Awards For Digital Marketing Agencies

The standards of marketing agencies across the globe are ever-changing, and it can be hard to keep track on who’s doing what. We understand that awards have become a great way for you to measure an agency’s performance against others in the industry. So we at AllThingsDigitalMarketing decided to find some of 2017’s award-winning digital marketing agencies for your consideration.

Whether you are a digital marketing agency, or a client looking for an agency, there is one thing that both sides would agree with: the SEO market is becoming increasingly saturated. The word “SEO” has become the most used term for online marketers. Many people call themselves SEO agencies, but only few are reliable and professional. There are a lot of popular award givers in many different niches like wedding venues, entertainment etc but not for digital marketing agencies. In fact, there are neither awards nor widely accepted criteria to recognize the best ones. This is what AWARDS FOR DIGITAL MARKETING AGENCIES is going to change!

There are awards for the best agencies out there. When looking for an agency to hire, you should make sure to check out what these awards say about their portfolio and hear what the experts have to say about it.

Awards For Digital Marketing Agencies

With this in mind, hundreds of potentially suitable awards programs are available that your agency can target.

Within the broader advertising industry, though, a small range of influential award programs instantly elicit that “wow” factor — the Oscars, Emmys, and Tonys, if you like, of the marketing world.

Here are some of the most prominent that are taking place in 2022 — including what you need to do to get nominated for them.

1. The Drum Awards

Administered by: The Drum, a media marketing platform and the self-proclaimed “third-biggest marketing website in the world.”

Who is it for? The Drum runs award programs across a wide variety of marketing niches and specialisms, including content, search, and social media (it’s worth taking a look at the full list to see which is the most suitable program for you). As an agency, the Agency Business Awards may be of particular interest, as they seek to recognize businesses that excel in terms of “effective management and excellent performance.”

Why should my agency enter? The Drum is a highly visible and well-respected media outlet within the marketing sector, and its awards are highly coveted. It’s taken seriously within industry circles too; the 2022 judging panel contains C-level experts from the likes of Coca-Cola, Spotify, and L’Oreal.

How do I get nominated? Submit your entry by following the instructions on The Drum Awards website. You will be notified by email if your entry has been nominated for your chosen award.

Deadlines for entry: Entry deadlines are staggered throughout the year depending on your chosen award program. The earliest of these are in February (Search, Online Media, Digital Advertising, and Design). Submissions for the Agency Business Awards, meanwhile, must be received by July 14.

2. MarCom Awards

Administered by: the Association of Marketing and Communication Professionals (AMCP), an industry body formed in 1995 that manages multiple awards programs

Who is it for? With over 300 categories for marketing agencies, there’s certainly something for everyone. Those categories are split across the following key areas:

  • Digital Media
  • Print Media (and Print Creativity)
  • Strategic Communications
  • Audio / Video
  • Pro Bono

Why should my agency enter? Since its inception in 2004, the MarCom Awards have evolved into one of the industry’s most respected programs, with around 6,500 global submissions each year. Entry fees are also considerably lower than many other programs on this list. Additionally, the full-time nature of the judging panel means a shorter wait to find out if you’ve been successful.

How do I get nominated? You can submit your entry by following the program’s online instructions. All entries are judged by AMCP panels in Dallas and Washington, D.C.

Deadlines for entry: Submissions for the 2022 awards open on August 1, with the final deadline for entries usually in late October.

3. Digiday Awards

Administered by: Digiday, a major industry media platform with a particular focus on the use — and disruptive impact — of technology in marketing

Who is it for? Digiday runs several awards programs, the most prominent of which is the Digiday Awards. They also have separate awards programs for:

  • Media Buying and Planning
  • Future Leaders
  • Content Marketing
  • Digital Media
  • Technology

Why should my agency enter? Digiday is an influential player in the marketing industry, and its awards programs carry significant weight. For instance, the 2022 edition of the Digiday Content Marketing Awards features judges from Cisco, Warner Media, and Forbes, while previous winners include Airbnb and Chipotle.

How do I get nominated? To enter, select the relevant awards program on the Digiday website and follow the instructions provided. Note that entry fees for Digiday’s programs are on the pricier end of the scale, with “last chance” submissions costing $699.

Deadlines for entry: The deadlines for Digiday’s specialist awards programs lie across January and February, so you’ll need to be quick if you want to make this year’s editions. The early deadline for the prestigious Digiday Awards is July 22 (although the “last chance” deadline allows for some leeway up to September 23).

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ADS illustration

4. Webby Awards

Administered by: the International Academy of Digital Arts and Sciences (IADAS), an influential media body. Its leadership body is composed of C-level executives from the likes of TikTok, VICE, and Disney, as well as senior marketing and media figures.

Who is it for? The Webby Awards cover a very broad spectrum of all things internet related, with eight categories overall. Of particular interest to agencies are:

  • Websites
  • Video
  • Ads, Media & PR
  • Apps, Mobile & Voice
  • Social

Why should my agency enter? The New York Times has described the Webby Awards as “the Internet’s highest honor,” which gives some indication to its standing. Each category offers two chances to win: the IADAS judging panel chooses the Webby Awards, while the public votes for the Webby People’s Choice Awards. The Webbys also have a Europe-centric sister program known as The Lovie Awards.

How do I get nominated? To apply, follow the instructions on the Webby Awards website. Entry fees vary depending on the category you are submitting for.

Deadlines for entry: The extended entry deadline for the 2022 edition is February 11.

5. Content Marketing Awards

Administered by: the Content Marketing Institute (CMI), a renowned industry body within the content marketing community

Who is it for? As the name suggests, these awards are tailored for agencies that specialize in providing content marketing services to clients. The 87 individual prize categories are divided across four areas:

  • Strategy
  • Distribution
  • Editorial
  • Design

Why should my agency enter? The Content Marketing Awards are a great way to showcase your agency, particularly in key categories such as Agency of the Year (<100 employees), Agency of the Year (+100 employees), and Project of the Year. Entry fees are also much lower, while the ceremony itself takes place at the Content Marketing World expo — a great place to promote and network your agency.

How do I get nominated? To enter, follow the instructions on the website.

Deadlines for entry: The deadline for the 2022 awards is still yet to be determined, but in previous years the cutoff has usually been late May. The winners will be announced on September 20.

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