Benefits Of Relationship Marketing For Amazon

Amazon sellers recognize that relationships are vital to helping them grow and expand their reach in business. This is where selling relationship marketing skills helps Amazon sellers as they focus more on the human aspect of selling products online.

Listing on Amazon marketplaces can be very lucrative for small businesses. But it’s not all about selling through Amazon as a business owner, Amazon has also evolved into an effective marketing channel for brands. Brands using Amazon to market their product can enhance shopping experience and increase conversion rates by improving their brand presence on the platform.

If you’re using Amazon to sell physical products, then you should really consider using relationship marketing. Relationship marketing can be difficult to implement with Amazon because Amazon is a marketplace and you are a third party offering your products for sale. It’s not like in a PPC ad where the sales person is actually an employee of the company selling the product. But it is still possible to use relationship marketing on Amazon, and it can be effective at increasing your revenue. As a general rule, relationship marketing works better on more expensive products that require trust on the part of the consumer since they don’t have as much information about you or your business. If you are just starting out selling on Amazon using FBA (Fulfilled By Amazon), then here are three steps to get started:

Benefits Of Relationship Marketing For Amazon

Although the number of clients inflates our ego and wallets, it is useless to have 70 clients, of which only 7 are regulars. By spending energy looking for more customers, you may even neglect the ones you already have, worsening customer engagement management.

Carrying out good customer service does not happen with several sellers on Amazon; that is why you must stand out by knowing how to treat your usual clientele; this will always make them buy from you.

Amazon is considered one of the companies that best handles relationship marketing since its customer-centric model offers super effective customer-oriented management. The customization features, customer reviews and one-click ordering technology allow users a more comfortable experience when buying online.

As your source of effective marketing strategies, today, we will show you how relationship marketing will increase your sales to another level.

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Put customers first

Amazon is one of the companies that, year after year, maintains one of the highest customer satisfaction ratings; much of this is because this company makes decisions based on the needs of its consumers.

Clients like to feel heard. It is a fundamental process in any relationship. But listening is not all the work since after evaluating the problems, what will cause the actual effect is to make the necessary changes to solve these problems.

One of the characteristics that differentiate the Amazon call center is that the operators speak to their users by name, which generates familiarity and notes the customer’s complaints or suggestions.

Amazon email marketing keeps customers who are constantly looking for your products informed, giving them reminders about your new merchandise.  The platform wants customers not to waste so much time searching. It offers predetermined products that they often look for, practically like algorithms in social media.

Specifically, it is crucial that you know your customers’ basic aspects and interacts with them to see if they have enjoyed the service or product you have offered. The direct feedback will be invaluable for future sales.

Don’t forget to check the customer reviews.

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Follow up with your customers.

As an Amazon seller, you know that a good amount of positive reviews will give you more chances to keep or win the Buy Box.

For that, we must be aware of our clients’ complaints or questions and keep track of their orders to offer us feedback on their experience.

Today Amazon does not allow software automation that sends emails asking for feedback since the platform does not look for automated sellers but organic sales and reviews.

That is why the first thing you should do is organize all your inquiries in one place. That is where your control center will begin on all the news from your customers.

You have to personalize all the emails you send and, above all, humanize them. Remember that Amazon does not support automated campaigns. And this makes sense within the aspect of relationship marketing since you must focus on each specific case and attend to it. Nobody likes to talk to a machine.

If the customer complains about their package, you must be empathetic and understand their situation without blaming them for the problem. Instead, be polite and tell them that you understand and solve their problem as soon as possible.

Now, automated emails are not a wholly discarded strategy when conducting relationship marketing. Common requests such as order trackings, cancelled orders, or returns can be answered by applications that offer a specific template for each of these.

Even autoresponder applications are excellent for this type of task.

Every time you receive a good service review, keep track of it to improve your relationship marketing strategies.

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