Benefits Of Influencer Marketing For Brands

Influencer Marketing (or, the more formal “Associate Marketing”) is becoming a highly-effective way for businesses (from startups to Fortune 500) to market their products and services. There’s a lot of very interesting data on how influencer marketing can help your business grow, but I’m going to recap the top benefits in this article.

If you’re asking, “What the heck is influencer marketing?” It’s a form of marketing that leverages the power of trusted network of individuals with a sizable reach and influence over your target audience.

Influencer marketing is the “next big thing” for marketers. It’s a simple premise: use your brand advocates to help you reach people in your target market. It’s a strategy that more and more brands are using, both big and small. But what are some of the benefits of using influencer marketing for brands? Here are a few.

Benefits Of Influencer Marketing For Brands

1. An influencer marketing strategy helps you avoid ad blockers.

A 2021 study revealed that 47% of participants aged 25-34 use a desktop ad blocker, and 34% use a mobile ad blocker. 

As privacy concerns mount, more people will begin using ad blockers to protect their data. These blockers typically only impact display ads, not social media ads. 

But while your social ads are safe, the sentiment around ad blockers still stands: People really don’t want to see ads. Most people ignore in-feed ads or click YouTube’s “Skip Ads” button as soon as possible. 

Instead, they’re tuning into their favorite creators, and they’re far more likely to watch an influencer promote a product authentically than watch a more obvious ad. 

2. It provides value to your audience. 

Creator content can provide a ton of value to your audience when done correctly. 

In fact, Espin, an e-bike startup, partners with creators to develop evergreen videos to teach viewers about their bikes. From reviews that share the products’ benefits to videos that show how to assemble each bike, shoppers will find a ton of useful information from Espin’s creators. 

There are many different ways in which creators can provide value to your potential consumers. Food brands can partner with chefs to develop recipes, makeup brands can work with artists to film video tutorials, apparel brands can collaborate with creators to show how to style a piece of clothing, and so much more. The opportunities are endless. 

3. Creators can aid your content strategy. 

Continually creating fresh and engaging content is not an easy task. Whether you’ve run out of exciting ideas or don’t have the budget for large-scale production efforts, creators are the answer. 

Working with creators is often more budget-friendly than contracting designers, videographers, and writers to develop new pieces of content. 

And creators are experts in making content that excites and engages their followers. 

Reach out to creators whose content really resonates with your brand, and propose a partnership. Since influencers put a lot of effort into creating aesthetically pleasing, quality content, it can benefit you immensely.

Just be sure to negotiate for content usage rights so you can repurpose the fruits of their labor. 

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4. It opens up a wide range of new opportunities. 

Say you’re working with a few creators who are producing amazing content and whose audiences line up with your target demographics. Now, if only you could use this data to fuel your own ads. 

Well, with creator licensing, you can. Essentially, creators grant you access to advertise through their social media accounts. You can use their audience data to find more people to reach, and the ads look like they’re coming from a creator, not a brand, which can make them seem more credible. 

And while brands see a lot of benefit from creator licensing, influencers do too. Their account gets exposure to new audiences, which can help their follower count grow. And if they’re partnering with the brand on a commission basis, more people seeing their branded content can mean increased earnings. 

5. Creators can help you reach the right audience as cookies go away.

As third-party cookies go away, marketers lose access to powerful tracking data, making reaching target audiences through advertising much more difficult. 

However, when you work with creators, you can check out their followers to know exactly who you’ll be reaching. Creators have access to some demographic data from the social media platforms they post on, and they may be willing to share it if you reach out. 

Or, you can use GRIN’s Audience Insight Reports to access the demographic makeup of a creator’s followers quickly and easily. 

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