapes by Little 10 Robot

This app is another homerun for Little 10 Robot (Apple). Little 10 Robot has a multitude of learning games for kids from toddlers through early elementary.  

In this game, shapes with adorable faces take your child through 12 games that help them learn sorting, matching, colors, and shapes. 

I love this preschool app for early math and pre-reading skills. 

6. GoNoodle Game

GoNoodle (Google Play / Apple) it’s a free app that gets your kids moving, making it a win-win. 

Using your tablet or phone’s camera children look like they are inside the game. 

This game works better on a bigger screen like a tablet. 

It allows your child to interact with a game using their body with games like Bubble Pop, Soccer, Flower Power, Space Race, and Rock and Roll.

Learning apps

7. Baby Games App

Baby Games (Google Play) is a free app where the youngest toddlers can play easy games like playing with virtual instruments and fireworks and even popping balloons. 

And even though it’s free, it contains no ads ever. 

Games include First Words, Music Room, Pop n Play, Fireworks, and Baby Phone.  

Children learn things like animal sounds, nursery rhymes, and musical notes. 

It’s a low frustration game for even the youngest toddlers. 

8. LEGO Duplo World App

In this app (Google Play / Apple), your kids’ favorite toy Legos can be taken anywhere.  

This award-winning educational app for toddlers kids gets to build 3-D structures and explore the Lego world.

With plenty of open-ended play experiences, your child will never be bored with this game. 

This game includes activities like the Number Train (numbers and counting), Airplane Adventures (sort luggage and travel to new places), Fun Food (puzzle solving), Construction Site (cause and effect), Play House (social-emotional learning), Under the Sea (nature) and several more. 

9. Toca Boca Apps

This extremely popular set of apps from Toca Boca have several learning apps to play. Toddlers can do things like hair styling, taking care of sick pets, grow plants, and experiment with science. 

For toddlers, you may choose a role-playing app game from Toca Hair Salon 4 or Toca Doctor HD. But the options in the Toca Boca apps are nearly endless. 

The Toca Boca brand grows along with your child with an ever-expanding selection of educational apps for toddlers, preschoolers, and children.

10. Busy Shapes 2 

If you need a game your toddler can play without Wi-Fi,  for instance, if you’re going on a flight or a long trip where dead zones a rampant, the Busy Shapes 2 (Apple) is the game for you. 

In an online version of the classic game of putting shapes in the corresponding hole, your toddler learns shapes and spatial reasoning skills. 

The shapes are made of fruit.  The levels become more challenging as you play with having to navigate platforms to get your fruit in its correct shape hole. 

13 educational apps for toddlers round-up:

Now that you know which apps are well designed, educational and can be counted in your guilt-free screen-time quota (along with specific toddler TV shows), it’s time to find out more about them…

1) First Words UK, Free, Google Play

If you’re looking for a resource to help your tot with their speech or to teach them different words, then you must download this app. Not only does it have UK spelling and pronunciations of over 110 words, but all of these are clear for your little one to understand. It boasts amazing features, including two-gender voice recordings, resizable text that is easy to read, a quiz mode to test their learning and even autoplay, so your tot doesn’t have to worry about navigation. 

We love that you can change how the photo images appear, changing from cartoon to real-life images. It’s also a great app for little ones with autism, as you can turn off the background colours and animation to make it a calmer learning experience. 

Buy the £1.99 version for over 360 words and a lot more fun!

How much screen time should my child have?

“By its very nature, the internet provokes what we call a ‘Butterfly mentality’; where the brain flits from thing to thing without having to focus for very long,”says Martina Barrett, Managing Director at VAKS: Tuition & Revision Centers.

“When children are constantly on iPads and smartphones, it’s no surprise they find it increasingly difficult to sit in a classroom and concentrate for up to an hour at a time. We are finding that children become tired quicker, their engagement with printed texts is not as great, and even their motor skills are suffering from the constant use of touch screens as opposed to toys and tools that require manual manipulation.”

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